Combing the Brazilian streets like a detective, Yuri builds his case with explosive flick and heavy hubba hammers. Court is in session.

What happens when you bring two of the finest Slopestyle riders of their generations together for a Sound of Speed series video? Nothing short of pure magic. The Swedish duo @Emil Johansson and Martin @Soderstrom decided to meet in Järvsö Bike Park for some late season laps.

I mean dirt and down hill lines are great but the amount of skill to pull this off to me makes it the winner. This is a masterclass in bike control and creativity.

After spinning for weeks in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Epsilon set its sights on the shores of Western Europe, from Ireland to Portugal. But no place was bigger, or more in the spotlight, than Nazaré. Watch as Kai Lenny, Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca, Justine Dupont, Pedro “Scooby” Vianna, Andrew Cotton, and other big wave chargers take on some of the heaviest Nazaré of their lives.

“I didn’t want to surf shit waves or do any turns or airs,” says Jacob Willcox. “But on the QS, that’s all you think about. This year was the biggest blessing because it gave me time to do whatever I wanted—and that was trying to get as barrelled as I could.”

Without taking anything away from this year’s pending releases, it’s going to be extremely hard to argue against Mason Silva’s four parts in nine months. If you thought the Nike SB part was gnarly, prepare to have your face melted by the above effort for Spitfire. 2020 is clearly Mason’s year.

Primitive never do things by half measures. Less than a year since dropping Encore, a full-length video for the ages, four members of the star-studded professional lineup return for another 25-odd minutes of upper-echelon skateboarding in Fourth Quarter. Gio Vianna, Robert Neal, Trent McClung & Miles Silvas all bring something unique to the table, and Alan Hannon does it justice in the editing booth to deliver another polished production. These guys are a well-oiled machine.

I Won’t Lose gives viewers a look inside The lives during boxing camp as Nate and Jake train and prepare for battle on November 28th

It wasn’t that long ago that Ireland was barely a blip on the surf world’s radar. But as Irish surf culture steadily developed, clips of them riding bigger and burlier waves continued to surface.

The World No. 2 came up with a crazy shot during his practice round at No. 16, skipping the ball off the water and onto the green where it rolled into the hole for an ace.

Last season, while filming for Make Believe, Nick McNutt’s worst case scenario became reality: he was fully buried in an avalanche. To make things worse, his avalanche beacon stopped transmitting during the slide, and it was only through a stroke of luck that his partners were able to rescue him. Avalanche rescue is already a difficult task, but without a working beacon, it becomes akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

When Tanner wasn’t on the Freeride World Tour, he spent the 2019/20 season doing mind bending tricks in the streets and in the backcountry. This is ‘Eternal’

Parallel Sea presents TOKYO RISING featuring John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Kolohe Andino, and Ross Williams, in association with @Clif Bar & Company. The feature length documentary will be available 11/12 on @Amazon Prime Video.

Sam Pilgrim, Paul Couderc, Lukas Skiöld, Bienvenido Aguado, Tomas Lemoine, Erik Fedko, Sam Reynolds, and Diego Caverzasi show off some sendy highlights from this year’s Audi Nines.

15 athletes, 8 disciplines, 7 countries and 100% Europe. 🚵‍♀️ The Old World is the first dedicated European bike movie that is bridging the gap between mountain bike and BMX riding but also between action sport movies and feature films. 4 years in the making, The Old World touches down on unique European locations from the remote fjords of Norway, majestic Scottish highlands, rough alpine singletrack and the magical metropolis of Paris – the team travelled for two years to portrait the rich continental riding landscape and its biking stars.

A look into world-renowned professional snowboarder Jake Blauvelt’s life, career, and the past winter season. Snowboarding in British Columbia, Mount Baker, and hosting a grassroots snowboard event at a small mom and pop resort that he learned to ride at in rural Vermont.

You might not have heard of Sheldon Simkus, but there’s no way you’re getting a wave off him at Snapper.

NB Numeric, Primitive and Dickies pro puts out yet another mind bending video part featuring that classic Franky mix of tech, interesting and gnarly. Enjoy!