“Heath Kirchart is our latest patient for the Battle Scars series, and his litany of breaks, crunches, and cracks, is enough to make you strap on a helmet or two.” – @berrics.

“Tre doesn’t even know yet, but this is the beginning of something that he has been dreaming about and I know that he will look back in a few years’ time and think “Wow, those were some really special times”. He’s just getting started and has such a bright future ahead of him, I‘m happy and excited to welcome Tre Williams to the Primitive Skate team”. – Paul Rodriguez

Take a seat, crank up your volume, and this raw footage of Eli Tomac’s first day on his 2019 race machine in Southern California, breaking in the new KX450 with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team.

“Today I release my best Pro Skimboarding short to date, Pro Skimboarding in Massive Shorebreak at the most dangerous big wave skimboard spot in the world. Cabo San Lucas’s Wedge In Mexico.” – Jack Tenney

Words cannot describe this technical savagery of Cody Lockwood. Creature SKateboards has welcomed him to their team, and you will realise very quickly that his hat isn’t for sun protection, he is actually a wizard.

Since the two-time world champ’s knee injury, he’s been especially elusive. Which is precisely why his new short, “Space,” couldn’t have come at a better time.

Does this guy think that practicing getting your brain bounced around in your skull is somehow gonna help you to better deal with getting your brain bounced around in your skull in the future? Not only is this dangerous as hell, this rarely happens in real football, if at all. The runner in football, in an instance like this, would be running away from that contact, not going head on into it.

Watch GoPro Awards recipient Daniel Kofler shred speedflying style in Austria with his GoPro Fusion camera.

As in most cases when industries fail, those who lose their jobs adapt their skill set and apply their tools to a new industry. But for the surfers whose job it was to surf to market the multi-billion dollar industry, the job openings were slim. There isn’t a big market for surfing critical, high-risk mountains of moving water outside the surf industry. Photos via the super talented @tomservaisjr and @timmckenna.

A bolt of hype just hit the tip of my penis. Win, lose or draw the guy is a fucking animal. Give 90% of the UFC roster 100 million dollars and you will never see them again. This psycho is about to step into the cage with the undefeated Khabib!

Buckle up for 4 minutes of Dane Reynolds shredding, featuring various clips from the last three or so years. He ain’t on tour, not even being picked for the various air shows, yet few can tap the gas like him, nor get as high, or as committed across the face.

“My thing is, I’m gonna fight anybody. I’m the best in the world, anybody they put in front of me, they’re gonna get beat up. If it’s Colby Covington, if it’s [Kamaru] Usman, if it’s Robert Whittaker. Whoever they want me to fight, we’re gonna do it.” Woodley on future options.

Sometimes players dive for catches and it seems a bit unnecessary, as if they’re just trying to be flashy. This is not one of those times. Mitch Haniger is the real deal, and super fun to watch.

Anger, boos, tears and an accusation of sexism overshadowed a remarkable victory by Naomi Osaka, a rising star who became the first tennis player born in Japan to win a Grand Slam championship.

Cloudbreak is a reef break with waves that can be when they are as small as 2 feet, or as large as 20 feet. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security as the waves get smaller. When this happens, they also get faster and more shallow as you barrel down on a live coral reef. It’s all too easy to wind up on the reef because you ran out of water.

While both “The Chosen One” and “The Gorilla” were in no big hurry to back down, the UFC 228 media day ended without fireworks. Hopefully we’ll get some when the cage door closes this weekend inside American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Trent McClung is somewhat of a footage stacking machine, effortlessly releasing full video parts constantly, while other pros struggle to drop one video per year. Who wants to see him win Skater of the Year?

Nike has unveiled a new video starring Colin Kaepernick for its “Just Do It” ad campaign honouring its 30th anniversary—and it’ll reportedly play at the NFL season opener tomorrow. The two-minute video features the former NFL quarterback highlighting inspiring athletes, including superstars like LeBron James and Serena Williams and players who’ve overcome great adversity.