Chris Harris Drives The AMG One | Top Gear Series 33

From Top Gear Series 33: To explain just how complicated this car is: at the AMG One’s heart sits a 1.6-litre single turbocharged V6. The turbo is effectively split between the intake and exhaust and this allows a 121bhp electric motor to sit between input and output. On the back of the internal combustion engine, which produces 566bhp, is a bigger 161bhp electric motor and these both drive the rear axle. Each of the front wheels has a 161bhp electric motor, peak power is a claimed 1,049bhp and no torque figure has been published because it is too difficult to calculate… but can an F1 engine really work in a road car? Well, Chris Harris went to the Nürburgring to find out. You might want subtitles for this one…


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