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Three Chechen women are under investigation for fraud after they allegedly scamming IS members into giving them money on the pretence that they would use it to travel from their homeland to Syria. The ladies got away with some $3,300 before being discovered. Do you think they should be charged?


John John Florence hasn’t released a movie in three years. You know what else hasn’t happened in three years? A blue moon. Watch Florence pushing the boundaries of his sport in his brand new feature film, A View From a Blue Moon.


ZOMBI takes the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring you a new level of horror. Test your will to survive, but beware: death is permanent, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything. Will you play it?

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Karma can catch up with your quick! This guy was furious at this bicycle rider for riding on the road, and took it all the way to trying to get in a fist fight. He then chased him down the road on foot, fell, and bounced on the road.


A Talala woman is accused of leaving her 1-year-old child in a hot vehicle for nearly an hour outside a Wal-Mart store while she shopped, Owasso police said. She told police that she forgot the child was in the vehicle when she went into the store. The police report indicates that the child was left alone for about an hour in a vehicle that reached internal temperatures of 138 degrees Fahrenheit – 58 degrees Celsius.

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Even though it may be one of the greatest games of all time, I guarantee you will get bored enough to hate the game, unless you have the option to wear an Ironman suit and destroy the city. In which case, you should get about 10 extra minutes of gaming before you throw it away for good.


Welcome to the wonderful world where men can’t be raped and women who cry wolf get a slap on the wrist while ruining people’s lives. Quite unpleasant to watch him playing it cool and laughing about it to his friends while unable to suppress the tears from how he actually feels. Oh, and if she gets pregnant, he will be on the hook for child support.

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Lutfu Tanriover went on a dive off the coast of Fethiye, his hometown in Turkey. He saw the usual sea creatures, but he also stumbled upon something scientists are still working to fully explain. About 72 feet below the surface, Tanriover and his companions discovered a giant translucent blob about the size of a car.


60 Minutes secured an exclusive interview with Fanning following his attack, due to air this Sunday. Reporter Peter Stefanovic followed Fanning on his return to the water at Hastings Point on the Tweed Coast – a move that would take nerves of steel at the best of times.


Before the Honda jokes come pouring in, let’s make one thing clear. This particular Civic is a legitimate 700hp, turbocharged Mighty Mouse. If this little hatch could find traction, it would be game over for all but the most serious opponent. Thankfully no-one was injured in the freak accident.


One thousand musicians banded together in Italy to perform the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” all at once in an attempt to woo the band to come play a show for them. Let’s repeat that — 1,000 musicians. A thousand. The moments where you see how in sync the drummers are is so satisfying.

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This is real life Super Smash Bros. like you’ve never seen it before! Obviously this is not really a game, but surely this level of virtual reality interaction will be on the shelves in the next 5 years!


Not too long ago, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling came to the defense of Serena Williams on Twitter after somebody said she was “built like a man.” Now, if you dare try to say something like that about Ronda Rousey, we’ll say a prayer for you because athletes, like LeBron James and fellow MMA fighter Conor McGregor, wouldn’t dare step into the Octagon with Rousey, so what makes you so special? But just in case you want to call Rousey’s body “masculine,” she has a message for you.


This dude managed to lose control of his 918 Spyder in the glorious sunshine of St Tropez while apparently attention seeking in a packed car park. Playing up to the camera with a beautiful blonde in the passenger seat – he must have thought he was on top of the world. But as this hilarious footage shows, he was quickly left red-faced after shooting across the car park and smashing into a tree.

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A car is pitted against a swarm of drones creating a moving obstacle course. Watch as it screams through a series of check points, chasing the speeding drone formations and shooting gaps, recalling scenes from the cinematic masterpieces Blade Runner and Tron.

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“Beasts of No Nation” is based on the highly-acclaimed novel by Nigerian author Uzodinma Iweala, bringing to life the gripping tale of Agu, a child soldier torn from his family to fight in the civil war of an African country. Newcomer Abraham Attah gives a stunning portrayal of Agu, while Elba dominates the screen in the role of Commandant, a warlord who takes in Agu and instructs him in the ways of war.


Someone broke into a house, stole a laptop and other items, and streamed the entire thing on Periscope. It appears that only about 8 people were watching the live stream at any given time, but an edited version of the video has now been posted to YouTube. What do you guys think? Is this burglary real or fake?


I’m not sure where it started, but the “obrez” translating to “cut down” has gained a decent bit of recognition among gun folks. The concept is a Mosin rifle with the barrel cut down to 4-8 inches and the butt stock lopped off, to make a concealable weapon in leiu of a proper pistol. Mosin rifles were fairly common and handguns much more difficult to obtain, so the obrez was a way for folks who needed a sneaky gun (be they criminals, partisans, or revolutionaries) to conceal under a coat. Recoil is pretty hefty, and accuracy non-existent, but they work well enough in close quarter.