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In what now looks like Jeremy Clarkson’s final appearance on Top Gear, the trio travels to Panau in South-East Asia for a race. Things quickly get out of hand.


The Brofessor is back to help us get alpha as f**k during dead lift day. It’s not rocket science, it’s bro science, which is harder.


Cake, champagne, flowers, it’s all a bit passé. What a wedding really needs these days is luxury cars performing burnouts on residential streets. That was the thought process for one Sydney bridal party and the idea will see at least one reveller front court on dangerous driving charges. High definition footage, filmed from various angles using cameramen on the ground as well as a drone, was posted on Facebook by Queen Street Car Hire company who supplied some cars for the wedding. Check it out and leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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With gun violence constantly in the news, mental illness and firearms are back in the national conversation. But how easy is it for someone with a history of mental illness to get a gun?

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A vicious serial killer is targeting top martial arts masters, and convicted criminal and kung fu master Hahou is the only one with the skills to stop him. Released from jail and into police custody, they soon have their doubts about Hahou’s true allegiance after a series of mysterious events. From the creators of other action-packed films such as Ip Man and Bodyguards and Assassins, Kung Fu Killer is surely going to be a thrilling movie where no one is going down without a fight.


Each Monday we bring you a random selection of tunes to help you start the week off right. Make a music selection by leaving a comment below and we will add it to next week’s selection. Hope everyone enjoys the tunes. Cheers guys.

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Louis is one bad ass looking dude but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. We spent an afternoon with Louis and he is one of those dudes that makes you feel right at home and his art speaks for itself. Follow him on Instagram @louisgervais3, and if you love what he’s wearing, visit our online store HERE.

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A bystander caught this footage of a woman found passed out in car on freeway with all her doors locked. The police had to smash her window out to stop her from rolling away and crashing! Do you think she took too many drugs, or did someone drug her?


Next time anyone argues that motocross is just twisting the throttle – try pinning it off a starting gate with 40 of the worlds best riders, around a tight corner and into 3 foot whoops, over 80 foot doubles, and around corners at 40 mph. All of this through any weather and terrain conditions you can imagine, week in and week out, banging bars with the worlds elite, and you will quickly see why it is one of the most physically demanding and amazing sports in the world.

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This guy has the breathing technique down, and has some lungs of steel. Watch as he rips five bong hits in just one breathe, and makes sure never to leave a ghosty behind!


Coxy fell over and went to sleep on the electric fence, so the best way to wake him up is to turn the f**ker on. At least his mates got a good laugh out of it.

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Vmax Stealth featured some pretty epic cars including; LaFerrari, McLaren P1, two Porsche 918 Spyders, Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg CCX, Koenigsegg CCR, Ferrari Enzo, and so many more. The cars would take it in turns to blast up the runway with the fastest speed recorded being the Veyron at 224mph.

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This monkey is already showing promise of being a great dad to these puppies. He will raise them, care for them, and when they get older, he will ride them into battle!


How’s the bloke in the white shirt that takes on a dude already being fought by #35 and his teammates. That’s bravery for you. Throwing haymakers to the back of the head of somebody not expecting it, seriously? Sort it out fellas.


The clip, which was shot from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, shows dozens of the gigantic predators swarming the structure while horrified employees watched. Most of the sharks in the footage appear to be spinner sharks, a species which can grow up to three metres in length. The sharks are so named because of the way they feed – spinning and leaping through schools of fish while snapping their jaws in the hope of catching their prey.

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If this doesn’t make you want to quit your job, pack your bags, and travel the world, then nothing will. Last time, Jay Alvarrez took us on a wild tour through Hawaii. This time he is in California living it up!