Watch as the officer, a member of the Cleburne Police Department, is shown calling two dogs over to him before repeatedly shooting one of them with a handgun. The dog did not act aggressively toward the officer in the video—in fact, you can see him wag his tail before getting sprayed with bullets. The officer takes aim at the second dog just as the video ends. Footage of the disturbing incident seems to have been recorded on the officer’s body camera. It was later posted to YouTube, sparking outrage across the Web.

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A young couple were driving aggressively, so the passenger decided to film them. Once the young couple saw this, they turned it up and the driver cut in front of the car filming for a brake check. That’s when sh*t went down!


Meet the courageous Smashley Fitzinger. She rides for the awesome Jason Pullen Stunt Show, and loves her bikes, overcoming the crashes and learning how to roll a motorcycle – on purpose! Shout out to the one and only GuruStunts for the always quality footage.


FPS Russia returns with his weekly paint can destroying, flame ball antics and this time he’s got a new sub machine gun, some terrifying R.I.P ammunition, ballistic gel, a keg full of beer and some tracer rounds. Sound like a good recipe right? Watch it now.

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From alcohol to the hardest drugs on earth, they all make you feel different and that can easily be noticed on the outside by unusual behaviour. Take a look at all these examples of how dance is different depending on the drug!

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From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made. All filmed at night with massive lights, custom made LED suits, and a national governments worth of logistics, planning, and civil engineering.


All in all, the game looks intriguing. The guns look great; character customisation looks cool; the new “advanced” technologies in the weapons look fun; and of course with the next-gen graphics, the visuals are looking fantastic. Will you play it?

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Watch Kelly Slater land a 540 while surfing in Portugal. Thanks to some high winds, he whipped it around and landed backwards, surprised that he was still on his board. Is this the first 720 ever?

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These bikers get totally enraged with drivers and do the road equivalent of spitting on someones shoe. It takes one well placed punch to knock off a car’s side mirror. Watch this compilation of that exact act!


A nitro drag boat has quite literally left its rivals in its wake after shattering the world record in its division at the recent Thunder on the River event in the US. The boat, ‘Problem Child’, had no problem in qualifying for the event’s Top Fuel Hydro category after reaching an amazing speed of 422km/h at Lake Havasu on the Colorado River. In the footage, ‘Problem Child’, closest to the camera in the white livery, seems to get a poor jump away, but quickly makes up the ground on the 305 metre run to the finish line. Leaving a mountain of spray as it flies past stunned fans watching from the shoreline, the boat lives up to its title of ‘world’s fastest top fuel hydro’ as it finishes first in its heat with an incredible time of 3.500 seconds.


For much of the country, guns are a major figure of the American culture. In fact, a gun-toting patriot is perhaps the most invasive stereotypical image of the American citizen. The man in this video does nothing to disprove that stereotype. This couldn’t be more American if he was wearing a cowboy hat, had a bald eagle perched on his shoulder, and was munching on a cheeseburger.


In what can only be described as the ultimate turning of the tables, a video has emerged of one clued-up Washington state citizen pulling over a policeman and issuing him with a warning for illegally patrolling in an unmarked vehicle. Watch it now!

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It;s awkward enough getting a massive erection in public, but this guy embarrassed everyone around him when he got his johnson caught in the train doors! What a hilarious dude!

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Toy Machine have stamped their statement of intent all over the web today with a good 8 minutes of sick new footage from their team and upcomer Jeremy Leabres. Check it!


Follow along from Ben Hemingway’s point of view as he goes head-to-head with Andreas Lettenbichler for the city portion of Extreme XL de Lagares, the hard enduro race through the city of Portugal.

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This bro couldn’t help himself but get sucked into the moment, but when he realised a camera was on him, he snapped out of it fast! Hilarious!


Watch as the Hungarian Hooligans (mostly from Ferencváros TC) attack the Romanian Petards. About 30 men attacked the security guards and several Romanian supporter as they were falling back to their sector. After the first clash of kicks and punches, the Hungarians also backed off to their own sector, preventing a full blown police attack, or a counter attack of the Romanian horde. Shout out to Zoltan Kohan for the submission.

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V8 LIFE provides an unprecedented and entertaining insight into the personalities behind one of the most successful sporting teams in Australian history, the Holden Racing Team. After two difficult seasons, follow the teams’ resurgence towards their former glory.