If you ever wondered what a film starring Salma Hayek, playing a sexy assassin holed up in her apartment while a gruelling gauntlet of gangsters burst their way in, shooting up the place, well, then first off, congratulations for having such a specific vision. Secondly, it seems that your eccentric curiosity is about to be sated, because the new trailer for Salma Hayek’s new film, Everly is basically everything that was just described.

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Colima is one of Mexico’s most active volcanoes, known as the ‘Volcano of Fire’. This footage shows the unexpected eruption, captured by a camera set up to observe the volcano. Towns and villages are located near to the skirts of the volcano, but despite ash falling as far as 15 miles/24km away, no homes or properties were damaged.


We’ve all seen some pretty awesome beer commercials debuted on Super Bowl Sunday over the years. But this year, Bud Light has really gone above and beyond by building a life-size Pac-Man game for its Super Bowl XLIX commercial, and it looks just as epic as it sounds. Anyone who has ever drunk too much knows trying to get home is a lot like Pac Man, except those are police lights behind you, not ghosts!

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Designed to be faster than a snow cat and more affordable than taking a helicopter, Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX features four tracks which enable the truck to drive in snowy terrain. While they each weigh about 350 lbs/159 kg, the truck’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine compensates for the added mass by producing approximately 650 bhp. You can also see the truck in action here!


There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a good meal after a long day to have it ruined with a sh*t load of chilli powder. The poor bloke is a bee’s dick away from snapping completely.

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A building swell caught a pack of top big wave surfers in an exciting fashion at Jaws, Hawaii. This perspective of the wave gives you an idea of how insane all these surfers really are!


I went into this thinking that nearly 10 minutes was too long for a video like this, but god damn it if I wasn’t enthralled for the entire time. From the tiny adorable snow chains, to using the mechanical arm to actually attach an equally adorable tiny tow rope. This was a billion times more entertaining than those towing reality shows. Those cameras make it look like you’re actually a little person in the vehicle. Seriously awesome.

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Max Domi of the London Knights scored what might end up as the goal of the year. Domi somehow flipped the puck over and sidestep the sprawling goalie, then followed the puck and from mid-air redirected it into the net!

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After finding out his best friend had cancer, first grader Vincent Butterfield shaved his head and raised money to help support the expensive treatments. Whats a legend.

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Daewon Song takes his cues from video games and puts them down on his board in real life. If you try to keep up with what is happening in this video, your brain might explode!


A New Jersey student is in quite a bit of hot water after physically assaulting his teacher and slamming him to the ground over a simple request. After the teacher took the youth’s cell phone because he was not following the rules, the student thought his best course of action was to attack his mentor.

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Anything can happen in the ring, and these fighters do the impossible by accidentally knocking themselves out. Damn!


“This old f**k hits me with his car after a bunch of people told him to watch out for me, his instinct was to call me an a**hole. He then got in my face expecting me to back down, but I don’t work like that, never have. So if your some over confident dick whom likes to run his mouth in front of his family to look tough let this be a helpful lesson. Even gave him a chance to take off but his pussy family jumped in after he made a stupid choice.” – Nikk Fitzgerald.

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Postman and dogs have always been enemies since forever, but this postie has flipped the script. Armed with a pack of dog treats, he rolls through the streets making friends for life.


This is just nuts. As everyone who’s played Street Fighter 2 knows, after a world warrior has successfully defeated three opponents in the tournament he or she is sent to a Car Crusher bonus round where the objective is to wreck a car that’s in perfect working condition, as some sort of crazy test of strength or skill. Ever wondered how impressive that would look like, if Street Fighter 2 were real and an actual Car Crusher bonus round took place in real-life? Check it out!


At least 30 people, including two children, have been killed in shelling in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, in the latest violence to rock the disputed Donetsk region. Another 93 people were injured, 75 of whom needed hospital treatment, Mariupol City Council said. Pro-Russian separatists are being blamed for the attack on residential areas in the port city. Imagine this kind of sh*t in your daily life. Horrible.


“The power is still on here and it is alarmed. Do not attempt to trespass here; you will be caught and charged. I’ve run into and been chased by guys wielding metal pipes, chased by cops, security, etc. Sometimes you find other explorers, homeless, or property owners. I have friends who have almost been shot, attacked by meth heads, and nearly raped.” – BackyardExploration

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You know you’re tired as all hell when your run is a walking pace. Watch as a Drill Instructor destroys a recruit at the Marine Corps Boot Camp.