Yoel Romero is a Cuban mixed martial artist who is currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Before joining the UFC, Yoel was a World Champion and Olympic silver medalist in freestyle wrestling. Romero, a religious man, is known in the MMA world as the “Soldier of God.” Photo via Dioxyme.

Shark week host and filmmaker Andy Casagrande has been the face of Shark Week for decades. In this episode, watch some of the best moments the host had, including a close call where he almost ended up as shark bait.

Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s leading all-time goalscorer, having scored 451 goals in his 438 appearances. In total, he won 16 pieces of silverware, including four European Cup crowns, three of which came in successive years, with these four continental triumphs coming in the past five seasons. In terms of individual honours, as a Real Madrid player, he won the Ballon d’Or on four occasions, The Best award twice and claimed the Golden Shoe three times, amongst many other accolades.

I like how he dropped the pistol before discharging it. Really adds to the intelligence of that clerk. I mean why not just shoot the tires out? He won’t get very far.

If this doesn’t make you think of a life in a wheelchair then you’re either flexible as paper or an alien. He might be the first person ever to head butt his own arse!

With most guitarists, you could listen to a two-minute clip of them playing, and you’d pretty much know what they’re about. With Hendrix, you have to listen to nearly his entire body of work to really appreciate how complete his mastery over the instrument was.

According to Stonie’s calculations, this menu was nearly 13,000 calories and more than 534 grams of fat. Please don’t try this at home. To be clear, we do not encourage eating more than 10,000 calories of Dunkin Donuts in one sitting, it is not good for you and you will not make any money from doing it like Stonie probably did.

Born Maya Arulpragasam, the musician and activist best known for songs like “Paper Planes” and “Bad Girls” has courted acclaim and controversy in nearly equal measure over the last 10 years. It opens with the ever-catchy hook from “Paper Planes” before showing glimpses of M.I.A.’s earlier, more troubled days as a refugee from the Sri Lankan Civil War.

Sons of Anarchy was one of the better dramas on television. That feeling is back with the first trailer for Mayans M.C., the sequel/spin-off following the occasional ally and frequent enemy of SAMCRO, the Hispanic motorcycle gang Mayans. Mayans M.C. is all about new recruit EZ Reyes as he joins the club and takes orders from Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera, also in Sons of Anarchy) while also dealing with his dad.

The album was written, produced, and mixed by Prodigy’s founding member Liam Howlett at his studio in London. According to Howlett, it’s “equally aggressive as the last records – but in a different way,” as well as written with the stage in mind. “That’s the one thing that brings everything together,” he explained.

Directed by Spencer Hord, the visual finds Wiz surrounded by some of his favourite things: weed, women, alcohol and cars. “Let’s start from the beginning,” Wiz raps. “With a young n*gga from the ‘Burgh, smokin’ weed, gettin’ money, fuck what you heard.” Problem continues that energy, and adding a little West Coast flavour to a track that nods to Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin and Juice.”

This documentary is guaranteed to spike the pulse rates of aeronautical enthusiasts with footage of surviving Spitfires being wheeled out of museum storage; yards of scratchy combat film that underline how distant these halcyon days are; nuts-and-bolts analysis of the planes’ defensive strengths.

It’s kinda hilarious how fragile that windscreen is. He didn’t even have both feet on it. This happened during the Autopride event in Key West, Florida.

If aliens ever show up on Planet Earth and demand to know more about skateboarding, we’ll show them Ishod footy. He rips all terrain with silky smooth style and does it with a smile.

Thank you @liftedtrucksmatter this clip changed our lives 😂😂😂 #shockmansion

The incident took place on Interstate 70. Exactly where isn’t clear. According to witnesses, the man was mostly unharmed, but the driver of the car never returned for him, which is a little sad. This is allegedly how Nelly got that band-aid on his face.

Juventus fans celebrated ‘CR7 Day’, the day Italian football’s most expensive signing showed off his new colours. Though his signing was announced last week, there was still a sense of disbelief he was a Juventus player; even the club described him as ‘The Myth’. Ronaldo has also hit the news recently by leaving a mega $31,500 (£17,850) tip for hotel staff at a luxury Greek resort.

“Caught a dinosaur with my good buddy @capt_maxmckinley. This is the largest Goliath grouper that I’ve ever seen! We estimated the weight over 600lbs! This fish literally weighed more than the hull of Max’s boat (550lbs). Photo by @davis_bennett_” – @blacktiph.