A little while back XXL, Complex and few other magazines had a stab at photo shoots with drawn elements and it they ended up being pretty rad. Now it’s Nicki Manij turn in the latest Vibe Magazine. Whether you like this shoot or not, you gotta admit it’s creative, she definitely knows how to play with visuals.

This is the first episode of the new Lizard King Epicly Later’d episodes. Find out how Lizard went from sleeping on couches to killing it on Deathwish Skateboards.

This dude kills it, loving his steeze. Check www.professorgreen.co.uk for more.

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Based on the legend of the Ninth Legion, an army of 3000 unstoppable Roman warriors who vanished without trace, Centurion is the tale of their vicious conflict with a murderous adversary, the Picts.

So this kid can make the Super Mario music with his mouth, big deal. I can do heaps of stuff with my mouth, like say things that are completely uncalled for. I spermed into your town’s water supply. Boom.

These have got to be some of the most awesome photos I’ve seen in a while. No ceilings baby!

Via: Discovermagazine

So far, we’ve seen how Nigel’s day began and ended, the final chapter  shows us what happened in between. The third video in Nigel’s Go All Day series has him in a dash through NYC.

Eight people launched themselves off a tower in Moscow, of course with helmet cam for us to enjoy. Some gnarly landings in this one, the first guy pulling his chute at the last second, and the second landing on a glass roof! Ouchie mumma!

In honor of Tupac’s birthday recently, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G’s wax figures were finally unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C.

Check them out, they look epic!

Hit the jump to see Biggie…

A man living in Southern US claims to have had an encounter with none other than Big Foot. The verdict? He has beautiful hair. Say whaaaat?! I need to know his secret, is it Sasquatch urine?

This video probably requires an introductory spoiler, because the content will upset some viewers.

A fawn is discovered on a suburban street, where it is investigated (uneventfully) by a house cat. The doe arrives to guide the fawn away, but then sees a neighborhood dog, and her protective instincts kick into high gear: she ruthlessly pummels the dog with her front hooves. The cat eventually gets in a final slap and then beats a hasty retreat.

The deer’s attack on the dog will distress dog owners, but it serves as a reminder that from a deer’s point of view a dog is just a well-groomed coyote threatening her offspring.

(The person who posted the video left a followup comment that the dog appeared to recover from the beating.)

Now quick, get the paint ball gun!

Check out Megan Fox’s new underwear ad for Armani’s Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 campaign, scheduled to roll out this July on Billboards in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo.

Never has there been a better time to be homeless. Yes you’ll have to use a dead cat as a pillow, but you get to go to sleep looking up at that. Seems like a fair trade off right ;)

Japanese artist, Haroshi, uses broken skateboard decks as the base material for his colorful sculptures.  Having your board reborn as a moose? Now that’s the most bangin’ trick you could ever pull son!

Visit Haroshi’s website here. Heaps more after the jump.

Mind-bending puzzles, a charismatic villain, and a catchy theme song won us all over when Portal arrived in 2007. Valve was actually surprised by gamers’ emotional connection to Portal. The developer knew it had to follow it up with a sequel, and here is our first look at it.

Portal 2 is targeted for launch in 2011 on the PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Xbox 360 platforms.

For more information on Portal 2, please visit: www.thinkwithportals.com

When someone tells you not to jaywalk because you might get hit, they may not be talking specifically about cars.

Four tank crew members face the insanity of war in Lebanon.

Winning the 2009 Golden Lion award (the top prize in the Venice Film Festival), Lebanon is based on director Samuel Maoz’ own experience.

Adio Footwear has released a trailer for their upcoming Going Forward video series. This trailer sets off what will be a new full-length part from every Adio team rider, beginning with Chris Troy in August of this year. Stay tuned each month following for a new full-length part from a different rider.

Katy might just be the perfect woman. She seems like fun, has a sense of humor, writes songs about kissing girls and knows that we all want to see her body. So what does she do? She shows it off of course! The girl has it, flaunts it and I love her for it. Yew!