Akira Nakai, the man behind Rauh-Welt Begriff, is world renowned for his custom wide body modifications to Porsches. People from around the world pay for him to fly to their country and got custom fenders to their Porsche, along with suspension and wheels to complete the RWB look.


“Its given me everything: money, love.” “At what cost?” Broad Green has revealed a trailer for a horror film titled Wish Upon, about a teenager in high school who starts messing around with a mysterious magic box that her father brings home one day. The box grants her wishes that she uses to make her life better, but of course things start to go wrong and different people start to die after she makes a wish.


When you ask what someone did last night, a raging alcoholic binge drinker will give you a list of how many drinks they smashed, but no list of drinks will ever beat this one!

Markus StoecklMarkus Stoeckl

Markus ‘Max’ Stöckl is driven by the need for speed. The general manager of the World Cup-running MS-Racing Mondraker MTB Team likes nothing better than to go down a slope as fast as possible and has been setting speed downhill mountain-bike records for over 20 years.


“Our girl Leah Pritchett just unofficially became the fastest Top Fuel drag racer on the planet during her weekend test session at Wild Horse Pass in Arizona. We link up with her in Arizona and watch her put down 4 of the quickest passes of all the teams testing. Her quickest time was 3.654 at 331MPH!” – @thehoonigans.


Love it or hate it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was something to behold. Now, Zack Snyder has shared an extensive, 12-minute look at the before and after of the visual effects that went into making the film what it is.


Just in time for the return of David Brent in “Life on the Road” (February 10 on Netflix), Ricky Gervais steps into the hot seat for the (vegan) wings of death. Accurately dubbing Hot Ones “a cross between Charlie Rose and f*%king Jackass,” the comedian gets pummeled by the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.



“This chap is Mark Gibson from Zenith windows. They cold called my mum (who is 81 and has dementia) she told them the door handle was loose so they sent Mark Gibson – who was there for nearly 3 hours and took checks worth £6,000 for two doors she didn’t need. The next day we asked Mr Gibson back saying Mum wanted more windows and I challenged him on what he had done.”


The Atlanta Falcons and those watching at home may have had their doubts, but Julian Edelman knew: The ball never hit the turf. “I caught it! I caught it! I caught it!” the mic’d up Patriots wide receiver said after the play, audible in footage released by Showtime’s Inside the NFL. An official on the field agreed, and the catch was later confirmed by replay after a Falcons’ challenge.


This is not a real ad for Lamborghini, just a fan made masterpiece because the internet is full of clever bastards. The production quality, the storyline, and the conclusion, properly captures the desire, the feel, and the attitude of owning and driving a Lamborghini.


A flat stomach, two-inch thigh gap, healthy bust, toned butt, perfect skin, flawless hair, and a scenic background is all any girl needs for her perfect profile picture. While these strict requirements may seem virtually unattainable, technology has proven them possible with just a swipe of the finger. Facetune, RetouchMe, Bodytune and ModiFace Photo Editor are just a few of the body and face editing iPhone apps flooding the App Store. They let users reduce body parts they wish to be thinner and amplify body parts they wish to be larger by either pinching or spreading their pointer finger and thumb across their screen.


Artist and comic creator Sutu, aka Stu Campbell, explored the use of AR as a storytelling tool in his 2014 comic “Modern Polaxis.” Now he’s taking the technology he and his business partner Lukasz Karluk developed even further, exploring its use as a tool for artistic expression. His latest project is called “Prosthetic Reality,” an art book that features the work of 45 artists from around the world. Each artwork, when viewed through the free EyeJack app for iOS and Android, comes to vivid life, with a colourful animation and soundscape that reveals a deeper meaning.


Japan stance culture produces some some of the most extreme lowered cars in the world. There is no denying they look crazy rolling down the street, but the drivability would cause some serious headaches!


Moped muggings don’t just happen in third world countries. Apparently they happen all the time in London. Phones are getting snatched up by moped riding these all the damn time!


If I see 4 kids all holding a six-foot ladder I would be suspicious as f**k. “Oh yeah, those kids who look like they just turned 18, wearing streetwear instead of workwear, are definitely here to fix something with that ladder.” Said nobody ever at the Superbowl.


This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #908 with Leah Remini. Leah made the claim that John Travolta could actually get away with taking a life, with other scientologists to cover for him. She added that Tom Cruise, along with John Travolta, are pretty much untouchable within the religious organisation.


A strange sickness. Something lurking outside. Those are about the only plot details that can be gleaned from the mysterious first trailer for It Comes At Night, the new horror movie from writer-director Trey Edward Shults. Instead of information, the trailer provides heavy dollops of dread, beginning as it does with the slow creep of the camera down a long hallway to an ominous door, as the music hums with danger and the dialogue sets a desperate scene. Who needs story when you have atmosphere this suffocating?