Throughout time, the battle between blondes and brunettes has raged on. I think blondes may have just got the upper hand, for today anyway. When it comes down to it, I will hand first prize to whoever shows me some butt cheeks. Ladies, now you know the secret to the world.

The Silent House is based on a true story that happened in the late 40’s in a small village in Uruguay. A father and daughter are hired to refurbish a secluded house, and spend the night there with plans to work first thing in the morning. Strange noises are heard from upstairs, the father goes to investigate, but doesn’t return, which leaves the girl caught up in all forms of devastating supernatural wickedness.

The entire movie is supposedly shot in one single take, mainly focusing on the last 78 minutes, where the daughter character Laura, attempts to leave the house.

There has already been an American remake of this film, starring Mary Kate and Ashley younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, although reviews of the original version has been far more positive. Check out the trailer below.

Go on a tour of the Campfire Marshmallow factory with NBC5 Chicago News Broadcast and witness the amazing way these iconic marshmallows are made.

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Plus after the jump, putting marshmallows in a vacuum jar and watching them grow. Pretty sure they just solved world hunger.

If you ever thought flying ought to be left to trained pilots and Tinkerbell, you are wrong. Cop a geeze at this helmet cam footage from wingsuit flights at the edges of the United States, including California (Lake Elsinore), Florida (Zephyrhills), Nevada (Mesquite), and Puerto Rico (Vega Baja). The last scene was from a vertical formation record organized by Flock University, 25 expert wingsuit fliers exiting from two airplanes.

Today we present you with deleted scenes (aka outtakes) from Jackass 3D.

How are these dudes still alive? I loved every second of this video.

When Jack Heathcote says his house is a bit of a dive, he couldn’t be prouder. That’s because he has converted the cellar of his five-bedroom house into Britain’s biggest domestic aquarium.

The 37 year old, who lives in the Carlton district of Nottingham, has created a private underwater world in the basement of his five bedroom home, filled with exotic species usually only seen in such far-flung corners of the world as the Amazon and Congo.

The tropical haven, complete with viewing window, lies directly underneath the living room of Jack’s red-brick Edwardian property.

It is so large – arguably the largest privately owned aquarium in Britain – that Jack has to dive in himself once a fortnight to clean it.

And the salsa teacher has admitted he does not own a TV, claiming he doesn’t need one as he prefers to watch the sea creatures swimming instead.

I didn’t realize this before, but there is an entire art form for pissing in public. Gavin McInnes drops some serious knowledge on us about different ways to urinate in a public place and remain undetected. This guy is like some kind of urine ninja.

Victoria’s Secret has always been known for hiring sexy models on the curvier side, but Candice Swanepoel has been copping a lot of heat lately for her banging ‘Barbie Style’ body.

Adriana, Alessandra and Candice have been in LA promoting the new Victoria’s Secret Swim 2011 Catalog and when the ladies showed up to the event in their swimsuit onlookers were apparently shocked at how skinny Candice looked.

Like all Angels, Swanepoel, 22, is expected to be “healthy and muscular,” according to her Victoria’s Secret contract. “There is a really clear criteria for both Angels and the catalogue. Their career path is Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue then to Angel, it’s the highest paying contract there is, period. The image is about being voluptuous, it’s not fat, but it’s curvy.”

What do you think? Is she really too skinny, or are people tripping out for no reason. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I wonder if they bribe the Russian police when they are caught, or just foot to the floor, run like hell! Which way would you sway?

Plus after the jump, they throw a BMW M6 Evotech into the mix just for good measure.

Some of the Arbor Team have been working hard to find new unique features located at Mammoth. Check out Patrick Reddy, Mark Reininga, and Andrew “Tres” Green discovering that there actually are some rad new spots to be found.

The Lonely Island is back with a banging new video that will make you trouser snake quiver like a little bitch.

“The world needs us!” Yes sir we do.

A hilarious second trailer for The Hangover Part II has hit the internet, giving us a little bit more of what we can expect from the movie. Usually, sequels are never as good as the originals, but in this case that could be reversed. Catch me at the front of the tickets line when this is out, I’m so excited I need to wear a diaper. Check out the original trailer here.

There have been plenty of new tracks by Travis Barker appearing lately that find the Blink 182 drummer pairing with all sorts of rad artists.

Check out this new teaser from his upcoming solo album, which features the talented Steve Aoki. I love this combination.

The word babe gets thrown around a lot, but Danielle Dwyer is one babe that I would hold the door open for, only so I can sneak a peak of her butt when she parades by me. Then I’d go back to work like a true man should. MOB!

Check out this amazing recent footage from Nitro Circus Live where Travis Pastrana’s cousin, Special Greg, throws down a crazy new trick called the “Special Flip”.

It’s basically a back flip body varial, and it’s f**king wild. Do you think anyone will try and pull this on a dirt bike next? Let us know what you think in the comments!

As the explosive finish to the Battlefield 3 Fault Line series draws near, Sgt. Black is tasked with disarming a home made bomb, leading to first-person melee combat with the bomber and a large-scale firefight in the streets against massive opposition.

Stay tuned for the full 12 minute reveal on April 17. I want this game.

They’re after a cop killer called Blitz who uses a hammer to perpetrate his misdeeds as he attempts to kill officers all over the city. The characters inhabit a dirty, violent London and have their share of regrets; as the story opens Statham’s character Brant is dealing with the repercussions from his assault on a precinct psychologist.

You may be thinking that all Jason Statham movie look the same, but I believe that is the point. When you want to see a crazy dude get heaps angry, break someones arm and punch some faces, Jason is the man for the job! This trailer features NSFW language.

Katy Perry unleashes her sci-fi-influenced video for the Kanye West-powered single “E.T.”

As the singer promised in advance, director Floria Sigismondi created the piece with proving the best cinematic experience in mind. With alien makeup and outfits, Ms. Perry is taking Yeezy on an out of this world ride.

Off her Teenage Dream LP. Press play, sit back and check it out!