After a tightly contested first round the former world champion kick-boxer sat down on a straight right-hand that instantly shut the Aucklander’s lights off, sending him sprawling through the ropes in dramatic fashion and right into a ringside dinner table, diners scrambling to save their Hoki while cutlery flayed. As brutal a knock-out as you’ll ever see.


Everybody who has a car and a drivers license can drive on the 3.2km long Rudskogen race track during the festival. Rudskogen is one of North Europe’s best tracks and gives you an incredible driving experience both for road cars and racing cars. Having said that, it’s hard to get any closer to the action than standing next to the pit lane wall when the big boys hit the tarmac for the power slide championships.

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Approximately 150 pilot whales were slaughtered on the killing beaches of the Danish Faroe Islands, caught on camera by Sea Shepherd.

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This cop gets asked a simple question and spits the dummy at this guy filming with his phone. The footage has been sent to many news programs in his area and no doubt he is about to see himself on TV!


These are the kinds of guys I want around. They are trained, responsible gun owners and have a good chance of stopping a wayward madman. I always watch these videos imagining a bunch of wild people has just broken into their house. “You chose the wrong house today, motherf**kers.” I guess all those Hollywood movies where one guy takes out 10 people aren’t so far fetched after all.


The Triple Crown of Slopestyle kicked off in France with the second stop of Crankworx in Les Deux Alpes. Big air, big crashes, and some of the most progressive riding ever seen on two wheels went down, but it’d be Brett Rheeder who’d lay down a near-flawless run to claim the overall win. Take a look back at all the most dramatic moments of the event captured in super slow motion.

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Damo and Darren are back with a new adventure, this time down at Centrelink to sort out their social welfare payment. Shout us a smoke Darren, my Centrelink didn’t come through either.


You basically run at somebody full speed, leap into the air extending both legs so the body is parallel or horizontal to the ground, and smash the designated target with the soles of your feet. If you have the time to scream “For Narnia!” while you’re in the air, it’s usually more effective.

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Americans love their trucks. One way to decide who has the better truck is what a good ol’ game of tug-o-war. This guy’s truck looks like it might be ready for the wreckers, but guess again!


Ive always been told that you’ll know when a mountain lion wants to attack because you’ll feel him on the back of your neck. The scary thing is if you spot a mountain lion, there’s a chance it’s been stalking you for a while. A glimpse of one of these magnificent cats would be a vacation highlight, but you need to take precautions to protect yourself and your children from an accidental encounter. Don’t hike alone.

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Because cheap hacks are the best hacks, this guy shows us step by step how to make our own hologram using random household items. Now who’s going to make this happen with a more adult hologram?


It’s been 14 years since male model Derek Zoolander saved the Malaysian prime minister from being assassinated by a really, really, ridiculously good looking merman. But now Ben Stiller is back as the dimwitted fashion icon. The teaser trailer for Zoolander 2 hand just debuted online, and while there’s no footage from the movie, it’s clear that Stiller is back in clueless male model mode as he argues with Stephen Hawking’s voiceover about the title of the sequel.


Rousey destroyed the previously unbeaten Brazilian Bethe Correia, inside 34 seconds at UFC 190, securing her sixth title defence and extending her winning streak to 12. The undisputed UFC bantamweight champion has won her previous three fights in a total of 64 seconds, enhancing her reputation as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

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Robbie Maddison has been working on “Pipe Dream” for some time, and now finally we get to see what he’s been up to! Watch Maddo ride his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti, wearing full FMX in this unchartered saltwater terrain.


It was the 2010 rescue mission that captivated the world when 33 Chilean workers became trapped in a mine for 69 days. And the story hits the big screen this year with Antonio Banderas transforming into one of the miners, to portray their struggle to survive 200 storeys beneath the earth’s surface. In the first trailer for suspense-filled The 33, the 54-year-old star can be seen covered in sweat and dirt as he delivers the line: “That’s not a rock, that’s the heart of the mountain. She finally broke.”

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Riley Hawk has been skateboarding since the age of 2, he has accumulated some of the best sponsors in the game and turn pro. Check out this awesome video part for Transworld’s Outliers!


Well this just made it onto the old bucket list. Tucked in the highlands of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, the Seven Falls Zip Line is one of the most scenic and highest zip lines in the country. It offers guests with a breathtaking view of the 7 waterfalls as well as the majestic greeneries and terrains of Lake Sebu. If you could do just one zip line in your life, do it in Lake Sebu. It will certainly be the best and most memorable ride of your life.

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This is the shocking moment a crazy dude risked getting crushed under a train by diving underneath it. As the freight train moves across a level crossing, he waited for a gap between sets of wheels to dart underneath.