Watch the dramatic moment tourists on a safari stood their ground against a charging African Bull Elephant. Rather than flee, these hikers at Kruger National Park in South Africa put aside their fears and faced down the raging mammal after they stumbled upon the creature in the bush.

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These pranksters always get hassled when they wear traditional clothing from their culture. Do you think cops se racial profiling?

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Vido Loncar of Croatia and Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania were in a match at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia when the referee stopped the fight. After the match, Loncar attacked the referee viciously before the decision was announced.

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These two businessmen play together a lot, and even share their playing secrets, but that friendship doesn’t stop them having an epic battle! Watch these two characters play over a pot of almost $1 million!


What a strange turn of events. Funny how nobody starts to help him until he’s rolled around for a good few seconds. Maybe somebody should take the bucket of water that the barman is trying to give somebody, and use it to put out the dude on the floor that’s on fire.


President Obama cast his ballot in Chicago during early voting for the 2014 Midterm Elections, and he just so happened to be in same room as the most jealous man in all of Illinois.

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There’s something undeniably compelling about this test footage by VFX artist Dave Fothergill which sees a few hundred CG souls unleashed into the path of a spinning block. Some of the runners make it through, but most trip, fall down and can’t get back up!


Just wait until the apocalypse. There will be gangs of these mother f**kers lurking the highways, robbing the rich with spears made out of sign posts…and I for one will join their noble crusade.

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Calculators made learning mathematics a whole lot easier, but it still took a bit of work to solve some problems. Living in 2014 means we shouldn’t have to waste our time doing anything a robot can do better, so this app should cut down 10 years of schooling to about 4 seconds.


After two years in stealth mode, Arx Pax is finally showing the world the Hendo Hoverboard. It’s making the technology inside of it available to the maker crowd on Kickstarter, hoping they can invent applications for industry, architecture and entertainment.

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Abdullah Elmir aka the ‘ginger-haired jihadist’, a 17-year-old from Sydney, has been condemned by his relatives over a chilling video in which he declares ISIS will not stop their murderous campaign “until the black flag is flying high in every single land”. Elmir reportedly told his mother he was going fishing when he disappeared from his home in June.

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During a Jeff Koons exhibition, this dude pulled a can out of his jacket and tagged the wall as shocked people looked on. He then quickly tried to make a break for the exit but wasn’t swift enough!


Rapper Matt Colwell, known by his stage name 360, has come under fire after a controversial appearance on ABC’s television program Q&A last night, during which he suggested that “racist bigots” in Australia have led him to identify the country’s flag with racism. “There’s so many racist bigots in this country and they’re everywhere… The Australian flag to me… I now identify that with racism,” Colwell said during the episode. Do you agree with him? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Galapagos Islands is home to many species. One of the most remarkable is the Hammerhead Shark which is currently classified as an endangered species in the IUCN red list. Their migrations can be witnessed in such numbers that are hard to estimate and are truly breath taking. Enjoy this footage of the shark sanctuaries of Darwin’s Arch and Wolf Island in the far northwest corner of the Galapagos.

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I get it, sometimes you just need a break from sitting behind the wheel on a long drive. When this Russian trucker need a break, he just jumps into the passenger side, puts his feet up and keeps on truckin’!


New Zealand rugby league bosses have criticised Australia’s “disrespectful” response to the traditional haka pre-match challenge after it almost sparked an all-in brawl at a junior international in Auckland. The Junior Kangaroos linked arms and advanced as their New Zealand counterparts performed the ritual ahead of the match on Sunday, resulting in what appeared to be a particularly aggressive haka. The under-20s players were literally nose-to-nose and shoving each other as officials scrambled to defuse the situation.


The lads over at Snapshotr have created a device that helps people drink without the burn. The revolutionised shot glass, made by two childhood friends, has a twist feature between the top and bottom half that allows for the delicious chaser to immediately follow the sometimes tastes like ‘fuel’ alcohol. The Snapshotr isn’t just about following a shot with a chaser either. You can mix and match all of your favourite ingredients. In the photo you will see a Jack and coke, a Bacardi 151 with Midori and watermelon juice, a double Tequila Sunrise, and a Vodka and Curacao with pink lemonade, all in Snapshotr form. And yes, they do come apart, making cleaning simple. Would you buy one?

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All it takes to take a fully grown man out of action is a moth in his ear. This guy was tripping out as it fluttered around inside his head. Turns out more than just the moth was inside there!