‘How Ridiculous’ goes 12 stories up and makes a shot into the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

Pretty epic at this height, check it out below.

I don’t have my diving license, so I will have to sit this one out… 50 meters away with binoculars and a towel over my crotch.

My sea snake just came up so fast I think it got the bends.

I ran into this creative idea on Chuck Patterson’s website. Props to this dude for getting out there and trying something totally different. The quotes and photos below were also from his blog as he documents the trials and errors of this epic new sport.

“After about 15 waves, my confidence is peaking and I start to get a little too comfortable and that’s when mother nature gives me a good slap in the gut.”

“I whip into this wide set wave and let go of the rope a little too early making me too late to make the section and as it closes out, I decide to ride around the exploding lip and get gassed where the white water takes my feet out from under me and knocks the wind out of me.”

“I can’t tell you how hard that hit me, but I felt like I could only squeeze a breath in and out of my lungs the size of a ping pong ball. My skis still on my feet; I lay floating in a little ball catching my breath for a good 5 minutes.”

“I got off pretty lucky, laughed it off and grabbed the rope to keep my sanity in check. If you don’t get back on the horse, sometimes that might be your last ride. Eric towed me into a couple more waves and every time after a ride, he would sling me into the next wave on our way out.”

“We call this move, the inside whip because you can arc the ski towards the in coming wave and do a super sharp turn whipping the rider into the face, giving the rider a burst of speed banking into the lip straight into a bottom turn. It’s a huge thrill and if your timing is on, you can almost get every wave in a set.”

Check out Chuck Patterson in action below!

In a special closed event by Red Bull, top drift racer Rhys Millen slips and slides his way up the jaw-dropping serpentine highway in Serra do Rio do Rastro in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

For all the avid gaming nuts out there, check out the new Unreal Engine 3 trailer. This highlights just a few of the engine features that help developers create gorgeous gaming environments.

Flow Snowboarding in collaboration with Rubbish is pleased to present The Life. This year, while filming the full length team video Witness the Sickness, they kept the cameras rolling to capture some of the ins and outs of life on the road. From generator mishaps and broken bones in Minnesota, to Scotty Lago’s bronze in Vancouver and riding some of the best snow on earth in Japan. Welcome to The Life.

Featuring: Atsushi Ishikawa, Jeremy Thompson, Nial Romanek, Shane Fortier, Scot Brown, Tim Humphreys, Scotty Lago, Graham Hoffman, Brandon Reis and Jake Zalutsky.

Tow in Surfer Sebastian at Jaws gets mauled by this wave in Hawaii. His Jet ski driver rescues him and his board from smashing on the rocks. Mike Waltze shot this sequence on his Red One camera with his cannon 150 – 600mm zoom lens. Epic.

Check out this crazy highlights  footage of the Top Truck Challenge 2010. This just a 10 minute teaser of a 40 min DVD, showing all the mud slinging action you could ever wish for!

Hailing from the Philippines, these amazing sisters don’t mind showing the world what their momma gave them. Make sure to check in with Justene and Dawn on Twitter.

Meet Ukraine’s first Red Bull athlete; 18 year old Vasya Lukyanenko. Typical of Red Bull’s athletes, Vasya is a creative rider searching for unusual spots to create dramatic riding videos.

Check out this spot 100 meters high in the center of Kiev. This luxury apartment building has a uniquely shaped roof, forming a perfect quarter pipe. Check out the video below!

Gran Turismo 5 offers a massive world of automotive enjoyment to explore. The always popular racing game has released its new installment, but how does it shape up against the old ones?

Forget photo-realism; catch it from the right angle and Gran Turismo 5 looks better than the real thing.- IGN

IGN has reviewed the game with an in depth comparison of older games and a look at the changes made.

A bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a pig. Vegetarians might want to look away right about now.

On the dutch version of ‘So you think you can dance?’, two guys take dance to new levels of awkwardness. Breakers are understandably strong, except this guy has one strength I had no clue was physically (or mentally) possible. Lolz!

For the last 20 years, Kate Moss has been spilling her good looks everywhere, and I mean that quite literally with a record of over 50 magazine covers. At age 36, Kate is still fine as hell and is branching out with her own lingerie line. Bask in the awesomeness of more photos after the jump.

Click Play to Listen to our phonecall:

Shock Mansion recently caught up with Bam Margera on the phone. The only problem was we weren’t prepared in the slightest and literally only knew 5 minutes beforehand that it was going to happen. In those crazy 5 minutes we managed to quickly finish throwing rocks at the bush turkey in our yard and then turn the office upside down trying to find our digital mp3 recorder.

None of us could remember where it was (Mental note to self: Chill out on the weed dude). We did however find a dusty old tape recorder from the dinosaur era. Remember those things? They are quality pieces of machinery, sike!

Any who, thankfully the dude is rad as hell and didn’t give a f**k, so it all went smoothly. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

“We just had a whole bunch of like fans, or not fans, I don’t know, but they were trying to hop my fence, and I have all these tough dudes here trying to kick their f**ken ass. So we’re all hopping the fence and there all skidding out, so I’m all hyper right now.”

“Right now I read an interview with Lil Wayne and it said, if you can meet anybody in the world who would it be and he goes, probably that n***a Bam from Pennsylvania because it looks like he don’t give a f**k.”

“So I just had to sit there and look at my best friend f**ken convulsing, foaming at the mouth, turning blue. It was terrible.”

Anyone who ever set fire to ants using a magnifying glass: first of all, shame on you! Second of all, you’re going to love this. Sunlight, focused intensely enough that it can burn any material on earth! Best, weapon, ever.

Watch Ali Kermani throw down a super long nose manual through the suburban streets. I walked away, sat on the toilet for a while and whistled the Ghost Busters theme, shouted obscenities at my neighbor, saved a baby from a house fire, came back and he was still manualing. Pretty sure he must have been in one spot balancing while Chuck Norris span the earth for him. That makes more sense than this being actually real.

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