The most insane and amazing FD3S in Japan is packing a screaming 787B style 26B quad rotor made by SCOOT and capable of 10,000rpm. It sounds like a demonic chainsaw. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!


A woman has bragged about smuggling 100 ecstasy pills past security at the Perth Stereosonic music festival on Sunday, one day after a 25-year-old woman died of a suspected drug overdose at the same event in Sydney. In a Facebook post that has since been removed, festival-goer Chelsea told event organisers she was “legit so grateful” for the security oversight. The festival will continue this weekend in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Shout out to Stereosonic Exposed for the hilarious updates.

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This is what life is like when an Aussie family goes on holiday. Angry dad was driving for the first time in America, and was dealing with a weird car, new road rules and a family that all want to backseat drive!


Wow that was close to the ground. I literally just sh*t my pants watching this, and he isn’t even allowed to do that, since it would shift his body-weight throwing him off course and out of control. Incredible footage.

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Beyond Meat, maker of plant-based “chicken” and “ground beef,” will aim for the heart of the carnivorous market with a soy-protein-based hamburger patty called the Beast Burger. Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown says their meatless products taste and feel like the real thing and they believe they can revolutionise the way we eat.


Some of the biggest names in New Zealand rugby capped an emotional service for Jonah Lomu by performing one last haka for their former teammate. As Lomu’s coffin was taken off Eden Park, the haka was led by former All Blacks captain Wayne “Buck” Shelford, who performed alongside dozens of former players including Tana Umaga, John Kirwan, Jeff Wilson and Justin Marshall. Lomu was farewelled by thousands at a special memorial service at New Zealand’s rugby spiritual home Eden Park in Auckland.

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Out here on the internet, there is no such thing as a limit. Someone will always take it well beyond what you thought as normal. Maybe you are the weird one for not thinking of this first.


A purple Gemini might not be at the top of your dream car wish list but once you hear and see what this one’s capable of you may have your mind changed, permanently! Jay Bloss is the owner and driver of GEMWAR, an unlikely little beast that is built for belting tyres and making big, big volumes of smoke. With an engine as tall as the roof it’s not subtle, but then burnout cars aren’t meant to beat around the bush. The little 1.6L SOHC four-banger is long gone and the blown and injected LS V8 that replaces it is a top gear limiter bash to the senses.


It’s less than a month to Christmas, and the beautiful Sara is back with a hot new ballet “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. We want to thank Sara X for her sweetness and reciprocate her good wishes and a happy Christmas to you all!

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Three years after “Gangnam Style,” Korean comic pop star Psy has released his seventh album, Chiljib Psy-da, his first since his crossover K-Pop hit. Lots of energy, and what can best be described as a kind of highly coordinated flailing.


Most humans are born with an in-built alarm system. It’s an alarm system that stops you from climbing to the 50th floor of a Dubai skyscraper, jumping from ledge to ledge on the skyscraper’s exterior, and dying a horrible death on the concrete below. Russian daredevil Oleg Sherstyachenko doesn’t have an in-built alarm system. Or, if he does have an in-built alarm system, he certainly doesn’t pay any attention to it.

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The Drop and Roll team is completed with Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw, Ali Clarkson and Fabio Wibmer. This new video imagines the riders as an 80s rock band, complete with tight jeans and big hair, as they demonstrate some of the highlights from their upcoming show season.

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These are the type of women that will cuddle you gently at night, and break the arm of the guy who took you parking space in the morning. Welcome to the LFL!


Doing something accidentally funny is pretty cool, but doing something accidentally funny in front of 57 MILLION PEOPLE is downright intense. Accidental Vine stars Lauren and Joanne Lavoie uploaded a brief clip of Joanne choking on a McFlurry spoon while Lauren recorded it — Lauren said that she held on to the clip for three days before she uploaded it to Vine because she wasn’t even sure if it was funny.

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Dramatic footage has emerged online showing a suspected ISIS fighter crying after he was taken prisoner by Kurdish forces in Iraq. The prisoner does not appear to have any noticeable injuries as he seats in the back of the armoured truck. Much to the amusement of the Kurdish forces, the prisoner cries and moans loudly as he waits to be taken away.


We The People Bike Co presents a new mixtape that is scheduled to drop on December 7th titled, “LIT.” Heavy music, proper street moves, and a reputable list of riders…this is going to be good.

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These Korean men are shocked and disturbed by how hardcore American porn can be. One guy says he feels sick, another guy literally had tears rolling down his cheeks.

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Senior running back Luke Turner offered a powerful reminder of how strong the coach-player relationship can be. His coach gave him a scholarship and a chance to play, and turner led the his team this season in touchdowns scored (eight), accounting for touchdowns passing, rushing and receiving.