Italo’s surfing may not carry the grace of a Parko or Fanning, but he makes up for it with sheer excitement and spontaneity. There are few more enthralling to watch surf in this modern era.

Perhaps the most hyped spectacle of the NBA All-Star weekend is the Dunk Contest, with 2019 calling up participants Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks’ John Collins, OKC Thunder’s Hamidou Diallo and NY Knicks player Dennis Smith Jr.

Howdy, Andy here, this weeks gallery is some of my favourite work from the past year and some that I’ve only just shot. Keep an eye out for updates on my instagram @andyjackman_ as to what you can expect to see on here each week! Ill be posting a gallery each sunday night at 6pm AEST so thanks for stopping by i hope you enjoy!

Rocketmen is an up and coming series, following riders Jesse Millen and Craig Gouweloos as they blast around western Canada with their friends.

The film is a comprehensive look into our inland excursion and some of the fun-loving moments we spent on this boat. For a cool 125K, this too could be yours. Now all you need is a lake.

Darkfest 2019 is well underway and the riders are CHARGING! Brendan Fairclough and Clemens Kaudela are your pilots for the GoPro Course Preview and they are sending it to the moon.

What would we do without these raw GoPro clips from Halldor Helgason’s part in The Future of Yesterday? Safe to say we’d be less stoked, these clips are madness.

From local club players to current World top 10 professionals. From challenge matches to National Championships. Some snakes* from around the world.

This year Mick Fanning wore his Rip Curl #searchGPS Surf Watch 2 and on reflection, it’s fascinating to discover just how fast the White Lightning strikes on each of these tricked-up surfboards.

Wasted Talent’s postcard From the South of France. Some rad surfing!

Jagged, steep faces and unruly lines are just a playground for Fredi Kalbermatten. Watch his 2018 full part brought to you by Holden Outerwear.

Go ahead and drop everything if you wanna watch Tony Malouf drop some fire from the roofs in his (in-front-of-the-lens) debut for FIT. TM is a heavy hitter in front of and behind the camera and they’re proud to welcome him to FIT in his new role… as the newest member of the Pro Team.

The 2019 Winter X Games went hard in Aspen, Co. Witness the best action sports athletes in the world keep progression alive.

Just in time for Super Bowl LIII, Bad Lip Reading is back with a hilarious bad lip reading of football games that took place during the 2018-2019 NFL season.

Sofía Gómez Uribe is a Colombian world record holding free-diver. She has a free-diving school in Dominica called Blue Element, where we made this video. She dropped down to around 60 feet and ran back up.

Torstein Horgmo has been busy for some time doing snowboard videos, so it’s no surprise that every video he’s filming has enough high quality tricks and processing. Check out Torstein’s news from the Canadian Whistler.

According to the police, the firework ignited the methane trapped in the sewers causing a boom of epic proportions. Three vehicles were damaged, but no one was injured.

3,2,1 Dropping! A non-stop downhill power session with the Atherton clan, Rachel, Gee, and Dan. The outer limits of trail riding are made a reality in their own neck of the woods with #HERO7. Dan’s dirt moving skills, imagination, and passion are progressing how the best trails in the world should be built and ridden.