While stuck at his home, artist Dr. Farvadin Daliri used his time to build a giant laughing kookaburra to act as the official mascot of the Townsville Cultural Festival, a three-day event that celebrates the cultural diversity of Australia. Before bringing it over to the festival, Daliri drove this marvelous sculpture around with his truck through the streets of Brisbane, Queensland, where its giant visage and distinctive call brought smiles to resident’s faces.

Mark and the crew are back in Queensland, Australia for another epic Tide Pool adventure! As Mark explores, he comes across a Snowflake Eel – and this eel has double jaws.. and one nasty bite!

It’s a long-known fact that sharks prefer to avoid dolphins, They swim away quickly when they see them, especially grampus dolphins. Simultaneously, in the stomachs of some sharks were found parts of dolphins. How can it be that such fearless predators are afraid of the cute and playful dolphins?

An excavation of a rare dinosaur fossil goes horribly wrong. It’s left to paleo technicians to try and salvage what they can.

“He lives on the floor of the sea, not on the roof like a duck do.” If there’s one thing you can count on at the bottom of the ocean, its weird looking stuff. ZeFrank introduces us to a funky fish that scurries about with fins that resemble stubby little legs, munching on shellfish, and grumping about other fish that have the same name.

This is a video created by Reigarw Comparisons, visually comparing the deadliest animals by probability and rate of death, with the inclusion of some interesting facts along the way. Can you believe there are only an average of three deaths by bear and four by shark every year? That seems low.

Because the internet never stops churning out the hits, this is a video of seals barking edited to perform a snippet of Seal’s 1995 Batman Forever closing credits classic ‘Kiss From A Rose’.

Humanity must enter an alliance with mantises, who will eat the brains of murder hornets without remorse.

Ze Frank tells us about the life of Abigail, a snail of the Olivella semistriata species. Watch as she deploys her snot-net to catch something to eat, and swim-walk-fly around the tidewaters. But don’t get too attached to Abigail, because she’s also prey for other snails. Snails are weird.

Dee Bradley Baker, voice of the giant talking rock-god Olmec from “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” Daffy Duck in “Space Jam” and hundreds of other TV and movies, can mimic any animal with his phenomenal voice.

This is a video from Nature on PBS partially shot by a spy copter disguised as a hummingbird so it can fly through a monarch butterfly swarm in Mexico with minimal disturbance. There’s so many of them — they look like flying leaves.

I need a 10 hour version of the second video, i swear my abs can handle it 😂

It’s not every day that you get to capture beautiful moments like these dolphins swimming though bioluminescent algae.

While sitting at home, Philadelphia resident Kristin Chalela Bagnell captured hilarious footage of an unexpected groundhog sitting upright and gustily gobbling a piece of pizza. Bagnell’s dogs Maggie and Moses first caught sight of the munching marmot, who sat there in Bagnell’s Brewerytown yard for about an hour enjoying a hearty meal.

Ben got some fake teeth for some quarantine comic relief and well… Thomas the dog stole them off of the table.

“Pets in isolation” Ah yes, the perfect video for our current events.

The great black-backed gull is the largest member of the gull family — and also apparently the most metal.

Oh lord i see it next up is Kangaroo King #comingsoontoNetflix