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Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are amazing, funny and random, what do you think? #randomradness


After years of constant globetrotting, Swiss ripper Mario Kaeppeli decided to kick it in Europe for a season. Coming Home presented by Creative Visuals, besides being spectacularly scenic, narrates the personal history of Mario Kaeppeli, his development from being a contest-driven snowboarder to one whose ambitions are based in the backcountry. The full movie, also featuring Mario Wanger and Tom Klocker, will be online in December.


DC Comics has released the first full trailer for its upcoming superhero series Legends of Tomorrow. The show will include several cast members from The CW network’s two ongoing comic series The Flash and Arrow. The premise for the show is that a rogue named Rip Hunter has assembled a rag-tag team of heroes to pursue an unexplained threat: one that puts the fate of the planet and time itself at stake.

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You have three options when approaching one of these guys while riding a motorbike. You can stop, ignore him and keep going, or the third option which is demonstrated perfectly in this video.


Rainbow Six Siege is a unique first-person shooter where infiltrating Attackers and fortifying Defenders clash with high intensity in all-new, exciting tactical combat scenarios. In the destructible playgrounds of Siege, anything is possible, but only those who prize brains over bullets will prevail in the high-stakes game of teamwork and strategy.

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Scott Goforth does an all wheel drive burnout in his new 700hp Rum Runner buggy. Watch as the rock bouncers throws its 700hp through the wheels and smokes all 4 with ease!


Rope jumping makes bungee jumping look kinda cute. There’s no flex: The whole “not dying” part is determined entirely by where you anchor the rope—and where you jump. Leave it to the nation who contrived Russian Roulette to come up with rope jumping. It looks totally simple and straight forward, until you just think for a second about the physics involved. If you jump straight down, you could dislocate some important part of your body, or worse, you could snap the rope and keep on falling. I’ll leave this sport to the crazy Russian kids I think.

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You can’t trust people to do the right thing all the time, and that is why dashcams were invented. Watch this douchebag change his tune really quickly once he knows the other driver has a camera!


As world governments mull strategies in their quests to stop the Islamic State, many people at home are wondering, “What can I do to stop ISIS?” The answer for many: Record a video calling them out.


Chris Forsberg takes his 1,000hp Nissan 370z Black Friday shopping early at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California only to find Ryan Tuerck lurking in the shadows waiting for a chance to enhance Chris’ shopping experience.


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Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.

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Luan Oliveira makes it all look too easy. He works his board like a magician as he spins it around his feet. This whole part was filmed at unforgiving street spots around Brazil!


“This isn’t a sympathy post, but a post of awareness. Going out and having fun is all good and well. And taking party drugs (pills, pingas, googs) seems like a fun option and you don’t think anything life changing could happen to you. I myself am lucky to be alive now, I now have the possibility of a permanent stutter and twitch due to nerve or brain damage. Please please please don’t take the “cheaper fun” option, because you never know if it could happened to you. If I can get this into at least a couple of people’s heads then I could have saved someone’s life.” – Jordy Hurdes.

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This is one of those perfect examples of why the internet is the place to be. Real life outside this magical window is boring, and doesn’t have enough people setting themselves on fire.


The 13th Division is a Syrian rebel group sanctioned by the Syrian National Council. It was among the first armed Syrian opposition groups to receive U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles. The group’s leader Ahmad Al-Sa’oud said during an interview that the missiles were provided by the Friends of Syria, which also (according to Al-Sa’oud) provided training on how to use the advanced weaponry. According to a spokesperson for the FSA’s Supreme Military Council, the 13th Division is funded by sources within Saudi Arabia.


Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out this amazing selection that we think are super rad. What do you think?

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One bike is stolen every 5 minutes in Europe, most of them never recovered. These thieves absolutely didn’t see it coming when they tried to steal this bait bike, with a victory band and confetti waiting for them to make a move!