With an impressive contest history, an amazing Instagram account, and now this Bangin, we predict that Aurelien Giraud will soon be a household name.

Howdy, I’ve had a bit of a relaxed weekend due to the shitty weather here on the Gold Coast. So I thought we could take a trip back to November last year for the Aus Hooligan x event held down in Bairnsdale Victoria.

It cannot be overstated—Clive is GNARLY. There’s no obstacle too harrowing, no water tower unscalable. Enjoy the hammer barrage.

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg making new freeride lines in the hills of So Cal after the first storm of the year!!!

Italo Ferriera Skies, Tubes And Cuts In Fernando de Noronha – Arguably the most exciting surfer of Brazil’s top three talents is Italo Ferriera.

RUCKUS // A video made by @mr___skin and Carlos between Oslo and New Zealand. Enjoy!

Check out how GoPro Athlete, Jamie O’Brien, spends his winters on the North Shore of Hawaii.

Just a kiwi with a camera, ample artistic vision, and a deep appreciation for elite waveriding. watch his new showreel and get to know Billy a little better, for his work is worthy and we can sense his star rising!

The squad stampedes through the Sunshine State to the tunes of Killer Mike and Spooky Tooth. Spots get smoked and Foy drops the curtains with a BS Smith from another realm. Wow…

Get your feet right put your head down and lets go for a ride!

Westgate is one of a kind. Pure POWER, with style and grace to spare. This is 16 minutes you won’t forget.

Conner Coffin and Parker Coffin jet over to Australia’s Gold Coast. Watch as they score pumping Kirra and link up with Matt Wilkinson for dinner at his new restaurant, Friday Hut Dinning.

Stig Pryds is a Danish record holding freediver. He was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2008, which disabled him so much that he lost his business. After 5 years of intense pain and increasing dependency on drugs, he decided to quit all drugs cold turkey, and find alternative ways to deal with his disease. He began practising yoga daily, changed his diet, and started practising freediving.

Just another Saturday being SENT!!!! Met up with Leticia Bufoni and Chris Cole. hit up a few spots and then went to Crrsd festival. Good times with good people.

Watch “MIND” and become acquainted with the hard-charging, comp-driven Hawaiian.

The biggest turnout of pros in a decade turn up for the 25th Annual Tampa Pro and Boo Johnson breaks down why Tampa is the best.

The unforgiving Utah desert is the proving ground for freeride mountain bike riders across the globe. It’s unique landscape has the ability to push the riders beyond their comfort zone; making or breaking dreams. . After a highly successful year at Rampage both Tom Van Steenbergen & Ethan Nell decide to take on the harsh desert one more time. Creating moments that will not soon be forgotten.

Watch the full part now. Enjoy.