When you finally drop your date off at her house and now you can fart in the car. This suicide bomber failed his mission, stopping dead in his tracks when the car hit water.


Music brings the world together, especially when you offer a free concert in a massive country that has recently been freed from communist rule. This sort of thing could only happen in Russia!


Black, white and grey Casa Camo, in the hills above the resort with views to La Concha and the ocean, is the joint project of Jon Olsson and his smoking hot girlfriend Janni Deler. In the ‘Cribs’-style Youtube vlog, the couple show viewers around the lavish three-bedroom open plan house, with terraces galore and a sizeable pool and garden. They chose to buy a luxury home on the Costa del Sol several years ago as Deler’s father already had a property in Marbella. Check it out!


Take a driving tour of an area of detroit you wouldn’t drive down yourself in real life. The houses are mostly abandoned, and the drug business rules the streets.


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If you love cars and you’ve never visited Japan before, I’m sure it’ll be at the top of your travel bucket list. Let’s face it, whether you’re a car freak or not, it’s still an incredible place to discover. The culture is simply fascinating, and don’t even get me started on the food! But if you do happen to be a petrol head, in my opinion, Japan is even more enjoyable.


Cataplexy is a sudden and transient episode of muscle weakness accompanied by full conscious awareness, typically triggered by emotions such as laughing, crying, or terror. It is the cardinal symptom of narcolepsy with cataplexy affecting roughly 70% of people who have narcolepsy, and is caused by an autoimmune destruction of the neurotransmitter hypocretin (also called orexin), which regulates arousal and wakefulness.


Trash talking has been taken to a new level in 2016, everyone wants to get in on the action and sell their fights. Only a few can back it up with wins!


He is either a young punk kid that has a lot of learning to go, or it was all a plan to make people think he was just a beginner before he wiped the table clean.


An Audi R8 V10 is a seriously fast supercar. But is it faster than a radio-controlled equivalent? Watch as this 1/6th scale Losi 6IX Audi R8 LMS car goes up against the real deal.


The World of Avatar will transport guests to a visually-stunning world complete with floating mountains and bioluminescent plants. Here, guests will be able to experience two excursions that will truly push adventure to the next level. First, the Na’vi River Journey will send guests down a sacred river hidden within a bioluminescent rainforest. And second, the Avatar Flight of Passage excursion will offer the jaw-dropping experience of riding on a Banshee over the world of Pandora.


We’ve seen all types of magnificent drift vehicles before, but this Rat Rod or better said Drift Rod is one of the craziest ‘Badass’ we’ve ever seen. This 1953 Ford Anglia that has the beating heart of a turbocharged Saab B204 is one of the craziest things on four wheels. It took eight months for building this lovingly beastly drift vehicle referred as “Urchfab,” but it was restored in the greatest possible way. Not only is this guy extremely talented at creating custom cars, but he’s also skilled in getting the vehicle to go sideways.


Those first 4 attempts were extremely frustrating but that final one was very satisfying. You can see his heart beat through the squirting blood. That looks like a perfectly clean, sterile site to perform an amateur medical procedure.


This cheeky guy nearly gave his old parents a heart attack when he jumped into their car disguised as a homeless man. Apparently grandma never swears, ever, until now.


The man, whose name wasn’t released, is seen in a video walking slowly toward the police line before an unnamed officer approaches him and pepper sprays him in the face. The man continues to stand in front of the line of police officers until one moves forward and throws him to the ground. Several other officers then move in and the man is detained and moved to a sidewalk.


In the series, Hardy plays an adventurer named James Delaney who, thought to be dead, returns to Britain to avenge his father’s death. The miniseries was created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy and his father Chips. Ridley Scott serves as an exec producer on the eight-episode series.


It’s hard to believe there’s a trick that Bucky Lasek hasn’t done in his 30+ year career. He is still killing it as hard as ever!


The Grand Tour boss, Mr Wilman has declared that beach buggies are terrible and it’s up to the hosts to prove him wrong as they saddle up three examples built to their own specifications and set off on an epic journey across south west Africa, taking in sand dunes, rough roads, dirt tracks, animals, accidents, incidents, arguments and some incredible scenery. Watch part 1 on 30th December and part 2 on 31st December.