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CCTV footage shows a group of teenagers taunting the shop owner before kicking in the shop door and making off with food and drink.


Hot on the heels of Stefan Janoski’s offcuts from the Chronicles Vol.1, Nike has dropped Grant Taylor’s extras – which, as you can imagine, are absolutely insane. Proper next level business from GT awaits.


Young Japanese ripper Keita Inamura, seems to have stocked up on some decent balls whilst in New Zealand, and got the stomach to give a switch backside 1620 a whirl at Cardrona’s infamous mega booter. Of course this will always bring up the age old argument of style vs rotations, but progression is one thing you can’t stop no matter how hard you try. What do you think will go down next? Only time will tell.

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Craving a little adventure? This compilation video might shine a light on what’s missing in your life. You just need a healthy dose of tanks, guns, fighter jets and explosions. Get some!


I’d like to imagine this is exactly what Rampages’ internal voice is like when he’s losing in a fight. Someone thought it would be entertaining to watch Rampage Jackson play the EA UFC game on Twitch, and of course Rampage would play with himself, who else would he play with, Jon Jones? I’ll admit, watching Rampage play is entertaining. Funnier than 90% of the people on Twitch.

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“Hail, Caesar!” is set in a big Hollywood studio in the 1950s; Clooney plays Baird Whitlock, one of the studio’s biggest stars, who is kidnapped while shooting a big swords-and-sandals epic also called “Hail, Caesar.” It looks to be one of the goofy Coen Brothers movies like “The Big Lebowski” or “Burn After Reading”!


Since most of us uncoordinated plebeians will never be able to even stand up on a surfboard, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to the unbelievable beauty that is scoring ourselves an insane Fijian barrel.


The big one hit and all that’s left is one man, one motorcycle, and a lot of time to ride. GEICO EnduroCross and offroad shredder Cody Webb is a god damn star on 2 wheels. Check it out!

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Here is a product that will help you poop like science intends you to. Get complete elimination with this ‘squatty potty’, a product recommended by Mens Health, Shark Tank and even Howard Stern. Plop plop, baby!


You’ve heard of swimming with the whale sharks up in Exmouth. But what about paddle boarding with the Southern Right whales in Esperance? Some incredible footage has emerged of this encounter on the South East Coast of Australia.


Great White Shark circles and bumps kayak anglers while fishing off Hartenbos. Estimated at around 4m long, the shark seemed way too curious and made it his mission to do a thorough investigation…at the cost of the anglers’ comfort. Due to a copyright infringement, the video’s audio has been removed.

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Make sure your harnesses are done up tight, this is going to be a rough ride. This rally deep in the countryside of Finland puts out more action than a drunk girl after graduation!


Amid orders by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for security officials to step up efforts to arrest Palestinian rock throwers, an incident has been filmed in which undercover members of Israel’s special forces appear in the midst of a group of Palestinians throwing rocks, only to turn on the group minutes later, shooting and detaining several of the young men.

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Gene Gnocchi is an Italian television presenter, comedian and footballer. Now he can add womaniser to his list of skills because he totally forces this young host into a make-out session, and I’m not sure she was even that mad about it.

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These small time criminals get some surprise Dudesons treatment when a bike left unlocked is actually tied to a tree. So many racked nuts!


Nick Cummins was the “Farm Boy” before he was the “Honey Badger”, but they are one in the same. The Wallabies winger has revealed the banter that used to fly around his old man’s shed is the reason he has emerged as the most fascinating personality in rugby. Now Cummins’ talented tongue has taken him to a new field: advertising campaigns, where he helped craft the new Tradie Underwear series. He admits the script was tossed out during filming with producers making the brave decision to let Cummins speak off the cuff.


Thrasher just posted the footage of Taylor Jett’s insane hardflip to frontside boardslide at Hollywood High. Just when you think there’s nothing left to be done at a spot, someone always steps up and takes it to another level.

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The modder community have done it again, and we have this moving launch ramp to them for! Watch as cars go flying into the stratosphere when they get hit by the jump truck!