“Heitor” is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding video part by Heitor Da Silva. Traveling to multiple continents with stops in Barcelona, Taipei, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, this edit showcases the power and spontaneity of Heitor rounded out with his unique style and finesse.

As winter lightens into summer, the springtime days at Ruka just get longer and longer. Away from the end-of-season crowds at other parks around the world, Antti Ollila welcomes Alex Hall and Markus Fohr to his stomping ground and together, the crew see the season out in style, keeping the session alive and the bangers rolling well into the final rays of Finland’s long spring days.

It’s not easy skating big things with style. Mathias Torres makes it look just fine. Watch his part from the Suichi High Five video before it drops later this month.

Early season laps at Copper mountain in Colorado. Torstein Horgmo and Brady Lem shred the rad.

Follow human flight professional Jeb Corliss as he sends it big time through the Death Star run in Italy. Follow-cam flight captured James Boole.

Before the Pipe Masters Filipe spent a solid portion of time clocking up his wave count in tubes, walls, and oversized lumps all around the North Shore. This Hawaiian edit might leave a little desired in terms of proper Pipe tubes, but it makes up for it with the rest of Filipe’s diverse repertoire.

Werni Stock’s 2018 full part, as seen in Torstein Horgmo’s signature project, Untitled.

On the ‘other’ side of Mont Blanc lies a valley of infinite wonder. The team join up with BASE sage Scotty Bob Morgan and French legend Fred Fugen to explore the Italian side of this iconic peak. The jumps are long and steep in the Valle d’Aosta.

Mick Fanning and Jay Davies share a few tubes on a picture perfect summer day in Western Australia.

Like a cannonball shot out of a GD cannon, this Westgate part kicks off 2019 with a hellacious bang. The BEAST from the EAST never disappoints!

The colander cut goofy footer all shot between 0k and 4k. Featuring cameos from Sally Fitzgibbons, Jay Davies, Garret Parkes and a bunch of boogers.

You know that when you see Mike Gray footage pop up online, he’s 100% gonna be sending it. This video of a winter break he took in San Diego for Haro is a winner.

Professional kite surfer Alex Soto experienced a scary encounter while training for the 2019 Pan American Games last week in waters off Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.The Australian was kite surfing at high speeds when he spotted a goddamn shark directly in his path. Soto was traveling too fast to switch gears and drilled the predator, sending him flying through the air.

West Oz, how good is that little wave magnet Jack calls home? From the Box to North Point, down to Rabbit’s, Supers, and Cobbles, Jack has the zone dialed and is consistently getting the best barrels around. Not to mention his air game has rapidly progressed since we last saw him, proven by the abundance of six-foot oops in his latest flick.

Forget the gimbals at home and come cruise the streets of Greece with the entire GoPro Skate team featuring Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Alex Sorgente, Andrew Brophy, Leticia Bufoni, Madars Apse, Sewa Kroetkov and Chris Cole as they immerse themselves in the culture and everything Greece has to offer and experiment with #hypersmooth on the new #HERO7 Black.

Join Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren & Ståle Sandbech as they journey to Fonna, Norway and take advantage of the longer days of light for an epic snowboard shred session that they dubbed… GOLDEN HOUR!

A couple weeks back, Pipeline was as big an beautiful as it gets, with sets capping on Third Reef before filtering into the true impact zone, where hard offshores turned the rolling lumps into compressed air chambers.

A stacked adidas squad lets loose in the Parisian metropolis. This edit checks all the boxes. Enjoy…