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This guy can play a bunch of different instruments, and calls on all his skill to make a beat. Then he raps over it too, claiming “My goal is to push Hip hop further”. What do you think?


One eyewitness, who was waiting for a set of traffic lights when the crane came down in front of him, told the New York Daily News: “If I caught that light, I’d be dead probably.” The huge red crane, which has the words “Bay Crane” printed on the side also hit a building on its way down. “It is something of a miracle that this was not worse. It was being lowered into a secure position, and construction workers were blocking the street,” Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, said.


If you ever wondered what Marilyn Monroe would look like when she’s cranky and hungry, it isn’t pretty. Snicker’s clever new ad for Super Bowl 50 has the quintessential blonde bombshell shooting the famous billowing-dress scene from “The Seven Year Itch.” But when the camera pans up from the gusting subway grate, it’s not Monroe we see, but the sinewy legs and villainous face of actor Willem Dafoe.

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While unpacking the groceries, these guys found a spider inside their salad next to the croutons. Was this a mistake or is it the illuminati trying to convert all vegetarians?


These are the shocking scenes as a family flees a hotel after a gangland assassin shoots dead a suspected drug dealer during the weigh-in for a boxing bout. The family were in the Regency Hotel in Dublin to witness the weigh-in of Jamie Kavanagh who was due to fight for a European title tomorrow, when gunmen dressed as police burst into the room and opened fire on David Byrne. One girl can be heard crying: ‘Daddy, what’s going on? Daddy help me,’ as the gunshots continued to ring out.

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After two years of tinkering and experimenting Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier just shared a video of what he calls a centriphone, a device that works like a sling to hurl his iPhone 6 through the air while he skis down a mountain. Played back in slow motion the footage is incredible as Vuignier remains perfectly centered in a dramatic 360° loop.


What do you do when the internet steals your movie? You make the internet the villain of your next one – and hope you can steal a lead on the pirates with it. That, at least, is the plan for the Cairnes brothers, whose ghoulish horror-comedy 100 Bloody Acres briefly became one of the most illegally downloaded films in the world in late 2013. The full trailer has now been released for “Scare Campaign”, the upcoming horror feature film from writers and directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes and producer Julie Ryan, to coincide with the news that the film will be officially released in late March through an innovative event-style cinema release. Will you watch it?

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Youtube comedian Woodsie discovered the wonders of the Face Swap Live app, and made one of the weirdest videos you will see on the internet. I’m talking, Japan level weird.


Battalion 1944 sounds like a very ambitious project. It’s a Second World War multiplayer FPS, built in Unreal Engine 4, with motion-captured animation, assets precisely based on photos of real items and locations, and a general promise of high-budget sheen—all for a very low (relatively speaking) Kickstarter goal of £100,000/$145,000. A goal which has now been met, just two days after the campaign began.

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The talented folks at Bad Lip Reading have done it again with hilarious NFL edition, part 2! We’ve long wondered what NFL players and coaches are mouthing to one another on the sidelines. Now we know…

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“In 1968 I moved to America, all alone, with nothing. But in 1969, this goofy, strong Sardinian joined me. We’ve been best friends ever since – even though we haven’t understood a word we’ve said to each other. Happy #FriendsDay Franco.” Arnold Schwarzenegger


The explosion that forced a Somali plane to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff appears to have been caused by a bomb. Two people were injured before the pilot landed safely, a passenger said. Somali authorities later discovered a body near Mogadishu they believe fell from the Daallo Airlines plane. That body is said to be the suicide bomber.

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“30 quid, 30 quid, 30 quid!”, this man can be heard yelling as he gets his head smashed with eggs. The deal was £30 for 6 eggs. Now wait for the ultimate dog act!


Many iPhone users rely on Siri to safely send text messages on the road, create reminders and perform complex calculations. Others ignore her until one of those terrifying butt dial scenarios breaks the silence with an unanticipated question. Heartgrey however uses Siri for something totally different. Check it out!

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Conan O’Brien is joined with his NFL playing buddies Marshawn Lynch, Josh Norman and Von Miller for a game of ‘Doom’! As always, the game with gory, and the jokes were hilarious and the wine was delightful.


Drifting may have evolved into a legitimate form of motorsport complete with corporate backing for high profile teams and drivers, but that doesn’t mean its roots have been forgotten. It’s dangerous and highly illegal, but for some, it’s worth the risk. In this brand new short video from Japan-based Speedhunters filmmaker Jeremy Pritchard, follow a small crew to get a brief look inside the underground world of Tokyo street drifting.

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This guy wearing his safety sandals and some cool ass shades did a sweet look-at-the-camera move while doing a sick wheelie. The party was all over really quickly though.

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Action Bronson hit the Goldeneye Resort in Oracabessa, Jamaica, for the first ever Nyam Jam, where he ate some amazing Jamaican food. His experience inspired him so much, that upon his arrival back in New York, he immediately got Jamaican food and ate in the parking lot of Home Depot.