This Truck has to be the fastest acceleration I have ever felt! In this current stage it makes about 1400 wheel horsepower on 20 psi but capable of 40 psi when turned up making this truck north of 2000 hp… So sit back and enjoy the ride…

Top Gear’s back for a brand new series and you can watch Chris’ full review of the (nearly) 1,000hp Ferrari SF90 at 8pm this Sunday on our new home – BBC One.

The Baddest street cars in panama! House of Boost’s 1991 BMW E30 powered by the legendary 2JZ-GTE is a seriously awesome machine. It’s a flame spittin’, tire shredding, stick shift BEAST! Strap in for 13 mins of amazing 2JZ sounds and a full breakdown of the build, enjoy!

If somebody ever asked you which is the most beautiful car ever made, what would you say? Our vote would go to this brand new 2021 Audi RS7 Sportback. Especially in this spec, all blacked out in Mythos black and carbon pack, it looks drop dead gorgeous.

It’s so loud that we thought his window was open but if you look it’s actually closed. Love this thing !!! No need for any tunes cause this thing will be music to your ears.

In gear with no fear. GoPro Athlete David Rinaldo brings along his HERO9 Black to capture some sweet moto stunts in Carcassonne, France.

Sometimes, showing off can go incredibly wrong. At the end of the day, the sheer nature of showing off indicates that the person behind it all wants everybody to look at them. Once they get exactly what they want, these folks better make sure that they end up following through with their intentions.

Mr Nogues is called again for a new mission, he takes his brand new MV Agusta F3 800, and puts full throttle! But on his way he will be pursued by something…

Colby kills it! Tech bike control, but still goes fucking big!! Very few if any like him still in the game. Moto needs dudes like you 🤙🤙

On this particular outing, it seemed as if everything was going well. In fact, the truck in question, a Dodge Ram built by Utah-based truck builder, Industrial Injection, had just set a record. Previously, the truck laid down a clean dyno pull, creating 2920 horsepower. That was good enough to claim what’s believed to be a record for the 48re transmission horsepower record on a chassis dyno. Just moments later, though, things would go awry. With shop owner, Shawn Baca, behind the wheel, The next pass would end in pure catastrophe. This is the type of happening that we don’t quite often see. Most of the time, when we think of the worst-case scenario, it’s generally a rod flying through the side of the engine block. When going for big power, things like these are to be expected. However, the Industrial Injection crew really gave new meaning to “If you’re going to break it, make sure you do it right.

What about the machines in his garage? Toby is a petrol-head at heart and as you can guess, he has a shed full of toys. Join him as he gives you the garage tour of his big shed!

Designed by Aston Martin themselves, engineered and hand-assembled by specialists at Curv Racing Simulators, the AMR-C01 is a first of its kind offering by the British marque. This killer rig is comprised of a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque, leveraging the latest and greatest simulation technology to achieve an incredibly immersive experience.

From humble beginnings as an amateur motocross prospect in East Germany, Ken Roczen’s rise to the elite level has been an epic story to follow. After achieving world championship status in Europe, Roczen headed straight to the US with nothing but victory in his sights. Roczen has overcome what could have been multiple career-ending injuries and is now arguably the most popular rider both on and off the track. Here’s an intimate look behind the scenes at Ken’s private compound as he prepared for the 2020 Supercross season.

With its sleek exoskeleton, Alex Choi’s famous Lamborghini Huracan is a mobile flatbar. We saved a parking space for Choi and luxury sports car enthusiast Nyjah Huston; this is what happens when the rubber meets the road, and when the polyurethane meets the six-figure custom whip.

Dans 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII built by AG Autosports. This time its back with some new changes including a 72MM Xona Turbo and its even more of a rocket putting down 1200+awhp on 65PSI(1100awhp on 53psi) , running an AG custom spec 2.2L 4G63, and Liberty H-pattern Dog box transmission. This is without a doubt the fastest street Evo on the planet going 100-150MPH in a mind blowing 2.xx Seconds! Watch along and enjoy Dan’s ridiculously fast Evo!

The fifth installment of the Real Series 2020, Real Moto, drops six never-before-seen video parts on and YouTube today. This year’s Real Moto athletes are Vicki Golden, Colby Raha, Josh Hill, Corey Creed, Jackson Strong and Cody Webb. This year, the unspoken theme among Real Moto is firsts, and a number of new firsts for Real Moto are tackled, including: First No-Handed Frontflip by a woman in Real Moto (Golden), First Handrail Grind On A Dirt Bike in Real Moto (Raha), First Fakie Treeride in a Real Moto part (Webb), First Dirt-To-Dirt Frontflip in Real Moto, First Dirt-To-Dirt Over Airplane in Real Moto and First Dirt-To-Dirt Double Backflip in Real Moto (Strong).

Supercharged jet ski engines, reinforced aluminum hulls and skinny slot canyons….what could go wrong?

This thing is making some serious steam and when the truck is combined with a trick suspension and big old mud tires, it almost seems like nothing can stop it. Whether it’s mud or something else, nothing is going to make this truck skip a beat or slow down.