For any golfer in a hurry, you need to get yourself a Golf Cart like this. With a CBR 600 motor powering this buzz box, fairways and greens have a new overlord to fear. Golfing not your thing? Well watch this video, you might change your mind.

If you’re the type of guy who likes getting in serious fist fights with your mates, find out what their worst fears are, then when they pass out, place then in that situation and let this good times roll. This dude was a little too open about his fear of being buried alive.

Take this amazing opportunity to float in microgravity from one end of the International Space Station to the other. Made up of what could be described as a series of tubes, the entire team on 11 currently in space, are working towards the completion of the space station, and it is estimated to be fully functional by 2015-2020. Crazy to think that this will one day have to “deorbit”, a.k.a., burn up in the Earths atmosphere.

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The Red Bull surf team’s first aerial training session on the newly built skateboard bowl. Jordy Smith, Michel Bourez, Mick Fanning and Sally Fitzgibbons all tried adapting to the new board, and after a while it proved as a perfect training ground for aerials in the water. Rad :)

You might not always have a dude willing to risk his life to save your car, or Hancock around to get your stalled car off the tracks. I suggest you make like a plane and jet straight back to driving school.

Stormy Wing has scary wreck on Cajun Blast when is knocked out cold during Winston-Salem Invitational.

The second annual Red Bull Fight with Flight is the largest BMX flatland contest in the USA.

72 BMX flatland riders from all over the world representing Brazil, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Singapore, Canada and the USA came together to compete in Indianapolis.

Josh Kalis and his boys at “All speed performance” built this ’69 Camaro from the ground up. This thing is so damn tough.

After a short preview of MTV Diary featuring N.E.R.D circulated the web some some time, finally, the complete episode is out. The episode follows N.E.R.D. on their UK Tour from Manchester to Edinburgh, with footage from live shows, backstage, signings, interviews and the general lifestyle they lead while on tour.

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You never know who you’ll run into while filming out in Marquise Henry’s hood. Apparently this guy invented skateboarding haha! Someone hand this man another beer.

Here is a clip of Evan Smith, Taylor Mcclung, and Matt miller making the most out of the DC parking lot.

A man has invented a laser gun in hopes to kill a truck load of mosquitoes mid-flight to control the spread of malaria in developing countries. Can someone ask him to invent a laser to control the spread of this rash on my balls?

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A firefighter looks the at the TV helicopter after it crashed in the Jockey Club horse racing complex in Sao Paulo. The Record TV helicopter crashed near a busy highway in Brazil’s largest city, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the cameraman on board who was covering morning traffic and police response to a bank robbery. Our thoughts go out to the pilots friends and family. Scary stuff!

The most amazing image of Orion Nebula was just released!

The European Southern Observatory’s new VISTA telescope’s enormous field of view allows it to image the entire nebula at once. It’s been designed to capture near-infrared light. The longer wavelengths of light in that part of the spectrum allow rays to pass through dusty space without being scattering.

The Orion Nebula is located about 1,350 light-years from Earth. The cloud of gas and dust is a nursery for young stars. The red blobs in the features near the center of the image are young, growing stars that are hidden by dust in visible light.

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European film crew, Snowworld Productions drops their second movie Homies 2 “Locked Outside”, because who doesn’t want to watch a full length snowboarding vid while they pretend to work right?

Featuring: Nicolas Droz, Pierre Rué, Paul Lambersens, Aymeric Tonin, Laurent Gougain, Romain De Marchi, Tonton Holland, Morgan Lefaucheur, Corey Noble, Arthur Girault, David Livet, Jonas Emery and Romain Taillefer.

Google’s introduction of Google Buzz came on short notice, but it’s no small announcement!

The search giant is looking to change social networking by integrating social networking tools into services that Google enthusiasts already use, such as Gmail, Google Maps and Google Profile.

Hit the jump to watch a few videos explaining how rad this could be, including Google Buzz for mobile phones, which looks like we’ll be able to basically ‘Tweet’ by using our own voice, no more typing, just audio baby!

Any eagle eye visitors would know that we have been hinting about Die Antwoord for a little while now in our ‘Outside The Mansion’ links. Well, the time has come to give these cats a proper large post yeah. The song below is damn good. Your either gonna love them to death or hate them. We love them, it is what it is. Watch the ‘Enter The Ninja’ music video from their $o$ album!

“F**k, this is like,
The coolest song I ever heard in my whole life,
F**k all of you who said I wouldn’t make it,
Who said I was a loser,
Said I was a no-one,
Said I was a f**kin’ psycho,
But look at me now,
All up on the interweb,

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The Hillside Dirtjam went down on the 6th of February 2010, all thanks to the hard work of Cam White and his family.

King Of The Hill was Unit Athlete Dane Searls, Best Trick went to Dane’s team mate Cam Pianta and Josh Stead took out Best Style!

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Another horror cliche ripped apart. I never realized how popular the old mirror scare was. So many scary movies have used it…I’m sure there are even more this video has missed.