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During a Jeff Koons exhibition, this dude pulled a can out of his jacket and tagged the wall as shocked people looked on. He then quickly tried to make a break for the exit but wasn’t swift enough!


Rapper Matt Colwell, known by his stage name 360, has come under fire after a controversial appearance on ABC’s television program Q&A last night, during which he suggested that “racist bigots” in Australia have led him to identify the country’s flag with racism. “There’s so many racist bigots in this country and they’re everywhere… The Australian flag to me… I now identify that with racism,” Colwell said during the episode. Do you agree with him? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Galapagos Islands is home to many species. One of the most remarkable is the Hammerhead Shark which is currently classified as an endangered species in the IUCN red list. Their migrations can be witnessed in such numbers that are hard to estimate and are truly breath taking. Enjoy this footage of the shark sanctuaries of Darwin’s Arch and Wolf Island in the far northwest corner of the Galapagos.

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I get it, sometimes you just need a break from sitting behind the wheel on a long drive. When this Russian trucker need a break, he just jumps into the passenger side, puts his feet up and keeps on truckin’!


New Zealand rugby league bosses have criticised Australia’s “disrespectful” response to the traditional haka pre-match challenge after it almost sparked an all-in brawl at a junior international in Auckland. The Junior Kangaroos linked arms and advanced as their New Zealand counterparts performed the ritual ahead of the match on Sunday, resulting in what appeared to be a particularly aggressive haka. The under-20s players were literally nose-to-nose and shoving each other as officials scrambled to defuse the situation.


The lads over at Snapshotr have created a device that helps people drink without the burn. The revolutionised shot glass, made by two childhood friends, has a twist feature between the top and bottom half that allows for the delicious chaser to immediately follow the sometimes tastes like ‘fuel’ alcohol. The Snapshotr isn’t just about following a shot with a chaser either. You can mix and match all of your favourite ingredients. In the photo you will see a Jack and coke, a Bacardi 151 with Midori and watermelon juice, a double Tequila Sunrise, and a Vodka and Curacao with pink lemonade, all in Snapshotr form. And yes, they do come apart, making cleaning simple. Would you buy one?

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All it takes to take a fully grown man out of action is a moth in his ear. This guy was tripping out as it fluttered around inside his head. Turns out more than just the moth was inside there!

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When is graffiti art, and when is it vandalism? Check out this epic gallery of street art from around the world and then leave your thoughts in our comment section…


“Target has a broom and is confirmed hostile. Launching weapon.” All she had to do was lie there and ignore the distraction and the drone would have got on with its business. Just like most wives do with their husbands. The footage does make me think of some overweight neck beard sitting in his dark apartment staring at his computer screen holding his joystick whispering “Well hello there you sexy little thing, come to daddy”. Attach a dildo to the drone and try again good sir.


Who the hell slaps someone in the face with a slice of pizza then sits back down with their back towards them and then continue to taunt and talk sh*t? Surely anyone with a brain could see that coming, besides the dude with his back turned of course. Whose side are you on? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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We present to you this sexy collection of braless sexy girls from around the internet. Enjoy!

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Larry Hester, 66, has been blind for half his life from a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. In September, 2014, an electronic stimulator was surgically implanted in his left eye. On October 1st, 2014 Duke eye surgeon Dr. Paul Hahn turned it on for the first time. While the device does not restore vision in the normal sense, it provides light-and-darkness differentiation.

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It’s no secret that crows are brilliant. They’ve been known to engage in human-like sophisticated behaviour. But today we get a crow channeling a darker side of humanity when it turns belligerent, telling a man “f**k you,” after the man said “f**k you, motherf**ker” to it when the bird hopped too close for comfort. I, for one, welcome our new crow overlords.


Karl Stefanovic’s signature disregard for professionalism was magnificent on a recent episode of the Today Show, in which the Gold Logie-winning anchor was unable to keep any semblance of composure during a live cross with a pair of heroic surfers. Gold Coast based dudes Angus McNicol and Nick Chalmers have been credited with saving the lives of two tourists who were swept into rough water on Wednesday evening, risking their lives to pull the pair to safety, a story that is actually kind of hilarious if you’re Karl Stefanovic and the interviewees are 20% hair and 100% chill vibes.

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This guy really loves tits, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy or sexist, he’s just misunderstood. Also he probably nailed half the woman in the club with his final answer.


Many zombie survivalists promote or even recommend melee weapons over firearms. They can range from simple tools to long blades designed for combat. Since ammunition will become increasingly difficult to come by, it is important to keep a quality close-quarters weapon handy. While adrenaline will endow extra strength and energy, this chemical reaction is an emergency fight or flight response, and will not last long. Only the highly fit should engage in melee battle for more than a few minutes without having an escape plan. Remember, blades don’t need reloading.

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Is experience the most important thing? This old guy would probably say yes. The young guy either totally underestimated the power of an old mans hooks and decided to go soft on him, or he just sucks.