Welcome back to No Contest, Red Bull’s deep dive into the cultural richness, unique charm, and radical local characters that make each of the eleven stops on the World Championship Tour special. On this episode, Ashton Goggans gets thrown in the West Oz deep end, with a proper taste of the region from four generations of the area’s icons: Jack Robinson, Jay Davies, Taj Burrow, as well as the Jake and Paul Paterson, aka Snake and Antman.

Where there’s a will, there’s a ramp. Julian Wilson hunts for fun down the coast in Australia. PS. Why isnt there a set of Air Julians out yet? Come on now!

In the context of surfer-produced cover music, this is shockingly good. And as far as country music and surfing go, surely no one’s done it better.

Rickety planes, hand-feeding sharks, and alley oops over dry reef. Punch your passport and follow along as Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Eithan Osborne take off on a strike mission they won’t soon forget. We’re halfway to the horizon, and there’s no end in sight.

After a long season it was time to enjoy some spring laps in California. Experimenting is one of the best parts of snowboarding, and this is what came from having ‘no guidelines’ while in mammoth.

You’re probably pretty used to seeing Brandon Semenuk on his own with his releases from Revel Co, but with his first video project of 2019, Semenuk flips the script and brings in Ryan Howard along to create Parallel.

Have you ever been on a Skateboard Tour? Do you know the rules to “bring home the mission”? The new video of the Italian VANS Skate Team talks exactly of this. The title is “How to Survive a Skate Tour” and it tells some of the clichés of life on tour with skaters. The film takes place in Fuerteventura and it transforms into an entertaining hand-book for all skaters. A skateboard video presented as an ironic illustrated guide that summarizes the predictably taken forgranted differences between a tour where everything falls into place and one that turns into a battle-field.

When Big Wave World Champ Billy Kemper wanted to venture deep into the Indonesian archipelago to chase a big, perfect swell, he knew the surfers he had to link up with to score the kind of waves he was hoping for: Mikala Jones and Dede Suryana. Mikala has been living in Indonesia for decades and is arguably its most knowledgeable pro surfer expat. And Dede has sealed his reputation as one of Indonesia’s best surfing sons. True to form, Dede, Billy, and Mikala showed up right in time, at one of Indo’s best barrels, and score this perfect day of surfing.

It’s not often that Ireland’ best big wave, Mullaghmore, plays host to huge swell and perfect weather conditions. But when it did this winter, filmer Alex Laurel was there to capture Ireland’s best big wave surfers enjoy the day of the winter. Local stand-out surfers, like Conor Maguire, Barry Mottershead, Enda Curran, and Peter Conroy ruled the day, pulling into big barrels and taking heavy wipeouts.

From the chilly waves of Bells Beach, the men and women of the WSL World Tour turned their focus to Keramas, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, for what is now officially the world tour’s funnest event.

Monster Army’s Bryce Tryon, Alec Danelutti, Brock Horneman, Jack Borthwick, Jakeb Dugdell and Sam Gibson joined up with Monster Energy’s Victor Peraza and Kevin Peraza to hit a series of skate parks and smash out this action-packed edit.

A West Australia Showreel To Send Your Emotions Into A Spin -This Is Why The West Is Best

If you haven’t seen @dantehutchinson backflip the El Toro stair set, where have you been?! This was huge for scooters and a dream come true for Dante!

When Hawaiian charger Tyler Newton checked the South Pacific swell charts and saw a massive swell heading towards Teahupo’o, one of his favorite waves, he hoped on the next plane to Tahiti. What ensued were a couple of days of near perfection at one of the world’s best barrels.

After what feels like several years without a video release, Clay hit us with a five-minute banger from his favorite wave on Maui—a left that, due to its wild and imperfect nature, keeps the crowds perpetually at bay, meaning more tubes for Clay whenever it’s on.

Scottish cycle stunt superstar Danny MacAskill has unveiled a breathtaking new video – showing him taking a two-year-old girl on an action-packed adventure around Scotland.

Hold on tight as @r_peredo & @ethan_nell give us a look at the #DownPuertoVallarta course in Mexico!

The PRO’s score huge perfect waves at the Wedge on one of the best days in a while. Lot’s of insane rides and heavy wipeout carnage!! All footage shot on May 14th 2019. Featuring Chris Ward, Tanner McDaniel, Kalani Robb, baby Seal, Craig Whetter, Tommy Cantrell, Johnny Webber and more!