18 to 29 year olds (aka “Millennials” or “Generation Y”) lead the nation in getting tattoos.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of “Millennials” have at least one tattoo. While that isn’t a huge increase over the 32 percent of 30 to 46 year olds who have body art, only about 10 percent of those over 46 have a tattoo, what differentiates the younger generation is how many tattoos they get.

50 percent of all inked Millennials have more than one tattoo, and 18 percent have more than five. Among 30 to 46 year olds with a tattoo, half only sport one; only 9 percent have more than five.

Given that Millennials still have many more years of questionable decisions in front of them, for some 18 to 29 year olds, it could be a case of their amount of bare skin being the limit!

Pictured: Antwuan Dixon


According to a new report a single and obviously incredibly rich buyer in the Middle East has shelled out for not one but ten Aston-Martin One-77 supercars which cost $1.7 million apiece!

The unnamed buyer – we’re guessing oil sheik – apparently paid a premium to get the cars sent to his desert demesne, bringing the total cost of the cars to $23 million. He is reportedly planning to give one to each member of his immediate family. Sounds like a pretty popular guy. Aston Martin unveiled the car last year and announced that only 77 examples would be made. With a low weight carbon fiber monocoque, the sexy beast’s 7.3-liter V12 engine with 750 hp helps it hit a top speed of 220 mph.

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These guys are rad. They woke up one day and decided to play 2 sports at once :) Check it out!

Web series, ‘In The Cutts’, hits up The Hundreds headquarters to check out how things go down at their office. with Episode 10. This video introduces some of the people behind the brand, plus shows how the people get down when its time for less work and more play. How does a gaming room sound?

A unique trait in the spider world, the Wolf Spider carries an egg sac under its abdomen until the eggs hatch, then continues to carry its young for the first stage of  growth. Don’t let this cheeky bugger climb up in your bed at night. Hurl!

Red Bull Stratos, will take renowned athlete Felix Baumgartner to at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space. From there, he will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump – the longest in the history of man – and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body.

Josh Cyrul’s famous House Jump is arguably the most known RC Car sequence in history, especially since it appeared on MTV. Check it out below.

Hit the jump to watch him jump a school bus!

The deepest known part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench, stretches 36,000 feet (11 kilometers) to the sea bed. I’m pretty sure this is where Megatron was dumped. It’s also where I stashed my my bike when I was 11, and told my mum it got stolen so I could get a new mountain bike. The perfect crime.

Click the image below to view a larger version.

Post Update: My mum just read that and let the air out of my mountain bike tires.

Kauai’s Koa Smith is a future star of surfing. The cheeky little grom is a competition machine and a freesurfing freak. Check out the video below, because the kid rips!

Surf’s up baby!

Corey Blade takes a shot at entering Red Bull Schlittentag. Think you can out sled him?

Schlittentag is the German word for sledding day. Put simply, it translates as daredevils willing to propel themselves down a snow covered hill and over a jump on a sled they built themselves. Three person teams will stretch their imagination to build the wildest, fastest sled this side of the Alps. One will be the pilot and the two others will help give their sled the push it needs to win the race and the fame and fortune that follows.

Harry Main throws down in true style at Simpel Sessions in Estonia. Yew!

Creating one of the finest combos of all time, these dudes shoot guns and jumps cars for fun. I would be doing the same thing myself, although to take part you need guns and a place to jump cars, which I have neither of. I’ll just leave it to these so called ‘professionals’ to take car of business, then I’ll reenact the footage later with a G.I. Joe figurine and some Matchbox cars.

I don’t think this is a brand new idea, however worthy of a mention is the brake and acceleration on this gas engine powered skateboard. Incorporating no hand mechanisms, the skateboard is completely controlled by the riders front foot. I’d love to ride one of these. No homo.

Via: Crunchgear

Fabulous rag doll physics, Pixar did a great job on this “Ice Age 4″ scene ;) If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough right? And bloody lucky!

Australian born Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have unveiled the new Red Bull Formula 1 race car for the 2010 season. The four stroke V8, naturally aspirated reciprocating powered car has undergone some changes for the new year to comply with strict new race rules, but the Red Bull team are ready for a big year. Check the video below.

To showcase the new adidas Originals line, Volt Magazine has put together a great editorial piece featuring the  A.039 Collection for Spring/Summer 2010. The spread features both the clothing and the footwear of the new collection, which offers a wide range of tasteful cut and sew items for men and women, plus an dope sneaker range of mostly adidas classics.

Also make sure to check out the video accompanying the shoot here below.

Excuse the quality of this video, but you have got to check this out.

If you’ve ever seen a pot hole this big before on a main busy street, you probably live in Russia. Press play on the video and enjoy watch some cars go head on with the results of a lazy city council. My spine hurts just thinking about driving through this.