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Opposition members claim the attack was conducted by a Russian RuAF plane. The only indication of a russian involvement based on the sole observation of the footage is that Russian planes actually operate at very high altitudes so no jet engine sound could be heard at the scene. This strike happened in the town of Sarmin.

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We usually only see knockouts this brutal in MMA, but this soccer player got destroyed by a bicycle kick that was meant to clear the ball from his own teammate during a Chinese Super League game on Saturday. The player was attended to for several minutes before being stretchered off.


The inhabitants of the Mumbaian slums prefer to do ‘ their thing’ outside. A sewer as we know it doesn’t exist there, so most people drop their dropping on the nearby beach. ‘There are only 4 toilet blocks for 25.000 people’, explains one of the residents. ‘When it’s finally your turn, the day is almost over!’. And what is the outcome of this problem? Excatly, a beach full of crap.

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No matter weather you love or hate your job, the more efficient you are at it, the better. Check out these people who have mastered their crafts!

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The real self-lacing shoes have finally been made by Nike, and the original wearer Michael J. Fox was the first one to get a pair! See the letter sent by Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield to Fox after the jump!


Team Rainbow is bound to no single nation when combating global terrorism. Representing the best tactical Operators from around the world, they are the united force against a rising tide of global crises. Using the best weapons and gadgets available today, they execute their missions with surgical precision and have unprecedented success in the field. A hostage situation in Courchevel. A bomb disarming in Los Angeles. A terrorist takedown in Hamburg. No matter the situation, Team Rainbow always stands at the ready.


If Shock Mansion was in charge, Brandon Semenuk, the greatest mountain bike rider on the planet right now, would have been awarded first place at Red Bull Rampage, his movie masterpiece ‘Revel in the Chaos‘ would have been given all the awards too, including Leonardo Dicaprio’s future oscar for The Revenant. Sorry Leo, better luck next time. Brandon is just too stylish, and too ballsy for me to fully absorb. Not sold? Check out how nutty his Utah Night segment is. You might wanna hold onto your jaw.


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To most of us, this trick seems like the ultimate Hail Mary… just zing it and pray! But Miika has the board control and skill it takes to handle biz. No luck required.


“Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.”


Travis Barker has been busy in the public eye lately. His bandmates in Blink-182 just announced that a new album might be on the way. The drummer is also promoting a memoir entitled Can I Say, and in conjunction, discussed his traumatic recovery from a plane crash with Good Morning America.

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Two of the young stars from the upcoming Star Wars sequel, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, shared their reactions to the explosive new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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This is so wrong, but so right when you want to sell loads of makeup. Heck, I might even get some myself and get all cute as f*ck!

Kelly McGarry - Action

Back in 2013, Kelly McGarry rolled into the 72 foot canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage and backflipped his way into the mountain bike history books by laying down one of the most progressive and impressive tricks ever performed on two wheels. That flip will go down in history as one of the most legendary MTB moments ever, but just how was he able to pull it off? In this edition of Body of Work, take a deep dive into the science and physics behind his impressive feat.

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Life gets boring trapped in a glass box with a bunch of noobs. This hamster gets creative to entertain himself and does multiple backflips. Probably a gymnast in his last life?


“This is a remix. We didn’t shoot any of this, nor are we affiliated at all with the god almighty JJF. We just ripped the footage from the internet and have humbly reinterpreted the brilliant original edit(s).” – Never Better.

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Apparently this is not a company owned drying room, but a private setup. Someone is about to flip some serious coin, or do some serious time. Insane!


‘This is what being a real man is all about,’ one unidentified man tells the boy. The father who encouraged his toddler to smoke and drink beer is being hunted by police after a video was shared online. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before these men are caught and will have to face the ramifications of their idiotic decisions.