These Lamborghinis scream to 10,000 RPM making well over 3000HP, it’s crazy to think that they are only about 80% power on these passes.

The crew Picked up some brand new 2020 Harley Davidsons and headed straight to their Unknown Ride 2 video Premiere. Then woke up early for a wild weekend at Fontana Nascar with Unknown Industries.

Travis Pastrana ripping his Racer X built 125 at his home in Maryland! I filmed this video for Racer X Online!

The new 2020 Yamaha YZ450FX at maximum attack in cross country, motocross and enduro terrain with no music, just engine sound. Bike: 2020 Yamaha YZ450FX – provided by viewer, Jason Gazzard.

This past week, McLaren Automotive launched a new web series, titled McLaren Tech Club, where the minds behind the automaker’s pioneering supercar technologies talk about design, performance and more. For the second episode, principle designer Esteban Palazzo dissects the Senna GTR’s massive carbon fiber wing and what makes it so significant.

This one might freak out the purists but I don’t care. I love creative builds and this is certainly a creative one. Jody wanted a C10 as it was his first truck and he’s a Mopar guy so he wanted a Hemi and he built one helluva truck! Sit back and enjoy the ride in this Hellcat swapped C10 pick up truck.

How crazy is this? Billionaire crashes his Porsche Gemballa GT supercar in New York – hard, into the back of a parked van and then drives off only to be detained later. Money don’t buy skills!

The car has 740hp, but some American magazines say it’s 730hp, because US hp differs from EU ones. US hp is 0,986 to EU one, so 740 times 0,986 is 730hp. Also, the torque is 920 NM, and the tested acceleration times you can see below. Enjoy the beauty shots.

This year´s Leadfoot Festival, held at Hahei in New Zealand and organized by Pikes Peak Hill Climb legend Rod Millen, was the biggest yet and featured some tremendous Monsters, a New All Time Record and a few spectacular ( and quite decisive) crashes.

Destroyed your motor by shovelling sand into the turbo? That’s no problem in the oil rich region of the Middle East. The most surprising class of racers at this event is the naturally aspirated cars using ungodly amounts of nitrous, and firing up the dunes at insane speeds.

God Damn What A Ride the bike needs a Cigarette after this one 😂

After caught driving in an illegal street race, her car is taken by police to a scrape-yard to be crashed, but she is not ready to give up just yet. What is this brave girl planning to do? And will she quit driving illegal races to become a drift pilot in real Spanish drift competition?

This is Alex Kelsey´s Mad Creation 2 ( MC2 ), one of the most unique Rally Cars of the Modern Era, powered by a 450Hp/8.500Rpm Formula Renault 3.5 V6 Naturally Aspirated Engine, delivering an almost unbelievable Soundtrack.

Johan is a pure Mopar guy and has 5 incredibly cool Mopar’s in his badass garage. You’ll recognize a couple of them without question.

Just listen to Vincen Foucart’s Peugeot 205 Proto off-road buggy powered by a mid-mounted PPRE 3-rotor 20B wankel engine in action on an off-road course. I could listen to that brap brap idle sound all day long! 🤣

Vietnam-based Woodworking Art walks us through the process of building an accurate wooden model of a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser. We particularly love the details in the grille and the tires, though he should have left the windshield and lights exposed as wood.

Many of you have asked if now is the perfect time for @Ed Bolian to try to reclaim his Cannonball Run Record. Here’s his answer.

After a lengthy media launch in Namibia, Land Rover has finally taken the lid off the mass of motoring journalists and their opinions on the new Land Rover Defender, with punters finally receiving a verdict on what could be the most divisive car release of the year.