Fellas, what’s the price tag on letting your girl go off with another dude for one night? Would you even consider it? That’s exactly what Joey Salads did for his latest “social experiment.” And we’re not talking going to dinner and a movie and calling it a night. Joey is very clear that “sexual favours” are included.

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Art Nalls has had a life long dedication to flying. His addiction to the sky has lead him to an honorable military career and an even more adventurous retirement. Nalls has had the unique opportunity to purchase his own British Harrier Jump Jet, and now he is preserving this piece of military history.


There’s a strong Fast and Furious vibe that permeates throughout this trailer, which is more than a little ironic considering A) the first F&F film was essentially a remake of the original Point Break and B) This remake’s director Ericson Core was the director of photography on The Fast and the Furious. Where the two differ, however, is that Warner Bros. seems to be taking a gravely serious tone with Point Break, to the point that there are quite a few lines delivered in earnest here that come off as incredibly cheesy. Will you watch it?


Uniting exploration, photography and the natural world, Tales By Light follows photographers from Australia and around the world as they push the limits of their craft. Told from the eye of the storyteller, follow these extraordinary artists as they work to capture the perfect image and show us our world in a new light.

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This Volvo needs to go back to the factory to get a few tweaks done, mainly regarding it’s desire to kill humans. The day the machines take over has finally come.

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LEGO have made countless video games, but the family friendly company will probably never make what we want, a violent first person shooter. This video shows us what we are missing out on!


Holy sh*t these bouncers are loose. They must get paid to jump anyone who acts out of order, creating as many lawsuits as possible for the bar. Towards the end of the video one of them tells the cameraman to put the phone down. He clearly knew they were in the wrong. Are bouncers legally allowed to attack people like this? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Thanks to donations made to the Vet Ranch once again, another helpless and homeless animal is saved. Dr. Karri aligns this puppy’s jaw bone so she would be able to eat properly once again!


The term rail god doesn’t get thrown around often, especially in regards to a 16-year-old, but I’d definitely say young homie Johnny Atencio is on the right path. Massive crank arm grinds and all-around man-the-fuck-uppery that most young riders seem to shy away from. This is dope.


If you ever end up making a superhero movie then, let me be the first to warn you: expect clips of almost every scene to leak onto the internet years beforehand. It must be frustrating for director David Ayer who can do literally nothing on Suicide Squad without it getting slapped all over the internet.


Watch as wild man Adrian Cenni carves on clouds 6,000 feet in the air while a helicopter flings him around at 130kph. Shout out to Tristan Wright for the awesome submission.

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This guy is the Robin Williams of the trampoline. Vladimir Georgievsky is secretly rather good at the trampoline, as you are about to see!


For a five-time Argentine surf champion, one might think that winning the national Argentine Surf Championship would be the ultimate career high. Not so for surfer Martín Passeri, who recently surprised everyone when the surfer made an unexpected decision: when he was called to compete, instead of racing to the water, he stopped short. Watch what happens next.

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The Cholo Goth movement is real, and Prayers are here to make their mark. In their new video for ‘Young Gods’, we look inside the gangsta life in San Diego as a big ass brawl breaks out between two gangs, both lead by a different member of Prayers.


Finger off the trigger, gun in the low-ready position, this ladies and gentlemen is a responsible gun owner. Getting your car stolen sucks. It’s a fact. Sure, you could get a high-tech alarm system or even the good old club car lock. But neither would be as much fun as packing heat and catching the would-be thief in action. Obviously that’s also the riskier choice, but for one car owner it turned out to be the right one.

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While everyone else was playing nintendo, these teenagers where making big bucks! From a 14 year old boy selling homemade jam to a university student that came up with a popular computer game you may have heard of called RuneScape, check out these 20 self-made teenage millionaires.

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These kids forgot the golden rule of looking both ways before crossing the road and got the scare of a lifetime when faced with a speeding car right in front of them. Thankfully, the boy who was hit only suffered a broken leg.


“We tricked people into thinking we had damaged their car. We stood next to the victim whilst having a phone call about the incident. We hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked it. Thanks once again to all our fans, you are awesome!” – The Royal Stampede.