The Internet can’t stop talking about street harassment, but if there’s something unique about this video, it’s that pretty much everyone seems comfortable yelling at a drag queen. It all seems pretty lighthearted, but it is interesting to see people take someone dressing up as a license to be openly loud, mean, and/or opinionated. If this video says anything, it’s that maybe people just need to respect other’s space, no matter how they’re dressed. The amount of guys who still checked that men’s ass was like 94.2%. Also, props for the guy for not laughing.

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This wannabe robber chose the wrong store to hold up! He was literally made to clean up his own blood after getting knocked out!


Out in the Glamis Sand Dunes the petrol heads do things differently. For a start, they like big suspension. And power, sh*tloads of power. Then they bolt everything into buggies like the Funco Motorsports Sand Rail. Most importantly, they also like thrashing them in the large sandbox, while filming themselves in HD. For this, we’re tremendously grateful. This Go Pro-themed Funco Sand Car was built for a customer overseas in the Gulf Coast, so this might be the only time you will ever see this car in Glamis. The car has a 440 Whipple Supercharged engine that boasts about 850 horsepower. This model, the “GTQ”, is the “Qatar” model/design (notice how the body panels enclose the rear shocks). Click on to watch several good reasons why we should all move out to the dunes immediately. Shout out to Ryan Worley for the submission.


In the brief clip, the mother, seen wearing a mask over her mouth and holding a thermometer, says: ‘Look at his temperature!’ She shows it to the father, who is off-camera, who immediately declares: ‘Oh hell no! He got Ebola!’ At this point, the boy screams in terror and bursts into tears at the news while his younger brother runs off. The prank has divided viewers, with some proclaiming it is ‘cruel’ and ‘heartless’ and others defending it as ‘hilarious’. What do you think?

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We all have those moments when we wish we could be living in Russia, and be able to get away with driving on the footpath to avoid a traffic jam. If this sounds like you, maybe you should become an ambulance driver. Put those driving skills to good use!

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This is the first video on YouTube running at 60 frames per second (fps), instead of the usual 24 / 30fps. Currently, you can only watch 60fps YouTube clips through Chrome and have HTML5 enabled. If a video was shot at 60fps and your Internet connection can support it, the higher frame rate should kick in once you crank a video up to high definition. Pretty awesome!


This Vancouver local is on fire right now. SonReal just released a music video that features almost 60 different locations all over the US. Currently on his Everywhere We Go Tour, SonReal is continuing on the up and up with his hit tracks and music videos that prove he is working hard to set himself apart from other artists. It has been a big year for him and his team, winning the award for Much Music’s Much Fact Video of the Year and selling out his show in Vancouver. Directed, filmed and edited by another Vancouverite Dane Collison, this is a music video you don’t want to click away from. Buy ‘Preach’ on iTunes HERE!

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Don’t bother trying to understand this. Just enjoy the slow motion jiggly goodness.


From someone who is unafraid of controversy, and challenges the norms and expectations of online video with his creativity, comes another dangerously funny video. Yes, Rémi Gaillard is back and this time, he comes to troll us as a suicidal clown. Watch what happens as he pretends to take his own life!


BASE Jumping with Nitro Circus can lead to somebody’s first or somebody’s last. Travis Pastrana, Wheelz, Roner, Dusty and Brandon Lillard find that out the hard way in the latest from Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures.

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If you haven’t had the best week, be thankful you aren’t one of these people. Check out some of the funniest fails this week had to offer!


Randy Orton is everywhere at all times. He was there that time you went ice-skating and nailed yourself. He dropped the hammer the first time you set foot on a skateboard. What scientists won’t tell you is that “gravity” is just the invisible hands of Orton, always waiting at the ready to rock-shock-kaboom you into the Earth’s mantle with a signature “RKO” knockout!


Never let it be said that Kid Rock has no heart. The rapping, rocking, and sometimes country-crooning singer surprised Dan McGurk, a superfan with Down Syndrome, earlier this week at his 30th birthday celebration. At his party at a local eatery, McGurk is seen discussing his next milestone birthday. A waiter sings an operatic version of “Happy Birthday,” and for the encore Kid Rock reveals himself, wearing a flannel shirt and a fedora, as a waitress brings out a pumpkin-shaped cake. When McGurk first spots Kid Rock, the look on his face is priceless.

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Being polite goes a long way, and in Russia, you will likely receive a thank you filled with love and sincerity. Watch how these Russians react when a driver let’s them cross the street or change lanes.


Robots with feelings is well-tread sci-fi territory. But if Alex Garland (the man behind 28 Days Later) was able to bring new life into the zombie trope, he can find an intelligent and thrilling twist on this as well. Will you watch it?

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Check out this truly epic montage of slow motion footage from Larry’s day at Ft. Bragg with the Green Berets. Everything from the Milkor Grenade Launcher to the Javelin, with Carl Gustav’s and RPGs, and much much more!


Watch expert butcher Tom Mylan dissect a pig to find the choice cuts. This dude is truly an artist. Makes me want to buy a set of sharp knives.


GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up to bring you a POV video contest like no other. Think you have the gnarliest line and can capture it in a unique way? Bust out your GoPro and start submitting those POV clips to get yourself into contention for the $20,000 and all the glory that goes with winning the raddest POV contest ever!