Australian based muscle machine fires up and really, well, everybody who is within distance to see it can’t help but stare! As you can imagine, with a high horsepower beast, this thing really sends quite the note into the air that attracts the ears and eyes of everybody in the foreseeable distance with that incredible supercharger whine.

Three-hundred-sixty degrees of swell hitting five bi-directional peaks every six seconds will surely be the future of wavepool surfing.

Image By @andyjackman_

X Games goes down under for the first time ever. Watch all the insane action from the 2018 Sydney X Games.

Sergey Fedotov is the architect behind this stunning home. Called the TRIF house, the home is based in Porto Jeli and was created in 2017, coming in at 360 sq. meters. The home is notable for being energy efficient, situated on the hills facing the Aegean sea and the island of Spetses.

Last month, Tyga shared another new single, “Dip.” Now, Nicki Minaj has teamed up with the “Swish” rapper for the D.A. Damon-produced record’s official remix clip.

Looking good, feeling good, caffeined out of his mind. His name is Dr. Disrespect

Well, this guy did just that and we’re pretty sure he said cya for ever.

This is a certified face-melter from start to finish. Great work, Mason. You absolutely killed it. Element’s “Peace” video is available now.

Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear… ‘Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.

In the black, white, and gold video, the three are joined by K-pop star CL in a retro-inspired heist that ends with them facing the police, partying it up, and then giving their riches to youth.

A start-up called North, formally Thalmic Labs, is introducing a pair of smart glasses that it thinks will appeal to the masses because the design looks so similar to normal glasses. They’re called Focals, and they cost around $1,000.

In preparation for a wedding, the guys head out to try and catch octopus, with hilarious results!

The programme is in Japan to see the latest gadgets at CEATEC and meet the team who landed a spacecraft on an asteroid. Plus an otherworldly digital art exhibition.

The ten-minute heater above, filmed on a four-month, post-breakup bender, is certainly one of the most radical of the year, a raw collection filmed entirely in Indo this spring and summer.

A friendly canine offers some helpful hygiene advice.

We couldn’t help but watch Bens part over and over, so much steez and style on the snow and in the air. This just makes us wanna go shred the rad with the homies. Enjoy!

From slopestyle to freeride and everything in between, is there anything Brett Rheeder can’t do!? The 2018 Red Bull Rampage winner laid down an incredible first run to secure gold at the epic freeride event.

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