Friday The 13th: The Game was maybe one of the first slasher games to come out of the recent genre, alongside Until Dawn, that really did the genre justice. And now, we finally have an idea of what gameplay is going to look like inside the slasher-movie-turned-game.

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In honour of the late rapper, the first teaser trailer for upcoming biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ was released on his would be 45th birthday. The intense minute-long clip gave a first in-depth look at unknown actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr. in the role of Tupac, who bears an uncanny resemblance!


“Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, we are very pleased to announce that Top Gear TV and Extra Gear host Chris Harris will feature in a new series of online videos exclusive to TopGear. Yep, the Master of Sideways himself will be presenting – and driving – the world’s most exciting new cars, and you’ll be able to watch it all right here on TopGear.”

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DJs Craze and Four Color Zack’s turntablist group 2Cents, are exploring new and exciting ways to progress their art, and their latest collaboration finds them not only reworking DJ Snake’s “Propaganda,” but providing some commentary on the media today.

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Novritsch sets up shop and just starts taking dudes down like the marksmen in the bell tower scene in ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

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Lexy Panterra is a professional destroyer of productivity, with twerking videos that will leave you in a zombified state and instantly searching for more.


“Here’s a collection of all the crazy things my friend Josh Cartu has done with his Ferrari F12TDF (Tour De France) during the 2016 Gumball 3000 this year, sure he doesn’t mind to burn some rubber and bounce off the rev limiter!” – Marchettino.

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After living through hell, this man, just a boy at the time, recalls the day the Nazis fled and he was set free from the concentration camp. That moment when the Russian shot the lock must have been one the greatest feeling in all of this man’s life.


A video posted to Facebook by Rob Buck shows someone looking completely innocent and then nonchalantly pulling an AR-15 which is of similar shape and size to the Sig Sauer MCX used in Orlando, out of his pants. Frightening stuff.

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A zoo worker accidently closed a hydraulic door on a lion’s tail, cutting the end tuft off when the lion pulled it away. You will see blood starting to puddle on the ground.


This year William Trubridge set an incredible 16th World Record. This record setting dive in free immersion (FIM) saw him descend 122m into Deans Blue Hole and back in four minutes and 24 seconds time – at the #VB2016, an elite freediving competition he hosts annually. Mind blowing footage.

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You don’t see many LaFerraris with a tow bar, but clearly some rich gentleman thought it would be a good idea. One this led to another and a tug of war was in order!


“My latest film “72 Hours” is live – A short film showcasing Last weeks “Swell of the Decade” East Coast low documented over 3 days on the South Coast. Featuring – Scott Dennis, Sean Mawson, Brett Burcher, Craig Anderson, Leroy Bellet and Elliot Marshall.” – Eyes in the Sky Visuals.

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This 24-year-old driver was trying to beat a yellow light when got sideways through the corner and lost it. This was not his day at all, because a cop was right there to see it all happen. His care is now impounded for 90 days, and he will face court in with charges of willfully making unnecessary noise or smoke, driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle and driving uninsured.


Some of the worst mass shootings, the ones that turn the names of American towns into a universal shorthand for tragedy, have all used similar guns: versions of the AR-15 assault rifle. The 20 children and six adults who died in Newtown were killed, in part, by a version of the AR-15. So were the 12 who died in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater. So were the 14 who died in San Bernardino. After Sunday’s shooting in Orlando, calls to ban the AR-15 are surging. Where do you stand?


In front of the Interprid Museum in New York, a cyclist and a driver got into a a street fight before the NYPD intervened. Clearly the cyclist’s fault. I don’t even know what happened, but we all know cyclists are evil money saving, less polluting spawns of satan himself.

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Have you ever wondered what Japanese people thought of foreign chocolate brands? Yeah, us neither. But these guys are pretty hilarious so enjoy this video anyway!