Coby Persin is a “YouTube personality” who specialises in “pranks” and “social experiments,” meaning that he makes his living inconveniencing and intruding upon the lives of ordinary people who are just trying to get through the day. Recently, he visited New York City, and naturally, that meant blocking a lane of Seventh Avenue traffic to pose for the camera in front of his six-figure-price tag BMW i8. One New Yorker was having none of it though.


This man doing a flip in front of a train has to be crazy. That’s what any normal person would think after watching this video. But did the daredevil in Russia actually risk his life just to look cool on YouTube? Some people think the train and flip were filmed at different times and then edited together. What do you think?


Ten days after 9/11, a white supremacist named Mark Stroman came into the gas station where Bhuiyan was working behind the counter, pointed a double barreled shotgun at his face, and pulled the trigger. Then Bhuiyan did something almost unimaginable. As Mark Stroman sat on death row, Bhuiyan worked night and day to fight for his clemency, and the two of them — the attacker and the victim — became friends.


My thought process during this video: “She’s feathering the pedal, she knows how to keep it running…now she’s warming the tires, this must be a video to show how good…..” **WOOSH SLAM!** “Oh…” Racing takes skill, patience and the knowledge of the location of the brake pedal.


Some kids are going to lose some teeth playing around with the combination. The reaction is goddamn explosive, and seems to work just as well with water!


In an appearance on the Graham Norton show, Hanks treated the audience and Olympic distance runner Mo Farah to a rendition of Gump’s quip about his newfound love for running. The actor said he still gets asked about the decades-old character, so he recreated a classic scene from the iconic film!


Official trailer for the three-part series of this New GoPro Adventure. Cave explorer Robbie Schmittner and his dedicated team make breath-taking discoveries on their mission to find the world’s biggest cave. Chronicled with jaw-dropping video, Robbie and company attempt to simultaneously make and preserve history amongst the sacred Maya undergrounds found beneath Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.


In the film, lone passengers are traveling to join their loved ones for the Christmas holiday, but winter weather conspires to way-lay them.


Most humans are born with an in-built alarm system. It’s an alarm system that stops you from climbing to the 50th floor of a Canadian skyscraper, jumping from ledge to ledge on the skyscraper’s exterior, and dying a horrible death on the concrete below. Russian daredevil Oleg Sherstyachenko doesn’t have an in-built alarm system. Or, if he does have an in-built alarm system, he certainly doesn’t pay any attention to it.


Rider Fabio Wibmer rode his bike along a railing not much wider than its tires. But that’s not the impressive part – it’s that he did it along the guard rail overlooking Austria’s Kölnbreinsperre – a dam that rises about to a height of about 200 meters (~656 feet).


Ever since Mick Fanning punched a shark, people are less scared of the watery beasts, and bringing the fight to them. This guy straight up tackles a shark for fun!


This video is an ever-climbing rollercoaster of mind-blowing stoke. Elijah and Kyle take us to the brink of absurdity, doing things on their wooden toys that might make you jump around and shout uncontrollably. Enjoy the madness.


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If you’re looking for a short film that will give you all of the holiday-inspired sentimentality and warm fuzzies… Jason Kupfer’s Invaders is definitely not going to do it. However, if you are a fan of gratuitous amounts of blood with a dose of holiday horror, this dark comedy will certainly tickle (or rather slice) your fancy.


Aussie legend Matt Mingay and his wife Sheena spoke with in their first extended interview after a near-fatal accident in a Stadium Super Trucks race in Detroit.


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This poor little guy has clearly had a terrible life. So good to see such a dramatic transformation.


With more sick turn-down whips per minute than any other movie ever filmed we give you the Tyler Bereman segment of Moto 8: The Movie. Following Bereman’s segment is a sunset session at a private Pala Raceway featuring none other than Monster Energy’s Josh Hill and Axel Hodges. Sit back, relax and enjoy as these three give you a schooling in style. Shout out to John Sanders for the shot.