Welcome to the first episode of the brand new season of Wiz’s ‘Daytoday’. Shorter than most, but it follows the day when his new album ‘Rolling Papers’ drops and also shows the present he receives from Willie Nelson. From Willie, to Snoop, to Wiz. Seems like they are passing the torch along. Rad.

Oh how I love controversy. The guys behind this seasons video “Dope II”, are at it again. Never change a winning formula, believe that.

The trailer for the upcoming comedy 30 Minutes or Less has finally gone online. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as a hapless pizza delivery guy who is kidnapped by two wanna-be criminal masterminds (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) and forced to rob a bank.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), the film also stars Aziz Ansari and Michael Peña. Even though this is a red-band trailer, there’s not a lot of profanity. Instead, it gets laughs from funny dialogue and the chemistry between Eisenberg and Ansari.

Check it out below.

Sweet Christmas, Masha Novoselova has a body that would make a fight between a tiger and a polar bear boring. Unless the tiger knew jujitsu, that would make some real drink spitting excitement.

Check out ‘Tattoo Talk’ with Deez Nuts – Behind The Ink with JJ Peters below. Sixteen years old with Tribal tattoos, I can relate to this big time. Rad.

For those that don’t know, Dez Nuts – I Hustle Everyday is after the jump.

Old Spice has launched a brand new ad spot featuring a ripoff of its manly mascot Isaiah Mustafa (pictured below).

According to a rep, the ad is slated to air exclusively in foreign markets, while Isaiah Mustafa will remain the company’s sole spokes model stateside.

Skateboarder’s new segment is called ‘Straight to the Internet’ because that’s all it is. Get footage and put it on the internet as fast as you can. Ryan Sheckler stopped by the local San Clemente park and brought along Stevie Perez, Yaje Popson, Tony Pancini and Cyril Jackson into the mix.

We’ve all seen Ken Block do his gymkhana thing in his rally car, but now we have Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit getting tricky in his MINI!

With a past in professional skiing and rally, Guerlain has mashed the two and taken it to an awesome track full of jumps, stairs and rails in Tignes, France. This is seriously epic!

Terry Ribera is based in San Diego, CA. “This really fun tattoo on Nick Hardwick. He plays as the center for the San Diego Chargers.” – Terry Ribera

See more of his amazing work after the jump, and check out his website here.

The Jackass crew collected their comrades from Helsinki, The Dudesons, and headed to the snowy mountains of Northern California for some Christmas cheer. Being a Jackass video, you can expect the usual hilarious costumes and clever ideas mixed with generally idiotic stunts.

<a href="http://www.joost.com/3ck1xy2i">jackass 3.5 &#8211; christmas (Ep. 9)</a>

Here’s a little bonus for you, in the form of ‘Bad Dad’. You probably remember Johnny playing the ‘Bad Dad’, leaving his baby on car roofs and driving away. Dave England was actually the first to bring this stunt to life, and now he is back to try and reclaim it as his own.

<a href="http://www.joost.com/3ck1xzs8">jackass 3.5 &#8211; bad daddy (Bonus Clip)</a>

Check out the dope riding that went down at the Woburn Spring Break Jam, kick starting the dirt jumping season in the UK. Some of the riders include Ryan Nangle, Toby Ware, Matt Jones, Tom Reynolds, Pat Jenner, Dan Bateson, Craig Potter, Marcel Hunt and more.

Here’s how I envision this particular photo shoot going down: “Adriana, don’t worry too much about the front of your body, today we’re going with 90% butt shots. How do you feel about that?” Then she nods in agreement.

The Bugatti Veyron has been known for some time as the fastest car in the world. Although recently that all changed with the arrival of the Shelby Ultimate Aero knocking Bugatti off the top spot. As you could imagine, Bugatti was not happy with this.

This spurred on the Bugatti Veyron to bring out the ‘Super Sport’. Clocking 1200 Horse Power, Top Gear’s James May takes the astounding piece of machinery out to Volkswagen’s top secret test track, for the second time. His target is 414kms/258mph, will he get there?

Watch as Jeremy tests the theory that eels would attack a live human in the water.

I’d be more impressed if he waded into the water naked. Not me though, I’d be wearing knight’s armor. No eels will be nibbling on my eel any time soon.

Weezy and Ross recently put together some visuals for Lil Wayne’s latest single…

“If I die today, remember me like John Lennon, buried in Louis, I’m talking all brown linen,” raps Wayne on the hook, throwing it to a grunting Rozay, who flaunts his Teflon Don status. “Rip you apart, then I put myself together, YMCMB, Double M, we rich forever!”

So what, she’s good looking, does she have any talent? Well, my research says, yes. She also volunteers for non-profit organizations for children facing life-threatening illnesses. It seems we have found the perfect women then. Final test, here’s a steak and a fry pan.

Ross Allen was an American herpetologist who opened the Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Florida. Check out this spine tingling video from the 1960’s of him and his son Tom wrestle a 20-foot anaconda in the water. I bet this scene shows up in my nightmares tonight.

I love Mac & Cheese, and Epic Meal Time, and bitches. This may just be the best Youtube video ever!

I can safely say I’d have sexual relations with all of these Mac & Cheese dishes.

If only these dudes started their own restaurant, they would be billionaires.