Everybody’s favorite internet model sensation is back, and she has brought her epic curvacious body along for the ride.

If you aren’t an avid Shock Mansion reader, you may not have met Shay Maria before. If not, you can get acquainted with her here, here

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At a drift meet in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of drivers and spectators gather to enjoy their favorite pastime.

One driver in particular loses control of his car and crashes, writing the car off. Very soon after the police conduct a kind of street raid, and everyone runs from the law frantically.

Unfortunately for our hero who crashed, he is unable to make an escape by car so he decides to run for his life into the desert.

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Like a ravenous zombie, ‘The Walking Dead’ season 2 is slowly coming closer. The latest TV spot highlights the character development that sets the show apart from the hoard.

The wait is almost over for season 2 of AMC’s breakout hit The Walking Dead, and the promotion machine has gone into overdrive. The new trailer “Hope Survives” lets the characters shine and puts the undead on the back burner.

One of the things that makes The Walking Dead such a unique show is that it isn’t about a zombie apocalypse, it’s about people dealing with a zombie apocalypse. During the six episodes of the first season, most of the time was spent on conversations or transitional scenes – in other words, character development. The zombie attacks, while certainly awesome, are not the central focus of the series.

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Jed Mildon has been staying with Luke Parslow in Riverside, California, and put together an edit of some of what Luke has been throwing down on the regular. Dude is a beast!

“Luke wanted me to make him a ‘chill’ edit haha. This is chill.” – Jed Mildon

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Did this crazy Swedish man really jump over a Lamborghini Gallardo charging right for him? Check it out for yourself and tell us if you think it’s real, fake or an illusion caused by the camera angle.

Every five years or so coastal erosion occurs in southwest UK and this time a few hikers were able to capture 1,000+ tons of rock falling in the Atlantic Ocean. The hikers spotted seals nearby but said no people or seals were injured in the collapse.

This broski has mad skills with the juggle clubs. He can also dance at the same time as filming himself, making him a triple-threat. How many of you can say you have a triple-threat. Eating, sleeping and taking a dump don’t count.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a vehicle accident, chances are it felt like all of the crashing and banging lasted forever. The human mind has a nasty habit of prolonging the unpleasant even when actual events take just a few seconds. That’s not the case with the crash in this video.

A driver at the Tal Mireb sand hill climb in the United Arab Emirates lost control of his racer while near the top of the course and wound up slowly and painfully rolling his way back down the dunes one flip at a time.

Despite the racer’s roll cage succumbing frighteningly to multiple, repeated impacts, the driver apparently managed to walk away from the disaster with nothing more than a bruised ego and a bashed hill climb vehicle. That’s what we call very, very lucky.

Holy cow! Woops, I mean holy buck! This mountain biker was in the middle of a race, when both he and the cameraman saw the buck coming from a mile away, but couldn’t do anything to prevent getting annihilated by the wild beast.

Since the accident, the Buck was tracked down and drafted in the NFL.

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“Los Angeles is a great place to skate,” says Theotis. All of LA is a skate park, because you can find good spots everywhere and it’s not so hard to run into your skating cohorts. These days Theotis can usually be found skiing in and around LA the neighborhood where he grew up.

Some note Inglewood to be a rough part of town with high crime rates, and Theotis himself will tell you it can be kind of “sketchy”. But for Theotis, this is home, and it’s fairly easy stay out of trouble if you know the rules.

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Ben Stiller hosted this Saturday’s SNL, reprising his Zoolander role, but his digital short with Andy Samberg was hilarious, poking fun at everyone’s fascination with v-neck tees.

Shot in a Rag & Bone store, the pair have a “v-neck battle” over who has the most pronounced and plunging neckline around.

Stiller and Samberg rock everything from “double deep v” and the “negative,” to the “double v” and the, well, you’ll have to watch to see how it ends.

Does Andy take the crown for most outrageous v-neck, or will it be Derek Zoolander? Hilarious…

For all of you who are getting a bit bored of Epic Meal Time videos, here is something a bit more exciting courtesy of another YouTube star.

It’s all pretty self explanatory from the title but there is a very interesting start to the clip. He is constantly being asked about the Ballistic Knife that has been popularized from the game series Call of Duty. He lets his feelings be known about that particular weapon and instead has something a little bit meatier to show us…A f**ken gun knife!

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With a body that has more curves than a roller coaster, Kelly Brook can be an overload to the senses, like eating a whole packet of skittles at once. I’m not saying that as a bad thing, just be prepared for multicolored diarrhea. Moral of the story, skittles make bathroom time fun.

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‘This is my winter’ is a movie giving mountain lovers a unique chance to experience the mountain from Xavier de Le Rue’s point of view.

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Ashton gets caught looking at Nicki Minaj’s body. Cant say I blame him.

A car jumping rope. Enough said.

Pittsburgh Steelers player Troy Polamalu pranked tourists at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood by pretending to be one of their life-like statues.

Unsuspecting visitors posed for photos next to a motionless Polamalu, who sent them screaming with a tap on the shoulder or a blink of his eye…

French artist Guy le Tatooer’s tattoo arm exhibition (piece seen above) at the Gimpel & Muller gallery in Paris is amazing.

His stunning and bold tattoo style always stops me in my tracks when I see it.

Give Guy a hand, actually give him a whole arm because he may make a silicone replica of it, skillfully ink it and use it in his next show.

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