To the astonishment of onlookers, a military pilot buzzed the Santa Monica Pier in a fighter jet in the middle of the day. Numerous people immediately reported the incident, saying the jet was roughly 10ft above the water.

The 48-year old Pilot David G. Riggs, was convicted of violating a rarely used provision of the California Public Utilities Code that is designed to protect the public from careless and reckless pilots, and is now serving a 60-day sentence in jail.

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This dude thinks it would be a cool stunt to let his buddy light him on fire and skate down a rock.

They pour fuel all over his legs and light it up. The moment flames engulf his body, panic kicks in and he runs like the wind!

Running around an apartment block with your pants around your ankles on fire while your buddy tries to chase you down and pull them off you = INTERNET ENTERTAINED!

FPS Russia got his hands on a SWAT style sniper rifle recently and you all know what that means.

He’s going to be saving innocent hostages from the evil hands of zombies!

Well, sort of saving them. When I say save, I mean blow to high hell! Lucky he was wearing his safety glasses for the van explosion…

The 37 year old Rob Dyrdek has had a long career in skateboard, turning pro at age 16.

Dyrdek began to ride for Droors Clothing, now known as DC Shoes, and has stayed with the company for all 14 pro model shoes he has had.

The Berrics follow Rob as he takes us through some of the ground breaking innovations he had when he created each new DC shoe.

Kat Von D was trained classically on the piano from an early age…Bam Margera, not so much. But that doesnt stop them from tickling ivories together and uploading it to twitter. Check it out below.

Lil Wayne has been practicing hard. Although he isn’t pulling any crazy tricks yet, after building his ramp on the roof of his Miami home he has been progressing and building up the fundamentals of skateboarding. Check out the video, and these dope new photos from vibe magazine.

The rapper has long been an ambassador for the French vodka brand – but this latest video in the Perfectly Smooth campaign is certainly a lot more eye-catching than previous installments.

Of course, being the smooth operator he is, Diddy completes the task with almost no effort at all.

If only it was real. Yep, for those who really believe someone as rich as Diddy would have the courage or skill to jump over a bull, think again – this is all CGI.

The guys behind Harley Wheelies have just opened a clothing store in Northern Cali under the name ‘Unknown’ and have decided to put on shows for everyone that loves watching this craziness.

Well for starters…that’s everyone here in the Shock Mansion office! Nothing quiet like witnessing a Harley hurtle down the road with it’s nose pointed to the sky.

Bike fan or not, you should probably stop what your doing, put down your coffee and watch the video after the jump…

Back with another beautiful summer in Europe, we find ourselves immersed in the festival heat, bouncing from stage to ocean shore where we find Aoki scuba diving on Steve Wynn’s and Bono’s private boat!

As the sun settles, Aoki takes us through the festival backstage to reflect on the DJ lifestyle, and what it is to play the music he loves to the masses.

Diplo, Atari Teenage Riot, DJ Mehdi, Tiesto, Brodinski, Felix Cartal, Afrojack, Mr. Oizo, and Armand Van Helden, all join us through the journey on and off stage, jet setting between cities, showing us all what Europe has in store.

If this isn’t one of the most fun jobs in the world, I don’t know what is…

Proudly representing the Netherlands, Doutzen Kroes is recognised for her beauty all over the world, and back again. To celebrate her good looks we have a mega gallery for you to lose yourself in a sea of bikini and lingerie photos.

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Unfortunately, we don’t sell these on the Shock Mansion Store, because they don’t exist in real life. From comes these amazing crew neck sweater designs that we can only wish were available for purchase. Here is just a hand full of them to drool over.

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A woman who had previously had her house robbed decided to set up a camera in her home in case the thieves decided to come back.

Sure enough, the woman was shocked to see two men casually walking around inside her home as she watched from her office. She called the police and talked them through what was happening.

The Police were able to arrive in time and nab the crooks. Hit the jump to watch the video and listen to the woman’s 911 call after the jump…

Check out this visual dynamite of a film blowing up the sights, sounds and vibe of the glitz and glam that was the inaugural Monster Energy Cup filmed with red epic camera!

You can just imagine how fun this event would have been. I personally cried myself to sleep for many nights when I realised I wouldnt be able to attend.

Luckily, this video is the next best thing. So bring on the dancing girls and put the champagne on ice.

We are headed to sin city via Shock Mansion and the wonderful world of the internet…

Cheats for ‘Saints Row: The Third’ have hit the internet, and feature everything we could ever ask for. In the video below you will see Zombie mode and Hulk Fists, making an exquisite combo.

Current list of cheats are:

brains = peds are zombies
hohoho = peds are pimps and prostitues
mascot = peds are mascots

givevortex = Vortex
givespecter = flying bike
givevtol = F69 Vtol
givevulture = saints’ helicopter

givecyber = Cyberdestructor
givegrenade = Grenade
givechainsaw = chainsaw
giveminigun = minigun
givemolotov = Molotov
giveairstrike = air strike
givedrone = Drone
giverpg = rpg
givesatchel = satchel
givekrukov = K-8 Krukov
giveultimax = As3 Ultimax
givehammer = hammer
givetek = Tek z-10
givekobra = Kobra Ka-1
giveapoca = apocafists
goldengun = one hit kill

These cheats disable achievements, so use them on a second profile.

Nina Agdal is a gorgeous lady who looks super good in lingerie and I would do her, et cetera. You know the drill. We find em, you enjoy em. Scroll away…

Battle Cross, premiering on November 17th at 10pm EST on SPEED, takes action motorsports to a never before seen level of extreme as the top drivers race for speed and style on the most challenging courses imaginable.

“Steel Yard Edition”, the premiere episode of Battle Cross, pits 2011 Rally America champion David Higgins against his Subaru Rally Team USA teammate, X-Games star Dave Mirra in identical Subaru WRX-sti rally cars on a track that twists and turns through a working steel mill. Check it out below!

Every man and his dog on the internet is saying that Joey Mullan is OK and was apparently not injured in this cyclocross crash at the Starcrossed 2011 race. I think all the speechless squirming on the ground hints otherwise…

14 year old grommet Kipp Caddy from the south coast of NSW prefers riding the bigger waves. The chance came up to surf Shipterns in Tasmania and he went for it.

Kipp, along with a few other willing souls, took on the 10 to 15 foot waves getting some amazing rides and crazy wipeouts.

Big thanks to Matt Johnston for showing us this incredible video.

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