A man born with physical disabilities so severe his head is upside down has defied the odds. Doctors told his mother to stop feeding him as a newborn as they believed he had no chance of survival. But Claudio from Monte Santo, Brazil, has overcome his extreme disadvantages to graduate as an accountant and become an inspirational public speaker.


Police are investigating a brawl which erupted on the top deck of a busy bus. The violence – caught on camera by a fellow passenger – broke out on the No.94, which runs from Chelmsley Wood to Birmingham. The near two-minute footage, uploaded to Facebook, showed two men wrestling on top of seats. Punches were thrown before another passenger forced the pair apart and manhandled one of them to the bus floor. They should make a sport out of this. Each city’s most athletic pissheads wrestling on a night bus, everyone would watch it!

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This guy put his life into the hands of the toughness of his own skin, and attached his parachute to the meat on his back!


Leave it to Kathy Griffin to put her own naked spin on a good cause. The 53-year-old took off her clothes and stood completely naked while accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is the only time I agree with censorship.

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Nope! This chick is not afraid of spiders at all, and it would appear this spider isn’t afraid of her either. Meanwhile, I’ll be waking up in a cold sweat for the next week.

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A man saw these guys early one morning and decided to film their work. This process involved a lot more skill that I thought!

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I’m glad I saw this video. Before this I didn’t realise there was inappropriate for metal music, and was about to take my guitar to a funeral.


Toias Lindberg and his buddies go snowmobiling in Langtrask, Sweden. The warm weather has the lake thawing, but that doesn’t stop them from skimming across it.


Another double standard, it’s funny when a women has an orgasm on a ride but when I do it I get arrested. F**ken Disney Land with all their rules. I hope somebody sanitised that safety strap between her legs afterwards.


Kid Cudi collapsed in the midst of his headlining performance at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago recently. In footage uploaded to Youtube by a concertgoer the rapper can be seen walking around the press area below stage before signing an autograph for a fan. Shortly after signing the autograph Kid Cudi collapsed backwards before being carried away by the security team on hand. Cudi took to Twitter shortly after the performance to quell fears of serious health concerns, blaming the faint on not eating well leading up to the festival.

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This awesome drift session was filmed at the Sports Land Yamanashi in Japan. The lead car is a JZX100 Cresta, getting chased by a JZX100 Mark II. Turn up the volume!

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The iPhone is set to have a bigger screen and better camera, as well as health monitoring and more storage. The other obvious difference in this video is the rounded edges. Will you get one?


This kids got heart, hopefully he learns and breaks the cycle. That’s some real sh*t to realise that you’re on your own at such a young age. Poor kid was dealt a bad hand, hopefully he makes it out ok.


Kalani Chapman scores an Indonesian double barrel and takes home $1000, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, and a year subscription to Surfline.


David Letterman could not stop laughing when Bailey, a three-year old Beagle did as she was told and flopped over to play dead. Bailey appeared with her owner Mike Bower, a bridge inspector from Buffalo, New York, during the long-running and popular, “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment of the show.


F**k any woman that uses their kids as cover to steal things from hard working people. This is why the hood can’t have nice things.

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This gun is either faulty or possessed, because all you need to do to make it fire is give it a little shake! Today’s gun safety tip, don’t own this gun!

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These Russian’s test Russia and USA to see which country is more likely to help a sick man on the street. Before watching, which country do you think will win?