Check out the official music video for Game’s “Red Nation” single featuring Lil Wayne, which was directed by Parris. Birdman and Menace make cameos, and Game’s RED album will drop later this year.

You won’t be seeing this video on TV anytime soon, because MTV and BET have both banned it for being to “gang affiliated”.

Plus after the jump, an in depth look at Game’s return to Adelaide, South Australia. During the day and documenting the wild night show at the HQ Complex.

Watch as Eric plays a little Nintendo Duck Hunt out in the woods with his shotgun.

Wait a minute, no laughing dog? That was half the fun of the game! Cheeky little fella.

Props on the editing and sound effects though. Are we watching the new Freddie Wong? Who wants duck peppered with shotgun pellets for dinner tonight? Meeeee!

This is the closest thing you will get to base jumping without having to put on a parachute. This footage offers a look at what its like to base jump off a cliff in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland with no music and no editing to get in the way.

Trois… Deux… Un…

The incredibly fit looking MMA ring girl Kelli Hutcherson showed us her wonderful DNA in this Maxim video.

Check out the video below. I sure wouldn’t mind getting a rear naked choke from this dime-piece.

After collaborating with FreeStyle Rides since 2007, it was decided that famous LA based photographer Estevan Oriol would come to Sydney to do a tour and have his skill captured on the Australian backdrop. FreeStyle Rides were his host, ensuring his schedule was full of exclusive and very entertaining shoots.

With Estevan in town for six days, they organized a number of photo shoots. A tour party was held on one night of the tour at The Atrium and Estevan also made a guest appearance at the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo signing limited edition photo prints.

See the behind the scenes footage of part 1 of Estevan Oriol in action with photo shoots with Nevena Tepic at Lamborghini Sydney, Tattoo artist Rhys Gordon, DJ Nino Brown, Champion Boxer Anthony Mundine and Taylor Gunz at Deus Ex Machina.

Most of what we’ve seen so far from the new X-Men previews has focused on the film’s two leads in Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr.

Now we get to see the villains and the supporting characters forming the first X-Men superhero team.

The lesser known characters introduced here are Havok, Banshee, Mystique and Beast. This movie takes us back in time to the 1960s to tell the tale of the origins of the X-Men.

First character we have is a personal favorite of mine, Beast. The full movie will release on June 3, 2011.

Hit the jump to watch the rest…

At the Mojave Air & Space Port in California, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Lamborghini LP560-4, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren & Bentley Continental Super Sports are all pushed to their limits trying to conquer the Mt. Everest of motoring – The Big Two. 200 Miles Per Hour!

Which one of these street legal cars do you think can make it on a 3 mile stretch? Watch below to find out!

Swiss daredevil “Jetman” Yves Rossy successfully completed his flight along the Grand Canyon in his jet-propelled wingsuit on Saturday. Rossy, 51, launched from the side of a helicopter at about 8,000 feet and, flying at speeds of up to 190 mph, remained airborne 200 feet above the rim of Grand Canyon West for more than eight minutes before deploying his parachute and safely descending to the canyon floor.

This was the first U.S. flight for Rossy, who had previously completed flights over the Swiss Alps and the English Channel. Originally planned for Friday, the Grand Canyon flight was postponed because of issues with Federal Aviation Administration permissions.

“My first flight in the U.S. is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Not only for the sheer beauty of the Grand Canyon but the honor to fly in sacred Native American lands.” Rossy said in a press release. “Thank you Mother Nature and the Hualapai Tribe for making my lifelong dreams come true.”

The Phantom HD camera is revisited as Bam Margera proclaims he is the only one to be able to kick someone double-footed in the head.

Johnny Knoxville may defy logic from time-to-time, but he definitely cannot defy gravity and his ups are not so up in the least. In his case, white man certainly cannot jump.

Dave England, on the other hand… not only does he have lots of poop but he has a great deal of pop to boot.

This is the world’s fastest mobility scooter and it comes complete with twin exhausts and a motorbike engine hidden under the seat. It was built by plumber Colin Furze and moves like a rocket.

The super scooter does ten miles to the gallon and is nearly 9 times faster than the average machine, which glides along at just 8mph. The 31 year old spent nearly three months fitting his with a 125cc engine and five gears. This little baby can almost reach the national speed limit and keep up with cars on the motorway. Epic!

When it comes to clothing and babes, less is always more. Particularly when you have a nice set of rib balloons and a plumb behind like our good friend Nicci Pisarri. Plenty more of Nicci to explore after the jump.

Tired of watching the old same trick shots over and over?

Two time National Champion Brodie Smith has created some awesome Frisbee trick shots around the university of his Florida campus.

Crusty Demon owner Dana Nicholson was seconds away from death after the Crusty Demon boys took things just a little bit closer to the edge than normal. Dana had just completed a spectacular bungy jump strapped inside of a shopping trolley pushed through the air by none other than original Crusty Seth Enslow.

Things all seemed above board as the boys made a perfect landing assisted by AJ Hackett staff, that was until when heading back to shore Seth jokingly pushed Dana back into the water. What he hadn’t taken into account was that Dana was still strapped into his bungy harness, which had been safely clamped to the shopping cart. Dana and trolley slowly sank to the bottom of the lagoon and all hell broke loose!

I would have been tripping out. Drowning is sketchy. Check it out below!

Ok, so we all know Travis Pastrana has done something similar before but the footage in this video is well worth a look.

Base jumper Julio Munoz took three years planning this jump in the Chilean Andes. He flew all his kit and team in with a helicopter and launched himself off a huge cliff edge before free-falling 3000ft with his motorcycle plummeting to the ground below him.

Munoz says that he hoped the stunt would give Chile some good exposure.

If you’ve been enjoying Travis Barker’s solo album “Give The Drummer Some”, here is a tasty treat for you.

The full length video has been taken off Youtube (thanks jerks), so we have the teaser for you instead. This is the video for Misfits featuring Steve Aoki, where the underworld goons are taking a stand against the man. Enjoy.

In “Final Destination 5,” Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse.

But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda.

One of Hugh Hefner’s many ex-girlfriends was screaming for attention having a nice day on the beach when photographers caught her with her swimmers up her butt. Karissa is one of the famed twins who Hef dated. Lets stop and think about that for a second. The man dated twins! Epic.

Want to see a video of a slingshot that’s almost as deadly as a shotgun? Check out this video below of a mega-slingshot called ‘The Avalanche’ that can shoot 6 steel rounds at wood and go right through it!