…”As a Kid I always dreamt about getting barrelled for a minute, there is only very few places in the world where you get such long perfect wave.. Namibia is the queen of all queens when it comes down to riding endless barrels, as a goofy I had to go there.”

This Floridian Man Is Suspiciously Good At Tubes, This One Notwithstanding

There’s a smooth stomped backflip here… and it wouldn’t even be in the top 20 most impressive clips in this video. With Soft Serve, 20-year-old West Australian Kael Walsh has dropped perhaps the best surf edit of the year so far and announced his arrival as one of the world’s premier freesurfers in the Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Mikey Wright mould.

Three years ago, the berrics introduced you to Leandre Sanders—otherwise known as the man with no stance. During his recent visit to the park he filmed a solid four minutes of clips divided equally between regular- and goofy-footed, so we still don’t even know what his stance is. Then, after he landed his last trick, a tractor beam broke through the roof and transported him safely back to the planet of Switchstancia, where he dwells among other switch gods. Well, at least we know where the hell he came from.

The HB spot hunter harvested too many clips for just one part. Don’t miss every extra rail bash, soaking-wet slam and hairball hippie jump as he attacks his top-secret locales.

Skateboarding empty water slides with Ryan Sheckler And Heimana Reynolds. While Casey Neistat is ripping the best Tina size wave pool ever! Good times always at Palm Springs Surf Club.

We all have certain strengths in life. Wolves can howl like a sonuvabitch. Fish swim like they were divinely purposed to do so. Conner Coffin adjusts wave faces to look like that of Sloth in the Goonies.

The sky’s the limit – GoPros revisiting their Top 10 Human Flight moments. Did your favorite make the cut?

T-Funk, Evan, Wes and the Stateside DC dudes join the international squad for an all-out Euro takedown with massive bigflips, waist-high frontside flips and Macba NBDs.

If you don’t want to question why you’ve never landed an air in your life, while this 13 year old is stomping backside lien grabs, probably don’t watch it.

In times where travelling is restricted we gotta sit back, relax and throw back to some of the best sessions of the last few years. Kandui is one of Nics favourite spots around the globe, this hollow, fast, long barreling left fits right into his alley. His Orange shirt Kandui Session in 2017, was one for the books.. that’s why we are bringing it back still today.

Octopus is real Surf Films are always epic, the latest clip starring Nate Tyler is no exception. Jump in, laugh and get psyched to great surfing and heavy metal.

When a Cyclone is parked offshore, the Gold Coast of Australia truly is paradise for a surfer. Last month, with a conveyor belt of swell aimed at east OZ, and with surfers like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Stephanie Gilmore, Owen Wright and a slew of ripping groms home on COVID-19 lockdown, a crew of filmers set out to divide, conquer, and document every epic ride.

Surfers and bodyboarders score glassy conditions at the Wedge in early June 2020. The clean conditions and swell direction made for the some perfect A-Frame peaks and the most infamous surf spot in Southern California! Featured shredders include Tyler Stanaland, Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter, Teddy Navarro, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke, Happy Beach Guy, Kei Kobayashi, Seagull and more!

In case you forgot why he’s considered the greatest player in basketball history, here’s the NBA’s official MJ highlight reel.

Sven Thorgren is a Swedish Slopestyle machine, 6x X Games Medalist, and Olympic competitor. In 2020, the guy just got bored during quarantine and decided he wanted to land the world’s first triple Michalchuck flip on a hip in snowboard history!

Mike Tyson is one of Boxing’s greatest fighters, and one of the world’s finest athletes. Over his career he’s made nearly a billion US dollars in prize money, and although struggled, has made some major comebacks! From Mansions, Tigers, Private Jets, and Sports cars – this is how he spends his millions!

A short film featuring Thomas Estaque & Hugo Frixtalon riding on the edge going hard! Watch. Love or hate. Shred.