‘Electrically Charged Stones’ Found In Congo Do Not Contain Vibranium – Theory Debunked

A bizarre theory has gone viral after users claimed ‘electrically charged stones’ found in African country Congo contained the ‘metal’ vibranium. It doesn’t take long for theories and viral videos to become huge conversation topics when users across the world share, comment and like particular posts. At the weekend, a Twitter video from a page called Africa Archives that featured stones and claims about vibranium captured millions of eyes.

What are the ‘electricity charged stones’ really?
If one thing’s for certain, they certainly aren’t Vibranium. The stones could be coltan or cobalt, which are both mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It’s hard to say exactly how the men appeared to make the rocks spark but Twitter users have shared their theories, involving hidden batteries or disguised soldering iron.


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