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This video shows a dog waiting next to a cop, who is waiting for the right moment to block traffic and let the dog cross over to the other side. What an absolute legend.


After his friend was shot on Christmas Eve, Chris Wilmore — known as Scarface — began recruiting for his backyard fight club, as a way to encourage people to settle disputes with gloves, not guns. Who would have thought that this dude’s haircut wasn’t the biggest mistake he made this week?

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While many people celebrated the Broncos’ Super Bowl victory peacefully, some were destructive. Denver Police made 12 arrests and thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.


Working hard helps pass time. I’m not sure he’s ever going to figure that out. The video credited to Ricky Robertson was published on Facebook showing what could be the Australia’s laziest worker. A group of blokes behind the camera covertly film the worker who is tasked with filling a wheelbarrow with a pile of dirt. Despite ploughing the shover multiple times into the pile, it takes the worker almost two minutes to finally start the task, to the bewilderment of the blokes filming.


This is the dramatic moment a wildlife expert was forced to fight for his life and used a pair of binoculars to defend himself after a large male leopard went on a rampage. Wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi was one of six people who was mauled by the leopard as he attempted to capture the rogue animal during its ten-hour rampage. The leopard was eventually tranquillised, 10 hours after the big cat rampaged through the school, attacking several people including a scientist and a forestry employee.


Based on Shane Ackerman catching some of the biggest waves of his life this year. Traveled from his home on South Coast of Australia to Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania and over seas to Teahupoo in the French Polynesia, Tahiti. Shout out to Conor Hegyi for the epic film.

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It’s been nearly 10 years since Matt Damon last showed up on screen as amnesiac superspy Jason Bourne — and in that time, it seems, Damon has been working out quite a bit. The first trailer for the fifth Bourne movie, simply titled Jason Bourne, debuted just after the first quarter of Super Bowl 50 and marks the return of both Damon and director Paul Greengrass to the series.


During his post-Super Bowl broadcast of The Late Late Show, Corden hilariously spoofed Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi Super Bowl ad from 1992. “Nothing will ever beat my favourite Super Bowl commercial from 1992,” said Corden, who then proceeded to do just that. He recreated the spot—where Crawford helped herself to a Pepsi as two stunned boys look on—with the help of the supermodel herself, who donned a white tank top and cutoff jeans, just like in the original ad. But this time she was joined by Corden, who sported an identical outfit, which didn’t look quite as flattering on him.

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The Late Show doesn’t have an animal expert yet, so Will Ferrell decided to step up and take the roll, bringing a bunch of very rare animals to show the audience!


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Jim Greco has been sober for 12 years. Since getting clean he has directed all of the energy that he put into his former lifestyle into his skateboarding. This new video part is proof of that. Jim comes through with some really groundbreaking tricks, including a fakie 360 flip over a picnic table.

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Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma suffered a serious-looking knee injury during a game against Manchester United. The 21-year-old landed awkwardly after contesting a high ball and had to be stretchered off. Yikes!


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Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are amazing, funny and random, what do you think? #randomradness


“He was wearing like a motorcycle helmet, and he was wearing a sweater over his mouth,” a store clerk side. “He was only showing his eyes.” The boy then pulled a gun from his sweater and pointed it at a cashier while demanding money. If you have a thugged out 8-year-old child and leave your loaded pistol lying around in your handbag where anyone can get it you’re a f**ken idiot. The mother should be arrested for child endangerment.

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“My wife has epilepsy and chronic migraines. Early in her diagnosis, about fifteen years ago, she was taking over twenty prescriptions a day – she had to carry them around in a backpack. Thanks to the miracle of medical marijuana, not only are her symptoms under better control, but she needs only two prescriptions a day.”


Russia has a long record of ferocious combat sports athletes, and it is not unheard of for the skills to break out of the mat, ring, or cage, and onto the streets, just like these two blokes. There’s not a lot of information available from this recording beyond the jaw cracking and down blouse action. That dude defiantly rises from the dead at the end though.

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K2, also known synthetic marijuana has been on the scene for years, wreaking havoc on vulnerable New York City citizens. Formerly called “potpourri,” the drug is sold in bodegas, pizza places and on street corners from the Bronx to Brooklyn.