Palatov DP4 has been dubbed the ultimate go-cart. Priced from $25,910 for a self-assemble kit, and $50,610 pre-built, the go-cart powered by a motorcycle engine. Check the video where the go-cart squirts around the Oregon Raceway.

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Pauly Shore is probably due for a comeback, and this could be it. Adopted is out on dvd June 15th, following Pauly around Africa while he tries to find a child to adopt.

If you don’t like funerals, don’t kick sand in Ninja’s face.

Fancy yourself as the adventurist type? Bow down pussy-cat. Make way for these real men who get up at the butt crack of dawn to hike a mountain, then ski/fly right off cliff, then get back in time for lunch. Action starts roughly two minutes in.

Steve Jobs just announced iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

It is 34% thinner than the iPhone 3GS, but 3 grams heavier, black glass and stainless steel body, and with split buttons for volume, unlike the current iPhone 3GS.

Featuring an Apple A4 processor, seven hours of talk time, a front-facing camera, FaceTime video calls and an LED flash alongside its new 5-megapixel camera on the back, a 3.5-inch Retina Display.

The price? The 16GB iPhone 4 will sell for $199 USD, and the 32GB for $299 USD. The phone will be available in black or white on June 24th.

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Would you believe me if the picture above is of the same vehicle below. After some modifications, this four-wheeled push bike might very well be the first zero emission Porsche. With a top speed of 30km/h (20mph), this vehicle is a must have for anyone who could lose a few pounds. Check the build process after the jump.

Shot in the mountains of British Columbia, Dendrite Studios presents Out of the Shadows, a ski film featuring the finest athletes who have been in the shadows for too long. This is their shot and their opportunity to break out on film. They bring their lives with them and shred the mountains with un-inhibited passion on a daily basis.

Beautiful, buxom and British, Daisy Lowe is this month’s Esquire Magazine cover star. They took their trusty video camera along to the shoot, to bring us this smoking hot footage of Daisy getting down. Enjoy.

Watch as Matt Hall talks us through an eventful Qualifying day in Windsor, the fourth stage of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2010.

Watch the near miss video below!

Shock Mansion: First up Ruby, we appreciate the time you’ve given us. We know you’re busy as hell so cheers for chatting with us.

Ruby Rose: No worries. My pleasure.

Shock Mansion: We heard that you’re collaborating with skate brand Gallaz, can you fill us in on what products you’re working on and when it’s available?

Ruby Rose: Ive designed two kinds of shoes and a Board…Pretty sick! They are available in July.

This UFO was seen over the Gold Coast at approximately 5.55am Saturday June 5th, 2010.

“I was on the beach, at the water’s edge and looked to the west to see a beautiful, bright moon. Except it wasn’t the moon! It was a bright light moving slowly east, towards me and surrounded by a swirling mist. The mist rotated clockwise around the bright, white light and followed it perfectly.”

“The light moved slowly across the sky and remained silent the whole time. It disappeared in the east. This UFO was witnessed by many people on the East Coast of Australia and at this stage in time has been dismissed as being space junk. See for yourself.

It was NOT the ISS (Space Station) according to it’s orbit information and time.”

This rad short film manages to capture just about every visual cliché you can think of in one action packed 4 minute clip!

Check it out below.

Things get a little intense in a ‘Smooth-Off’ competition between Sean Diddy Combs and Aziz Ansari. Who will win this epic battle.

Dont worry, he didn’t need front teeth in the first place.

The mayhem ended just before the rain started.

See the top twelve go at in on the three different jam zones.

Chris Cole repeats his Maloof victory and is going home with 100 grand. Full results and photos here.

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Meet Curt Morgan. A pioneer in the digital art of of action-sports film making. Next time you see footage of your favorite action sport that makes your jaw drop and your undies stain brown, you will now know who filmed it.

I have some amazing news. The Daily Mail has announced that Kelly Brook will be getting naked for me (and you).

The actress and glamour model has signed a half-a-million dollar deal to pose naked for (playboy) later this year. The 30-year-old, who boasts a 34E cup size, will pose for arty and tasteful nude shots on a shoot in the Mediterranean later this month.

Hopefully these pics will tide you over until then.  More after the jump.

Falken Tires brought out the Falken Jeep JK and a few stock JK’s equipped with the brand new WildPeak A/T Tires to take out onto the rock covered hills of Moab, UT. Those chunky tires look oh so delightful.