Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne’s “Single” record from his No Ceilings mixtape. This video was directed by DJ Scoob Doo for his ‘The Nino Brown Story Part 3′ DVD which is dropping on the 21st May. I love this song.

Alliance Wakeboard got a chance to catch up with the Shredtown crew to see what a standard day is to them. For more info on the crew and other updates visit and

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It’s hard to imagine what would have been going through the mind of this dog, but I can guarantee it would have been tripping harder than the time it saw a wild rabbit at the park.

We ran into her the other day online and had to find out more about this jaw dropping beauty. She’s been featured in Show mag, XXL Magazine, FHM Magazine, Black Mens Magazine, Lowrider Girl, the Ultimate Fight Night Calendar, the Karl Kani International Ad Campaign with Three 6 Mafia, and an array of other projects.

She is of Brazilian, African-American, Italian, French, Polish and Puerto Rican descent. What more could you ask for?

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The New location for this tears Maloof Money Cup is signed, sealed and delivered. This year, and for the next three years, the worlds biggest skate comp will be held in Queens, New York. Check the video below where Steve Rodriguez and Geoff Rowley go and check out the site first hand.

Some of California’s finest riders got together and hit the streets of LA to make a push for the development more riding spots in the LA area. Check the jam video below.

“I’m one of those people that I’m so smart I’m uncomfortable in this world”.

Gumball 3000 ‘Coast to Coast’ is a high speed action packed adventure full of high jinx antics filmed during the 8 days of the 2009 Gumball Rally from Los Angeles to Miami. From ‘sandal skating on the freeway’ to wild penthouse parties this road trip offers viewers a unique passenger ride experience on the worlds most exclusive road trip.

The Red Bull X-Fighter is coming up, and the riders are preparing themselves for the world tour. Starting in Mexico, then going to Egypt, Russia, Spain, London and finishing up with Rome!

The four Finnish friends are back with a brand new series, ‘The Dudesons in America’. The Dudesons have gone big for their fourth series, with an inflated MTV budget and stunts on a larger scale then ever. The four lads from the Arctic Circle are in The States and seem to be on a mission. With backing from Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, this show looks more than promising!

Thrashing the 6.3 liter V8 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG at a wet Brooklands track in Surrey in this well produced video. You may need to smoke a cigarette afterward. It gets pretty damn hot. That sound makes me weak at the leg joints :)

Thousands of bees have infested a southwest Houston home, reported TV station KPRC Local. Josie Parra and her family said they have been dealing with the problem for almost two years.

“There are hundreds of them,” she said. “You can see them outside of my little boy’s room and they are coming in through a little hole. We have tried to fix the problem ourselves …we don’t know what else to do.”

She said everyone in her family, including her husband and 2-year-old daughter, has been stung by the bees. “We’ve called the city of Houston, the fire department…no one has been able to do anything. Someone quoted me a price of $450, but we don’t have that kind of money right now.”

After taking a few moments to assess the problem, Claude Griffin from Gotcha Pest Control said “from one to 10, this problem is an 11.” He not only had to carve out pieces of brick and siding of the house, he also had to go inside the home and remove a piece of the ceiling. “This is so dangerous,” he said. “Someone could have died. In my opinion, this problem has been here for more like 10 years.”

Griffin found hundreds of thousands of bees living inside the home. He eventually pulled out 200 pounds of honey!

Vice’s staff writer Chris Nieratko, along with 15 skaters, sneak into Havana, Cuba on a mission to bring skateboards to the children of the forbidden island. Armed with over 200 skateboards, 100 pairs of shoes and slew of random skate products, the crew rolled up to the skate park and hooked everyone up. In Cuba, skate products along with many other things which you will see in this documentary, are extremely hard to come by. Hopefully this is the type of thing to get the ball rolling to get these items for accessible in the war torn country.

The fourth annual Red Bull Cold Rush dropped on Retallack, BC with all the force of previous contests.

The throng of athletes, media, and the crew from Red Bull descended on the iconic Retallack Lodge from the four corners of the globe, and with soft snow, bluebird skies and some of the best terrain found anywhere in the world lying in wait, the atmosphere was truly electric.

Documenting the World Movie Watching Championship where 8 contestants compete for a Guinness Book World Record ‘Most consecutive movies watched without sleeping’, Gavin Mcinnes attempts to stay awake for 5 days with no sleep whatsoever. The film quickly takes a left turn as Gavin begins to lose his mind. The DVD is available at

If you like where this photo is going, I have to let you down easy. After the jump, there are no photos of Miranda Kerr doing the spread eagle while whispering your name to herself. That only happens in your dreams, or if your name is Orlando Bloom. However, there is still some amazing sights after the jump, so go ahead and check it out.

This freak accident leave this car more busted then Ronald McDonald ordering a Hawaiian pizza from Domino’s. As the driver of this Subaru STi hits fourth gear, the wing of the car snaps clean of, which can be see in the review mirror if you watch really closely. What happens next, you can probably figure out for yourself.

A monster hammerhead shark caught off NSW’s northern coast could soon become a Queensland tourism attraction.

Famed Hervey Bay shark hunter Vic Hislop has bought the 1200kg, 5m monster and this week transported the amazing catch to Queensland.

The huge shark made headlines in northern NSW last month when it was caught by a fishing boat four nautical miles off the coast of Evans Head.

It had eaten a smaller shark hooked by the fishing boat and then became trapped itself.

At 5m long, the shark is longer than a family car and could probably comfortably fit a few family members inside its massive belly.

Researchers estimate the shark was at least 40 years old.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail, Mr Hislop said he had not decided whether to house the spectacular specimen at his Hervey Bay shark show.

“It’s a magnificent specimen that’s for sure,” he said.

“I haven’t decided what I am going to do with it yet though.

“If I keep it there (at the shark museum) I will freeze it first.”

Some species of hammerheads are on the global endangered list, but they are rarely implicated in attacks on humans.

Although that would be of little comfort to someone faced with a shark bigger than most Great Whites, the most feared of all sharks.

And Mr Hislop had even more chilling news.

“That’s not the biggest one I’ve seen either,” he said.

“I’ve caught bigger.”

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