Adam Shomsky put together this rad little edit for a new website coming soon called

All the footage was filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1,000 frames per second.

Featuring Kevin Hall, Adam Shomsky, Eric Roennecke, Ian Sherk, Ryan Gaynier, Jerrod Skorupski, Matt Radosevich, Greg Trevino, Kyle McPherson, Dustin Blauvelt, Bren Sungahid, David Case, Michael Guffy, and special guest star Galyn Allen…

On Monday 28th November Nokia brought Deadmau5 and the world’s most advanced 4D technology together and created an amazing free light show at Millbank Tower, London.

Millbank was plunged into darkness with the iconic tower acting as the canvas for a never-before-seen spectacular.

Each of the 120 metre high building’s 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 metres away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure.

Huge butterflies flew across the London skyline and the tower was twisted, pulsated and even fell down.

Billed as the “future of live events” the spectacular show was accompanied by music from super producer deadmau5, who created exclusive remixes for the performance, adding the 4th dimension…

If you missed the last tattooed girls gallery, check it out here. Because Shock Mansion gives the people what they want, here is another massive gallery filled with gorgeous girls covered in tattoos. I’m guessing this is what heaven must be like.

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A rare encounter with a giant shark off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, captured on video. “We think it’s two dolphins pretty far apart. Those two dolphins turned out to be one giant shark.”

If the snow falls in your town preventing you from riding, don’t sulk and play xbox, make yourself a skiBMX. Just don’t mess up your ankle like this dude. Check out his video below.

Look at this incredible body frolicking in the surf. It’s perfect, like pancakes with bacon and syrup but with breasts. Awesome. Lauren Brant is the host of a children’s show on Australian TV. No wonder it’s such a big hit with the young boys.

Mac Lethal is a rapper from Kansas City, MO. Known for his ability to rap extremely fast, Mac does his own version of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ called ‘Cook with me now’. Try your best to keep up with his words and see if you can tell what he is saying. Is he the fastest rapper ever?

In South Africa between Durban and JBay lies approx 1000km of untaimed topographical and oceanic paradise, in the middle is the Wild Coast. Every year in June the ocean swells to it’s peak, hosting the countries largest surf conditions and also becomes host to the sardine run bringing together a huge marine bio-diversity including many species of sharks.

This documentary goes up close with Pro Surfers Lungani, Andrew and Avuyile, their family’s traditions and tribulations along side a hand selected group of the best shark experts from the region to uncover the real secrets and stories that surround the shark stigma that exists in South Africa.

The Official World Premiere of this documentary will be at the Wavescape Film Festival in Capetown, in early December 15th 2011. Find out more by visiting

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There may be a hot new craze taking the nation and it comes in the form of bikini soccer!

If this was to catch on, soccer would surely become one of the most popular sports in the entire universe.

Not only are the women sexy, they look like they know how to play soccer too. Santa, I know you visit Shock Mansion you sneaky old man, and I know you are reading this, I need season tickets and I need them now!

Feast your eyes on these tattoos by Travis McGregor who works out of Thrive Studios in Ontario, Canada. His portfolio is awesome! You can see more from him at his website.

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If you haven’t heard of Ian Reid, he is one of the original dudes to bring skateboarding to New York City.

You might remember this Brooklynite videographer/skateboarder as the maker of ‘Sex, Hood, Skate, and Videotape’, and after some time he is back with a new clip.

The films he makes are a look into the rawness of peoples lives filled with hijinks, street fights, women and of course skating.

This video is called Streets is Talking. Check it out after the jump…

With expansions planned all the way to 2020, the world’s largest model railroad just opened its latest addition: a 1,600-square-foot model airport, chock full of tiny aircraft support vehicles, hangers, terminals, and passengers.

Originally scheduled to open in 2009, it has taken more than six years to complete the $4,440,000+ expansion to Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland.

The airport includes remote-controlled planes taking, landing and taxiing to terminals and hangers.

Plus, there are luggage carts and other support vehicles scurrying about the tarmac.

I highly recommend taking the time to watch the entire promo video at the very bottom of this post, I nearly wept over the vastly inferior world I currently reside in.

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We’ve hardly seen any street dancing which includes martial arts lately. But here in this video “Taekwondo Shuffle in Korea”, you will find Ninjas on the street of Korea.

Wearing skinny outfits, these dancers in the street performing Karate moves, breaking blocks of wood with clever chops, kicks and flips.

At around the 2:29 mark I’m pretty sure he misses. He’d better start looking for a new home…

Witness the following footage of a normal Soviet engaged in an amateur surface-to-air projectile experiment. It’s nice to see their missile program in action.

Warning: Before you go and try this at home. The injury below came from a kid holding the bottle too long and shaking it. Yes that’s the mark of the bottle cap. Luckily it missed both eyes!

In today’s release of FPS Russia, everyone’s favorite professional Russian teaches the art of Chopper Gunning.

Anyone else notice that his explosions are getting bigger with every episode?

Victoria’s Secret supermodels work up a sweat and show us how they get runway ready. “So what?”, I hear you say. Well, they wear tights and do awesome stretches and what not. Just hit play and you’ll see what I mean…

Ain’t nothing but an epic sequence of wing suit base jumpers hopping off a mountain in slow motion. Respect.

Our absolute new favorite reading material this season is the book ‘Culo’ from photographer Raphael Mazzucco, featuring the beautiful backsides of celebrities from across the super hottie spectrum.

Pure genius in print. We’ve flashed you excerpts before of fantastic junkside views of Nicole Scherzinger and Stacy Keibler, now add to that the sextastic likes of Alessandra Ambrosia, Fergie, Irina Shayk, Kate Upton, Christine Teigen, Lady Gaga, Leeann Tweeden, and Pamela Anderson.

Diddy served as “executive editor” on this new coffee table book. “Culo” is Spanish for booty, by the way…