No wonder the brakes were glowing red at the end, it takes a lot of brake power to stop the weight of this guy’s huge balls.

The 30th anniversary celebration of the Woodstock music festival took place in Rome, NY, from July 22-25, 1999. But what was originally conceived as a modern homage to the landmark hippie-fueled musical lovefest of the 1960s ended up mutating into a disaster marked by aggression and mayhem. By the end, Woodstock ’99 was being referred to as “The Woodstock ’99 Riots.”

More UFC fighters are making the switch to bare knuckle to pay the bills. Some people might say this sport is brutal and gory, and they would be right. Check out the highlights from BKFC 12.

Legendary designer Dapper Dan beat the odds, shaped the look of hip hop, and changed fashion forever. He started from the underground, selling clothes to drug dealers, and eventually become known around the world.

The 39-year-old dad, a bystander, was struck in the right thigh when shots rang out inside the Boston Road dealership. Three men opened fire on another man, who fired several rounds back.

Taco Bell wishes their Crunchwrap Supreme was as good as this one. It will take you more work then going through the drive-thru, but cooking one of these looks worth the effort!

From the violent and merciless teched out Maelstrom, to the religious and honor-heavy Valentinos, to the ridiculously patriotic 6th Street gang, and many more. You’ll be able to work with and against many of them as you learn what gets you on their good and bad sides.

These people were asked, what is something their mum doesn’t know about them. Well, their mums might find out now, and that’s probably a good thing because these damn kids need an intervention.

Colby kills it! Tech bike control, but still goes fucking big!! Very few if any like him still in the game. Moto needs dudes like you 🤙🤙

slowthai is back with his latest offering, a new track and music video dubbed “feel away” featuring James Blake and Mount Kimbie. The offering was recorded in Los Angeles alongside Blake while Mount Kimbie’s Dom Maker was tapped for production duties. slowthai is introspective and nostalgic for relationships past while Blake lends his signature vocals for a memorable chorus.

On this particular outing, it seemed as if everything was going well. In fact, the truck in question, a Dodge Ram built by Utah-based truck builder, Industrial Injection, had just set a record. Previously, the truck laid down a clean dyno pull, creating 2920 horsepower. That was good enough to claim what’s believed to be a record for the 48re transmission horsepower record on a chassis dyno. Just moments later, though, things would go awry. With shop owner, Shawn Baca, behind the wheel, The next pass would end in pure catastrophe. This is the type of happening that we don’t quite often see. Most of the time, when we think of the worst-case scenario, it’s generally a rod flying through the side of the engine block. When going for big power, things like these are to be expected. However, the Industrial Injection crew really gave new meaning to “If you’re going to break it, make sure you do it right.

How is she able to keep a straight face while doing this?

Doug Schultheis spent hours on arts and crafts supplies to produce this strange, “South Park”-esque animated short film.

The stateside stars of UFC 253 — including champ Israel Adesanya, Dominick Reyes, Sijara Eubanks, Kai Kara France, Diego Sanchez and more — grab an early-morning charter from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi.

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I mean imagine how scared that kid must’ve been? Pooping anywhere in public is terrifying, but pooping in high school? In front of fifteen dudes? As they film a fight going on IN your stall? Forget about it.

What is the largest star in the Universe? And why is it that large? And what ARE stars anyway?

When you can’t go out to party, you bring the party home.

Trouble seems to find Conor Mcgregor everywhere. This time he was seen attacking a man in a bar, completely unprovoked. The fight continued outside where a crowd was gathering. Reporters on the seen captured the moment their fellow journalist was punched in the face. Police were subsequently called whilst Conor ran off and was later spotted on the highway by a pair of juice head of bicyclists. Starring Cameo appearances by Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Dana White. PS this is fake 😂