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Someone had a bad Easter weekend when a couple of gangsters hot-wired their Ferrari 348 GTB in broad daylight, and drove it away in the Netherlands. A Dutch website claims the same guys have recently been filmed stealing other expensive cars. Crazy!


Shame on the driver of that green truck for opening his driver side door. Doesn’t he know he should always exit a vehicle on the passenger side just in case some idiot motorcyclist happens to be driving by, between lanes, at high speed, with utter disregard for anyone’s safety?


All this time we’d thought the most the most badass jet skier on the planet was Kenny Powers. Turns out it’s Ant Burgess. Burgess is a world champion freestyle jet skier and he does tricks on a personal watercraft that will blow your mind. Using a jet ski that costs more than $50,000, Burgess busts out everything from bunny hops to cork 360s to six backflips in a row.

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We present to you this sexy collection of some of the most attractive women from around the internet. Enjoy!

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This woman had nothing to do with this fight, but she broke it up quickly and easily with her unusual tactic.

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Our favourite trials rider, Andrew Dickey, is back with another mind blowing edit of his gnarliest tricks from around Melbourne. As usual he launches off some huge drop-offs, and balances on some sketchy fences. Enjoy!

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This biker sees it all on his daily commute. This is an epic compilation of the most action packed moments captured on the streets of London!


Car enthusiast Doug DeMuro was tired of people who own nice cars never letting others touch, let alone drive, their automobiles. So he decided to let 20 of his friends take his Ferrari 360 Modena for a spin, and filmed the whole thing.

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Ronnie Shalvis goes hard with some crazy parkour and free running tricks on, in and all around a car. Next time he should do this to stranger’s cars, and then use his free running skills to escape while they are freaking out!

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Nicholas Woodman, billionaire founder and CEO of GoPro, says his biggest fear in life isn’t a fear at all. It’s a hard-knocks lesson he learned: “In your personal life and in business, you are your own worst enemy. Or you are your own greatest supporter … nobody can help or hurt you as much as you.”


There is an impressive series of hula hoop manoeuvres in this video. This is also an amazingly hot booty in swimwear. Clearly there are many things to appreciate regardless of your interests.

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Stunning, Perfection, Breathtaking – just a few words that describe this 3 minute surfing clip that shows Ian Walsh catching huge waves and making it look effortless.

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Artist Mike Wrobel has created some rad images that show exactly how Arya, Jon, and the others from Game Of Thrones might dress if they had to live in the ’80′s and 90′s. This is Epic!

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If you didn’t feel like eating watermelon today, you’re crazy cause watermelon is the Tom Hanks of fruits. It can do no wrong!


The next chapter in the Dragon Age series is due October 7. Dragon Age: Inquisition is being developed by franchise creator BioWare, and the latest trailer looks rather good. The graphics are slick, the environments are varied, and the characters are especially detailed. See for yourself!

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Detroit Red Wings’ player Jordin Tootoo makes a young fan‘s day by giving him his hockey stick. Watch the little dudes’s priceless reaction!

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This Russian gets his first taste of virtual reality, and maybe his last. Right at the peak of a roller coaster, he gets a little nudge as a joke and all of a sudden thinks he is falling to his death!

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If you are a hater of the Twilight movies, you might reconsider after watching this new version. All the movie makers needed to do was to change everything, and it would have been amazing.