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After a day out free diving, Max Mironov decided to do some exploring in his kayak. The only thing is, the sharks didn’t want to part ways. Here you can see Max dealing with his new friends as they become aggressive towards him, resulting in a few slaps from a paddle.


On Episode 3 of UFC 205 Embedded, featherweight champion Conor McGregor checks out his luxury ride and takes it on a high-end shopping trip.


Two brothers were sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to kill their parents last year. 23-year-old Christopher Ervin and his 19-year-old brother Cameron pled guilty to 13 charges in connection with the crime at their Atlanta-area home in September 2015 in which they allegedly drugged their parents, Yvonne and Zachery, beat them, stabbed them, and tried to set the house on fire. Despite the horror they went through, their parents have forgiven their boys and asked the judge for mercy.


Turn the streets of Los Santos into a stylish electronic videogame battle to the death with the latest update to GTA Online. Achieve hyper speed on the futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro and demolish foes with the power of your light trail in the new Adversary Mode, Deadline.


Martin Shkreli still owns the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and he promised to release the project to the public if Donald Trump was elected president. So following Trump’s victory, Shkreli appeared to be make good on that promise. He shared several snippets of the album during a live stream and promised to negotiate the terms of a wider release for the album with Wu-Tang. Check it out!


Ed Bassmaster is an OG internet prankster, and when he does rarely drop a new video, they are pretty damn classic!


When most people look at the swiss alps, they think about skiing, hiking and mountaineering, generally activities that involve being fastened to the earth in one way or another. Jamie Lee sees these majestic mountains as a playground and an opportunity to progress the sport of speedflying to places it has yet to go.


This heartwarming video of a South Carolina student, Tae Moore, who bought his classmate a pair of Air Jordans after he saw him being bullied over his shoes. What an awesome guy!


Ever felt like a Bunnings sausage, but didn’t want to put pants on and leave the house – or your hot tub? Of course you have. I think we should set up a go fund me account and help pay his fine, maybe even have a sausage sizzle while we’re at it. Mad c*nt.


You can take all this advice on, and you are probably still screwed anyway. From the trees to the chairs, everything will try to kill you!

Skisean pettit in valdez alaska for superproof

Keep Your Tips Up is an engaging and honest depiction of Sean Pettit’s life as a skier at home and around the world. His ability to blend huge, jaw-dropping lines with innovative new-school style has set him apart as the torch bearer for the future of big mountain skiing.


Geoff Rowley has had a career filled with the gnarliest tricks ever done. You’d think a mini-ramp part would be tame considering, but he still goes so hard.


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“There isn’t much clutter in Mick’s home. It’s open, white, and sits on the sand just a few kilometers down the road from Snapper Rocks, where he surfed waves so exceptionally that he has his very own giant surf shop adjacent to it: Mick Fanning’s Rip Curl Store. After a marathon year in 2016 filled with personal trauma of epic proportions (think: separation, shark attack, family death, almost winning a 4th World Title), Mick is taking a break. Like actually pressing pause. Something that doesn’t come easy for him.” – @theinertia.


On Episode 2 of UFC 205 Embedded, lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and featherweight Frankie Edgar get some motivation in the form of a custom Conor throwing dummy. Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley reveals that he’s earned a second belt during his latest training camp; his opponent Stephen Thompson puts in an appearance at a first birthday party.


Growth has begun slowing, as women have fewer babies on average. When will our global population peak? And how can we minimize our impact on Earth’s resources, even as we approach 11 billion?


Watch artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic as she transforms herself into a wooden puppet doll relying entirely on makeup artistry techniques and illusion. The Serbian native’s makeup transformation is easily one of the best makeup transformations on YouTube earning her the national NYX FACE Award in the optical illusions category.