Yelawolf says….”for the hard working , hustling , and dedicated fans who have built this with me from the ground up … for those of you who have jumped straight in the car after an 8 hour shift to come see us when we were barely selling tickets .. the core fans .. thank you !! .. to those fans and new fans alike .. thank you !! And to Detroit for this sold out show at the Fillmore .. helping us to make this video a classic .. we have the greatest fans on the planet !! … and I can’t wait to come back and party with you again soon !! .. LOVE YOU ALL !! .. “ YOU AND ME”

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

His fake yard cost more than most houses.

Nerdy video game developer (Daniel Radcliffe) is a little too fond of stirring things up on the internet with his caustic, prodding, and antagonizing comments. One night, he makes the mistake of drunkenly dropping an inflammatory barb on a broadcast of Skizm, an illegal death-match fight club streamed live to the public. In response, Riktor (Ned Dennehy), the maniacal mastermind behind the channel, decides to force Miles’ hand (or hands, as it were) and have him join the “fun.” Miles wakes to find heavy pistols bolted into his bones, and learns Nix (Samara Weaving), the trigger-happy star of Skizm, is his first opponent.

Amanda Disley and her husband noticed something was iffy about a blue Honda Civic and thanks to their instincts, Charlotte Moccia, the kidnapped 11-year-old girl, was saved.

Meet the master tattoo artist who must hide his life’s work from the world. Because of cultural taboos about the art, Choshu Horikazu must cover his tattoos while in public in Japan.

These are fails that were uploaded to Instagram in 2019. Some may have occurred earlier than 2019 but whatever we cant look away.

Fabio Wibmer visits Tel Aviv and the Utah-esque deserts of Israel in his first edit on Canyon.

On Episode 4 of UFC 246 Embedded, headliner Conor McGregor takes questions and photos. Bantamweight Raquel Pennington sweats out the effects of a long flight while opponent Holly Holm clocks familiar names on the Ultimate Fighter jersey wall. Fans pack the Palms for a press conference between McGregor and the fittingly-dressed Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, with football star Chad Ochocinco in attendance.

Matt Meola is truly a freak of nature when it comes to landing technical, gravity-defying airs. He’s also, apparently, quickly becoming a master of parody in the realm of surf edits.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

Get California dreaming with Bella Hadid as she takes us on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to a place where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, in her guide to LA. It’s not all platinum hair and permatans, Los Angeles is the City of Dreams, so leave your inhibitions behind you, soak up some rays and let the youngest Hadid sister show you the golden sands of her home turf. California, here we come!

Bro Science #138: Best leg exercises for looking alpha in the gym.

In the self-directed humorous video, the rap veteran finds himself in everyday situations on the streets, where he slaps the sh*t out of everything and everyone, and he explains it pretty clear. Well, you don’t want to be on Reggie’s way when he slaps.

The approximately 10,000 square feet triplex at Hampshire House has unobstructed views of Central Park all the way to North Manhattan, as well as Midtown skylines. The Absolute Best of the Best Triplex Penthouse in Central Park History can be yours. Located on the 50-yard Line of Central Park South. The design calls 8,525 square feet of interior space, including five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a grand salon, formal living and dining rooms and an eat-in kitchen. The outdoor living and entertaining space spans 1,125 square feet, including a private, 425-square-foot terrace facing Central Park.

Daniel Silva is a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles CA with over 1,000,000 supporters on Instagram. @DanielSilvaTattoos