Alexander Augusteijn’s recipe for jaw-dropping pictures: normal flash, computer-controlled photography equipment, lots of patience and lots of spilled liquids. Check out his website HERE for more!

“I started photography back in 1976, mostly black and white which I developed and printed myself.
In the eighties and nighties my photographic activities declined, until I bought my first digital camera, an HP715 point-and-shoot camera in 2001. This boosted my enthusiasm again, and I found myself not touching my analog SLR any more, yet missing its versatility. This made me buy my Canon Digital Rebel (300D) in 2004 and revived my enthusiasm as never before. Missing some features in my 300D I joined the UnDutchables that developed a firmware upgrade enabling most of the 10D features on the 300D. I have dedicated myself to high-speed photography, taking pictures of extremely short events.”

Life Cycles tells a spectacular story of the bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. A visually stunning journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture. Ride along into breath taking natural settings, as they battle the elements, showcase the progression of riding, take a road trip, fix the bike, and show the destruction and eventual creation of trails. Semenuk, Hopkins, Schwartz, McIntosh, McCaul Agassiz, Hunter and Vanderham guide you through this wonderful story. Life Cycles is a celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to entertain anyone who has ever ridden one.

Banksy recently updated his website with new stenciled work and two videos (seen here), one of which featured a dude dressed up as a hippie, holding a ‘Drugs For Sale’ sign at the Glastonbury Festival. The strange hippie man caught Prince Charles’ attention, telling him they should “re-hemp-ify the UK together.” There is some theories going around that this man is none other then Banksy himself. Personally, I’m a none believer. I doubt after years of trying to keep his identity secret he post a video of his face in plain view. What do you think?

Spend the day with Zero’s Garrett Hill as he hits the park, takes some aggression out at the shooting range, hits up Black Box, and finishes the day with a BBQ.

Also, don’t forget to check out Garrett’s part in Feel Free out now!

A pro’s style is derived from many things: their home mountain, idols, friends, music-it’s the environment where their shred skills incubated. For LNP, it’s all of the above plus the eclectic streets of Montreal and all things skate.

Via: Transworld

Corey J from recently emailed us a epic bridge jump video that we couldn’t pass up. Check out what he said below.

“Unfortunately the footage from my GoPro is at the bottom of the lake with the camera. The Unit lanyard that we had it attached to ended up breaking when it hit the water and the camera didn’t make it back to the surface. I emailed the video to Unit and they loved it and got a good laugh about it. What else can I do about it but laugh I guess. This was the first time I was using the GoPro as I just spent $300+ on it last week. Haha. Anyways, hope you enjoy it.”

We love it dude, cheers! Hope you can get your hands on another GoPro camera soon.

Shock Mansion: What’s up Joel, how are you?

Joel Madden: Good man, how are you?

Shock Mansion: Yeah I’m really well thanks dude. To kick this off, can you give us an idea of what a normal day in the life of the Madden Brothers is like when your on tour?

Joel Madden: Usually we are on some kind of tour bus, you get up whenever you get up and depending on what kind of night you had depends on what you need to do that morning. Shower, find a bathroom, finding coffee on tour can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes. Me and my brother train a lot, we have been doing that for the last 2 years so we’d get up every day and train. We’d run, hit the pads, boxing and that kind of stuff. Usually after all of that it’s the evening and we start to get ready for our show, have a drink or something, eat and hang out and get ourselves into show mode. After the show, party all night.

Shock Mansion: What did you do to put food on the table before your music career took off?

Joel Madden: I worked pretty much any job I could, I lost a lot of jobs because I was always having to take off with the band for shows. I’ve painted houses, landscaping, I worked in shipping and receiving unloading trucks for big bookstores like Borders. That was pretty much the worst job I’ve ever had. I remember when I was working that job I would show up to work at around 7am, work til 4pm and then go straight to another job, waiting tables, that was the shittiest time of my life. For some reason the bosses I had were really hard on me, but hey, whatever. Back at that time me and Benji were living in an apartment together, we were trying to not only pay rent, but help our mom a bit, pay for the band and record demos, shit like that.

Inspired by shark cage-diving, the Crocodile Cage of Death is the newest attraction at a crocodile park in Darwin, Australia. The cage is made of five-inch thick perspex, allowing tourist to experience a very close encounter with these mighty killers.

Pieces of meat are tied to the bottom of the cage to ensure the diver gets their money worth. The crocs have been known to calmly rub against the cage, or go into full attack mode. Swimmers spend 20 minutes in the cage. The largest croc to share the water with is an 18ft, 800kg beast!

Saltwater crocodiles, the largest reptile in the world, and can be found in northern Australia and New Guinea, Indonesia and Borneo. They have been known to kill and eat horses, water buffalo, and even sharks as well as the occasional human. I’ll keep my diving in the cage, thank you very much.

Via: Daily Mail

Check out this awesome promotions video of the Legacy of Letters italian tour. The control and precision in creating lettering like this is amazing! The font you see created here is called Fraktur.

Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.

Bob Burnquist claimed this slam by Elliot Sloan to be the worst  in the history of The Mega Ramp, second only to Jake Browns 35 foot fall to flat at X Games.

On that very same day, only shortly after Elliot Sloan went to hospital, Marcelo Bastos flew a bit too far over the deck on this massive tail grab 540. Ouchie mumma! Someone get that guy a strong drink, and a set of boobs to get his mind off the pain.

This is LMR’s Outlaw Drag Radial Race Car. The video below is of its very first past, testing the car. Everything about the cars looks immaculate, except for one tiny thing, the steering wheel is kind of loose. I could only imagine what came to mind in the drivers head when it happened. Lucky the thing stayed straight!

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham landed the world’s first double backflip on a wheelchair! Amazing stuff…check it out below.

An American inventor who built a pair of self-lacing shoes has now found herself in a race with Nike to get them to market. Blake Bevin, a 27-year-old student from San Francisco, created a version of Nike “Air Kicks” as part of an Art project back in July.

Based on Marty McFly’s auto-lacing shoes from Back to the Future II, they feature a motorised self-lacing system and the video of them in operation drew over a million views on YouTube. That and enough geek publicity and support to encourage Ms Bevin to improve on her futuristic footwear’s “laughable looks and simplistic function” and start thinking seriously about a saleable version.

Now, 25 years after Marty McFly first activated his Air Kicks, it seems the giant global brand behind the original concept doesn’t think so either. While Ms Bevin was working on version 2.0, news broke that Nike had applied for a patent on the technology late last year.

Air Kicks, it seems, could finally soon be a commercial reality for Nike, and most would be forgiven for thinking that puts a significant hole in Ms Bevin’s plans. “In the sense of market share, I don’t believe that two versions can coexist for very long,” she admits.

For this Fuel TV commercial, a bunch of skateboard tricks were all placed together to make a continuous single shot edit of awesomeness. Hit play sucker.

Justin Darlington shut down the Midnight Madness 2010 Dunk Contest with some absolutely ridiculous dunks, including a cartwheel through the legs, through the legs over people and an under the legs. Watch it below.

Love him or hate him, his impressions will put a smile on anyone’s face. Jimmy Fallon takes the stage at one of those lame talents shows and does a new impression every ten seconds. Pretty awesome.

Below is a series of  films and photographs by Dewey Nicks of professional female tennis players hitting a tennis balls. The project accompanies this New York Times article about the changing landscape of tennis as a sport and how women all over the world who compete are progressively getting more aggressive in order to win a title.

We start off with he Russian glamor Vera Zvonareva, and the world champion Serena Williams. Check out the rest after the jump.

Chalk one up for Tin Boat. It won’t be the last. It’s been a grueling leg of Tip 2 Tip for Brady, Garut and Ricardo: the weather, the treks overland… the waiting.

As the Quest 1 sits in deeper water, licking her wounds after copping a pounding across the Lombok Strait and on westward, Albert zings Tin Boat into every tight corner, snooping and peeking, hoping and wishing. And then he’s on the radio, telling the boys the weird, but good, news. It sure don’t look like Indo, but… oh, it’s Indo.

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