On Monday, May 13, 2019, Red Bull Cape Fear finally returned after waiting three years for the right swell to hit Shipstern Bluff. “The Battle of the Bluff,” as the competition was dubbed, was one of the most challenging logistical challenges in surf event history, pitting a handful of the world’s best big-wave and slab surfers against one of the remotest, most infamous slab waves in the world.

Join Ryan Decenzo, Gustavo Ribeiro, Giovanni Vianna, Mauro Iglesias and Luiz Francisco on a sketchy skate session through the treacherous woods of Austria. The hectic mission captured represents the latest installment in our never-ending mission to skate the unskateable all around the world. Building banks, bars and roll-outs into an environment where nature dominates is far from being an exact science.

Going to Teahupo’o for the first time must be a strange experience, like banging a your fav porn star the first time. You know her curves intimately, you understand her movements, but there’s still this level of uncertainty.

Filmed across NSW, Australia, BLUE is the latest short from Dom West, following Joe Atkinson, a professional Inline Skater at the peak of his athletic abilities. In a sport that is all too often overlooked or misrepresented, through Joe’s movements, the film attempts to showcase both the artistic aesthetic and the meditative state that the act of inline skating offers.

Introducing In And Around Water, a new series where we go on the road with the best surfers in the world with one goal in mind: have as much fun as humanly possible. First stop: Panama.

Down 3-0 after the first leg of their Champions League semifinal against Barcelona, Liverpool looked down and out, need to win by 4 goals in the second leg. And, stunningly, they did exactly that, with the fourth goal coming from Divock Origi via a sneakily brilliant pass from a corner:

A Carribean archipelago where swells lasted two weeks and every other wave hosted a large, gaseous cavity. Ian Crane, Eli Olson, and Timmy Reyes of team O’Neill, who recently spent a good chunk of time (and change) to reside in the blessed isles and fill their tube vaults for the coming year.


GoPro Award recipient, Brendan Weinstein, takes a helicopter to Weisshorn peak in the Swiss Alps for a jaw-dropping proximity flight.

Liverpool have played well during the first leg of their Champions League semifinal against Barcelona, but Barcelona have managed to grab a 3-0 lead, thanks to two goals from Lionel Messi.

12-year-old Jackson Dorian shows what elite genes and the world’s best training facility can breed.

Matthew Boling, a high school senior from Houston Strake Jesuit (TX), ran a 9.98 (+4.2) 100m on Saturday at the UIL Region 3-6A meet in Webster, Texas, the fastest all-conditions 100m time in high school history. The Georgia signee’s 9.98 surpasses Trayvon Bromell’s 9.99 from 2013 and is just the second sub-10 ever by a prep athlete.

Boxing champion Canelo Àlvarez goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about growing up in Mexico, why he’s been looking for the Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie, and his love for high-fashion sneakers.

Watch as Josh Neuman hits some raw runs in Switzerland on his board.

Following Jesse Millen and Craig Gouweloos around Blackcomb park for some dreamy feel-good laps. @certifiedrocketmen Special Thanks: Gibbons Apres Lager @apreslager

Jump on board with @markwallacebike & @troybrosnan as they give us a look at the course at @worldcup_maribor!

Nobody on the planet skates like this dude. He operates on his own mind-melting wavelength. Talk about PRO AF!! Congrats, Jaakko!

We are powerless against mother nature when she turns on.