Pet photographer Seth Casteel captured these awesome photos of dogs underwater, fetching a ball. If you like them, you can buy prints at Seth’s Little Friends Photo website. Also check out their Facebook page for even more underwater dog photography.

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The love holiday is here. While many celebrate, there are some who gag over the idea. Rosa wanted to wish all off her fans a happy Valentines Day with this new video, I definitely wouldn’t mind cupids arrow hitting me if Rosa is on the other end. BOING!

Wiz Khalifa and his gang take a little boat trip off the shore of Miami. “Turn Up!”

While your at it, check out Wiz Khalifa’s Custom LV Bong. As Seen in DayToday Season 3 Ep. 7.

Despite having no legs, Vinod Thakur has turned a negative into a positive by learning to break dance. Now the self-taught 21-year-old has shot to fame after performing on India’s Got Talent.

‘When I saw foreigners doing it on the internet, I asked myself, why can’t I?’ he said.

‘After watching me on TV, people have changed their opinion about me and are asking me to train their children.’

Born without legs, he quickly learned how to walk on his hands at home in East Delhi. Kmata Chopra, his former schoolteacher, said: ‘He would move up the stairs faster than his classmates. From then, I knew that, through his hard work, he will make it big someday.

In this behind-the-scenes video for season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we travel all the way to Iceland where they decided to give the show a more realistic feel by limiting the use of CGI. Game of Thrones will be back on April 1, where the adventures north of the wall will begin.

These guys need to start their own show similar to Will it Blend? ‘Shooting sh*t with a Potato Gun’ could be the title. Hell, I’d watch it. Proudly sponsored by hairspray and pvc piping.

When a body of water is situated below a cliff, who could resist? Even if that water is about the size of a bathtub, it’s still going to be fun.

Astronaut Drew Feustel makes a Tex-Mex lunch in orbit. Mmmm…floaty.

In the competitive world of quality headphones, Audio Technica has scored a few points among the dubstep fans with this original campaign. The brand basically managed to bring Marquese Scott back to life in the emergency room thanks to its headphones.

Beach bums; no I’m not talking about men with facial hair and a surfboard tucked under their arms, I’m talking about the amazing bronzed behinds of coastal dwelling females.

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A video surfaced on YouTube last week that purported to show a Bugatti Veyron being driven at near top speed on public roads.

The video has attracted over 1,200,000 views after just one week on YouTube, and at least one of those views was the authorities in Arizona.

The ironic thing is that the police did apparently have an opportunity to bust the driver, though they didn’t know it at the time.

The end of the video shows the Veyron pulled over on the side of the road by the Arizona Highway Patrol, but the video’s description claims the driver wasn’t cited because he was only going 80 mph at the time and the “officer stopped the car to take a look at it.”

Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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I can’t say I blame people for sneaking in a glimpse at a girls body, but there is a time and a place. That time and place is basically whenever there isn’t a camera around that will leave famous as that dude who got busted. Check out this collection of those hilarious moments.

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This is the type of job I would struggle to even dream of, but now I know it exists I have a new life goal.

In some kind of childhood boy’s fantasy, these guys use massive airbags to force loose boulders off cliff faces which are deemed unsafe.

I knew all those years I spent throwing rocks at birds meant something…

Someone grab my piggy bank and a hammer. I am going to invest in this dog and live out my days on the royalties.

Surfing is a popular water sport you would not expect in Munich, hundreds of kilometers away from the next coast line. The location is at the Eisbach, which translates to ice brook just next to the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The standing wave can be surfed the whole year, but even in summer the water is very cold. The history of surfing the Eisbach goes back into the year 1972.

Check out this slow motion skydive video shot with a GoPro HD…

Sam Longley’s Mazda RX-2 and Robbie Longley’s Mazda 808 fry rubber for the cover of New Zealand’s Performance Car magazine. They seem to have their own burnout pad in the backyard? Is this real life, or some sort of dream setup!