Kayne Lawton has been playing rugby league his whole life, and has always been fit and lived healthy. After studying Health and Fitness he has become extremely dedicated and passionate about changing his body to become the strongest, fastest and fittest player he could be. Through his experiences of dieting, lifting weights and overall fitness he has learnt what works best for him. If he gains enough interest on his website he is looking forward to putting together health and fitness guidelines to help you lose weight or gain muscle the way he does. Shout out to our homie Jackson O’Brien for the dope edit.


“I am a driving instructor, I parked with my student to discuss his progress. We then heard the crash as the cyclist rode into us. I got out to check if he was ok and if there was any damage. The car didn’t appear to be damaged but I noticed later a dent on the car which I had not seen. I was distracted by the cyclist who’s face was pouring with blood. I advised him to sit down but he said he lived near by and would cycle home.” – John O’Neill.

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You have to admire those individuals that take care of their bodies and the time and commitment they put into sculpting an epic physic. Here is a select few.

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Spoiler alert! It turns out being a weightlifter is good for something… Weightlifting! While this football player was running laps, the bodybuilder was throwing iron around for moments just like this.