Weird Al takes on B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ On You”, with his latest track, “Another Tattoo”. We forgot Weird Al was still making music but here he is, still going strong. It’s a pretty clever video, and actually gave me a couple ideas for new tattoos. Book me in buddy!

Frederica Nargi is so hot I would drink that sea water, straight up. Who is she, you ask? She is Italian and wears a G-kini very well. That’s all you need to know. Brace yourself, and take a geez at the rest of this set.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FPS Russia’s M240 rampage video. The M240 machine gun is used to engage enemy personnel, infantry crew served weapons, anti tank guided missile teams, and unarmored vehicles.

The M240 is a belt-fed, air-cooled, gas-operated, fully automatic weapon with a maximum effective range of 900 meters. The bore of the barrel is chromium plated, reducing barrel wear to a minimum. Lock and load, lets do this!

Nine year old James must have a transplant to save his life. As his new heart begins its long journey from the donor to the operating theater – kept alive in ice – James must be prepared in theater in time for its arrival.

Such an amazing video, those surgeons are insanely talented people. Somebody give that woman more than a handshake, that was worth at least a high five, a suit case full of money and a passionate kiss.

This incredible sequence of pictures captures the moment a car bomb exploded in Thailand’s southern province of Narathiwat.

They show a member of a Thai bomb squad standing to the left of the car as it is blown apart in the blast.

Amazingly, the man in the bomb disposal suit was unharmed.

But unfortunately for automotive enthusiasts I’m sorry to report that the car was totaled.

Obviously this girl works out, but in this video Miranda Kerr isn’t doing so much working out, just “working it”. Miranda is so hot I can’t believe no one has knocked her up yet. Oh wait, my bad.

Big flips and major wrecks from various forms of motorsports. You can rest easy though, no fatal crashes are included in this compilation.

Soundwave is the first production in history to record comprehensive audio in the big wave surfing arena. In this video we follow Ian Walsh for the ride of a lifetime at JAWS. Lets have a look at what really happens as Ian risks it all while riding 50-foot waves strapped with a microphone.

Fancy a paddling? Italian TV personality Costanza Caracciolo is giving them out free in a G-string bikini. Oh, my mistake she is playing paddle ball, different, but just as much fun. More after the jump.

There’s only one real problem with watching the entirety of this lengthy Batman: Arkham City demo: the game doesn’t come out for another few months. For now, you’ll have to be stoked with 12 full minutes of game play, including Catwoman combat. Is it weird that I masturbated to this?

In the second part of the Tokyo Tattoo Tour series, we follow LA-based tattoo artist Mister Cartoon as he discusses the many ways in which he finds the city to be similar to his own hometown (loyalty and family are among the two traits both have in common).

Although some might assume he gets commissioned for countless geisha and dragon tattoos, Mister Cartoon explains that the Japanese customer actually wants an authentic piece of the West Coast lifestyle, requesting LA-style body art in the form of block lettering, script, portrait styles and pin-up girls. Watch the video to see footage from Mister Cartoon’s Tokyo adventure.

Next up we have the new trailer for Tattoo Age.

Tat­too Age is the new series that takes an inside look at the craft of tat­too­ing through a series of pro­files on some of the most inter­est­ing and sought-​​after artists in the world.

The series kicks off on July 13th with Dan San­toro, and new episodes fea­tur­ing such artists as Troy Den­ning, Mike Ruben­dall, Freddy Corbin, and Grime will air through November.

DC has released its latest commercial, starring Rob Dyrdek, and featuring pro skateboarders Chis Cole, Mikey Taylor, along with actors Nick Swardson and Michael Rapaport. Appropriately titled, “DC’s Guide to Lightness Featuring Rob Drydek and Friends” the commercial follows Rob’s journey to the answer to the question, “Lighter shoes weigh ___?”

Next up, join Rob and friends behind the scenes of the commercial shoot.

“I think I can pull it off. Rob’s confident in me, and I drank a gallon of ecstasy”. Classic.

Watch as Shock Mansion’s Team Jalapeños – Guillaume Beck and David Bugnion wake up early one morning, throw on some fresh new threads and head out for some coffee fueled base jumping.

Nothing quiet wakes you up in the morning like a wing suit base jump…for these dudes, alarm clocks just don’t cut it.

Strap in for another short, adrenalin filled episode below. Plenty more to come, so stay tuned!

The high people experience on Salvia has been described as very short, extremely intense and often unpredictable. Lucky for this guy, he was on the ground floor. Unluckily for this guy though, the broken glass from the window slit his throat when he landed and he bled to death on the ground! Just kidding, I made that last bit up to see what you’d do.

Have a guess what Lela Star does for a living, if that is even her real name. What is it with adult film stars a fake names? Are they scared of random people stalking them and sending flowers to their house everyday? Well they shouldn’t, I mean to harm, I just can’t help myself.

Leo Romero first started skating around 1997 with his friends, “the Death Junkies”. His early influences included Jamie Thomas and Andrew Reynolds, which perhaps explains Leo’s tendency to skate large obstacles and handrails. Leo is also a gun aficionado. My mind is officially blown, this video is gnarly as hell.

On a rocky slope, a male grizzly bear is confronted by a female grizzly who is determined to protect her cubs.

This video tribute to Ryan Dunn was featured at the memorial gathering that took place at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles on the night of Wednesday, June 29.

The second part of this montage cut together by Rick Kosick includes a specially done song for Ryan by Roger Alan Wade, “The Light Outlives the Star”. “Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger,” said Johnny Knoxville, “He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog’ was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing.”

Rest in peace homie.