Dirty floors and weeks-old food are just a small portion of the deplorable conditions found in a Detroit Popeyes that led to the store’s closing on Tuesday. A viral Facebook Live video recorded on Monday revealed employees upset with the work environment and unsanitary conditions of the store. The Detroit Health Department found those conditions deplorable enough to temporarily close the store down completely.

According to Stonie’s calculations, this menu was nearly 13,000 calories and more than 534 grams of fat. Please don’t try this at home. To be clear, we do not encourage eating more than 10,000 calories of Dunkin Donuts in one sitting, it is not good for you and you will not make any money from doing it like Stonie probably did.

Competitive eating legend Joey Chestnut gets an epic introduction and then breaks his own record by eating 74 hot dogs for his 11th career title. Photo via the talented Mary Altaffer.

Ted Nugent, 70’s rocker turned hunting advocate, went on the Joe Rogan podcast to explain why vegans kill more animals than meat eaters do. Do you agree with him? Whose side are you on?

John Joseph has his hand in many pies, but all of those pies are vegan. In between touring with the Cro-Mags and doing ironman races, he makes sure all his food is organic and animal free. This actually looks pretty good!

Burgers are universally beloved because they’re the food of the people. But few can deny the appeal of secret, off-menu burgers—a concept that was popularized by the GOAT fast-food chain, In-N-Out. With the obsessive demand for Animal-style burgers, other fast-food chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys have taken note, creating more competition in the field.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has minted stars in the burger world. But for many natives, it’s the homegrown, backyard burger traditions that keep the burger scene here alive and well. Just ask Alvin, whose childhood growing up in East L.A. is filled with memories of grilling burgers on Sundays and watching the area’s famous lowrider clubs cruise the boulevard.

Creating the perfect pancake is both a science and an art form. Mix the ingredients too long and the batter starts to run on the griddle. Flip the flapjack too late and the cake can lose its golden-brown finish. Overload the stack with toppings and the hotcakes becomes a soggy mess of molten maple sugar. Yes, the road to mastering one of the world’s most beloved comfort foods is paved with the careful measuring of ingredients and more than a touch of baker’s intuition.

Matty Matheson is a pizza pocket whisperer. He takes n’duja sausage, mixes it with Cholula Chipotle, stuffs that into a homemade pizza dough pocket and finishes it off with fresh buffalo mozzarella.

This is beautiful. People donating food supplies, volunteers working together to feed thousands of people of all backgrounds, and the place looks clean too. Heartwarming stuff. Sonny Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most prominent Sikh Gurdwara located in C.P. New Delhi on Baba Kharak Singh Marg and is instantly recognisable by its golden dome and tall flagpole Nishan Sahib.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, all the hard work and heart Billy Durney put in to building his dream restaurant came to an unexpected halt. But that didn’t stop this bodyguard-turned-pitmaster from pulling through for his Brooklyn community. He lifted his hometown’s spirits with damn good barbecue, and in turn, they inspired his greatest pursuit yet.

Cara Nicoletti treats comedians Caroline Goldfarb, Stavros Halkias, and Brandon Wardell to the hangover cure of a lifetime, complete with queso, avocado toast pizza, and a gigantic ice cream sundae.

Trudy’s Underground Barbecue in LA has a secret location. To find it, you need to direct message Trudy himself on Instagram. During the week, it takes a total of three days for the brisket to be fully prepared. Then on weekends, fans of the Texan-style meat trickle into the secret location for a one-of-a-kind BBQ sandwich.

Brad Leone shows us how to steam and eat fresh crabs, and whips up a miso sambal butter dip on the side. Alaska is so picturesque, you’ll be craving fresh crab on this beach all day!

Joss Whedon didn’t just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU – he brought one character’s singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger, for shawarma.

Fast-food employees rarely receive praise for doing exceptional work, but one customer decided to give two cooks the recognition they deserved, albeit in the most roundabout way possible.

I mean, she did ask if she wanted spit. And she did say yes. I don’t know. By all accounts it was decent customer service. I like how the dude just kept casually making the order. He’s seen this sh*t too many times he’s not even fazed by it anymore.

4X World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw takes us through a full day of cooking and eating at his place as he trains for the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio. In doing this, he talks about the difficulty in putting down as many calories as he does!