ESPN pays the NFL millions of dollars to have the ability to access players for interviews. In kind, think of the NFL as then passing the money on to the players. So ESPN is paying the players for interviews. When the players don’t do interviews, the fine is a way of saying “You aren’t holding up your part of the contract that gives you an extra $100,000 a year from EPSN, so you get a fine to cover that.” Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words. After receiving his $100,000 fine following his third violation of the NFL’s Media Policy, Lynch seems to have devised a new ingenious strategy for not answering questions without being fined again. That strategy revolves mostly around the use of the word “yeah.”

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After three months of deliberation a Missouri grand jury made no recommendation of charges against the policeman who shot Michael Brown. Once the news spread, the streets of Ferguson descended into chaos.

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Batman travels to the Death Star to take on another guy in a black costume, Darth Vadar. Who will win this epic battle?


Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu truly lives up to his title. The extreme climber fearlessly scaled a 280 meter tall old abandoned chimney tower in Pitesti, Romania wearing no safety equipment at all. After reaching the top he even walked across the chimney on an old, thin metal girder. He wore a GoPro camera to capture his terrifying stunt which is not for the faint of heart!

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Just 20 seconds into the first round, amateur fighter Nikko Glasper landed a devastating Usain Bolt punch on Tommy Sthair. Goodnight!

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South Africa is home to some big scary sharks. These tourists were seeing a great white close up when it decided to try and bust into the cage and take a bite of them. Luckily the bars bent and didn’t break!


These guys might just have found the perfect way to troll women and make sure that everyone has an okay time with it. Sure, it’s a little cheeky, but everyone walks away with a smile on their face. And that is how you pull a good prank.


A lucky dude on his dirt biker was about to roost his way over a snowy hill, but luckily checked first. A deep mine shaft was waiting for him on the other side!


Anyone who’s ever set foot in a college cafeteria knows how annoying it is to slip on spilled coke no one’s bothered to clean up. If only there were some basic rules for proper dining hall etiquette! Oh, wait, there are. Brad Green, food service general manager at Kentucky Christian University, outlines the “10 Commandments Of The Cafeteria”. His rules range from “Thou shalt clean up after thyself” to “Thine eyes shalt not be bigger than thy stomach.” Words to live by.


This is the most realistic depiction of being high that I’ve ever seen. If you have ever wondered what it’s like, or know somebody who is wondering. Make them watch this video. I want to see them eat more cookies and visit other places, this cracked me up. I died laughing with them when the guy was standing there behind him in the house.

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Jurassic World is set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park and clearly nothing’s been learned in the world since. The holiday destination is fun ad safe for the whole family until the bosses of the park decide to genetically engineer their own made-up dinosaur. Will you watch it?

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Dutch filmmakers Jelte Keur and Reinout van Schie filmed the tallest church in the Netherlands, and the results are breathtaking. They had to wait 10 months for the perfect cloudy conditions to surround the 700-year-old Dom Tower of Utrecht.

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Calling all tattooed humans. LIKE this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

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Italian / Puerto Rican Stephanie Rao can be found in Miami, Fl. I’ve booked my ticket and I’m on my way gorgeous ;) For more Stephanie follow her on instagram here.

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Vine genius Logan Paul specialises can pack a whole lot of awesome into just 7 seconds. He’s back with his third compilation of hilarity. Enjoy!

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With ‘Shady XV’ in stores today, Eminem debuts his inspirational new video for the project’s lead single, “Guts Over Fear,” featuring Sia. In the video, the storyline follows a on-the-rise boxer who has to deal with a number of life’s adversities, such as marital issues, past-due bills, and being evicted, all while he stays locked in on his goal, doing whatever it takes to achieve it.


The Youngbloods Spearfishing Crew travel from coast to coast chasing Big Bull Dolphin fish, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Dogtooth Tuna and over sized Coral Trouts in the electric blue waters of Australia!

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