Experience the 2021 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with GoPro

Marathon switch back Smiths, water-hazard kickflips and a double-set blading/board bomb drop—if Giorgi is crazy we hope he never gets sane. This part is totally mental.

In the premiere episode of this six-part documentary series, immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of Big Wave surfing and meet one of the sport’s largest figures, Hawaii’s own Billy Kemper. Follow Billy as he joins up with fellow pro surfers Koa Smith and Luke Davis and heads for Morocco on a strike mission that will alter his life forever.

Being innovative comes at a price. Training, controlling ones emotions, self-sacrifice, perseverance, suffering…It takes courage. Paul has more than enough.

After the success of The Test – which chronicled the Australian cricket team’s prolific fall from grace and eventual redemption arc – Amazon Prime Video is now releasing a seven-part documentary series about the tumultuous 2020 AFL season titled Making Their Mark (produced in collaboration with Eddie McGuire’s Jam TV).

BIO HAZ – Join surfings own Harry Bryant for a laugh out loud comedy full of gags and hi-jinx that will leave the whole family hungry for more.

John and friends, rolling the dice somewhere below sea level. A video we hope will make you wanna go surfing.

In the second iteration of BBQ sessions–filmed and edited by Mallmic–Noa Deane and Shaun Manners go to town on some funky, backwashy, offshore-kissed tubes. The radical duo trade empty cylinders, and even use the backwash to launch themselves skywards a time or two.

French ski racer Maxence Muzaton survived a scary tumble during the men’s downhill finals at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in Cortina, Italy,

Starting with a heater on Heath’s turf, Austin plots a path of total rail destruction, taking chances on twisted metal and swimming upstream. Fortune favors the brave.

Kevin Harlan, who called the Super Bowl for the ninth straight year on Westwood One radio, delivered another memorable call when a fan ran onto the field late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game.

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.

The past year has seen surfing of all disciplines boom, including soft boarding of all varieties, and there’s no collective that showcases the multi-splendored possibilities of what’s possible on soft boards better than the Drag team.

Images by @tombrownnphoto

The last couple of days has seen the first proper swell of the season hit the east coast with Coolangatta as good as anywhere. As per usual, the best in the business have been making it look even better than it’s been. Jesse Adam, Korbin Hutchings, Dion Atkinson, Chris Zaffis, Liam O’Brian, Ben Webb and more.

While the pandemic has proven to be catastrophic for most industries, one sport in particular has found a way to not only stay afloat, but blaze a new path for 2021.

William Spencer (aka Skate Ninja) is skateboarding’s very own Cliff Booth. He has not only established himself as an in-demand stuntman—famously working as Spider-man in the first two ‘Amazing Spider-man’ films—but he’s also proven himself as a great representative for skating in Hollywood.

What do you do once you’ve created your own 169-acre off-road playground? If your Cam Zink, you use it to set a new Guinness World Record.

A nod to the past during a year like no other, Vital Films’ newly released “Hotdoggin’ Hans,” starring Alex Ferreira, is a hilarious and sentimental ode to freestyle skiing and classic Aspen.