Shawn visualizes the skateboarding landscape from an extraordinary perspective that’ll change the way you look at spots. This is a beautiful video part.

Terry Kennedy—one of the most quotable figures in skateboarding—lets his clips do the talking in his new part for Muta Skateboards.

A ten-minute short, which dives a little deeper into the world of Mr. Mikey Wright. See: His 2018 qualification process, grommet-hood inspiration, outlook and approach to competition, passion for his Landy, and as cliché as it sounds, a graze of the personal philosophy.

Optimum conditions for world record attempts. #GoProAwards recipient @olly.bridge turned #HyperSmooth on for his 650ft #kitesurfing stunt in Devon, England.

Youness filmed this project completely within the friendly confines of his home country of Belgium, but there’s nothing easy or comfortable about the staggering things he’s able to do on a skateboard. Cheers to another jaw-dropping part from Mr. Amrani.

Is Conor McGregor pulling off an early April Fool’s joke? Tonight McGregor announced his retirement just a few hours after appearing on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” where he talked about fighting in July.

Koa, Alex, and Tavis are brothers from Kauai who grew up in and around the sea. The youngest two (Koa and Alex) are professional surfers while the eldest (Travis) gets paid to seduce the camera lens but also slides a boog in his free time.

SpeedFlying with Jamie Lee and Malachi Templeton in New Zealand is bonkers.

Pfanner, Pilz, Nassim, Lutheran, Nyberg and Axel terrorize the dreamy spots of Mallorca, literally crumbling them to pieces. Bravo, boys.

Animal Bikes coming in hot with a fresh mix featuring a bunch of fresh footage featuring the crew going to work on the streets, along with a look at a few of their newest parts and classics they have back in stock! This has a heavy mix of riders and real solid spots. Check it!

Parkour seemingly had its heyday many years ago and many internet years ago, but if we’re going to be getting more videos of parkour runners skunking cops and jumping off roofs, let’s get this party started again.

Jamie O’brien goes surfing with Jordy Smith and John Florence, just another day doing rad shit Hawaii

Go big or go home. #Darkfest2019 takes it to the next level with massive jumps and world-class athletes Nicholi Rogatkin, Brendan Fairclough, Adolf Silva, Andreu Lacondeguy and more!

Day after day, Jack clocked the most tube time across the entire Gold Coast, hitting multiple points across the week-long swell while still making a point say, “Good morning, mate,” to his little boy Banks. #dadlife

With an impressive contest history, an amazing Instagram account, and now this Bangin, we predict that Aurelien Giraud will soon be a household name.

Howdy, I’ve had a bit of a relaxed weekend due to the shitty weather here on the Gold Coast. So I thought we could take a trip back to November last year for the Aus Hooligan x event held down in Bairnsdale Victoria.

It cannot be overstated—Clive is GNARLY. There’s no obstacle too harrowing, no water tower unscalable. Enjoy the hammer barrage.

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg making new freeride lines in the hills of So Cal after the first storm of the year!!!