Check out this interview with Volcom surfer Bruce Irons and be mind-boggled by footage of him on some gargantuan Teahupo’o waves.

Bruce’s chats about the already infamous ‘Code Red’ Teahupo’o tow day below, check it out…

STOP THE PRESS. Catalina Otalvaro is exposing herself in a sensual manner. “What? The internet doesn’t have a press?” Shush your mouth. I’m just trying to add a little drama to proceedings. Cue the stampeding elephant. This should add some excitement.

It seems we may never get enough of Jeremy Clarkson.

The Top Gear host always attracts loads of attention no matter what he does, and it doesn’t hurt that he always seems to surround himself with some of the most beautiful machines on the planet.


That doesn’t change for his new DVD, which is titled ‘Powered Up.’ Clarkson and his band of highly skilled photogs shot the DVD at the Paul Ricard circuit in France, and the post-jump trailer gives us a good idea of the automotive stars of this show…

If there’s one thing I like as much as slow motion videos, it’s videos captured by remote controlled helicopters.

I really want one of these. Not just so I can spy on my neighbors, but also so I can spy on my neighbor’s neighbors!

RC Aerial Cam is a premier rc aerial video company that specializes in commercial, sports, entertainment, and real estate production needs. They utilize remote controlled helicopters to capture the best aerial video shots in the industry.

Shout out to Steve D for shining a light on this gem for us. Watch the epic footage after the jump…

What could be better than the marriage of Tom Asta footage and the gravely voice of Ricky Rozay.

This is the remix video to Tom Asta’s original Color Theory video.

Guest tricks by Jimmy Carlin and new Mystery am Trevor Colden.

See the full video after the jump…

A kayaker added an element of danger to the normally serene pastime of whale watching by paddling directly out into a pod of massive blue whales off the coast of California.

Yes, it was risky, but Rick Coleman got close enough to touch the gigantic sea creatures, which can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh a staggering 150 tons.  Fortunately for us, Coleman documented the entire thing on video.

Check out the video after the jump…

You would think life as a penguin would be all sliding around on ice and swimming really fast, but no. As it turns out, their world is similar to ours and no one can be trusted.

For a male penguin to attract a female, they must build a nest out of pebbles. One penguin totally violates the bro code and instead of finding his own pebbles, pulls the robbery and sneaks them while his neighbor isn’t watching.

I’m not even surprised by this. After all, penguins have a long history of crime.

Director-photographer Jason Goldwatch has released his music video reel compiling some of the year’s most talked about music videos. Having worked with an all-star cast of artists over the year which includes the likes of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Jay Electronica, the reel presented his filled with visual splendor. Enjoy.

After 1 year of being on the Meat Grind, they still exist and are more ridiculous than ever!

Epic Meal Time put together this tribute for their first video and made burgers on a pizza, except they added some new tricks along the way…

Guru Stunts is at it again! This is typically where we say something along the lines of “Hell yeah!”

I love watching quality riding, especially when it disregards all aspects of the law. Nothing quiet like a wheelie through a red light to get the old heart beating!

‘Dressed for Dinner’ was filmed off the island Guadalupe, 180 miles off the coast of Baja in the Pacific Ocean.

For one week, David Blaine spent up to seven hours a day, 40 feet underwater. With no device to protect him from the sharks, David realised his dream of putting his breath holds into action in the wild, with Great White Sharks.

Check out the film after the jump…

If you are afraid of heights, man up and watch this video anyway.

These three guys climbs up this butt-clenchingly massive antenna in the dark so they can base jump off it at first light. Wow.

Send this blog post to seven people or you will have bad luck for the next 7 years.

See the video after the jump…

So you’ve got the shoes. You’ve preordered your 2013 DeLorean. What’s next on the Back to the Future technology checklist? How about a functional Hoverboard and the ability to make a car fly?

Amazing technology is in the works that, at its early stages, looks like it will eventually be able to pull those things off. And while these experiments aren’t as Back to the Future specific as Nikes or DeLoreans, the applications can certainly be connected.

Check out videos of a working hoverboard as well as more Quantum Locking, a process that makes objects levitate and move on a track, after the jump…

Shia LaBeouf emerged with a bruised chin today following an altercation outside a bar over the weekend.

The 25-year-old kept things pretty chilled and low key as he took a spin around the streets on his bike.

The other night though, things were a little different. In video recorded by a onlooker, Shia and his opponent, both ‘intoxicated’, were thrown out of the bar by security moments before fighting in the street.

According to reports, the brawl started after another patron called Shia a ‘f**cking faggot’.

Hit the jump to watch the video footage…

Chaz Ortiz spent a full week at Woodward East in Pennsylvania ripping the indoor and outdoor parks.

Chaz’s style is so ridiculously steezy and casual as he skates street and park. I would pay big money to skate at Woodward for a week.

Video is after the jump…

Because why not? He has to do something to keep his giant balls in check right?

To be completely honest, I had to grow some balls just to watch this.

Do not view all, press play, or show this to any of your friends unless you want them to gag. On a positive note, gagging is funny, so my advice would be to show them…

Watch this goose attack directed by the one and only Michael Bay. Man that was intense!

Unit would like to congratulate Kyle Baldock on his amazing 2011 season! From his own personal struggles since the passing of his brother, through to winning multiple stops of the 2011 Dew Tour season and being a major contender for 2 Dew Cups, Kyle has been inspirational.

Great job mate, and we wish you all the best into the future.

Photos via: Robkorbphotography