“During our Philadelphia stay we got to meet a bunch of awesome people including Seth Stellfox. He was a Philadelphia Police officer as well as a BMX rider who made sure we were safe while we were riding in some fairly dangerous neighbourhoods. I just received the news that Seth has passed away, because he was so vital in the making of this video we wanted to dedicate it to him. Rest In Peace Seth.” – Mutiny Bikes.


Those guys may look harmless, but in reality there is a civil war going on between the neighbourhood king pins and the police. The drug lords there are armed with military grade weapons, they have grenades, and have gunned down police helicopters in the past. They want to have total control of their slum, creating their own laws, court and punishments. So if you’re wondering why the cop was firing multiple rounds at a vehicle that was driving at moderate speeds through a residential area. That would be the reason.

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This is what professional gamers must eat for breakfast. This guy draws a perfect Sonic while the heat is on, literally, to get it done quickly.


The folks at Jenkem Magazine have done the unthinkable. Not only did they go skateboarding in the new and coveted Yeezy Boost 350 from Kanye and adidas, but they absolutely destroyed the sneaker in the process — even throwing them under a moving bus and tossing them in the trashcan. The above video highlights a boarder shredding throughout the city while rocking the Yeezy 350s, and he isn’t exactly delicate with the wear. For shoes that are now going for over a grand on eBay, this is pretty eye-catching.


It always seems like a silly idea to try and fight a large man wielding duel metal baseball bats, but that mother f**ker in the t-shirt and shorts gave zero f**ks, straight charged him with no fear. For more wild entertainment, check out Stitches Instagram by clicking HERE.

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If you are interested in training a martial art, and don’t have to to study a bunch of different styles, which one would be the best for self defence in the streets? The man behind Georges St-Pierre gives his opinion on what to take up!


Spanish comedy show El Hormiguero recently got Danny Leon to dress up as an old man to prank the locals at Legazpi skatepark in Madrid, the reactions are pretty priceless.


A three year old Amur tiger has been successfully captured, collared and released into a mountainous region in the Russian Far East. The young male was identified as a ‘conflict tiger’ in a prey depleted area but rather than confining him to a life of captivity, the Russian government opted to give him a second chance.


Most people were in Utrecht to watch the Tour de France starting, but some had to work. His normal post route blocked, temperature over 32 degrees, and a load of mail to be delivered. It was too much for this mailman and he lost his marbles. I admire his spirit and work ethic though. Rain, hail or shine, nothing is going to stop that mail getting delivered on time. The goon squad and barricade for the drug binging bicyclist event can go right to hell!


For centuries, Svalbard was completely lawless, devoid of any government authority. It attracted whalers, hunters, merchants, and fishermen from all over the world – the UK, Russia, France, Netherlands, North America, and Scandinavia. Amazingly enough, they were all able to co-exist for hundreds of years without a sovereign authority or central government telling them what to do or how they could live. Of course, it all got screwed up eventually.

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Friends are supposed to stick together. But when the alpha of the house found a toilet paper mess, this Bull Mastiff had no problem telling on her French Bulldog friend by literally pointing at her.


It seems that Lethal Bizzle’s performance at the 2015 Wireless Festival might have been too much for some fans to resist. At least if this video – which shows the lengths some people went to to catch a glimpse of the action is anything to go by. While security did make some attempts to keep them out, their efforts proved fruitless as the folks on the other side became increasingly frenzied in their efforts to open the gate. A Wireless spokesperson has said that security will be increased from now on.

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Everyone has experienced that moment when a cop is driving behind you, and all of a sudden your driving style changes, and you feel like a criminal!

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Steve-O and fireworks don’t mix. His eyes are like magnets to the burning embers. But that doesn’t stop him doing some awesome stunts to keep us all entertained!


Whether his opponent is Jose Aldo, Mendes, or even Mayweather, Conor is confident that he will obliterate them. Do you agree with him? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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A safari guide has been hospitalised after a leopard attacked him in an open-top jeep in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The attack was caught on camera by a tourist. In the chaos, the safari vehicle and another car in the convoy both ran over the leopard. The injured leopard was put down after the incident.


Genetically gifted model, and fitness enthusiast from Louisiana, Lindsey Pelas is back. Watch the chesty babe play beer pong, make burgers, put sunscreen on her massive tits and bounce on a trampoline all in glorious slow-motion. Thank you America, and happy 4th of July to you all!


We are still very unsure as to which way Nathan Williams grinds and spins, this is in no way helped by his ground breaking ABOVE Section! You need to check this out now for a master class in BMX street riding.