The Duffman sacrifices his body to the skate Gods every session, pouring heart and soul into the joy of riding the stuntwood. We couldn’t be more stoked to put out another Corey part. Happy Halloween!

Jump onboard with Ethan Nell as he secures 3rd place at Red Bull Rampage for the 2nd year in a row – this Sophomore is on fire!

The S&M Pro squad came through with bangers all along the way of the Skeletons & Muscles Tour! With a heavy cast consisting of, Mike Hoder, Charlie Crumlish, Clint Reynolds, Craig Passero, Mike “Hucker” Clark and their newest pro, Hobie Doan, you already know this video goes! Watch the boys trek from Buffalo, New York, to Clint’s incredible backyard bowl and then to Catty Woods.

Three-hundred-sixty degrees of swell hitting five bi-directional peaks every six seconds will surely be the future of wavepool surfing.

Image By @andyjackman_

X Games goes down under for the first time ever. Watch all the insane action from the 2018 Sydney X Games.

This is a certified face-melter from start to finish. Great work, Mason. You absolutely killed it. Element’s “Peace” video is available now.

The ten-minute heater above, filmed on a four-month, post-breakup bender, is certainly one of the most radical of the year, a raw collection filmed entirely in Indo this spring and summer.

We couldn’t help but watch Bens part over and over, so much steez and style on the snow and in the air. This just makes us wanna go shred the rad with the homies. Enjoy!

From slopestyle to freeride and everything in between, is there anything Brett Rheeder can’t do!? The 2018 Red Bull Rampage winner laid down an incredible first run to secure gold at the epic freeride event.

Concrete isn’t flammable but these dudes scorch terrain all over the country. It’s astounding how many clips they stacked. Featuring Scott Decenzo, Ben Hatchell, Charlie Blair, Brad McClain and some ripping new blood.

In Yeppoon, Australia, Surf Lakes’ giant metal bowl is finally bouncing up and down to make artificial waves. Joel Parkinson, Connor O’leary, Laura Enever, Mitch Crews and more of Australia’s finest are on the scene to give the highly anticipated new wave-tech a go.

Danny Davis, a gifted snowboarder with a knack for riding halfpipe thinks he has seen it all. From contest podiums on the world stage to backcountry trips in both hemispheres, he has quite literally been living a dream.

San Clemente’s Ian Crane is widely considered one of the most underrated surfer’s in the world, especially by those who know him best. “He’s so gnarly,” says Griff Colapinto.

Now his 17th and final year, Joel has had plenty of Perfect 10’s out at Teahupo’o, made multiple finals, and had one close 2nd against his best mate, Mick Fanning. In a career spanning two decades, you’re bound to have some wild highlights. Lowlights too. Many you’d rather forget. But a true champion embraces those dark moments, using them to learn hard lessons.

Mountain biking’s wildest competition is ready to open its doors to the world’s best freeriders on an all-new course in Utah. Watch the best moments of Red Bull Rampage from the beginnings until last year’s epic edition. See the winning runs of the likes of Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Genon, Carson Storch and more.

These dudes make concrete behemoths look like bird baths. Click through and witness the MADNESS.

OBJ used to dream about having a signature Nike cleat and this year that came true with the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 OBJ Uptempo Cleat. In this episode, OBJ shows off his favorite sneakers of all time and visits the Nike HQ to meet the next generation of football stars hoping to get their own signature shoe.

21-year-old Sheldon Simkus goes for broke in huge, hollow fare with total aplomb. The young Gold Coast native filmed the entire thing in Indo and along his home coastline at the beginning of this year before he turned 21–hence the apt title, “Twenty”.