Down a busy highway in Mexico City, Red Bull trail rider Julien Dupont took to the street and started hopping cars.

Epic skills!

Nothing gets in the way of Ryan Decenzo, not even semi trailers during peak hour traffic. Toronto, Canada is known for having some of the worst traffic jams in the world. Hundreds of people witnessed Ryan perform a kickflip on the first gap, ollie on the second and then a 180 off the last one before disappearing into the streets of Toronto. This could be the start Ryan’s career as a stuntman?

Ever taken a trawler and formed a perfect waist high, zippy point break with the wake for only you and your buddies? Probably not, but it’s a great idea isn’t it?

How much fun does it look! But Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner, Bryce Young, Dean Brady, and Dane Ward didn’t just stop there.

Wade’s concept of the “Rail Whale” goes for it’s first attempt. Plus a little Frankie does his first air, leading to hopefully years and years of that kid looking for his own lines out in the water.

Awesome episode, check it out below!

* Name: Erik Roner
* Location: All over
* Web:
* Bio: Professional skier. BASE jumper and member of the Nitro Circus Crew.

Watch Erik throw himself off a few cliffs in a wing-suit below.

New Zealand madman Levi Hawken leaves his wheels marks all over the country’s biggest hills. This video hardly does the craziness of his speeds any justice. He truly carries with him balls of steel, or something harder like diamond. Make sure you check out the second video after the jump!

A pilot, who survived after his plane’s wings came off, says he’ll continue flying. Spectators at an air show in Argentina saw a small plane crash into the ground during a maneuver. The pilot was strapped into his seat when he pulled his parachute, and the plane was lowered to the ground leaving him with little more than a burnt foot.

In Hollywood heists, burglars frequently shoot open locks. To see how these padlocks handle bullets, these dudes shot the cylinders with a rifle from 80 feet away. Check out the results below.

Franklin: Although centered shots passed right through the lock, it took an off-center bullet from a .243 Winchester to actually spring it.

Medeco: A single centered shot from a .25-06 Remington left this lock unlatched—and with a large exit hole.

Master: Behold, the bulletproof lock…the Master stopped .243 Winchester and Remington .25-06 shots in their tracks. Not even a pair of bullets from a .300 Winchester Magnum could pass through or open this lock.

OnGuard: After one off-center shot from the .25-06 Remington, we were able to pull the lock open by hand. As with the Franklin, centered shots passed through the cylinder but failed to actually open it.

And the winner is: Master, by a mile.

Getting stuck in a confined space can get any anxious. This person goes for a quick cigarette break and gets stuck in an elevator for 40 hours! That would be like being in an action movie, except way more boring.

Photograph: B Shiva Mayer

Peep these hilarious cheese commercials from Egypt, featuring a not so nice panda who is very passionate about his cheese. More hilariousness after the jump.

Water in the hole!

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Give a man a depth charge and and he can blow the hell out of the fish for sh*ts and giggles!

“Garrett Reynolds is an undeniable badass of BMX, who is able to rack up huge contest wins, while continuing to demonstrate what he’s really about: Riding new spots, hanging with friends,and progressing BMX like only Garrett can.” – Nike 6.0

Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino take it to the tarmac in preparation for the 2010 ADAC Rally Deutschland. Plus Mr 43 answers questions about his first ever WRC tarmac test and expectations for WRC Germany.

Grief takes different forms, so when Heidi Montag heard that the plastic surgeon who gave her (and the world) her amazing DD’s died earlier this week, she apparently made plans to go to Costa Rica and mourn. And now here she is…

(Insert horrible joke regarding tissues and not using them for mourning here)

I have no idea how this happened, but this dog is a serious eating machine! The dog was fine after it’s visit to the vet, but vet suggested it try chewing before swallowing.

Watch as Mike Wilson hucks it huge at the Truckee River pulling 60 foot double and triple back flips. This guy has the biggest set of watermelons in the world.

Check out this Russian SU-33 jet having a few issues trying to land! I can only imagine how it happened…

Pilot: Yo Kuznetsov tower, requesting permission to land.

Tower: Kuznetsov tower here, cleared to land buddy.

Pilot: Roger that dude, I’m coming in.

Tower: By the way, your mother in law is on board, she wants to talk to you, it sounds serious.


A day at the beach is cool, but a day at the beach with bubbles the size of flippin’ buses makes me wanna put on a party hat and hump the ground! Oh bubble man, teach me your ways.

Speed solving the Rubik’s Cube while free falling from 4,300 meters, sitting in a rubber boat.

“This is the first attempt and worked really well – I solved the cube in about 31.5 seconds. I started right after exit and was finished at about 2,500 meters. At 2,300 meters I accidentally slipped out of the boat.”

The skydive was videotaped by five cameras, two on-board, three outside the boat. Check it out below.