Whether it’s the culture of the game or something else, the unruly fan shamelessly fooling around inside the ropes doesn’t seem to happen in golf as much as other sports. And we’re obviously not advocating more of this tomfoolery, just kidding, of course we are. Bowing to peer pressure — and reportedly a buddy’s $500 offer if he jumped into the pond — this guy threw caution to the wind as hundreds of fans egged him on.


Arkadiusz Wroblewski missed on a haymaker, resulting in the dislocation, and opponent Paata Tschapelia played doctor. Paata ended up beating Arkadiusz Wroblewski with a TKO at 3:52 of round 1.


Australia Day is all about keeping cool while having a few beers, but a group of Canberra friends took it to the next level. The fun-loving larrikins constructed the ultimate slip and slide by attaching a hose and a handle on a rope to a Hill’s Hoist in the middle of a park. They laid down slippery tarpaulins in a circle around the clothesline and used the hose to propel it around in a circle and took turns swinging around. Legendary.


This app gave me an ear infection. And a second date! – 4/5 stars. I highly recommend getting the extra Anus DLC bonus pack. My phone started vibrating (throbbing?) heavily while I was licking it. For a moment I thought I made my phone orgasm. Turns out my mum wants me to pick up some milk on the way home.

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One of the biggest surprises at the 2017 SAG Awards was the cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things winning Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series over the casts of shows like The Crown and Game of Thrones. But perhaps the biggest surprise was the acceptance speech that followed.


The former Seattle Seahawks running back recently traveled to Houston, Scotland, to film an ad for Skittles ahead of Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas (So that’s why he was popping wheelies in the street there). Among the highlights of the trip, Lynch was swarmed by a group of warriors right out of the movie Braveheart, and he was amazed that people stay up until “ridiculous o’clock in the morning” to watch American football.


The West African Beasts are back! Sekou visits Metro Flex in Long Beach. Although known as a weight lifting gym, Metro Flex still has much to offer for bodyweight athletes. Shout out to Arash Baboo for the submission.


Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue team found the sweet dog hyperventilating and terrified, trapped chest-deep in tar inside the drum. She may have gone inside the drum to get warm during the night, and her own body heat started to melt the tar which she then sank into and was unable to free herself from.

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Justin Bieber participated in this year’s hockey fundraising extravaganza known as the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout, putting his Canadian sporting skills on full display to give a group of hockey pros a run for their money. Bieber performed pretty well under the circumstances, but was still subjected to a body smashing from NHL veteran Chris Pronger. Bieber was a good sport and had a laugh about it afterwards.


Getting stoned with your parents can be a tricky situation, but the benefits can greatly outweigh the awkwardness that will surely ensue. Continuing their YouTube trend of producing great cannabis videos, Cut Video got three parents and their children together and put them in a room to smoke weed together for the first time. As you can expect, things range from loving, to embarrassing and giggly.


This legend is repping for the Jamaicans. You’ve gotta love it. It’s just a pity these cars are so damn heavy. The MKIII Supra weighs a staggering 3,390 pounds, even more for the automatic version. Not exactly the best choice if you’re planning on building something sporty.


Austyn Gillette’s video “Quik” came out some years ago, but now the footage has been released without any music, just the raw street skating as it is meant to be seen!


A stacked field of riders dropped to the Men’s Big Air Finals under the bright lights in Aspen, Colorado at X Games 2017. Despite freezing temperatures and bulletproof conditions, the riders were laying it all on the line, attempting to stomp their biggest tricks.


Damn, Ron got blue and yellow and he ain’t smash? These hoes don’t appreciate a real player when they see one. I almost teared up at the end.


Watch this guy weave through traffic like he needs to get home before he poops his pants. This actually makes me wish I lived in a scooter riding city. Every trip to pick up some milk would be a heart pumping adrenalin rush!


These Airsoft competitions are gold for freak-outs like this. These dudes wanna play weekend soldier and take it as seriously as this, they should join the actual army. Respect to his son for being so mature.


“Someone who has never had any training, who hasn’t over come their fear, shouldn’t do things like this because the outcome can be fatal. I am a showman, I like putting on a show. I see myself as a unique guy who’s trying to conquer the world.” – @olegcricket.