Snoop Dogg has taken on a number of personas, but this is probably his most ridiculous to date. Meet Todd. He likes to crochet, paintball and “do a little spoken word from time to time,” as he reveals in a video posted to Instagram. Research shows no website called “White Guys Connect,” which leads to the belief that Snoop Dogg/Lion/Todd is nothing short of a gimmick. But the question needs to be asked: If a white artist donned a “black face” and promoted a website called “Black Guys Connect,” would the media explode with calls of racism? So far, the media has been silent on Snoop’s “white face” antics. Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


The Hawaiian daredevil can’t stop for a minute. His innovative bag of tricks usually involves inflatable toys, beginner surfboards, boogie boards and winch machines. But what’s harder that getting barrelled at The Wedge? What about a board transfer stunt in the iconic drainer. With a fantastic swell hitting the Californian shores, Jamie O’Brien decides to raise the level. For his next trick, Jamie will carry Poopies into a closeout and drown him.


My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun…


After protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, were met with a militarised police force, new attention was brought to the Pentagon’s 1033 program, a program that supplies military-grade equipment to local police departments, often for free.

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Foreigners who try Vegemite always get it wrong. Get that Vegemite on some toast next time, and don’t spread it like peanut butter. Anyway, watch these kids freak out when they give it a try fir the very first time.

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Here are some people you might know and the cars they roll in. What car do you drive? Tell us in the comments section now. Enjoy!


Its like a movie in a picture, just long enough to get what you need and keep it moving. Enjoy!


The unofficial contest to take the world’s most insane selfie has a new group of participants that are easy frontrunners. Photographers Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso, and A.S. decided to have a banana break on the spire of The Centre, the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong, which has 73 floors and stands 1,135 feet above the Earth. Frank Wu posted the video to YouTube, which begins with Lau crouching with a camera on the end of a pole. He then stands (without holding onto anything for stability) and turns with the camera to give a 360-degree look at the city around them.

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Photographer Patrick Hall asked his subjects to sit for portraits while they were shocked with handheld tasers! Called “The Taser Photoshoot,” the project captures the intense pain of being tasered and subsequent relief after the shock, all in hilarious and slow-motion detail.


This is a video of a one-legged break dancer going so hard it looks like he’s about to break his other leg off. Plus he incorporates his crutches into the routine, with a solid flying dismount. It just goes to show you, if you try hard and believe in yourself, nothing can hold you back from your dreams. Except dying, so stop texting and driving like a jackass.


What’s not to like about a sexy girl who likes to go hard and ride? Here are some perfect riding partners.


Some four years ago, the legendary Andrew Reynolds famously listed Wes Kremer as one of his top three personal picks for burgeoning amateurs. Surely that moment was a hefty accolade for the young Californian, yet Kremer has worn it well over the past few years. With an irreverence for trendy tricks or outfits and taking full advantage of his home state’s chill substance laws, Kremer ended up with a contender for ‘Part of the Year’ lists with “Crusty by Nature.” Presented by Thrasher and DC Shoes, the clip is a five-minute hammer marathon.


Calling all tattooed humans. LIKE this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

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This guy has an irrational hate for motorcyclist, so when one poor fella tries to let him know he has his hazard lights on, he gets abused!


This isn’t about religion, it’s about good people being kind to other living things. All kinds of people from different backgrounds would have done the same thing. I don’t care what religion you are, who you are, or where you’re from, you rescued the little birds and that’s all that matters. Good job lads.

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Players will get access to a handful of new weapons in Gat Out of Hell, including the Arm Chairmageddon (a La-Z-Boy recliner with guns), the Energy Caster, a Locust Gun and a weapon that fires a plague of frogs. The game is a stand-alone expansion and won’t require a copy of Saints Row 4 to play.


Dodge has decided to make a 707HP Challenger SRT. More horsepower than a Viper, or ZR1, or Porsche Turbo. Matt Farah got to test it, in the rain. Why not tune a flamethrower in a wheat field while you’re at it. This should be interesting.

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A university professor of virtual design contacted german roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides, to try and create the world’s wildest ride ever. Using the Oculas Rift, they created a simulation of flying through a mythical dragons lair or a cruising through space. This looks amazing!