2012 World Champion Joel Parkinson announced his retirement back in July, and so now we’re getting a series of brilliant little documentaries on the great man as he finalises his last run through the Championship Tour. The latest is a corker,

“This is the best I’ve ever seen it in my entire life,” sad @live.fast.die.old of the conditions at today’s Jaws contest. Soon after the contest was called off, Layer paddled into two humongous barrels.

These two skiers went down the Stelvio Pass! How many road gaps can you ski jump in one run? Bene Mayr takes Markus Eder to the challenge that kept him sleepless ever since he saw the first photos of Stelvio Pass/Stilfser Joch Pass.

Pipe laid dormant up until today. It’s the first day of the season and the swell built throughout the day, in fact, it’s still pumping as stab uploaded this video. Here’s a brief highlights package from what’s sure to be highlight from the entire North Shore season.

How does one fly so close to the ground with testicals so big? surely they’d just clip large boulders as they fly by smashing them into tiny pieces.

He’s 17-years old, and while that’s significantly older than most grom’s debuts, Micah’s first clip has a point of difference. There’s not a single air.

Tiger tried to bet $200K on the hole and Phil wanted no part of it or did he?. 🤣🤣🤣

Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy riders Jiri Blabol, Matt Ray and Mark Burnett hit up New York City over the summer to enjoy some good weather and the great spots the city has to offer.

Imagine walking through the woods and stumbling upon one of these features. You’d probably think there was a madman on the loose, and you’d be correct! Jordie Lunn has spent years learning how to build and ride some of the craziest features on 2 wheels. Taking his unique style of building, and riding, Jordie has taken Rough AF 3 to the next level. Hope you enjoy his piece!

With the end of the year usually comes a handful of rad video releases, and this official trailer for RIDE ALL IN by FourOhFour Films is the latest to hit the web. Press play to see what they have in store when it drops on December 4th, 2018 and then read on for more from FourOhFour Films.

Zion spent the last part of 2018 traveling and filming with friends. Getting another full part out of it was just a bonus. Cheers, Z! You’re a maniac.

When you hit it raw your sure to slip and slide a little.

The recently aged 16-year-old, Eli Hanneman is a prodigy. His skill set is mature. He looks like a micro Julian Wilson above his board. He’s a shy, soft-spoken teenager, who understands his gift. And, jumping Jesus, the kid has a gift. We can only wait and wonder what awe-inspiring feats young Eli has in store in the next ten-fifteen-twenty years.

With a promising swell forecasted to plow through Praia do Norte on the heels of the Nazaré Challenge, many of the Big Wave Tour competitors stuck around for tow-in sessions with the local chargers. While the swell wasn’t as large as projected, it still managed to draw crowds that lined the colosseum like bluff to watch the wave gladiators.

Man, just imagine if you were the one that fucked that whole train up 😂

5 minutes of raw backcountry madness, captured from the team’s point of view. Starring Duncan Adams, Tim McChesney and Antti Ollila.

The clip features The Right, Cloudbreak, and Puerto all at their biggest, and it also features a couple clips of waves that don’t strike fear into the everyday man’s soul. Zac’s had a busy winter, and while the filming isn’t always up to our insatiable standards, the surfing far exceeds them.

Zero is known for their epic video parts, gnarly is part of their DNA. This Chris Wimer part is no exception. Congrats on turning pro, Chris!