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Stuttgart fans stood by 18-year-old Timo Baumgartl and consoled him after his mistake caused the 3-2 loss to Borussia Dortmund. That one fan wins good guy of the day award!


Check out the footage of this awesome machine and tell us what you think of the creation. It might look strange, but from a functionality perspective, this build is on point!

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Police say they’re looking into possible criminal charges against an officer who was videotaped pushing and slapping a homeless man at a bus terminal. The incident happened Monday, and the video soon surfaced on YouTube. Officer Victor Ramirez, a nine-year veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, has been suspended with pay.


Dredd film producer Adi Shankar and Torque Director Joseph Kahn posted the violent, vulgarity-laden sci-fi series reboot you never knew you wanted: The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are back. Well, kind of.

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Josh Neer (pictured above) has been getting hassled by internet troll Patrick Martin since January, and he recently challenged Neer to a fight. Neer finally decided that he had had enough and accepted the guy’s challenge. What followed was a brutal beat down!


Seven of the injured were gas company workers trying to locate the source of a leak that filled the neighbourhood with a strong gas smell. Two of them were in critical condition at a hospital in Atlantic City. Six firefighters and two emergency medical service technicians also were injured, sustaining concussion-like symptoms from the shock wave of the blast.

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Hypnotist Mr P got the help of his son to hypnotise a girl in a shopping centre. Do you believe?


Prior to Ultra Music Festival, Police Commissioner Marc Sarnoff predicted an onslaught of “urinating, defecating … throwing up” kids on “mind-altering drugs” wreaking havoc.” Instead the police were faced with olympic style fence jumping as people resorted to any means necessary to get into Ultra.


This hookah master shows us some his pretty impressive tricks. From smoke rings, to splitting them in half, this guy does it all. According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), smoking out of a hookah has the same health risks as smoking cigarettes. Fun fact for the day. 

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Canadian Chris Hau combines his two favourite passions, shredding a wake and shredding guitar. I can’t do either of these things. My life has officially been wasted.

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Game of Thrones isn’t supposed to be a funny show. No one wants to laugh when your favourite characters are betrayed or have their heads cut in half like a melon. But that doesn’t mean the actors aren’t having fun on the set!

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UK Model, Rachel Williams is a babe!. Want more? Follow her HERE.

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We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked girls from all around the internet. Enjoy!

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These troubled teens visit the ‘Alternative Lifestyle Unit’ and find out they are in way above their heads when the inmates start telling them about getting stabbed in the face, and having a prison wife.


A massive effort by Pulse Performance Race Engineering through December and January has brought Mad Mike Whiddett’s RADBUL Mazda MX-5 project to within days of completion. Following on from the build of the roadster’s custom four-rotor, twin turbo 26B rotary engine, PPRE’s engineers worked day and night to finalise the chassis, driveline, suspension, brake and steering modifications, before dropping the motor into the bay and readying it for its very first fire-up. That honour, of course, was left to Mad Mike himself.