The almost 19-minute long film was shot entirely in British Columbia and shows unbelievable pillow lines non-stop that make every deep snow shredder’s heart open. Take 19 minutes and let yourself be carried away to the powder snow wonderland and get in the mood for winter.

The clip is appropriately titled Motherland. And it features all the sorts of waves we’re thankful to have on the east coast: big tubes, playful beachbreaks, and a bevy of reefs breaks.

Real Street Best Trick asks 10 skateboarders to put it all on the line with their single best trick. This year’s Real Street Best Trick athletes are Clive Dixon, Jack O’Grady, Felipe Mota, John Dilorenzo, Alex Midler, Robert Neal, Myles Willard, Chris Wimer, Ryan Sheckler and Nyjah Huston.

Keith Hufnagel has influenced skateboarding immeasurably, and he was a friend to us here at The Berrics since the very beginning. Rest in peace, Keith—you will be missed.

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From humble beginnings as an amateur motocross prospect in East Germany, Ken Roczen’s rise to the elite level has been an epic story to follow. After achieving world championship status in Europe, Roczen headed straight to the US with nothing but victory in his sights. Roczen has overcome what could have been multiple career-ending injuries and is now arguably the most popular rider both on and off the track. Here’s an intimate look behind the scenes at Ken’s private compound as he prepared for the 2020 Supercross season.

If we could summon any three surfers to perform on a punchy right wedge with a pure air wind blowing, we’d be hard-pressed to go beyond JJF, Albee Layer and Matt Meola. Oh, and we’ll always throw Nate Florence in there, because his ‘Air-camp’ series of videos have been super entertaining, and his progress astounding, from aerial virgin to stomping flips in a year-and-a-bit!

Right now our roadie friends are in the middle of the Tour de France. Legendary climbs, historic villages, magnificent landscapes! The whole world is watching them. Right here we’re offering our Tour de France, in our own way, with Kilian Bron as the lone breakaway…

Laurie Towner and Wade Goodall head to Tahiti chasing a massive South Pacific swell. A film by Kendall OBrien.

Tom Van Steenbergen unleashes an onslaught of creativity both on and off the bike in his most important project to date ‘Wild West’. From unique features to first time tricks, Tom’s creative freedom was let loose like never before. The end result is 2 and a half minutes of Tom’s most ambitious freeride and slopestyle riding to date.

Vans went behind the scene to capture what it took to be able to allow Tony to shred the physical re-creation of this virtual industrial paradise. From Covid restrictions to Chris Gregson’s key shot nearly being shut down; it was equally dramatic on both sides of the camera. Take a peek behind the curtain to understand everything that went into bringing this once-in-a-lifetime moment to life.

It seems a little strange saying this, but we almost…forgot…how good Filipe Toledo was at surfing during this whole competitive reprieve.

A prodigious Gold Coast grom. A late-aughties freesurfing teen heartthrob and surf mag cover-boy. A famously foul-mouthed member of Globe and Joe G’s band of Award-winning Merry Pranksters. “Surfs like Dane, looks like Cobain,” goes the old tagline on Noa.

“Finally shredding agin! What a few days we had up at my home resort Klausberg three weeks ago. Shout out Jonas Vieider for the huge motivation and efforts directing and cutting this clip”

Dustin Johnson needed to drain this putt in order to save the game. He did so in spectacular fashion.

High-speed hijinks, classic spots, and going bigger than most should plant Pedro Delfino firmly on this year’s list of SOTY contenders. He definitely came through with one of the gnarlier parts of 2020 with his latest effort for Spitfire. Hold on to your seat as you watch this one.

No tour, no travel, no worries. #TheSearch is what you make it and Morgan Cibilic made it his mission to bring together the Rip Curl A-Team and explore the east coast of Australia over 10 days this past July.

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