Samples of more than 60 songs from 1991 mixed together into one 3½-minute song by The Hood Internet. They’re releasing a new one of these every Thursday in October.

Fans spotted Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible film crew riding on the roof of a train in Norway. The movie is taking advantage of the lush green valleys and snow-covered mountains for what can only be some insane action scenes!

A third video has emerged from Clown Core‘s newly released EP “Van“. Check out the clip for the track “Computers”.

John Temerian has one of the craziest stories about how he got his career started. What started as a small opportunity, turned into a massive deal with Donald Trump’s involvement!

Skilled fighters with sportsmanship, disciplined crowd and professional ref in uniform. This is the type of backyard fighting that is worth a watch.

The big question is, who’s driveway was it? An enemy, or a friend who was due to receive payback for never shouting the boys Coronas and tacos?

With added layers of control for shooting, passing, and dribbling as well as new physics and added signature animations it will be a huge step forward for the game.

This Truck has to be the fastest acceleration I have ever felt! In this current stage it makes about 1400 wheel horsepower on 20 psi but capable of 40 psi when turned up making this truck north of 2000 hp… So sit back and enjoy the ride…

“When you handle an animal of this size it will hit you in a completely different way from an emotional standpoint” – Chris Fischer, OCEARCH Expedition Leader on 3,541 pound 17’2″ great white shark “Nukumi” (pronounced noo-goo-mee) “You feel this aweness and respect for the animal, its wisdom, what it’s done to provide for us all. A deep level of respect.”

Top Gear’s back for a brand new series and you can watch Chris’ full review of the (nearly) 1,000hp Ferrari SF90 at 8pm this Sunday on our new home – BBC One.

The streets of Salt Lake City clear as society sheltered in during a pandemic. However, this reality becomes a dream for mountain biking athlete and Utah native, Mitch Ropelato. Revel in a day of raw talent that we call the Urban Assault.

Just like NZDirt Said ….”Willem galloping in on his valiant black steed with his contrasting purple top was a scene of beauty” we couldn’t agree more 😂

TJ Rogers has put the finishing touches on a video part that will blow you away. With huge drops, super technical lines, and control for days, this edit—filmed by Devin Lopez—has it all!

SHAWTY 🧠 game different 😜. Make sure you Taylor’s watch the Pov video today and stream the SAGA Deluxe 💨 #POV #taylorgang

Bodysuits let actors go through physical transformations that they couldn’t easily make on their own, from gaining weight to gaining muscle to being pregnant. Bodysuits don’t have to look very realistic if they are covered by clothes, but if the actor’s stomach or chest is exposed, then they will have to trick the viewers. For “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” legendary special makeup effects artist Kevin Yagher of Kevin Yagher Productions Inc. created muscle and fat suits for actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

We present to you the Human Era Calendar for the year 12,021 – this time it is all about the journey of humanity, beginning tens of thousands of years ago, leading into the revolution of agriculture, to ancient high civilizations and the beginning of modern times, culminating in a vision for our future.

Fleetwood Mac released Dreams on March 24, 1977, and the song reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on June 18, 1977. Over 40 years later, Dreams has enjoyed a renaissance thanks to a viral meme because of course.

Back in 2018, the talented drone pilots of Team BlackSheep headed to Germany’s Bikepark Idarkopf for the Audi Nines mountain bike competition. While there, they followed along with riders and captured some truly outstanding footage of their spins and flips. Their ski and snowboard footage is equally amazing.