Artist LeopARTnik, who creates animations to cause smiles, laughter, and happiness, quite amusingly drew arms onto a pair of black-capped lories. These colorful parrots were also each given a badass guitar to shred tasty licks while banging their respective heads to a heavy metal beat.

This Australian woman was fishing on ‘Cardwell Beach in Far North Queensland’ according to News Australia. She said she couldn’t get the shark back into the water. It seems like her plan was to let it flop around until the shark got itself back in. But this massive 13-foot crocodile spotted the easy meal and the rest was history.

This video was made in collaboration with Benedikt Pleyer, who is a gifted microscopist and has a wonderful contagious passion for discovering the incredible worlds that exist all around us.

Maze for Pet – Hamster. To pass all the tests, Captain Hamster needs to use his brain! This time the tests are very difficult, but Captain Hamster easily overcomes them! Go Captain Hamster!

Life needs water. But this fluid tends to evaporate over time into a gaseous state. Drying out is a chemical process that takes hours, days, or even weeks. Without enough water, the organism’s metabolism is stopping.

Each unique insect was filmed at an incredible rate of 3,200 frames per second, which was able to capture a very nuanced view of this instinctive process. Several insects took off in an efficient and graceful manner, while others, such as the march fly, appear to stagger about before heading off into the air.

“This is a collection of my favorite moments I captured in 2020 with my drone. If you are a subscriber, you might have seen some of this already, but I’ve included a few clips I’ve not shared before.” – TheMalibuArtist

ZeFrank takes a few minutes to explain the fascinating habits of Eciton army ants, from the massive community structures they build using their bodies, to their coordinated swarms, to their killer instincts and protein-rich dietary habits. You’ll also meet some unique insects that like to hitch rides on the ants.

This week, TheMalibuArtist films another Kayaker and White Shark encounter. Plus I document a seal chasing a white shark. Watch it closely. The seal turns the tables. It chases the shark and actually scares it away. As winter is upon us in Southern California, many sharks are now in warmer waters. But there are still a few around. Stay tuned for shark footage from these sharks that have decided to stay for the winter.

Jason McIntosh was flying his drone over the water when he captured the stunning scene. The terrifying video captured the giant creature circling in shallow water just below a man that is clueless about what’s happening below him.

This is footage I captured recently of a 9′ juvenile great white shark curiously lingering near a family, which included two kids. This shark followed the yellow kayak for approximately 100 yards. The family sees my drone above the shark and huddles together to appear larger.

This corgi really loves whipped cream, slowly slithering towards the beloved treat.

I am half convinced octopi are aliens just messing with humans and chilling in the ocean living their best lives.

“No Jerry it’s not a fetish, when a scientist does it it’s an area of interest”😂

Enjoy some Bigfoot coverage from a forest outing in Remer, Minnesota last July

Here’s a ray of sunshine to light up your day.

A whale watching trip near Avila Beach, California almost became a tragedy as a humpback whale nearly swallowed up a kayaker in this extraordinary footage.

This grizzly was foraging in the far end of the valley when the wolves started to cross his path. The grizzly started standing up on his hind legs to get a better view of what was going on and then started to approach the wolves. Soon, the rest of the wolf pack appears and escorts the bear into the trees.