As some of you might know, Daigo Saito is once again competing in Formula D this year, this time with an R35 GTR. The GTR was built by HKS’ factory team for the D1 Grand Prix and U.S. Formula D. This is the video of his first shakedown run at Fuji Speedway’s drift course. Watch as he tests the suspension settings of his HKS Hipermax coilovers and GT1000 turbo kit.


Forgive me DJ Tiesto, for I have sinned. Some people think that music festivals are annual congregations of Australia’s bottom of the barrel, degenerate brain farts. An utter cesspool filled with sweat, steroids, and sh*t house music. What a time to be alive brahs.

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This Brazilian synthol freak tested his strength, or lack there of, against an arm wrestler is considerable less muscle mass. He probably would have been stronger if he drank all that oil in is arms.

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After blockbuster failures The Last Airbender and After Earth, director M. Night Shyamalan makes his return with this promising horror film! ‘The Visit’ involves a pair of kids sent to live with their grandparents in the woods, only to have deeply weird things start happening.


If jumping out of a plane miles above the earth just isn’t enough to get that old adrenal gland going anymore, then this one is for you.


Russian Premier League games between Spartak Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg, apart from terrific performances by both sides, are always marked with massive brawls after the game. Plunge into the atmosphere of one of Russia’s biggest rivalries with this professionally filmed and edited fist fight in a forest!

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This lists breaks down the worst fighter ever to make it into big promotions. If you’ve ever dreamed about being a fighter, maybe these shockers will give you some hope.


Today’s Mad Max gameplay overview trailer reveals the Thunderdome, the caged gladiator arena from 1985’s Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Does this mean we can anticipate deadly cage fights as much as ruthless desert warfare? The appearance of the Thunderdome isn’t the only thing we learn from the new Mad Max trailer, obviously. We also see plenty of driving, crafting, fighting, and… dog food eating. Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the Mad Max game in the comments now!


Patricia Ebel from Naples, Florida, has made internet history for crashing her BMW while drunk and in a bikini. The story is funny, but it hits a sad note when you learn that her 10-year-old grandson was in the car. That sad note is quickly snuffed out when you learn that the kid was uninjured, as was the grandma and the occupants of the Mustang she plowed into at a red light. You may never see a bikini grandma fail a field sobriety test again, so make sure you watch this video.

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After learning Kat Dennings’ voicemail was the famous George Costanza answering machine song, Jason Alexander agreed to record a custom version for the 2 Broke Girls star.


The poor man must have thought they were talking about his pants sagging low, yes officer, they are down! The first police officer’s taser must have needed a charge, because the other cop had bruh straight screaming. They both should have sat down in the chairs and waited for back up.


Fredrik Sørlie returns in his Underground Garage Cressida JZX30 for some proper winter rallying on an snowy special stage – deep in the Norwegian forest. As all rally drivers need pacenotes, let us introduce the beautiful model and professional rally co-driver, Caroline Eng.


Builder tells the story of trail building, through the eyes of some of our sport’s best riders and builders. Shout out to Scott Secco for the quality content.


The video paints a bleak future where humanity has become too reliant on advanced technology and prosthetics that, before, were hailed as marvels of humankind’s progress. Advanced prosthetics had put an end to disabilities. Professional athletes augmented their bodies and reached levels of speed and strength normal humans could never achieve.

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Nick Mullins is an incredibly talented and inspirational skateboarder. Crazy to think that he could probably skate like this with no lights on. There really is no excuse to pursue your dreams!

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You don’t want to be this guy. Go look at some ‘Get Fit‘ galleries and get fired up to lose the jelly and pack on some lean muscle.

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What does it cost to make an awesome internet video? About the amount of a snowmobile and a hired helicopter to film. But I’d say it is probably worth it!


What’s the difference between a Selfie Stick and a Tampon String? Nothing. You’re always going to find a c*nt at the other end. The complete lack of respect, education, morals and class it takes to believe that it’s ok for your girlfriend to physically fight your mother, and record it, is mind boggling.