Travis Pastrana has teamed up with Red Bull for a new web video series following him as he makes the transition from moto-x rider to NASCAR racer, and settles into married life with his new wife Lyn-z.

In the premiere episode, we take a look into the life of Travis Pastrana. He is all about pushing the limits – whether it is making a pull up bar out of crutches for his newlywed or embarking on his new quest for fun in NASCAR.

In the second episode Travis and Lyn-z go to Mexico to prepare as a team for the off-road race through the rough and rugged terrain of the Baja 250.

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Watch as a brother films his mother and sister shaking their butts in a contest.

Be warned, there is a lot of extreme cake shaking in this video, it may be hard to turn away!

This puppy is so damn tired it can’t even lay down. This is what it looks like when my grandma watches a movie.

Also, this exists…

Arguably the perfect man, Kassem G, interviews beach goers about their thoughts on sluts.

Don’t forget to watch this bonus video below with sexy 32 year old Stephanie. Hubba Hubba.

John-John was one of the many small children who appeared on the early seasons of Sesame Street. “The thing that clicked, my mother told me, was that I was able to relate to the Muppets. I wasn’t afraid of them,” Williams said in a 1998 interview. These videos are classic!

Leonardo DiCaprio landed the role of Jack on Titanic but who else was DiCaprio up against?

Alex Farnham dresses up as several well known male celebrities and create an audition tape for each of them.

Impressions include Ace Ventura, Bam Margera, Jack Sparrow, Bear Grylls and more.

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Getting arrested sucks, but the unpleasantness of it all doesn’t stop thousands of people from being apprehended every day, and to be fair, not everyone who gets nabbed is even close to what most would consider a criminal. Mugshots can tell us a lot; some spice up their gloomy trip by maintaining a cheerful attitude through the booking process, the results of which are funny and sometimes endearing mugshots.

Others can be pretty scary and their mugshots are proof that the ravages of drug addiction and street life can royally f**k you up. Check out the huge gallery after the jump…

Apparently, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for a girl with a big bust. ‘Busty Girl Comics‘ explores the hilarious problems of what it is like to live in this world as a girl with an above average bra size.

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Jimmy decides to make his own chewing gum and unsticks the strange mixture of ingredients in gum base that are usually kept a trade secret. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s version is better in my eyes, I think I’ll stick with that one.

This video comes with English subtitles, so you know exactly what the Russian man is saying during his icy road ordeal.

Children Medieval Band is a family group consisting of older brother Stefan and his two younger sisters. Together, the three perform a spot on cover of Sonne by Rammstein. So awesome!

Like shooting a target 100 meters away with a sewing needle and a rubber band, this guy uses a massive forklift to pick up a coin and drop it in a bottle. Damn, that kid got skills.

Watch as Lauren goes drifting with her amazing body and a professional race car driver.

She should be wearing a bra, and probably one of those helmet contraptions, but im glad she didn’t.

I must confess I watched the boob flexing antics at the end 30 to 40 times over. I’m a creep like that…

“Wisdom is knowing how little we know.” – Oscar Wilde

There is a reason why dogs are a mans best friend, and its not for the loyalty or companionship. It’s for the comedy they provide with their stupid looking faces and they lovable idiot demeanor.

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Alex Williamson is back as The New Age Aussie Bogan and it’s bloody spot on.

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He may have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, but that doesn’t mean we wont vote him Australian of the year…

Tat·too: To mark a part of the body with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.

Ad·dict·ed: Enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

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Everything seems hunky dory when this Camaro does a nice warmup burnout. Then things go bad when launch time comes.

As soon as the driver takes off, the axle snaps clean off and the left rear wheel takes the rear quarter panel with it.

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