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The Next GT-R! Meet the 1341bhp Nissan Hyper Force

Electric GT-R, is that you? Well, if it looks like a GT-R and terrifies like a GT-R, is it…? It’s actually called the Nissan Hyper Force, a radical high performance electric supercar that gets AWD, solid-state batteries and massive performance. Yup, it’s an e-Godzilla. Concept, yes, but all the hallmarks of a future electrified GT-R are present and correct, including a bombastic power output and bleeding-edge tech, with active aero and a ‘plasma actuator’. Intriguing. There’s advanced self-driving on board via a suite of sensors and ‘hyper LIDAR’, and because it’s a concept from the future, you can play racing games (cough, Gran Turismo, cough) when stopped via augmented reality and a VR headset. Oh, all the screen graphics – as per old GT-Rs – were done by Polyphony.


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