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CT Fletcher is back with the one and only Ms. Olympia, Dana Linn Bailey! Watch Dana go through a brutal shoulder routine with CT giving appropriate commentary!


A howling coyote is a staple of the creepy camping genre, but it turns out we mightn’t have had anything to worry about after all — it was just this guy all along. Oh, but the howls you hear coming back? They’re real. Imagine just walking through the woods at night and that sound erupts from the area surrounding you.

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This cyclist thought he was safe behind the car, and trusted the driver’s judgement that it was okay to go through the intersections. Stop signs are there for a reason, and here is the perfect proof why they should be obeyed.


Students are fed an unholy concoction of food and drink, and the last person standing wins. Vomiting is common. A participant in this year’s challenge at UCD decided to throw in the towel early and storm out of the competition in a rage. Only it wasn’t that easy. Yep. He fell in the vomit trough. And the footage is currently going viral!


As the weather begins to get a little cooler in America, that only means one thing. It’s almost time for ‘Cuffing Season.’ For those who don’t know, ‘Cuffing Season’ is the time of the year during the cooler months where people tend to leave their promiscuous summer ways behind in order to not be alone during the holidays and the winter days. However, as Lil Dicky from Philadelphia points out, there are certain downsides to being in a relationship in his latest video for “Lemme Freak.”

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If you dream of one day owning a gangster ride, this might be your new goal. This 1964 Lincoln Continental is the ultimate mix of simplicity and modification. Enjoy!


Watch team Super Tramp celebrate the opening of the new Banzai skatepark by filling the bowls full of 5001 balloons and skating it with his mates!

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Ever wanted to be a video game hero? The world-renowned freerunner grew up on a diet of Prince of Persia and dreamed of defeating Jaffar and releasing his princess. Soon he was leaping scenery just like a real video game character might as a full-fledged parkour athlete, but he never actually became the 2D hero of his dreams – at least not until now!


Watch as Alex Hennessy, a Canadian videographer who has been touring the world as he films a travel docu-series called “Global Degree,” is approached by a man with a gun on the streets of La Boca, Buenos Aires. Hennessy had been bicycling as part of a bike tour at the time of the incident and had a GoPro strapped to his helmet. Something tells me that guy wasn’t his amigo. Update from Alex: “I was told two days later by the guys running the bike tour that the guy in the video had been arrested.” Shout out to Xavier Cujantre for the submission.

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‘Calcico Storico’ aka Gladiator Football, is a football game with deep historical roots taking place every June In Florence, Italy. Two teams of 27 men fight to get a ball over a 4-foot high fence at either end of the pitch. Four teams represent the four districts of the city, and the winners take home a cow!


What better place than the city streets of Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000, to set the stage for the sequel to Ballistic BJ Baldwin’s viral hit Recoil. This short film by Monster Energy follows BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city, ripping over every drop and jump the town has to offer in an attempt to win a bet set by his friend, and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. Will he win? What will he lose? Shout out to Brian Scotto for the submission.


As always, limited stock and sizes will be available, so get in fast or register your interest HERE to be notified as soon as they hit the store.

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Aaron Chase and Yannick Granieri take us on a follow-the-leader ride down the slopestyle course at Red Bull District Ride. Massive step downs, huge kickers, and a half loop are just some of the crazy obstacles they face while sending it!

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This is a huge question I have asked myself many times. Who is the best dog in the world? One might say Lassie, Airbud, or perhaps Brian Griffin. You would be wrong though, because it’s the dog in this video. Watch to find out why.


Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo is one of the most popular Mario games out there. The animation style is so pleasant and cute. But it was a little too cutesy for gamer NicksplosionFX. He decided to add a little action to the game by replacing Mario with Mortal Kombat’s chameleon character Shang Tsung. The results are bloody awesome!

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Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of some dope built motorbikes. Be Safe on the roads. Enjoy!

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Spectator drags seem like an awesome idea. Two miss matched cars going head-to-head on a short circle track. This was a finals race, so the stakes were high, and pride was on the line. It was always going to end in a bit of a scuffle!

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We present to you this sexy collection of some of the most tapable (Tap Like) babes from around the internet. Enjoy!