Every hitman or assassin in a movie has to have some kind of shtick, much like how a car salesperson or real estate agent will take on some eye-catching affectation like a fun bowtie or fun accent. Anton Yelchin plays some kind of professional killer in this trailer for Cory Finley’s Thoroughbreds, and his shtick seems to be that he acts like Anton Yelchin—which is fine, because Anton Yelchin was awesome.


Action Bronson has so many shows on Vice he pretty much owns the company, and can do whatever he wants with the company property. Being a man of the people, he wanted to share his success with everyone, and that included giving people furniture, food and whatever else he could pull from the Viceland bus!


Seems like there’s forever a new next big thing coming out of Brazil lately, and Italo Ferreira is certainly in that conversation. The guy seemingly arose from nowhere, he’s none stop entertainment on a board.


Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs, stopped by Jay’s Garage to showcase a Porsche Cayman that was transformed it into a classic 1959 Porsche 356 over eight months.


Gamer’s are typically thought of as weak and fragile, but when happens when you take the high reaction time mind of a gamer and give it to a mixed martial artist? Demetrious “mighty mouse” Johnson, the legendary P4P king doing aerial combos in real life is what happens.


Robbins recently hosted the winners of the Shopify Build a Bigger Business competition at his Fiji resort, Namale, where he invited Business Insider senior strategy reporter Richard Feloni for an inside look at the 525-acre property that he acquired when he was only 29. According to Robbins, he purchased Namale for $12.5 million, and the resort is now valued at $52 million.


If you are like this gamer and spend your free time pretending to do a job in transport, this Euro Truck Simulator 2 hack might immerse you into the world even further!


Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys in the Midwest United States between 1978 and 1991 before being captured and incarcerated. He would become one of America’s most infamous serial killers. This is the story before that story.


That poor guy was just trying to support himself and make a living. This is not comical at all, it’s cruel and a f**king trashy thing to do. Karma will no doubt hunt Boonk down and punish him in due time. Nobody gets away with sh*t like this for very long.


Jean-Claude Van Johnson stars global martial arts and film sensation Jean-Claude Van Damme as “Jean-Claude Van Damme,” a global martial arts and film sensation…and, operating under the simple alias of ‘Johnson,” the most dangerous undercover operative in the world. Unhappily retired, he’s now whiling away his days in superficial Hollywood, until a chance encounter with a lost love lures him back into the game, eventually forcing him to confront the greatest enemy he’s ever faced: a Bulgarian drug cartel. Just kidding it’s himself.


Most people with those kinds of cars have worked their asses off and after years of dreaming about it, get “that” car. Most dudes I know with nice cars earned them the hard way. God that felt good watching that, f**king punk. People that do this sh*t only do it for attention and to be a antagonising c*nt. He got caught. Payed the price. I do wish he got cracked in the jaw harder though.


State of Mind was created at one of the most challenging Urban Downhill contests on the planet, Down Puerto Vallarta. Join Monster Energy athletes, Sam Reynolds, Ricardo Peredo and Dylan Southworth as they push their limits to turn adrenaline into personal greatness.


While gangsters in Japan’s mafia are often portrayed as merciless professional killers in films, the reality is somewhat different. The crime syndicate was once a powerful organisation. It could operate so openly that it had its own office with a sign on the door. Since legislation against organized crime was adopted in 1992, police can arrest Yakuza at the drop of a hat. Members complain that now he can’t even get a credit card or rent an apartment.


44-year-old Dawn Cousins claims that she’s been mistaken for her children’s sister and says even their teenage friends are falling for her, but it seems that looking “half her age” is a curse for Dawn as she’s apparently just too hot to find love.


Eminem unleashed a fierce attack against President Trump in a pre-recorded video that aired during the BET Hip Hop Awards. In the four minute video, the rapper called the president a “racist 94-year-old grandpa” and slammed Trump’s feud with the NFL. Check it out!



People from the younger generation don’t often have the $400,000 needed to buy a big boss car, but for the few that do, Rolls Royce has just the thing for them. The most notable features of the car are the wild interior and the hulking 6.6-liter twin turbocharged V12 engine producing 604 horsepower!


Sometimes we just have to take some time out of our extremely busy day to point out something quite delicious, something that might just put a big grin on your face and a tickle in your trousers. What you ask? Anella’s glorious ass of course. Welcome to the Shock Mansion Insta Babes Club.