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Any young guy has had to go through the awkward first time meeting a girl’s dad. In most cases you feel like they probably hate you no matter how charming you act. This dad is exactly that guy.


In what may be a first, a six-year-old boy got the ride of his life recently as his dad let him take control of the Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide T Sport motorcycle they were riding together. Do you think this is silly and dangerous, or f**ken awesome parenting? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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A fake job interview was advertised without any information on what was required. Once the people getting interviewed start to hear what they would have to do, they all second guess if they really want the position. Can you guess what the job is?

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You already know how this video ends before watching one second. Take a guy who wishes he was gangsta, give him and gun and a camera phone, and wait for this exact thing to happen. Silly!


“My first time using the Pioneer DDJ-SZ to do a freestyle remix of Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Smith – La La La” – M4SONIC

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The super selfie seems like the natural progression of things. This effort will become standard on every instagram post.


Add some Indian headdresses and this is basically Coachella. Hands down the best part has to be when she cleans her face with the water she just pissed in. So this must be how girls get yeast infections, from bread! It all makes perfect sense.


Luckily for Eric Hjorleifson, the avalanche that he started by going down a big mountain pillow line doesn’t fully consume him, leaving him relatively unscathed. He just “tweaked his knee a bit.” You can hear the fear in his heavy breathing after the incident, though. I don’t blame him, scary stuff.


A lioness almost had her leg ripped off when a male buffalo gored her. Emergency vets scrambled to the middle of the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya when they heard about Siena’s life threatening injuries. Staff at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust — a specialist elephant rehabilitation centre — had to act quickly if they were to save the lioness. Dj Njoroge from the Kenyan Wildlife Trust was flown from Nairobi to the nature reserve where the injured lioness stood with her cubs.

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Mark Wahlberg is living the domestic life, freaking out about snow and cleaning toilets!

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This video reveals a few amazing things. Catfish can get f**king massive, and Italy has rednecks! This guy hooks a monster, and pulls his prize onto his boat. They then celebrated the catch with a bowl of spaghetti and some chewing tobacco. Remind me to never swim in that river.

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This is one way to reload a shotgun, which will also double as a way to get a woman pregnant if you do it while wearing a moustache or beard.

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This woman, turning 80 in July, blows some minds with some salsa dancing that would cause even someone in their 20′s to pull a hamstring.


You’d never know that this guy is about to kick out the most impressive vocal impression of Axl Rose that you’ve ever heard.


Weather experts have been baffled by a black ring which appeared in the sky on Friday evening. The circle resembles a giant smoke ring but Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service said that there had been no reports of fire at the time of the sighting. Some people think it is made up of millions of bees or other insects. I think it’s a bad omen and a virgin must be sacrificed immediately to ward off evil spirits!


In the footage, Jennifer Gaubert, 33, a lawyer and former radio host, can be seen lifting her dress and flirting with driver Hervey Farrell in New Orleans. Mr Farrell was later arrested on suspicion of voyeurism and extortion. Jennifer allegedly told police Mr Farrell had contacted her, telling her about the video and demanding thousands of dollars or he would make it public. Mr Farrell spent 72 hours in a jail cell and his picture was widely published in the local media. But Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro refused to charge Mr Farrell, and instead charged Gaubert with making false statements. She will stand trial next month and faces up to five months in jail if found guilty.

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The art of the pit stop has evolved a whole lot since 1950. They’ve certainly refined their technique over the last 60 years.