Huckfest 2019 in Norway this year was epic and as always there was no crew never not sending it! Peep the action after the jump. Enjoy!

Check out Trey riding all his favorites including pools, weird transitions, walls, and even a tree all to promote his new Wild Child frame which is available worldwide now! Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick” – Subrosa

It’s commonly accepted that New Zealand is a pretty beautiful place. Likewise, it’s commonly accepted that Brandon Semenuk is pretty good at making bike riding a beautiful thing. With Midpoint, the two collide.

A whisker shy of 18 years old, this year Crosby’s spent more time on the road, roaming around and a part-time CT supporter for Griffin. And like his brother, he’s a quick learner. The two of them live, eat and breathe surfing.

Filipe Toledo has arguably the greatest air-game in surfing. He’s been called the best small wave surfer in the world. He generates so much speed that the footage often looks sped up. His make-percentage is through the roof, and he’s more comfortable way, way above the lip than anyone else on tour.

Out of any rider in the world to garner hype for his video parts, Sean Ricany has to be right up there. This guy has been getting people shouting at their screens in disbelief for years now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. His latest, and arguably greatest, appearance in Cult’s ‘It’s Later Than You Think’ DVD is another stonker. Effortless tech from one of the best.

Two world champion brewery owners were off-tap during Monday’s mega session at Snapper Rocks. There’s no denying Mick and Joel are the best ever at this venue, but there were plenty of standouts and some heavy waves were ridden. Watch The Action After The Jump.

STAB’s Ashton Goggan’s gets a lesson in Brazilian surf culture from Moist Magazine publisher Steven Allain, then heads to the beach just in time for one of the days of the winter at a seriously pumping right-hander. For the pros — we’re looking at you Wade Carmichael — Rio is the place where you’re a bonafide celebrity. The cameras don’t stop popping and the crowds have no limit. You don’t want to miss this exclusive peak behind the curtains of the Oi Rio Pro.

The video opens in classic fish-eye perspective, following Donovon Piscopo performing a series of ollies and manuals until he gets to the top of a case of stairs, jumps onto the rails and falls face first — this scene sets the tone for the rest of the video, implying that the fall is all part of the process. Directed by Jacob Harris and Ant Travis, the film journeys through a number of unexpected settings like the roof of a cabin covered with frozen snow as well as scenes of city streets and parks. Trust Fall measures at approximately 23:32 minutes with features from such names as Caleb Barnett, Kyron Davis, Blake Carpenter, Daan Van Der Linden, Casper Brooker and more.

Some people just got it and Thomas Dritsas drips style and finesse. Dude was born to ride a skateboard.

His Brother may be on the injury bench but Nathan Florence is on a roll at the minute, this movie is proof of it. There And Back Again” follows his adventures through Tahiti, Mexico, Panama and Nias from 2018 chasing waves and having fun. There are mega kegs galore that you could drive a bus through. Hit play and enjoy.

Josh Hill is the Urban Rider features Hill aboard his beloved Alta Redshift, tackling all sorts of innovative and unthinkable challenges aboard his virtually silent motorcycle.

The Big Pinch has a pro shoe and he kicks off the celebration with two minutes of face-melting footy from the streets of Barcelona. Congrats, Foyska!

Follow tour life with John John Florence and friends as he returns to Australia to surf his first WSL heat since injuring his knee 9 months ago. Featuring John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Kai Lenny, Filipe Toledo and Jordy Smith (surfers), and Pat OConnell (bodysurfer).

The Criddler on the Roof is still sending it, from rooftop drops to long-distance boardslides. Jaws lives in a league of his own. While In June of 2019, DGK announced it’s newest pro,Dwayne Fagundes. Dwayne has lived a real Dirty Ghetto Story and through adversity he always kept a smile on his face. He represents every DGK’s struggle to make something out of nothing.

Jordan Bone was all out of hope. After three years at the University of Tennessee, the guard had declared for the NBA draft with dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Unfortunately, as the draft inched toward its conclusion, that began to look unlikely. Then Deputy NBA Commissioner Mark Tatum called his name, and the entire room went wild:

When Life Gives Italo Ferreira Lousy Waves, He Turns That Shit Into Fireball Whiskey. Brazil’s most intoxicating ripper is a paperclip in a power outlet!

Head south of the border with Jordy Smith as he threads a few right-handed tubes in this latest instalment “Beyond Mexico”. If this doesn’t get you out the door and down to the beach, we’re not sure what will!