News of the abandoned animals spread quickly over social media, with Twitter users posting photos captioned “Save Honey”. A resort hotel’s offer to give them a new home sparked a flood of retweets.

“We were fishing, aboard the Head Hunter out of Chatham, Massachusetts. At the time of this video, we were roughly five miles off Nantucket. I was filming my brother reeling in a striped bass when 10-feet from the boat, a great white shark came out of nowhere and ate the fish.”

Narwhals generally live in the Arctic waters of Canada, Norway, Greenland, and Russia. In the winter months, they live under the sea ice of Baffin Bay. This lost narwhal was hundreds of miles from home, and according to researchers, he was doing just fine!

“My best Friend and I went fishing on his boat out of the Dana Point Harbour. When we hooked into a large Halibut my friend reeled it in and when the fish got up to the boat it thrashed around and spit the hook out. Without thinking my best buddy jumped into the ocean, grabbed the fish and stuck his hand in the fish’s mouth to be able to land the fish into the boat.”

After turning into the driveway, the driver and one passenger fled on foot, at which time Deputy Carmack deployed K9 Shep who quickly apprenhended one of the individuals. K9 Shep held the individual until Deputy Carmack could place handcuffs on the individual, this was for Deputy Carmack’s safety and to make sure the individual did not flee again. The suspect was medically cleared and arrested.

“I was guiding a dive to some customers in Julian Rocks, Byron Bay when I saw a Grey Nurse Shark with a fishing net hanging out from its mouth. I tried to take it out of his mouth and after a few tries, I was successful. It was a very dramatic and intense moment with a happy ending. Afterward, the shark returned and made some eye contact with me as a way to say thanks.”

Lucy put her dog Storm onto a vegetarian diet during the very hot summer months, but was this the right thing to do, and can making your pets go vegetarian be bad for their health? Vet Scott Miller has the answer.

One poor Tennessee woman was faced with this trauma recently when she discovered a snake in her back garden and her dogs decided to take it on, because dogs want to protect you, don’t they? George went a little too far however and the snake ended up going in the direction of the women filming, and well, it’s hilarious. I think she handled the situation with poise.

A huge crocodile has been filmed leaping out of the water and trying to attack two fishermen on a small boat. The men were fishing on a creek, believed to be in the Northern Territory, last week when they were had the terrifying encounter with the beast.

Cody was airlifted to hospital where he was eventually stabilised despite major swelling to his eyes, face and airways. Cody survived and recovered and, despite his ordeal, still attends the church and says he has no plans to give up handling snakes.

Hunger gives this young eagle the push to leave the nest and learn how to fly. Even though it’s a bit shaky, these birds are still majestic af!

Eye lifts and blemish removals is the hot new trend for owners of arowana fish who want their beautiful pets to look perfect in the tank. And there is a guy who specialises in such procedures, and will come to you house to get it done!

A new documentary has captured the startling moment a controversial American pastor is bitten by a deadly snake during a service. Cody Coots is the pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky – one of America’s only remaining snake-handling churches. The dangerous ritual had already cost the Pentecostal church its previous pastor, Cody’s father Jamie Coots, 42, after he was bitten by a rattlesnake and killed in 2014.

Three kilometres off Smoky Bay in South Australia, a Great White shark appears in the distance with pools of blood around it. As the crew investigate and realise its a young Dolphin that has been mauled by the shark, another larger great white, estimated to be at over 12 feet in length, joins the attack and snatches the dolphin carcass out of the smaller sharks mouth!

Red tailed hawks are a deadly threat to a lot of animals, including ones that can fly themselves. This colony of bats is easy pickings for the skilled hawk, dropping from the sky at speeds so fast the bat never stands a chance.

A rarely seen window into the world of the Atlantic white shark in Cape Cod waters. The research team recorded this close up footage of a seal predation in clear water about 100 yards from the beach off Wellfleet, MA.

Usually when wild boars are posted on this site, they are somewhere deep in Texas getting their heads blown off. But this manly son-of-a-gun is doing the complete opposite and blowing their furry heads a kiss by saving their damn lives!

JB Mauney is the richest western sports athlete in the world. The North Carolina native has earned more than $6.7 million and claimed two world titles (2015, 2013). The reigning World Champion is one of only four riders in PBR history to have nodded his head more than 800 times at BFTS events and his riding average of 53.77 is the seconds highest behind only Monster Energy teammate Guilherme Marchi.