Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out these amazing pieces.

Daniel Cormier was on with O’Brien a few weeks back to promote UFC 226 – and told the host straight up that he nearly canceled because the curse seemed to have sent Ronda Rousey down to defeat and Miesha Tate and Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz and Michael Bisping. But Cormier tested fate, anyway – and this past Saturday, he came out better for it.

The Zagreb Fire Department has released a video showing the moment they were called out to an emergency, just seconds before Ivan Rakitic’s match-winning penalty that sent Croatia through to the World Cup semi-finals against England.

“I think it’s awesome. I mean, it’s killing people all over the place,” the convicted murderer said of the drug, in an exclusive interview with VICE News from Ely State Prison in Nevada. “You guys get pharmaceutical grade fentanyl and just bang me up man. Use a shit ton.”

A father has a recurring dream of losing his family. His nightmare turns into reality when the planet is invaded by a force bent on destruction. Now, fighting for their lives, he comes to realise an unknown strength to keep them safe from harm.

Wingsuit Pilot Luke Rogers and fellow wingsuiter Chris Byrnes dive into an epic cloud cave on their jump with Skydive Ramblers in Toogoolawah, Australia. Captured with a 360º view on a GoPro Fusion.

“This is a street fight video with MMA-UFC set, the violence in this video is only in a sports setting, with a judge who aims to stop the fight so that athletes do not risk serious injury that could harm their health, especially do not try to remake the same things without being accompanied by medical care on site.” – @ts_ibra.

Ryan Rustand is a golf coach and a golf trick shot artist. His Instagram account @coach_rusty features plenty of creative golf tricks. Nothing about the way he plays golf is normal. We’ve seen some trick shot artists in our time, but Ryan is on another level!

Whenever people see a video of Simonster, they ask how he trains, what he eats, and which planet he was born on. You can find out all about it here. But for now, enjoy this insane clip!

In a recent backstage interview, Post Malone explained the meaning behind the newest addition to his tattoo collection — the words “Always Tired” fittingly placed underneath his eyes. Posty explains that much of the reason for that specific phrase was because he “tried do something that’s relatively the same length of letters”. He also expressed that he’ll definitely be getting more face tats in the future.

Firing shots at rappers who focus too much on fashion, this could easily be a jab at West’s YEEZY line. Although Kanye West skipped the Met Gala this year, he was spotted in Milan late 2017. It’s also worth noting that West conveniently forgot to credit Drake on “Yikes” from his new album ye.

You know Ali G, Bruno, and Borat, but this summer Sacha Baron Cohen returns in a new series as you’ve never, ever seen him before. It’s Cohen’s first new show in more than a decade!

Newly released surveillance video shows a “flash mob of thieves” striking the Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, California. Culprits made away with a small fortune of Apple products. Seconds was all it took for the four young men in hoodies to make off with $27,000 worth of products, including iPhones.

“We did something nobody thought possible,” the leader of the Thai cave rescue mission declared today after the last trapped boys and their coach were finally freed, ending their 17-day ordeal. The dangerous, highly complex operation was launched after the group became stranded deep inside the flooded cave. They’ll now be in hospital for at least a week, and they’re being quarantined for fear of infection. Their families have only been able to see them through a glass window.

Far be it for anyone to call an unprovoked punch to the face “lucky.” But for David Miller, a Florida petrol station store’s clerk, he’s not above thinking that he is, at the least, fortunate.

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One diver abandoned basic shark-diving practice by turning his back on one of the big sharks as he made his was slowly to the surface. Diving instructor Eli Martinez stepped in the prevent the potential shark attack in the nick of time!