It has always been on Elisha’s bucket list to get in a fight. The main reason for this is because he has never taken a punch before and what better way to pop that cherry then by getting in a cage fight with a professional. He only trained for one night, so you know it wasn’t going to end well for him!


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Donald Cerrone and Matt Brown had a bumpy ride up to their fight. Matt Brown told they world they two were never friends even though they used to be training partners. Then as they were deep into a close battle that seemed like a nightmare to score, Cowboy decided to make it easy on the judges.


Watch as Toby chases a helicopter at high speeds through the Australian Outback and comes across camels being herded by helicopters. On the set of “MOTO 8 the Movie.”


‘Passengers’ stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt take it in turns to rip into each other in the Playground Insults game on BBC Radio 1.


The Fast and the Furious franchise continues to defy expectations. What started off as Point Break with cars is now a juggernaut action series with a sprawling ensemble and a twisty timeline that would make Jonathan Nolan pause. The last film, Furious 7, made over $1.5 billion worldwide, and the series is still accelerating, with another trilogy of movies (at least) still to come.


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Everyone has been in that situation, where you just caught a massive alligator and you need to skin the beast and get the meat ready for eating. Well this video has everything you need to know!


Turkey has declared a day of national mourning after twin bombings targeting police struck the heart of Istanbul near the home stadium of football giants Besiktas, killing 38 people. This footages was taken right at the bombing occurred, from a park far away.


“The team decided to give drone surfing a try and it worked out better then we thought! This is the kinda stuff you think of when you’re a kid, something not possible. We towed David Sterman into some waves using the Acecore Technologies ‘NEO’ drone. To think this could actually become a thing as technology improves.” – @ericsterman.


“Moon Line is a project featuring Professional skier Mathieu Bijasson and focuses on his new outlook on life. With the arrival of his daughter and his new role as a father, Mathieu takes this passion and love for life and rethinks his approach to night freeskiing.” – PVS Company.


Shocking footage has emerged from China of university students slapping each other, allegedly because the teacher forced them to do it after they turned up late for a lecture. The video, filmed at Hexi University in Zhangye, Gansu Province, reportedly shows students slapping each other, after the teacher Lu Ping allegedly told them they couldn’t enter the classroom without doing it. Lu, wearing a black in the video, can be seen slapping two female students during the incident.


Mired in a level of violence not seen in nearly two decades, the nation’s third largest city recorded its 701st murder, reaching a stunning milestone before year’s end. Chicago has seen the number of killings increase by about 58% since last year, according to police department data. The city is on pace to record the most murders in a year since 1997, when the police department reported 761 killings. Chicago Police have also reported more than 3,300 shooting incidents in 2016, an increase of about 49% compared to the same time last year.


The intoxicating effects of alcohol and of marijuana have been widely studied, but their combined effect—getting “f**ken lit”—is woefully under explored scientific territory. Here’s a look at what we know about how pot and booze together affect the brain.


This guy claiming to be a pastor when on a wild rant at children that Santa isn’t real and Christmas is about Jesus. It goes without saying the parents, and now the internet are pissed!


This zookeeper couldn’t take his own advice about showing fear in front of a lion. Who can blame him when dealing with an animal whose mouth is a deadly weapon!


Jimmy and Dwayne pull off an epic surprise for Tonight Show staffer and Army vet Karina by bringing her husband and Air Force sergeant, Todd, home early for the holidays.