‘Lookin to Build’ is an invitational event which begun in the Fall of 2016. Episode 1 takes place at Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas. Highlights include angles, smoke, and more friendship than you can shake a stick at! For information on future events or to request an invitation, please reach out to Guru on Facebook or Instagram.


A surprise new NSFW trailer for Paramount Pictures’ Baywatch hit the net today. While there’s plenty of eye candy on display, the only reason this international trailer is NSFW and not straight-up red-band is that there are a few F bombs dropped, reminding us that this is, indeed, an R-rated comedy.


Just a regular Russian new year celebration, nothing too special. I’d hate to be living in a building down the road!


“Drunk bro-local being a drunk bro-local. This guy was wandering around bugging everyone in a closed section for Press (he wasn’t allowed in but wasn’t stopped – thanks security). Then he kept telling this nice father and son that he would kill them. The dad only reacted after 15 minutes of badgering turned to the bro-local spitting on him. Then he went dad-mode thug-life and handled business.” – Jacob Pollgreen.


“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts,” Streep said. Dana White responded by saying Meryl Streep is an “uppity 80-year-old lady” who was completely wrong when she took a shot at MMA during the Golden Globes.


He’s evolving before our very eyes! Stupid baby shut it down though. No language breakthrough on his watch. They better have given that dog some food or I will unleash my fury upon them like the crashing of a thousand waves!


Jimmy Fallon parodied the expansively choreographed opening scene from acclaimed musical La La Land to kick off the 2017 Golden Globes. Stuck in daunting red carpet limousine traffic, the Globes/Tonight Show host sang, danced and mingled with a parade of A-list nominees, including Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, John Travolta and Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek.


There are way too many comments so I picked just one as an example: “Okay, as someone that works in the tattoo industry, the last tattoo was horribly done. The stencil was amazing, however if you pause the video on the up close shots, it’s shocking at how badly the line work was. There were blow outs, inconsistent lines and it was hard to watch someone that has amazing talent, execute a tattoo that looks like an apprentice did it. If he is happy with it, that’s great! BUT for $875 and a “year long wait list” That piece should have been flawless. The first and second tattoos were brutally bad in my opinion, the second piece was just a cluttered mess, awful.”


They are known as one of the most dangerous sharks in the world – as footage of this terrifying bull shark attack seems to prove. Diver Kerry Daniel, 35, was spearfishing off the coast of north Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef when he recorded the moment the predator charged at him. Fortunately he was able to jam his spear gun into the shark’s mouth, leaving the creature writhing around in pain while he escaped uninjured.


Boo’s mixture of talent and hard work make him a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy his new video part.


Demonstrators have blockaded highways, looted shops and forced service stations across Mexico to close in a wave of angry protest triggered by a hike of more than 20% in the government-set price of gasoline. The announcement of the price increase came on 1 January – when long queues of cars were already forming at pumps because national oil giant Pemex was unable to supply all gas stations due to problems with oil refining and fuel shortages caused by theft.


“It was particularly hard to film in this spot as most of the ramps are 5ft or smaller but it’s on my door step, it’s only 3.5 and its cool to give your local parks some coverage.” – @thewebbieshow


Alexander Tikhomirov is always coming out with these breathtaking adventure videos, living the life that 99% of the world can only dream of. This guy is doing it right!

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In Africa? That far away from the beach while the sun is setting? Benji Brand you are one brave son of a bitch. Africa has some of pretty gnarly sharks and they love to feed at this time of day. Still, you gotta pay to play. And it looks like Benji has mastered this break. Undoubtedly one of the best left’s on the planet.


Besides dunking a basketball, dunking a ping pong ball at a rager can be a strong move in pulling women. This guy took a risk, put it all on the line and was either going to be crowned the new Hugh Hefner or die of internal bleeding.

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