The guys from Team Black Sheep are back at it with another cool remote controlled flight video.

Cruising through the beautiful snow covered back country. Visiting sheep, scaring dogs and blasting through trees, construction sites and power lines.

Epic footage as always, check it out below.

I can’t pronounce Sayuki Matsumoto, but I can pronounce the words ‘delicious breasts’. Clearly, that’s all that matters in this equation. Sayuki just made my holidays truly happy.

“I spent a day with BMX rider Liam Eltham at his local spot near Oxford a long while ago. He was ever the professional, and knew exactly what he wanted to do. The spot is now a distant memory, having had trouble with the land owner the whole site had to be demolished, scraping away many years of hard labour.” – Robin Fenlon

Videos like this make me so envious. I never get to experience snow these days.

I’m always too concerned with checking my Facebook account, playing Black Ops until my eyes bleed, why my weed dealer is 5 minutes late and spying on my neighbor in the shower. I know, I should be arrested, for living the life of a king that is.

Coming out in February 2011, Gawd Bless America follows Blake Freeman as he takes 69 year old Leroy, across the country on a hilarious journey for the truth about Aliens, Psychics and the Paranormal.

Blake’s mission is to disprove the notion that aliens, people with psychic abilities and ghosts live among us to all the eccentric believers. This seriously looks hilarious!

Raised by her father (Eric Bana), an ex-CIA man, in the wilds of Finland, Hanna has been raised to be the perfect assassin. She is sent into the world by her father on a mission, Hanna journeys stealthily across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own.

As she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and unexpected questions about her humanity. Out 2011, this film looks epic!

Just when you thought their first video couldn’t get any crazier…

They decide to up the ante with some face first, no helmet action. Check it out below!

I’ve not sure I’ve ever seen a 20B RX-7 Bridgeport turboed drifter before.

But after watching this RX-7 go around the drift track it certainty shows why this car and motor was the right choice for the job.

Daniel from CROMAZ had no drama’s feathering the throttle and producing large amounts of smoke to please the crowd. I love that sound.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a thing for Brazilian girls. I can’t wait to go there and be greeted by 20 glamors in bikinis with drinks in coconuts the moment you step off the plane. That’s what happens there, right?

Karina Flores is apparently well known in her home country, but the rest of the world is yet to stare at her. Well, why are you reading this? You’ve got some staring to do!

View the video below if for some insane reason you haven’t decided to hit the jump and check out the rest of the pics.

A gingerbread house, less gingerbread and more meat.

Next time we eat a vegetarian.

RVCA team rider Danny Fuller had a bit of spare time on his hands and put together this pretty cool little clip that highlights what the RVCA team has been up to on the North Shore and points beyond.

From choke outs to tubes and pools to painting, the RVCA squad is everywhere.

Via: Transworld

This audiovisual from Motion Lights explores long boarding as sport, from the slow motion perspective. With epic editing and a soundtrack from StrangeZero, the piece captures the essence of the sport, which more often than not takes a backseat to skateboarding. Enjoy!

She’s baaack, and she’s reading 50 cent’s hilarious tweets. Language is fairly obviously NSFW so headphone this bitch if your stuck at work. You shouldnt be though, it’s almost Christmas, get the hell out of there and go and get drunk, kick over a snow man, visit a strip joint, and so on and so forth.

Check this honey, Shannan Click. I’m rubbing my eyes right now because I must be dreaming. Nope, I’m awake, for a second I thought i was naked with Shannan, but I’m just naked at the computer by myself. Oh well.

Nike 6.0 just added Alex Coleborn to their UK flow. To kick things off the guys recently put together an insane edit for the website. Shout out to Tony Turk for showing us the light. Alex’s skills are so dope.

Unleashing her hotness in skimpy lingerie today is Elle Liberachi. Dibs. A man would have to pull out every move in the book to bag this dime piece. No farting, dinner at KFC and let her ride in the front seat. That’s the way to treat a lady.

Insomniac teases us with yet another live-action trailer for the upcoming sequel to their first person shooter series.

This time we get just a bit of actual game play footage, and a release date: 9/6/2011. This smells of the movie District 9, I loved that movie so I think I love this also.

ESPN will add Snowboard Real Snow to the Winter X Games 15 to be held January 27-30. X Games will host the videos of eight of the world’s best snowboarders (seen above) competing for prize money and medals.

All videos will air during the Winter X Games telecast. Like the Real Street competition, Real Snow athletes will be given the opportunity to team with an editor to partner on the production of the video and present their vision, their way.