The biggest bru of them all, Dieter Humpsch is a born-and-bred African animal when it comes to wake skating (seriously, he’s from South Africa and he’s like 6’2” or something). Dieter has been one of everybody’s favourite wake skater for a while because his style is so smooth and effortless. Watch him session his own backyard on a gorgeous late afternoon.

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It’s easy to find excuses to not train, but you won’t want an excuse after watching these epic humans. You only live once, you may as well taring hard and get ripped!


A monkey saved the life of one of his fellow primate friends when the animal lost consciousness after being electrocuted on train tracks in the northern Indian city of Kanpur. I think I’d wake up too after being hurled into an open Indian sewer.

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Young people don’t realise how serious it is to fight like this in the heat of the moment. Brain damage, death and prison are all highly likely in this situation.


“Santa Claus had a slight accident and ended up with a nail through his eye. He wondered out into the public to see who would help. Filmed at two different hospitals over a 6 hour period.” – The Royal Stampede

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All I want for christmas is a spare set of tyres I can destroy. This guy gets into the holiday spirit by showering the back streets of an industrial area with colourful lights and smoke. Check it!


A few seconds after liftoff, while the rocket was essentially still clearing the pad, one of the engines had a turbo pump malfunction, causing the rocket to lose thrust, and start falling back to Earth. A few seconds before it impacted the ground, Range Safety destroyed the rocket. That explosion knocked all CGI explosions right out of the park. Ain’t nothing like the real thing.


He went a zero to one hundred, real quick. To be fair though, I feel like the inside of a library may trump the news. Just do the piece outside the library. What’s actually gained from being inside?

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You won’t be surprised to find that most of these videos come from Russia. 2014 was another great year of dashcam videos, so lets take a look at some of the most entertaining fights!


I can see it now, a new marketing phrase for Brawl-Mart ‘You can’t beat our prices, but you can beat our staff’. I would imagine one could make a living just following people like this around, picking up all the fake hair, and selling it back to them.


We have seen so many interesting and unique cars cruising the London streets, but surely this one takes the cake. This custom Mansory Conquistador has recently been finished and belongs to SammyDee who customised the car in the highest specification. Before the creation of this beast, he had the matte purple duo that was frequently seen prowling the streets around Harrods. The new Phantom Conquistador has a unique custom interior finished in white leather with black accents. Needless to say the car is covered in carbon and even has a champagne cooler in the armrest.


It took a little wrangling to make it look like these 13 dogs, and one patient cat, have better etiquette than any of your human family members. High-end pet food company Freshpet has released a holiday promo video featuring a group of Utah rescue animals, some of which were up for adoption at the time of filming, dressed up like people dining on a feast of Freshpet meals. The entertaining footage shows just how awesome shelter pets are — it’s even helping some of them find permanent homes!

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From traveling the world, riding at the X-Games, and qualifying to the finals this year’s Vans U.S. Open, Kris Fox has had quite the stellar year. In this new edit, he lays down some serious heat at various skateparks from California to England, as well as hitting it wide open on a crazy unique BMX track in Japan. You’ve never seen speed like this before!


This is going to be an epic series just let me be the first to tell you. I can see all the dynamics. Famous rapper father. Star athlete son. Famous rapper father wishes he could be a famous athlete, so he constantly annoys the famous athlete son with critique and coaching at the wrong times. “I’m more of a friend than I am a father,” Snoop says. “A father to me is someone disciplinary who you really scared of. It’s fear and respect. It’s more just love with me.” Will you watch it?


By their names alone–Spherothon, the Wedding Cake, the Dandelion, the Expander, and so on–they’d easily fit in down at the county fair, right next to the Tilt-a-Whirl and the GRAVITRON and that patch of gravel in front on the funnel-cake stand where the punks drag smokes. But these aren’t your grandpa’s roller coasters. Dreamt up Dr. Nick Laslowicz and colleagues at the Institute for Centrifugal Research, these are what happen when you take research into the fine art of centrifugalization to it’s limits.

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Holding a few pressure points, and few violent cracks and you’re good to go. Watch this kids fast recovery when in the hands of a talented chiropractor!

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One lucky driver got the sight of a lifetime when, on a random country road, Gandalf and the rest of the crew came out of nowhere and blocked the road! Cheers to Adam for this submission.


A group of masked men robbed a church in St. Petersburg and led police on a high speed chase. The pursuit was cut short however, when a bolt of lightning destroyed the car and killed all the passengers inside. According to police reports another car was also damaged after hitting the ruined getaway vehicle!