The definition of built-not-bought! – This Frankenstein Toyota Lite Stout was swapped for a lawnmower, and is built with a bunch of mismatch parts!

Situated in the small town of Yass in Australia, Taylor Shaw a.k.a. Shawrry has slowly plugged away over the last couple years making this 4WD monster. Starting off as a 1960’s Toyota Lite Stout he got from swapping a lawnmower, to now being combined with another Stout, a 80 series Landcruiser, and various parts stemming from a hilux, wrangler and even a motorcycle. Using his UNIMIG 182 to help build this frankenstein creation known as ‘Doris The Dingo’!

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Modification masterpiece: Novitec just tested their new race exhaust on a McLaren 765LT and Jesus this thing is an animal. It aggressively tears the road apart using every one of its 831HP!

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