Magic: The Gathering is a hugely popular game where you build your collection of cards by trading with your friends, assembling decks of cards, and battling against an opponent and their deck. Rare cards have become hugely sort after, with prices reaching eye-watering heights as you will see!


Responsible? Absolutely not. But holy sh*t that was awesome. There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing a fastidiously engineered car like a Porsche GT3 thrown around like it’s a beat up 240SX with an LS swap. This probably isn’t what the engineers at Porsche intended for this car to do, but it seems perfectly happy and eager doing it.

Ozzy Tyres

If you didn’t already know, the Philippines is known for customizing some pretty crazy trucks. Lifting them to the sky and putting pretty much every accessory available to mankind on these monsters. A lot, if not most of the crew over there are seeking Australian made products and our homies at Ozzy Tyres are leading the charge with their Monsta tyre and Hussla Wheel brands. Check out a few trucks from a recent trip with the boys from Autobot Autoworks and be sure to peep some gear for your truck over at Ozzy Tyres


Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out this amazing selection that we think are super rad. What do you think?


The Audi S1 is one of the smallest hot hatches in the world, so it’s not unusual to see one driving flat-out on the track. A video shot on a beach in Bulgaria shows Audi’s pocket-sized performance car driving flat-out on a completely different type of track. For reasons that remain unknown, someone replaced the S1’s alloy wheels with a full set of tracks similar to the ones commonly found on exploration vehicles built to cruise to the iciest parts of the planet.


An old boxing adage states that punchers are born, not made. That was certainly the case with Julian Jackson, one of the hardest hitters in modern boxing history. During his outstanding career, Jackson won world titles at junior middleweight and middleweight, first holding the WBA 154-pound belt before stepping up to 160 pounds were the Virgin Islander’s power was every bit as devastating. He held the WBC middleweight crown on two occasions.


The footage uploaded by Tennessee pilot Blake Henderson shows the wing of an aircraft surrounded by blue skies 300 meters above the ground. But Blake accidentally drops the phone, which keeps recording as it falls from the sky. It spins, showing the undercarriage of the plane, the houses below and eventually lands in what appears to be someone’s garden.


You thought you saw everything Odell Beckham Jr. could do with one hand and a football, didn’t you? Then, he pulled out some wizardry at training camp. This just isn’t even remotely fair. OBJ wasn’t working against some green rookie or a camp body either, he made this over Pro Bowler Janoris Jenkins. Beckham Jr. is unstoppable and he wants a new deal. Giants, if you’re reading this: Just pay the man his money. Nobody else in football is going to give you this kind of stuff.


Could you imagine if Game of Thrones had all kinds of future technology laced throughout its medieval world? Dragons would be shooting frickin’ laser beams out of their mouths.


A man in Georgia claims to have found a burning meteorite in a small impact crater in his yard and captured video footage of his discovery moments after impact. But is it real? “It was so loud that I thought there had been a car accident on the road in front of my house,” Jay Sullivent of Appling told Caters News. “When I got over to the crater it was around 15 inches deep and about the same across. The rock in the middle was glowing red.”


At a wild life park at Glen Waverley in Melbourne, this young fella was feeding the animals when the kangaroo decided he was close enough and put his paws on him!



Call of Duty: WWII is one of the most anticipated titles of the year; after three years of jet-packing the franchise returns to its roots of boots-on-the-ground action. Activision and Sledgehammer have announced that the private beta for CoD: WWII will go live on August 25, and have concurrently released a trailer for the multiplayer beta.


Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast Ari and Joe go on a hike. Let’s be real here, anyone that knows Duncan would know he would just hypnotise Rogan, put some VR goggles on him and convince him he’s in another dimension. Game over.


Sliding down icebergs on a pizza into the ocean is the fastest way to turn your niblets into peas. I guess this means that bros who drink too much have discovered Greenland.



If you don’t like hunting but you eat meat from the store, you need to check yourself. These guys earn themselves some organic feral pig, and goddamn does it ever look delicious!


The Mac Life is back, giving you unrivaled access to Conor McGregor and Team McGregor in the build up to the biggest fight in combat sports history. Take a look behind the scenes at Conor McGregor’s Media Workout at the UFC Performance Institute, Las Vegas Nevada.