The age of robotic graffiti is born. KATSU, a well-known graffiti artist and vandal, used a Phantom drone to paint a giant red scribble across Kendall Jenner’s face on one of New York City’s largest and most viewed billboards. By all accounts, it is the first time that a drone has been deployed for a major act of public vandalism. This is only the beginning of drone-based street art. KATSU explained that the Calvin Klein tag was a proof of concept — he’ll be releasing a more user-friendly version of the graffiti drone “very soon,” he says.

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This experimental time-lapse video was designed to explore the effects of urban light pollution in contrast with some of the most incredible Dark Sky Preserves in North America. Enjoy!


Universal Studios is developing a new ride based on one of their most popular franchises: Fast and Furious. Called “Fast and Furious Supercharged,” the action-packed ride will be opening at the park’s Hollywood location on June 25. It will let tram riders go on a high-speed car chase, “catapulting them into the high-stakes underworld of fast cars and international crime cartels.” To get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the attraction check out the video now.

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After the huge popularity of ‘The Reward‘, the makers are developing a full series starting with ‘The First Hero’. This tells the origins of a map which we see later in ‘The Reward’. It is the first tale that takes place long before many of the other episodes in the series which is being funded through Kickstarter.


DiRT Rally is a game about realistic rally driving, and nothing else. There’s no glamor, no in-your-face EDM or punk music, no showcase events, no Ken Block or Gymkhanas. DiRT Rally puts you in a car with a copilot, and throws you down point to point tracks against the clock. It’s rallying at its most basic, and it’s great. It’s an Early Access Game on Steam. This means it’s playable but unfinished, so there’s plenty of time for developer Codemasters to add to the game, but DiRT Rally is already excellent.

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This guy was breaking many laws, but had a long list of excuses for each thing the police questioned him on. Too bad he couldn’t talk his way out of an arrest!

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These gliders get to experience what it would be like soaring like an eagle above the clouds without a rumbling engine. Look incredible!


Think about a system that understands where you are in your environment, and is able to exploit that information in order to create an unbelievable augmented reality experience. Think about playing a game where the storyline involves you. Consider a future full of movies you star in, experiences that seem real, and scenarios, in our case, that are freakishly frightening. This is in your house. This is in your apartment. This is in your environment. This is Night Terrors.


As we know from the Taken movies, Liam Neeson is a bit of a family guy himself. So who better to guest-star in Family Guy’s 250th episode airing this Sunday? Titled “Fighting Irish,” the episode will find Peter Griffin meeting Neeson for less-than-friendly reasons. “We learn that anytime Peter gets a few beers in him, he goes on a drunken rant about how he can beat up Liam Neeson,” says executive producer Steve Callaghan. “Quagmire and Joe and Cleveland have reached their limit after hearing this same drunken rant one too many times—so they realise it’s time call Peter’s bluff.”


Fair play to that dude for standing up for himself. He clearly didn’t want to fight, but took care of business like a boss. The bully on the other hand, gets punished and comes back for more. Definition of moron right there. It looked like the teacher was grading the fight, zero f**ks given.


A video filmed by police has captured the moment a force dog attacked a suspect, locking its jaws around the man’s face after he had surrendered. Martin Lee Hoogveldt was left screaming and bloodied after the German shepherd launched itself at him during the incident just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. The 33-year-old is now suing police in West Jordan – specifically officer Ian Adams – alleging illegal entry and excessive force.


While everyone else on the North Shore takes a break when the waves go flat, Pipeline legend Jamie O’Brien gets a few ideas up his sleeve for Poopies and the crew. From taking out the seven person “Supsquatch” surfboard in the biggest waves of the season, to making it snow on the North Shore, to pushing the limits of big wave tubing on big Wednesday…the adventures are endless.

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Nothing worth a damn comes easy. Watch as Dakota endures plenty of pain before making it to the promised land!

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What is it with these Russian’s and crossing the road without looking first? I know they are tough, but the general lack of fear of death is just scary!


A disturbing video has made the rounds online. Titled “American Reflexxx,” it’s the work of performance artists Signe Pierce and Alli Coates, and it involves the former walking through a city while the latter films her. The result is 14 minutes of deeply unsettling footage.


An important part of being a puppy, besides being adorable and ruining people’s shoes, is learning how things work. And in this video, we get to see a pup named Buck attempt to figure out what hiccups are. While sitting in the backseat of a car, the eight-week-old pups begins hiccuping for the first time in his life. He responds by growling and barking in what appears to be an attempt to scare the hiccups away.

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Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson talks about the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked fruits from all around the internet. Enjoy!