A fine example of why you shouldn’t sleep with another man’s wife and then try and pick a fight with him. Pussy just isn’t worth the broken hip, wrist, and several teeth. I’ll never understand why guys fight if it’s the girl that’s cheating, she betrayed both of them. Just leave her. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Ricky Jackson became a free man after 39 years in prison when Judge Richard McMonagle threw out his conviction on a 1975 murder at a Cleveland grocery store based on a lie by then 12-year-old Eddie Vernon. Vernon recanted his story this week, and Jackson became a free man.


A man who died after being shocked several times by Phoenix police officers during a confrontation at a restaurant has been identified. Police say 38-year-old Edward Michael Caruth died at a hospital. The cause remains unclear.

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The great Manny Pacquiao did everything he could possibly do against Chris Algieri other than get a knockout in a one-sided thrashing to retain his welterweight world title. Watch as he perfectly times a brutal left jab while Chris Algieri’s trainer is being interviewed.


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Most people want to go to space, but at the moment we aren’t at the technology level for it to be cheap enough to make it possible for the masses. This awesome minimalist animation gives us an idea of what a long and lonely journey it would be to travel deep into space.


Deep-sea anglerfish are strange and elusive creatures that are very rarely observed in their natural habitat. Fewer than half a dozen have ever been captured on film or video by deep diving research vehicles. This little angler, about 9 cm long, is named Melanocetus. It is also known as the Black Seadevil and it lives in the deep dark waters of the Monterey Canyon. This is the first video footage ever captured of this species alive and at depth.

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This scooter rider was the luckiest man on earth for a few seconds when he was repeatedly grazed from a trucks tyre walls, and somehow didn’t go under.

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Upset over the conditions of the rental house, a man set a house on fire and told a TV crew what he did before walking over and admitting the crime to a couple of surprised police.


That is one huge f**king first hit, and not a single damn cough. That ain’t his first rodeo. A true vet. Knows how to express he’s about to freak out without freaking out. “Dude you better get me some water, got me seeing stars and sh*t!”.


“We recently put on an internal edit contest with our LASTNAMEFIRST.TV ambassadors. The winning 15 second edit by Jack Germain turned out sick so we asked for the extended version – a short time alter this edit landed in our inbox. To say the least, we loved what we saw.” – Alex Smith.

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Sorry if this throws you over the edge and forces a break in your diet. Unless of course your diet involves pizza at least twice a day like mine.


Beyoncé’s new surprise video release proves she’s still got tricks up her sleeve. Okay, maybe not tricks, but a really effective and well-coordinated PR and marketing team that knows how much sex sells.


There’s an easy way to tell if the car that just ran a red light and hit you is stolen. The driver usually gets out of the car and starts sprinting down the street before you can even comprehend what just happened.


Insane motorcycle stunt riders get chased by a police helicopter and patrol cars for popping wheelies, drifting across multiple lanes, and generally causing an absolute f**ken ruckus on the street!

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Rémi Gaillard is back to making prank videos, and as usual he has themed it out with costumes to push it as far as possible!


A driver has been arrested after being filmed swerving across a busy dual-carriageway and smashing into a crash barrier. The car was passing on the inside lane before hitting the central reservation, spinning around completely, crossing back over both lanes, and into the grass verge at the side of the road. The prolific use of c*nt as an insult is something I love with videos from the UK and Australia.

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Weird things happen when you’re in your 19th hour of playing GTA online. This gamer met his guardian angel when garbage truck when hurtling towards him!