Somehow, cyclist Reed Soehnel emerged from this with only a broken foot, cuts and bruises and a mangled bike.

Brighton, England freelance animator Nick Murray Willis has created a series of hilarious animations to go along with the excited commentary from NFL football games.

Filmmaker Ryan Moss had his tripod in the sand and drone in the sky to capture Pipe’s golden days. Slater, Mamiya, O’Brien and more star in this three-minute banger

As you probably know by now, Dubai has some insane spots! Red Bull dropped Kriss Kyle in the city and let him go to work on spots galore from the rooftops of massive skyscrapers to the waterparks and more! As always, Kriss delivers with some amazing riding. This is an amazing video from start to finish!

There’s more to a worthwhile edit than good surfing. The soundtrack has to be right, the waves either pumping (or relatable), and if all else fails, well, it has to make you want to surf. The above edit courtesy of Nick Colclough featuring Nathan Cook makes the cut on a few fronts.

Travis Rice kicks it off in Hakuba, Japan for this year’s Freeride World Tour securing first place with this epic run.

First look: Stab in the Dark 2019, starring eleven murdered out boards, ridden over three continents by one Mick Fanning. Prior to our 4th edition of STID, Mick’s experience with “epoxy” was, as he put it, “slim to none.” With that in mind, we made it mandatory that all shapers send us boards featuring some combination of stringerless EPS blanks, carbon fiber, and epoxy resin. The results of Mick’s first dance with all 11 shapers’ proprietary tech, were, well—we’ll let you fuckers decide. And soon.

BMX and motocross go hand in hand, especially at select Monster Energy Supercross events where the Party In the Pits thanks to the Toyota BMX Triple Challenge. Some of the best riders in the world came to Anaheim to throw down their two best tricks on a couple of giant dirt jumps. At the end of the day, Monster’s own Pat Casey and Andy Buckworth took home first and second place… Congrats!

Sean Mawson, also known as Sea Mullet, is a friendly young man from the south coast of New South Wales. He likes long chats on the phone and popping by for cups of tea, works long and hard and lives a humble existence in a beautiful, wave-rich part of the world. He’s also the most naturally-gifted surfer we’ve come across. Check Him Out after the jump

Professional golfer, Jerry Kelly, was competing in the final round of the PGA Tour Champions‘ Mitsubishi Electric Championship when he inadvertently used a bunch of rocks to bounce the ball onto the green during his second shot on the 7th hole at Hawaii‘s Hualalai Golf Club. The best part is Kelly didn’t even expect it to happen, because he curses the shot shortly after he takes it, but like the winning shot from comedy movie, Happy Gilmore, it just hits all the right places, setting up the third shot brilliantly, which old mate sunk for an eagle (finishing a hole 2 shots under par).

Last month O’Neill’s weekly dispatches from the North Shore brought quick-hitting action while the circus was in town, er, country. Now that the scaffoldings been disassembled and the Big Show dust has settled, O’Neill’s dropped a redux of “#HawaiiLive’s” greatest hits and unseen footage.

A high-energy mixtape from the Monster Energy Snowboard Team featuring clips from “Kamikazu” and “The Future of Yesterday”.

Casper Bowl sits 3300″ above Teton Village and the terrain below is a playground for athletes like Blake Paul. Watch as he takes one run from the top of Casper Bowl to the base while showcasing the limitless possibilities at Jackson Hole.

Did Mike fucking Tyson just bring up DMT to Joe Rogan? ….. Between this and Kanye, Joe’s gonna become so huge in 2019 Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1227 w/Mike Tyson:
Watch HERE

2018 was a really huge year of waves, wipeouts and stories to tell. Congrats to all the surfers and filmers for capturing such epic moments.

What happens when you turn the Volcom team loose with a rental van in New Zealand? For starters they inevitably get the rental stuck, Noa Deane fist pumps before boosting an air (not sure if that was a pre-stomp claim or personal amp-up ritual), Ryan Burch shapes a dog that barks and, of course, the crew manages to score New Zealand’s legendary lefthanders amongst the madness. Hit play to watch Deane, Burch, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn and Luke Cederman’s road rager, “This is What You Get.”

The Surf Ranch isn’t just an ideal tubular canvas for surfing’s elite. It also acts as the perfect playground for Kelly’s superstar, yet non-aquatic friends to try their hand at getting in the green room.

Short, sweet, and straight to the point. Point being, Geoff Brown can ride pow, toss spins, and float through pillows in the easiest of styles. Check out his full part from Out of Service’s new movie Made for TV.