I don’t think the guy in cuffs was expecting a wallop back. He looked pretty startled. Hilarious how he immediately tries to come up and threaten the reporter before backing out when the guard rocks up. Real tough guy here.

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The new Top Gear trailer shows off some cool cars, like an old World War II Willys MB Jeeps, a 250 GT Berlinetta, a Viper ACR and an Aston Martin Vulcan to name a few. But cars alone won’t stop the comparisons to the old hosts. Fans are still divided. Will you watch it?

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This Audi A7 3.0 TDI has an awesome looking wide body kit, air suspensions, 21 inch wheels and an incredibly loud exhaust system! The sound of its 3.0 V6 TDI will make you think differently about diesel engines. This is modifying done the right way!


Conspiracy theorists will never know for sure whether the moon landing was faked in a Burbank studio, but this morning Carissa Moore, Nat Young and Kanoa Igarashi made damn sure that the surfing world knows the Kelly Slater Wave Co. pool is for real. They just dropped a series of epic clips without warning.

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While visiting Disneyland several years ago, Mike Capes gets mistaken for Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. This is the true story of what happened that day.

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One slip up and your fun day out riding becomes the worst day of your life. These guy’s live on the edge, literally. Try not to lean to the right as you watch them ride this sketchy trail.

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Matt Stonie is a goddamn miracle maker in the competitive eating world. He made these donuts disappear faster than David Blaine ever could. Try to watch this and no be tempted to go on a donut run!

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This is the dramatic moment a huge truck drove into a group of spectators, running over a photographer in Russia. The truck had been competing in the Zoloto Kagana rally in south-western Russia’s Astrakhan Oblast region. The photographer can be seen trying to capture the moment, and does not get out of the way fast enough. He is suffering from multiple internal injuries, a broken arm and broken ribs, and doctors described his condition as critical.


Sound like fun? Because that’s exactly what Red Gerard, Marko Grilc and Tim-Kevin Ravnjak did. Sit back, and witness the action from the boys’ session at the abandoned ski resort.

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James Williams, aka DL Downer, performs his cover of Suga Boom Boom (Chasing Dragons). This song is better than half the stuff you hear on the radio today.


Did her parents never teach her not to play in the road? Who gives a sh*t. If she wants to work out in some neighbourhood in the middle of a street, dressed half naked, god bless her!

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In the big city, gender war rises. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus. Ruled by hate and anger, boys and girls grow up apart from each other, forming rivals gangs.


Fallout 4 is finally getting its first story DLC on May 19th. “Far Harbor” takes players to an island off the shore of Maine on a missing person’s case from the Valentine’s Detective Agency. Strange things are afoot on this particularly radiant, almost haunted-looking island. And man does it look great. Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that Bethesda Game Studios has ever created.


In the new full-length trailer for The Shallows, Lively plays a surfer/medical student who escapes to a secluded beach, ironically named Paradise. But her whole Blue Crush vibe gets obliterated when a shark chomps on her leg and dines on a pair of nearby surfers. Suddenly, she’s stranded on a rock a couple hundred feet from the shore, as her nemesis circles around her. Oh sh*t. I’m keen to see this one, are you?

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This feature-length documentary coming in 2017, examines the war on drugs through the lens of the children who are affected by it most.


In i-D’s latest video series, tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral explores how younger generations are challenging traditional views around beauty and body image across the world. Through a number of dramatic body modifications, Grace has evolved from self-confessed alternative weirdo to actual pixie dream-girl with purple eyes, pointed elf ears, a forked-tongue, scarification and no belly button. In this episode, we follow her to South Korea as she investigates the ways in which Seoul’s youth conform and challenge mainstream beauty ideals.

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Fighting at bantamweight against Julio Calcina in Shinobi War 7, Sheldon Reid landed a show-stopping front kick to the face of his opponent, knocking him out cold long before Calcina had hit the canvas.

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Dusty Payne clearly took full advantage of what rolled onto the shores of Hawaii over winter. El Niño in full effect!