Some dude named Lee gets blasted with 50 shots from a mach 11 Airsoft gun. All captured in high speed on a vision research v10 camera at 1280 frames per second. The shot that goes into his belly button doesn’t come out! His former feeding tube ate the pellet. Awesome.

How does Odd Future deal with corporate record labels trying to make them change there ways to gain success in the mainstream? Not well, but they still know the difference between trashing an office, and being down right disrespectful.

Optimal post work-out nourishment. Side effects may include resurrection. How long do you think until MTV gives these guys their own show?

A very steep urban hillside in Valparaíso, Chile, became the location of a downhill Mountain Bike race earlier this year. Rider Filip Polc strapped a helmet cam on and hit the track.

This epic Australian actress earned her stripes on Australian tv show Neighbors, then appeared on the final series of Scrubs. Her latest success has come from getting naked in the new Owen Wilson movie Hall Pass, you can watch the trailer for after the jump. Whoa, it appears you have broken the land speed record when you moved your mouse to see the trailer. Easy there tiger.

AVALANCHE 3D: When Russians attack a peaceful mountain with anti-aircraft fire, it’s a race against time for some poor oblivious dude up there on his morning stroll trying to escape the white death before he’s buried alive forever!”

It has been hailed by the critics as ‘freakin sweet’. Shock Mansion says “five stars, worthy of an Oscar!”

To celebrate Theotis Beasley’s birthday and video part in the new Transworld video, Baker Skateboards dropped this internet only edit with all the important ingredients; skateboarding and strippers. Check it.

Remember the Rear View Girls? Well the Front View Boys have responded with a candid camera video aimed at proving that it isn’t just girls who have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous ogling from random passers-by.

Follow the Level 1 crew as they experiment with one of the largest gap jumps ever built in Sun Valley, Idaho, hit a record snowfall in Helsinki, Finland, and harvest the vast resources of Alaska…or perhaps it’s all just a lucid dream? Wake up, because Level 1 will take you on the visual trip of a lifetime.

Featuring: Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Tanner Rainville, Phil Casabon, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, Parker White, Chris Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Corey Vanular, JF Houle, Henrik Harlaut, Liam Downey, Will Wesson, Jon Brogan, Logan Imlach and friends.

Holy fudge, Catrinel needs to have my babies. I say babies because with her I want more then one, I’m talking 15 or so. I can take care of them no problem, I have a mate who works at the 7-11 and he lets me steal canned spaghetti and passion fruit soda. I’m going to make an amazing dad.

The mystery of how geckos manage to scurry up walls and stick to ceilings may have been solved by scientists.

It seems the little lizards have a network of tiny hairs and pads on their feet which produce electrical attractions that literally glue the animals down.

With millions of the hairs on each foot, the combined attraction of the weak electrical forces allow the gecko to stick to virtually any surface – even polished glass.

Californian researchers believe the reptile’s sticky toes could now help them to develop a novel synthetic adhesive that is both dry and self-cleaning.

If a human hand had the equivalent “sticking power”, it could lift huge weights. “If the hands were maximally attached, we estimate that kind of size would be able to hold about 90 pounds (40 kilos) or so,” Professor Autumn Kellar, one of the researchers in the gecko study, told the BBC.

Freaks me out, up yours gravity.

Charlie Sheen has moved from radio rants to a full-scale television blitz, appearing on the “Today Show” to discuss the personal and professional firestorm he’s lit.

The (former) “Two and a Half Men” star talks to Jeff Rossen about, well, a lot – including his “war” with CBS, violence against women, being a role model for his children, charges of anti-Semitism, turning his home into a “crisis management center,” and what he plans to do next.

At various points, Sheen quotes NBA star Allen Iverson, calls himself a “warlock,” directly addresses show creator Chuck Lorre with questions he’s scrawled on index cards, slams Will & Grace, reads sarcastically from the Alcoholics Anonymous handbook, and claims to have “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA.”

After the jump, Charlie Sheen’s hilariously awesome ‘Unleashed’ radio interview. You gotta listen to this.

This is not a mirage. Elisandra is for real and is somewhere in the world right now being hot and doing stuff that hot chicks do, like attending a convention for hot chicks. If I could only be a fly on that wall, baby larvae would be spilling out everywhere.

Check out this awesome freestyle ski edit by Anton Jansson featuring skiing by Jakob Lundberg, Anton Jansson, Maximilliam Smith, Jacob Hyllengren, Joakim Rignell & Ulf Jansson. You can see more at Anton’s Vimeo page.

First up we have the latest video diary of Professor Green’s week as he travels from London to Folkestone via Shrewsbury and Liverpool. He then heads back to London for the NME Music Awards and LFW parties to celebrate his award for Best Dancefloor Filler.

Next we’ve got the latest and always entertaining episode of “Day Today”.

This time we check in as Wiz and the crew do work in their office with a dope view, get rowdy at a sound check, and Juicy J rolls through. Check it.

Nothing to see here. Just some old French men going at it with light sabers. That is all.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love the internet.

Check out this footage of Jack Curtin’s HD clips from LRG’s video “Give Me My Money Chico”. The video features only the HD clips, so you know its good.

Check out this crazy compilation of fails that took place in February 2011 all around the globe. Pretty sure it took me 30 minutes just to watch an 8 minute video I had to rewind it so many times. Strap on your helmets people. This one’s a goodie.