Action Bronson is getting back into the swing of things with some bars for Funkmaster Flex’s Outside freestyle series. The Flushing, Queens rapper set up a camping chair on the sidewalk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and freestyled over a beat from Griselda producer Daringer.

The car is screaming and Ott Tänak is so calm he can talk like he is a tour guide on a bus tour. Basically Ott recommends you drive a fast as possible without crashing, and do a whole lot of left foot braking!

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This rock contained a succulent Dactylioceras tenuicostatum ammonite, found on the rocky shoreline of Yorkshire, England!

Recurring unlockable character Officer Dick returns in the THPS remake, only this time he’s got a certain special someone behind the voice and looks. Yes, Jack Black takes up the role of Officer Dick in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

Imagine having your homies hug you before a trick as if you might die. That’s the level of gnarliness Ben Raybourn is ready to go for!

The #51 rider Justin Barcia is an extremely talented rider who has a history of aggressive block passes and takeouts, some call him dirty. His nickname is literally Bam Bam.

Tom Cruise just finished a deadly stunt for his upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, which is filming in Norway. He jumped off a massive ramp on the top of the mountain Helsetkopen, on a motorcycle, then ditched it mid air only to glide to safety with his parachute. This guy is unstoppable!

“I wanted to make this video to show people that no matter what struggles we face in life, big or small the power of the mind is powerful enough to overcome anything. The last 12 months have been a massive struggle for me, not just physically but mentally too, I’ve shed many tears and felt a lot of heartache but it feels so good to be able to show you what I have been doing for the last year. I want to say a massive thank you to my friends and family for the support over the last 12 months, i would not be where I am today without your love. I was told I would have to get used to my life in a wheelchair but fuck that, we can overcome anything if we really put our minds to it.
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The underground car scene in Stockholm is strong, with some of the most brazen street racing in the world. But this guy isn’t racing anyone but himself as he goes for a wild night time street cruise, and even police won’t slow him down!

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

Not the most technical descent but the steep gradient, exposed edge overlooking the ocean, and a couple of tight corners turn it into a spellbinding few minutes. A road you can’t afford a to make mistake on, but it’d be a mistake not to take a trip down.

Laurie Towner and Wade Goodall head to Tahiti chasing a massive South Pacific swell. A film by Kendall OBrien.

This clip has been going round the internet giving people serious abdominal soreness from excess laughter. He got pranked so damn good, but he was a good sport about it!

“I finally am letting you all into my home (virtually). Follow along as I take you on a tour of my house. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, call me at 610-600-9174”

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It’s time at last. The sleeper has awakened, and the trailer for Dune is finally here. Originally written by author Frank Herbert in 1965, Dune is one of the most iconic science-fiction stories of the 20th century. Its title refers to a popular nickname for the planet Arrakis, an inhospitable desert world that also happens to be the universe’s only source of a very rare and important spice. As such, rule of Arrakis is very contested.

With all the crazy stuff happening in Elliot Sloan’s backyard, he could put bleachers and start selling tickets. How long until pit bikes are added to X Games?