10 Minutes to spare? Then check out this compilation of epic wins and fails from this year so far. Enjoy!

Holly shit that was a fine line between life and death. Gotta give the guy credit for holding on through those wobbles.

A highly engineered both on & off-road wheel to enter the Australian 4×4 scene mixing off road race designs, candy popping colours and extra loaded strength for your rig. Strike-Force was inspired by off-road racing and trophy truck designs featuring a simulated bead lock lip with two-step drainage holes allowing smooth extraction of water, mud, sand and silt maintaining correct balancing. Loaded at a massive at 1200 Kg per wheel which is the highest load rating cast wheel on the Australian market. An array of unique colours and modern concave styling, full face design adding strength compared to traditional cast wheels. Extra load lip technology assisting with off-road impact, maintaining tyre pressures and reducing tyre beads to come off. Strike-force is available in multiple offsets and in all 4×4 stud patterns. The removable reinforced steel threaded bolts allow further customisation. Join the Strike Force Phenomenon today pre order HERE

We don’t know too much about this car other than its going to be shown at the @salaodoautomovel in Brazil from the 8-18 of november along with some other secret projects. God Damn its one hell of a ride and we only wish it was in our garage.

More fool her. A woman reportedly suffered multiple burns after falling off a motorbike wearing a bikini and no helmet. The couple were filmed riding at speed along a busy dual carriageway before trying to overtake and getting caught between two motorbikes.

Brian Deegan, the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in the competition’s history, off-road racer, team owner, whose progeny may surpass his legendary success is the subject of this documentary, Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan, which examines the mind and motivation of a truly inspirational man who risks his life for the sport he helped create.

TRC took a trip to Mexico during FL2K18 to check out the night time activities. Needless to say it was a wild night, follow them on their adventures racing in Mexico. Enjoy the video!

Dani Sordo, WRC driver, meets up with Andreu Lacondeguy, professional downhill mountain biker in Portugal. This only means… a race is about to take place! Place your bets! Will the MTB get down faster, or will the Rally Car get to ring the bell first?

While most consumers are happy with performance that can shame a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, John Hennessey isn’t one of them. Instead, his company has introduced an upgraded Trackhawk which produces an estimated 1,200 hp (894 kW / 1216 PS) and 1,000 lb-ft (1,354 Nm) of torque. This thing is nuts and will tow your boat past a damn porsche on the highway while your passenger hangs out the window flippin the bird.

Just in case you’re skeptical about just how much work a drag racer’s parachutes do to slow down a speeding car, here’s an excellent demonstration.

Lurk to Red Bud Motocross Track in Buchanan, MI and Watch all the action from the 2018 Motocross of Nations presented in style by the one and only Dirtshark.

The 1200PS S4eP vs. the Porsche GT2 RS, Audi R8 & Lamborghini Huracan Performant in the Drag Race! We let the Schaeffler 4eP compete against legendary opponents in drag race. Can the electric motors compete with the super sports car from Porsche?

Bending the realm of what’s possible with Matt Field as he takes it back to the mountain that started it all. Watch as he drops the hammer and nails banger after banger in his hi-reving 1060HP Chevrolet Corvette, the most aggressive drift car ever built.

We found ourselves whispering “this is a bad decision” alot in our minds watching some of these clips compiled for one awkward, funny and cringe worthy compilation.

Strap in and hold on for a once in a lifetime ride with Dany, Khalifa, and Sultan, as the trio burst out of their VIP downtown compound, and lay down smokey touge-inspired runs up the incredible 11.7km Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, winding along the border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

There aren’t many drivers in the world capable taking a 2000hp GTR down a race track.. and there DEFINITELY aren’t many drivers who are capable of DRIFTING a 2000hp GTR down the race track! But Alex has NO problem doing either – managing 7 second passes nearly every time!

Check out this clip and be blown away. These guys kill it in the art of automotive videography. Great music, awesome visual effects, and clean shooting. So good. Enjoy!

Ken Roczen was fitted with the brand new GoPro Hero 7 during qualifying at RedBud and managed to capture an entire lap with a mostly clean lens. Take a lap around the MXoN layout with the German rider.