This is only the first episode of the new season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, and tensions are already at full throttle between the champion Cody Garbrandt and the former champion TJ Dillashaw. These two are going to fight at UFC 213 on July 8, 2017.


Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are amazing, funny and random, what do you think? #randomradness.


The North Carolina football team will now be wearing Jordan Brand uniforms, as Michael Jordan proudly announced during a UNC basketball game in March. Being a Jordan Brand team comes with perks like awesome sneakers. The Tar Heels football team got a taste of that when the players found out they’d all be getting a pair of Retro 11s — they went crazy.


This guy got badly banged up from a car accident and needed to go to hospital. You’d think his day couldn’t get worse, but his side chick arrived at the hospital as his girlfriend was sitting on the side of his bed. His juggling act would have been fun while it lasted. Respect.


Filmed over eight hours, we watch her achieve higher and higher consciousness by drinking cannabis soda, smoking out of a gas mask, a shoe, a block of cheddar cheese, a baby bottle bong, and way more. It’s with gratitude, good vibes, and joy that we puff, puff, and pass this video onto you.


If you’ve ever had a flight attendant fantasy, this is exactly the video for you. Fake or not, you’ll love it!


“I had a awesome day riding with a couple of friends, but I got a lil cocky when I swapped with my mate and tried his KTM300EXC for the first time. Little light bike and too many revs equals pain, chopper ride and hospital stay. I landed straight on my arse and broke 2 vertebrae, but I was lucky as was able to walk afterwards.”


Check out this trailer for a WWII thriller titled HHhH, or also The Man With The Iron Heart, since no one really knows what HHhH means. The film tells the story of the assassination plot of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, in May, 1942, when the Third Reich is at the peak of its power.


Fusion captures stunning 5.2K30 video and breathtaking photos in full spherical—but that’s not all. Fusion’s 5.2K resolution enables a new OverCapture creative solution that gives content creators the flexibility to produce conventional non-VR video and photos in HD-quality “punched out” from the spherically captured angles ensuring you’ll always get the shot.


Ryan Decenzo released a new video part for Darkstar Skateboards, and this dude really can’t get enough credit for how gnarly he is!


The concept to Weed Farm isn’t complex at all. The goal is to grow, harvest and reinvest one’s haul of the sticky green leaf, but it has a larger focus as well. Both Metamoki and Khalifa hope to see that cannabis gets legalized nationwide as it’s already proven to give financial boosts to states that allow recreational use. The farming of bud will allow players to expand their empires across the entire United States and in later releases, global locations will be a possibility. For those who wish to earn their green thumb stripes, the app is available by visiting Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm app page HERE.



In California’s Cajon Pass, a sedan became wedged under a truck and was dragged for four miles. The car was stuck under a tractor-trailer, while the truck driver continued to drive up the pass. The sedan’s driver can be seen waving his hands outside of the vehicle and shouting for help. Other drivers honked to get the trucker’s attention, although the trucker didn’t notice until another car got in front to stop the truck. Luckily, the sedan’s driver was uninjured. According to the California Highway Patrol, this crash is not considered a criminal incident.


The recipe for a spring turkey-hunting accident is simple. Take a lot of overeager hunters, dress them in state-of-the-art-camouflage, and equip them with realistic sounding turkey calls and loaded guns. Scatter them liberally through the spring woods; then season with a highly competitive spirit. Add a dash of predawn light and a sprinkle of “turkey fever” jitters. The stage is set for misadventure.


Shout out to our instagram “Babe Of The Day” JESSIE RENAE KEENER, for more of this gorgeous beauty follow her on instagram HERE


Check out this awesome B-roll video showing some amazing behind-the-scenes magic, with stunt performers and the main cast doing wire work and dodging imaginary explosions during green-screen filming.


Ever wonder how VICELAND host Action Bronson crushes so much food on F**k, That’s Delicious? No, you don’t. Because he’s constantly smoking a joint, and anyone who’s ever been stoned understands what that does to a person’s appetite. There’s science backing it up, but we don’t need science to prove that weed is the devil on our shoulder urging us to eat an ungodly amount of junk food. You gotta love it.


Prepare to enter the newest free DLC pack for Titanfall 2: A Glitch in the Frontier – featuring the new map “Glitch”. Inspired by Captain Lastimosa’s home planet of Harmony, vertical drops and long, twisting paths dominate the environment, perfect for chaining together long wall runs to seamlessly glide across the map. A new Live Fire map also joins the fold: Deck, which features tight interior spaces, exposed courtyards, and watchful drones circling overhead.