While both “The Chosen One” and “The Gorilla” were in no big hurry to back down, the UFC 228 media day ended without fireworks. Hopefully we’ll get some when the cage door closes this weekend inside American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Trent McClung is somewhat of a footage stacking machine, effortlessly releasing full video parts constantly, while other pros struggle to drop one video per year. Who wants to see him win Skater of the Year?

Nike has unveiled a new video starring Colin Kaepernick for its “Just Do It” ad campaign honouring its 30th anniversary—and it’ll reportedly play at the NFL season opener tomorrow. The two-minute video features the former NFL quarterback highlighting inspiring athletes, including superstars like LeBron James and Serena Williams and players who’ve overcome great adversity.

Kilian Bron gone around the world riding incredible mountains, dunes and volcanos, but this mission is radically different. Follow him to Namibia, and get lost in the middle of the Savannah at some spots worthy of the Lion King!

“Slip and slide out of a cargo airplane. Our latest vid just went live! We filmed it on the brand new Canon EOS R camera that they announced today! Beyond stoked on the camera, full frame mirrorless!” – @devinsupertramp.

Arttu Stenberg is a pleasure to watch ride. He is in so much control that it is like the bike is just a part of his own body. Check out his awesome footage!

Rails, ledges and stairs? Jayden Bono has them all covered on his board with style. His final trick, a backside 360, must be the most stairs that anyone has done that trick down ever!

If you are in the mood to see some flowy fun and fast downhill riding, Fabio Wibmer, Remy Metailler and Tomas Lemoine are the guys to watch. They make it look so easy!

Real Skifi don’t need snow to shred. Just give them any handrail in any weather and watch Youtube magic come alive. We are only held back by the lack of our own imagination!

From Nazaré to Waimea, Shipstern to The Right, no matter how quick in succession the swells may be, there’s a chance you’ll see Clarke-Jones out there, getting crazier waves than almost anybody else. But let’s not forget the locals, who always lead the charge when The Right comes alive and rages. Photo by the talented @anjsemark.

The big question with fighters transitioning to MMA from striking-based sports like kickboxing centres on their grappling ability. Some transitioning fighters, Stephen Thompson, for example only need adequate takedown defence to hold their own in MMA. Israel ‘The Style Bender’ Adesanya has taken this same approach and has stuffed 27 of 33 takedown attempts in his UFC career.

“When I was here for the first time with my good friend and filmer Jon Aspuru, I was really scared at times. The wave breaks in really shallow water, we were all alone. After catching a couple of waves, I stopped surfing. Not because I was tired or the waves stopped, it was simply too dangerous. There was no one around, it is a long drive to the nearest town and an even longer one to the nearest hospital. So I decided to take some of my best friends on the next big swell and it was completely different.” – @natxogonzalez1.

“This is a jump we filmed a couple years ago and since has become one of our favorites. Hoping you enjoy it as much as we do. Sometimes you just need some fun flying and a fancy camera — the Red Epic — at sunset. You can turn your screen upside down and view it that way as well. Different vibes both ways. Stay gold” – @roundiii.

I guarantee this video just convinced a couple of kids to start skateboarding, awesome video. What’s the most impressive is that this is in the UK. Shit weather, cobble stones and local authorities who have no idea how to build good skate parks doesn’t generally produce great skaters. Ellis begs to differ.

Jamie O’Brien, Poopies, and their crew of misfits are back for more crazy surf adventures! From Hawaii to Tahiti and Waco, Texas, follow the boys as they surf some of the most famous destinations around the world like no one else can do. With JOB, nothing is off limits, and no one is safe.

The swell was almost too big for the reef, turning a perfect right into a thick double-up monster. The few surfers game enough to put themselves under the lip were rewarded with some amazing tubes. Laurie Towner was one of these guys and got some great waves until he was flogged at the bottom of a huge double-up. The result was a few separated ribs but Laurie was still stoked!

“When we invited Mike Piwowar to compete in BATB 8, we knew that he was destined to blow up. It feels good to say… we were right. His “i AM blind” part has some legitimately jaw-dropping moments, but this is only the beginning. Mike is just Piwo-warming up.” – @berrics. Photo via the talented @brundoggywobblez.

Growing up in Kauai obviously is the perfect training ground for kids like Ryder. We’re looking forward to seeing him in action this winter on the North Shore.