Just a regular day performing the always ordinary Swedish riding exam. No big deal really.

Marcos Baghdatis just couldn’t take it anymore, and his rackets (one after another after another) felt the wrath of his fury. He thought his shadow was attacking him. Happens to me all the time…

This visitor got more than she bargained for when she tried to get up close and personal to the animals at a safari park in Texas.

Eating a bag of crisps with the window down may not be the most sensible thing to do in the circumstances – especially when you’re checking out a zebra who clearly has a hankering for potato chips.

The girl, named Meagan, got such a nasty shock she almost throws up her tasty chips…

Men seem to like tan lines, but have you ever thought why? Well, tan lines highlight specific areas on a women drawing more attention to them. If you don’t believe me, carefully study this massive gallery of girls with tan lines and see where you look the most.

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A mother has been charged with child cruelty after she took her ten-year-old son get a tattoo in memory of his dead brother.

Chuntera Napier said her son, Gaquan Napier, wanted to honour his older brother who died after being hit by a car two years ago. She claims she did not know it was illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to have a tattoo.

Napier said her son admired her own tattoo that honours her 12-year-old son Malik, who was struck and killed by a teenage driver in Macon, Georgia.

She said: ‘My son came to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace.’

‘What do I say to a child who wants to remember his brother?’ Napier said. ‘It’s not like he was asking me, ‘Can I get Sponge Bob?

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Since the dawn of time, man has continually sought bigger and badder stunts to prove his worth.

First it was “Slap the Cave Bear and Run.” Then it was “Who Can Hold the Lightning Rod The Longest.” Now, it’s “Grab the Inverted Airplane Tail from the Back of a Motorcycle.”

Feel the excitement as brothers, David and Billy Werth, race down a runway in Indiana to perform exactly that…

In this new episode they have a special guest named Michaela Johnson From Rhode Island’s Rhode Show cameoing in the Snowman suit.

Watch as she gets some hilarious reactions from pedestrians and their pets as they try to walk by.

I used to think flute was lame, but this guy made me realise it’s actually the most baller, gangster a** mother f**king babe magnet of an instrument ever!

Treehuggers won’t like this one. But who cares because if they say anything, this guy will cave their faces in with his supernatural shins. This Muay Thai fighter settles a long time vendetta with a banana tree (it slept with his wife), by kicking it until it no longer lives. Sweet revenge.

Want to shock your friends next time you are getting loaded? Give the ‘whiskey water trick’ a go. They may not love the trick, but it will distract them for long enough for you to steal their last beer.

Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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The great whites stopped nosing around the boat, but they were still out there. The captain could see them on his depth finder, on the bottom more than 200 feet below. On the dive platform, William Winram strapped on a low-volume mask and long-blade fins, as did his two friends. He planned to go meet the great whites today. No shark cage. No spear gun or knife. Just his camera. Photos and video would document the event.

Winram, 46, was calm, looking down, taking long, deep breaths through his snorkel, filling his lungs to capacity. He descended slowly to 60 feet and hung there, gently sculling his hands to stay in position. This was his Zen zone, weightless, heart rate slowed to near 30 beats a minute, his mind clear as the sea.

Winram couldn’t see anything below. He waited for two minutes, then headed back up to get more air, looking to see where the boat was, then scanning all around. Great whites always come from behind.

At about 40 feet below, he heard the throat-pulsing sound that the divers make to signal one another. Mmph-mmph-mmph.

He turned around to see an adult shark coming at him faster than he’d ever experienced. Normally, they were cautious and skittish. This one, weighing well over a ton, looked like he was considering a bite. Winram was too far from the boat to get there in time. And even if he had tried, the shark’s instincts would lock down: prey.

Neffi Photography presents The Gatebil Experience. Shot on location in Norway at the Rudskogen track during the 2011 Gatebil Automotive Festivals.

Full of high performance cars, the smell of fuel, smoke, melting tires and the symphonic sounds of thousands of RPM’s!

The track had more than 50 cars on it at the same time, spectators sat on the edge of their seats and witnessed the craziness that went down.

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Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt

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You don’t need to tell me twice, but I’ll do it anyway. Mikie Hara is a Japanese actress who is well know for her huge boobs acting ability.

She is hotter than wasabi, but only in a metaphorical sense. I don’t want you to hesitate if you get the chance to put her in your mouth.

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Craig ‘Ando’ Anderson is one of the most stylish and progressive free surfing talents on the planet.

Hailing from Mereweather, NSW, stomping grounds of twin fin innovator and 4x World Campion Mark Richards. All surf fans need to watch Craig’s amazing video after the jump…

A hot air balloon constructed of paper (like a giant lantern) crashes during a festival in Taunggyi, Myanmar. At first the situation looks like it’s under control, but then something happens…

Tattooing out of Belfast, United Kingdom, Chris Crooks is an amazing artist specialising in Japanese style tattoos and has amazing skill in  combining colours. Be sure to like his Facebook page.