2020 has been rough and this short, a love letter to the World War I movie “1917,” brilliantly captures how chaotic and unsettling this year has been.

The film follows bank teller Guy who discovers he’s living inside of a video game as an NPC (Non-Playable Character). In a move reminiscent of The Truman Show and Wreck-It Ralph, Guy breaks the cycle of his programming in the game to stop a bank heist in his open-world shooter title. As a result, he meets heroine Molotov Girl (the protagonist being controlled by Jodie Comer) to assist in a mission that affects the very game he lives in.

It’s been a few months since 21 Savage’s “A Lot” featuring J. Cole won this year’s Grammy for Best Rap Song, but in the music video for his new track “Runnin,” the award the rapper took home pre-quarantine finally got a grand tour of his home city.

The Baddest street cars in panama! House of Boost’s 1991 BMW E30 powered by the legendary 2JZ-GTE is a seriously awesome machine. It’s a flame spittin’, tire shredding, stick shift BEAST! Strap in for 13 mins of amazing 2JZ sounds and a full breakdown of the build, enjoy!

Finally, 2020 is delivering the right kind of surprise: an unexpected sequel to 2006 mockumentary Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. If at any point in 2020 you’ve wondered what Borat Sagdiyev might make of both COVID-19 and the upcoming US election — and what he might coax unsuspecting interviewees to admit about those topics, too — this 14-years-later sequel is here to deliver the answer. Even better, it’ll be available to stream in just a few weeks.

Kiel James Patrick pays tribute to the viral guy drinking cranberry juice on his skateboard.

Sir Adam Sandler narrates “Nature Planet,” an epic look into the endangered species, The Silver-Breasted Montle, as they battle back from the brink of extincton.

I had to watch this over 10 times because its crazy how he sounds exactly like him, but you can tell its not a resurrection as it looks like someone tried to draw him from memory with a half melted crayon.

Jessica Alba is an actress whose career in Hollywood checks every box, from big budget blockbusters to television cult classics. She’s also a tremendously successful businesswoman as the founder of The Honest Company. And, you can catch her starring in ’L.A.‘s Finest’ on Fox. How will she deal with the wings of death doused in the all-new sauce lineup on this Season 13 premiere episode?

After several months confined to his home Andreu Lacondeguy gives us some background on this project. “Its been a pretty weird year. With the new Covid-19 situation and all the general life and travel restrictions, there were a lot of projects that we had to put on hold… We couldn’t leave the country or even the house for a while but in a world full of uncertainty, the only thing we could do was get out there and stay true to our ROOTS.”

Some heart racing moments here… The snake season is days away so we are taking a look back at some of the top catches we’ve had. From Red Belly Black snakes fighting to fast Eastern Brown snakes escaping through my legs!

A brave arborist in San Bernadino, California climbed a 100-foot tree to chop off some fronds of a palm tree that might cause damage to humans and property.

The show is made up of eight standalone episodes, centered around the lives of different people coping with quarantine. Creator of Orange Is The New Black Jenji Kohan and her team, writers and showrunners for Social Distance, led the project, virtually. In order to stay healthy and safe during lockdowns, the writers never met during the writing process — the show was directed remotely and the entire cast filmed themselves at home.

In this episode we hear from John, a former heroin addict. John was addicted to heroin for over ten years. We hear him discuss the impact his addiction had on him and what happened to turn his life around.

If somebody ever asked you which is the most beautiful car ever made, what would you say? Our vote would go to this brand new 2021 Audi RS7 Sportback. Especially in this spec, all blacked out in Mythos black and carbon pack, it looks drop dead gorgeous.

Yelawolf heads to LA in Sept, 2020 were he catches up with the likes of Estevan Oriol, DJ Muggs, Baldacci, RMR, DJ Paul, Scissor Films, Guerilla Mike, Edward Crowe, Jesse Lirola, Braydon Szafranski, Jesse Camp, Magic Mike, & Louie the XII. Watch and enjoy.

A film by Tom Jennings, starring Jay Davies, ‘Spirit’ is a serious contender for Edit of the Year. Hostile surfing situations navigated with style and grace. Def make time for this one.

Fuck I feel awful for laughing, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t laughing at this. Hope that the most serious injury was merely to the cats pride. 😝