Number one rule of being part of the banditos: Wear a jumpsuit with yellow stripes, as indicated by Twenty One Pilots’ new single “Jumpsuit.” The song follows Clancy, and listens can put themselves in his shoes (or clothes, rather) along his rebellious journey away from Dema, an imaginary walled city representing depression.

The gorgeous Brittany Renner with an enviously toned body is most renowned as a fitness model. The enticing beauty, complimented with seductive looks and a sizzling body, of this half African-American and half-Caucasian lassie has made her immensely popular on social media platforms making her one of the sought after new generation social media sensations.

This mental Peugeot is powered by a 2.0L 20B three-rotor. The engine produces 427 horsepower, that goes through a sequential transmission and then to all four wheels. The car is a creation of Vincent Foucart of Pulse Performance Race Engineering, and they will sell you a similar engine setup for $26,750 NZD!

Want your KOTR quick, raw and without all that fancy sh–t? Check out our Webisodes – just like 2005 and always free worldwide! First up, the teams stomp Reno, with a bunch of extra tricks you won’t see on the show. Damn, Evan Smith!

World famous golf course designer Rees Jones takes us on a tour of his beloved creation, the $60 million Three Ponds Farm golf course in Bridgehampton, NY. The 60-acre course features a barn, a grass tennis court, 18 holes, 4 greens, 3 fairways, a rose garden, a carriage house, a halfway house, pro shop, stocked wet bar, shoe locker, pinball machines, and a vintage Coke machine.

Jamie O’Brien, Poopies, and their crew of misfits are back for more crazy surf adventures! From Hawaii to Tahiti and Waco, Texas, follow the boys as they surf, kayak, and water ski some of the most famous surf destinations around the world like no one else can do. With JOB, nothing is off limits, and no one is safe.

Wiz Khalifa’s new album is finally here. First announced all the way back in 2015 following the release of his Cabin Fever 3, Wiz has been teasing the album for the past 3 years now, each year providing further hope to fans that is was right around the corner. Well after months of promotion, we’re finally happy to say Rolling Papers 2 is here.

The BlackFly is amphibious and is primarily designed as a small grassy area hopper. It can travel up to 25 miles at 62 mph in the US, or over 80 mph elsewhere. Using a fixed tandem-wing aircraft design, the BlackFly is considered an “Ultralight”. It is controlled using a joystick and fly-by-wire electrical controls. The cockpit rests inside an epoxy-impregnated carbon fiber structure, and a ballistic parachute is optional.

Get up close and personal with some of the biggest sharks of Shark Week as we look back at some of the boldest bites, baddest bumps, and close calls from Shark Week’s thirty year history.

This could be the future of cycling. A company called CeramicSpeed has unvailed a prototype bike that looks like something straight out of a science-fiction movie, complete with a revolutionary new chainless drive system that promises to be a revelation for riders, improving speed and efficiency without an increase in power.

Lebron James is taking his talents over to the west coast – Los Angeles to be exact. The NBA all-star has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-year deal worth $154 million. While the Cleveland Cavaliers and Ohio will undoubtedly be sad to see the king leave, hip-hop and west coast natives alike are overjoyed with the new move. Ice Cube reacted on social media following the huge news.

Mad Mike is once again the star attraction as the Festival of Speed held in West Sussex, England. He rocked up to the course in his MADBUL drift car, an RX7 with the nosecone of an old school RX3 planted onto the front, and sent it up the tarmac with his signature high revs and clouds of smoke!

“Just some unnecessary hate towards a person enjoying life and following all the rules of the road and the refusal to listen to reason. People of Saskatoon watch out for this bully on the road.” – @palYbro.

With airline memberships, a passport, and noise-canceling headphones, multi-hyphenate musician Ty Dolla $ign shows off his globetrotting essentials.

It’s no secret that we at Shock Mansion are car fanatics. And lucky for us one of our homies owns the infamous OZZY TYRES. We checked in this week to see what the boys had been up to and god damn they have been fitting some sexy shoes to some hot cars. If you’re looking for new shoes for your ride or a specialty part then get in touch with the lads and see how they can help you. But for now check out this fine piece of ozzy muscle get some new shoes for her feet.

Last night, Drake hit up Annabel’s Mayfair club in London where he ran into Julius Dein. The British magician pulled out what appeared to be a normal lollipop and somehow whittled it into Drake’s favourite superhero, Batman. Drake’s reaction to the moment was nothing short of priceless.

During the main event of the 2018 World Series of Poker, Yueqi Zhu and Antoine Labat each hold pocket kings, but Nicolas Manion holds pocket aces. Manion wins the hand and becomes the chip leader for the final table, as Zhu gets eliminated.