In director Yeon Sang-ho’s new horror movie Train to Busan, a young girl convinces her divorced father to accompany her on a choo-choo ride from Seoul to her mother’s home 280 miles away. What could ruin their trip? F**ken zombies, that’s what!


“Stevie Churchill, Michal Smelko, Joe Jarvis, Carlo Hoffmann, Mirco Andreani, Jordan Aleppoo, and new addition to the crew Jakub Juza road the city streets of Prague and Brno and this is what they came back with. Relax and hit play. Filmed and edited by Richard Forne.” – Federal Bikes.


A powerful storm rolled across northern Vietnam on Thursday killing one person, delaying flights and felling hundreds of trees in the capital Hanoi. Vietnam is hit by an average of eight to 10 tropical storms every year, which often cause heavy material and human losses.


If he makes even one metal piece of equipment I’ll be blown away. This guy goes out into the bush with a pair of f**king shorts on and now he’s refined iron. What the f**k am I doing? He’s going to have to start a new channel soon, Medieval Technology.


Will Smith arrived for his interview on The Tonight Show Thursday, but wasn’t quite pleased with his entrance. So, the two-time Oscar nominee wandered backstage to give it another try, but still wasn’t satisfied after coming out in a giant plastic bubble. The third entrance was severely lacking Carlton.


Sam Pilgrim breaks away from the Peloton to discover a new kind of route to the finish line at this year’s Tour de France. Really impressive what he can manage to do with a road bike!


Watch as a coalition aircraft destroys Da’esh vehicle near Manbij, Syria, to deny logistics lines and disrupt terrorist operations.


As Still Brazy continues to soak in, YG is going hard on the visuals. Today, he’s come through with a video to the track “Word is Bond,” a P Lo-produced slapper featuring Slim 400. This is a different look than any video YG has put out, mainly because it takes place in Tokyo, though it’s soon obvious that YG’s presence in the Tokyo streets is much the same as it is back home in Bompton.


UFC president Dana White has been part owner of his fight promotion for nearly 20 years, working side by side with one of his best friends, Lorenzo Fertitta. With the sale of the UFC to WME-IMG pending, that’s all about to change. White will maintain his role as company president for at least the next five years, but Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, his longtime partners, are going to be out of the day-to-day operations of the business. That kind of bugged White out a bit.

Jamie OBrienJamie OBrien

Waimea is “The X-Factor of Fun” because anything can happen there: from pulling into the shore break to getting weird with the winch and water skis. Check it out!


This is a compilation of the best sounds produced during the 2016 Isle of Man TT, as roaring bikes of all kinds weave between the hedges in the countryside!


Lexy Panterra is a professional destroyer of productivity, with twerking videos that will leave you in a zombified state and instantly searching for more.


“Ok…this kind of wasn’t fair to Michael. His GF hit us up on Instagram to put him to the test. We caught up with him while he was out shopping for groceries (his gf knew he was up to no good while buy broccoli – she helped us set that up). We throw a massively huge booty in his face! Check her out @lisarodriguez. Let’s see if he’s super human, and can resist temptations!” – To Catch a Cheater.


“The Falcon is powered by a twin turbocharged Dandy small block Ford Windsor V8 that pushes out around 2200hp. Early passes resulted in a little damage to the exhaust and underbody where it was promptly fixed at ProFab Motorsport Fabrications. Keen to have a crack at the 200mph mark, it’s a struggle trying to get the power down through stock suspension and on small tyres.” – Full Boost.

gtav_redux gta-5-redux-april-screen-5

The goal of this mod was to try and make GTAV look as photorealistic as possible. While it isn’t absolutely perfect, it is quite close. You can learn more about this mod here!


A gang of sharks can be seen swarming violently during the whale buffet off the shores of Cape Cuvier, near Carnarvon in Western Australia. Grant and his son Sam Eastland were awe-struck at the spectacle, which saw some of the sharks come so close to the shore they almost beached themselves. For Sam, the lure of touching a shark proved too much as he ran into the water during the frenzy. “I wanted to see if I could grab it,” he said. “But I got a bit too wet.”


Robin Black dives into the glorious UFC 201 main event between Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title. How much growth will Woodley show after a lengthy layoff against the King of the 5th round?


Obviously Matt Damon himself isn’t Chinese, and by now we understand that trans-racial stage makeup is horrible. But where does his character fit into the history of China? Maybe the character is Chinese. Maybe the character is a “wandering stranger” archetype. Maybe this a movie about flying demons attacking the Great of Wall of China, and it won’t bother explaining why this older white man stopped by to fight stuff.