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This is some classic trickery, with a highly modified Vespa scooter cruising the streets, just waiting for another biker to take the bait. I wish we could have seen the look on the riders fast while he got passed!

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“This week I take Vayetse, Livy and Ginny out for a beautiful walk whilst answering some of your questions! Do the lions understand their own name? Are lions inherently mean?” – Kevin Richardson


Seeing as no one really watches The Simpsons anymore, you might’ve missed a noteworthy gag that went down in last week’s episode, where notorious child terror, Bart Simpson, parodied Drake’s rag-to-riches classic “Started From the Bottom.” Check it out.


The event did not go well for the Klan. A handful of Klan members were confronted by a much larger group of counter protesters, and several fights erupted. Bloodied Klan members were literally chased out of the neighborhood by angry and violent protesters. Seven protesters were arrested along with five KKK members. The man stabbed with the flag was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

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Everyone is doing crazy stuff to try and get noticed on the internet, and these guys mixed the prank phenomenon with their music for their video that has gone viral.


Mark Healey wants to combat the lackadaisical surfer stereotype: the Hawaiian surfer and SAXX Underwear ambassador spends most of his days preparing his body to withstand 60-foot swells. “A storm can pop up and you have four or five days to get your act together,” says Healey. “You can’t just be in terrible shape for a month straight and then cram for the test at the end.”

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All over the world, the humble little dinghy boat is the safe and simple introduction to boating for millions of people. Not in the town of Renmark, on the banks of South Australia’s Murray River, however. There, in the otherwise sleepy town of just 8,000 souls, they like to strap souped-up outboard engines to their little dinghies and then race them at speeds of up to 80kph in a race that since 1981 has grown a deserved reputation as one of the fastest and wildest events on water, the Riverland Dinghy Derby.


Every rider dreams of having their own backyard setup. A private place with perfect ramps, that can be ridden at any time – a place that becomes their own. Mike Varga made that dream a reality: Meticulously designing and constructing one of the best backyard ramp setups we’ve ever seen. Watch as Mike goes to work on his “Home Turf”.

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This lady is pissed when her client came in for a quickie. She felt used, didn’t appreciate how he performed in bed, and doesn’t understand why this girls would ever be interested in this guy.


The Darkness, the latest supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Tilt, the producers of The Purge, The Visit and the Insidious films, stars Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell as Peter and Bronny Taylor. The couple must confront the spirits in order to save their family, despite the ominous warning, “The God you might be familiar with cannot help you now.”


“Shun Hing Square Tower is a 384-metre-tall (1,260 ft) skyscraper in Shenzhen, China. With a 59 metre spire. This is the third tallest in Shenzhen and 28th tallest in the world and today we will climb on it!” – @ontheroofs. Holy sh*t, I would have stayed on the elevator with the asian family, eaten noodles with them and lived a long and happy adopted life.


This dude has impeccable control of every part of his face. I bet he doesn’t even shave he just commands his beard to grow to his will. This might very well be the greatest video ever created.

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Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to play a clip for Jimmy Kimmel, but it’s far too graphic for broadcast television. Instead, what they were able to show us, is how the studio audience reacted to seeing the clip!

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With a month and a half to go before Batman and Superman beat each other up on the big screen, we’ve got a trailer that finally broadens out the world beyond our two caped combatants. Who do you think will win the comic book hero title belt?


Travis Pastrana is a man of many talents; in 2006 he put his name on the map with the world’s first double backflip on a motorbike at the X Games. Since then, the motocross and rally car hero has added to his plethora of records. However, his most recent is undoubtedly one of his most impressive yet; Travis has only gone and landed the first ever double cork 1080 on a mountain bike.

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Kevin Romar is a smooth operator as he glides through the streets. He also does a bunch of tricks that no one is doing these days, and makes them look good!


EVS Sports just launched their freeriding video “Free To Ride” featuring Anthony Murray destroying Ocotillo Wells and clearing the iconic 110 foot gap for the second time on record.