If this doesn’t drop you to the floor laughing then please feel free to let @blakewebber know he’s not your cup of tea.

In February 2018, animator Zeeeko created “Where’s the Lamb Sauce?”, a hilarious animation of the very forthright celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as he stormed about the kitchen in his distinctly vociferous manner. The soundtrack was created from an audio mashup of various episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. In February 2019, Zeeeko uploaded a second animation that captures more of Ramsay’s profanity-laced culinary tirades in the same manner.

“You really ain’t banging, really ain’t slanging / Talking that shit but this life can get dangerous / I keep the stainless, leave your ass brainless / My life is painless, I’m rich and famous,” Juicy J raps, delivering some menacing shit-talk. “You ain’t no Blood and you ain’t no Crip / Ain’t got no drugs to make you no flip / You like the softest n***a in the clique / You like a pistol just without a clip / You ain’t from the hood, you ain’t get that out the mud / You ain’t come up off them drugs, and that’s understood / Man I wish these n***as would, toss ‘em in the firewood.”

Rocketmen is an up and coming series, following riders Jesse Millen and Craig Gouweloos as they blast around western Canada with their friends.

Brave pills at the ready as Chris Harris drives 570S’s harder, sharper, faster cousin at the world’s least forgiving circuit… in the wet. Ladies and gents, this is the McLaren 600LT.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes while Earth is in a galactic war.

Some Hawaiian citizens believe the extra work involved in “living off the land” makes one appreciate food more. What are your thoughts on this type of consumption?

Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out these amazing pieces.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

The classic run at your opponent with your hands down strategy. 10% of the time, it works every time.

This occurred on 02/10/2019 in Sarasota, FL. These videos were taken from a combination of Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cameras (including Nest Hello Doorbell), and an ANKER Roav a1 Dashcam. The two involved had walked the block slowly about 10 minutes earlier, and just the female came back to grab the box.


Three backpackers take an impromptu journey across Catalunya, and things don’t quite go according to plan. Starring Dean Kay-Barry, Sim Lotay, and Warren Michael Berchie. Special thanks to Experience Catalunya!

There’s still no definitive word on what the future holds for Transworld post American Media’s acquisition of The Enthusiast Network. If duets ends up being the outlet’s last full-length, the franchise definitely concluded on a high note. Watch Miles Silvas and Miika Adamov from what may be Transworld’s final offering after the jump.

One man’s simple desire to check his mailbox is overruled by the universe’s desire to pull a fast one on him.

After the surprise announcement of Offset’s anticipated debut solo album last week, the Migos star has now released the lead single and video for the Metro Boomin-produced “Red Room.” Offset’s story is nothing short of tantalising — the Atlanta trap-star escaped death in March of 2014 after being involved in a shooting outside Miami, and again months later after being targeted in an ongoing street war with fellow ATL rappers. Just last year, the young star once again evaded death’s grip when he was hospitalised after being involved in a brutal car crash.