Having a muscular physique is something many people strive for, but achieving that desired look takes a lot of time and effort. Valdir Segato did not achieve his giant biceps organically, he did so by the incredibly painful and dangerous process of injecting oil into his arms.


Santa has been hitting reps because those damn presents won’t lift themselves. If you’ve been a bad kid, you won’t get coal, he will just crush your skull with one hand!


Watch footage of the disgraceful act where bodybuilder Giannis Magos (Greece) hit an IFBB judge at the 2016 Diamond Cup in Greece. Magos won the +100 kg class, but was unpleased when he didn’t win the overall title and the pro-card. There is no excuse for this type of behaviour, and it will have legal consequences.


If you were wondering what kind of wife you want, Kayli Ann Phillips could be the perfect blueprint. You’d better hit the gym though cos it will be awkward if she can deadlift more than you.


I’m not sure where this guy gets all his energy, but he seems to be kicking life’s arse. Check him out on instagram @Jujimufu.


“When the weights are just too far away at the other end of the gym so I just lift whatever’s near me. Big love. The Beast.” – Eddie Hall.


Chavs are incredibly fertile beasts, and are highly successful breeders. Where they come unstuck is having to look after the offspring which their 16 year old drunken fumble produces. More often that not the child will grow to be a Chav, having received no more guidance on life than the parent.

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A little while ago, Eddie Hall became the first man ever to deadlift 500 kg (1,102 lbs). So you’d thing bench pressing a couple of dudes would be pretty easy for him. Well, it looked a little too easy!


Andrew Jones jokes that he’s “the best looking zombie you’ll ever see.” The fitness model and body builder technically has no pulse, and has built an impressive physique on an artificial heart. Until he receives a donor match, he keeps a constant supply of batteries on him. Heart or no heart, he hasn’t let anything stop him from staying active and living the life he wants.


“I’ve got the right mindset, I’m staying active, and I think that’s the main thing,” Durbin said. “That’s what motivates me right now. I know I’ve got to get up and get out of that bed and get going. I’ve got a friend who’s got a little bit different type cancer than I do, but he does his chemo and that’s it, he’s sick for a week and can’t really do anything,” Durbin continued. “And I’ve determined that I’m not going to let it get me in that shape. I might not be able to do as much as I was doing, but I will be doing something!”


Carrying the equivalent of seven grown men on his shoulders, Ray Williams squats 1005 lbs/456 kgs raw (meaning no squat suit or knee wraps), the heaviest of all time!


Just the fact she is playing outdoors is odd enough in today’s society but hammering through that obstacle course left me super impressed. She’ll learn critical thinking, problem solving and physical coordination all while having fun. This girl is going to grow up into a strong and fearless young lady. She will be a survivor with the zombies hit, you can bet the farm.


Kevin and Conan work all the major muscle groups: biceps, lats, and of course, the taint. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty impressive Kevin performed for 47,000 people. Conan is probably the only current talk show host that can outshine a comedian in a skit.


We just got mesmerized buy Chul Soon and his Brilliant performance, good to see someone love what they are doing.


Former pro football player David Vobora gave up a lucrative career in private fitness to work with wounded warriors. His workouts have brought them new strength and inspiration. What Vobora is doing is as honourable as serving in the military. “He could do whatever he wants,” Trimble says. “He’s young, fit, capable, and yet he has chosen to do this for us. That’s patriotism.”


In the black-and-white footage, the 32-year-old threw down a series of impressive strikes during a kickboxing session with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi. People online were quick to comment: “I teach Muay Thai. He looks like he looks like an athletic gifted student that has never actually fought. His punches and his kicks look crisp but they do not account for defence. If you were able to slip one of his Jabs you would have a wide open shot. I would say that if he picked up sparring he would do really well.” Punk verse Thor for the Celebrity Division Belt at 205 anyone?


The most popular commuter complaint about sharing the road with bicycles can be boiled down to the basic: “they’re too slow.” Think again, this 50mph mountain drive is no cakewalk. A group motorcycle ride is cruising down a mountain highway near San Diego when suddenly, a hard pedalling cyclist appears out of nowhere and passes them!


You have to admire those individuals that take care of their bodies and the time and commitment they put into sculpting an epic physic. Here is a select few.