Whale tails are a rare sight, but a keen eye will sort them out in public and feel a sense of success when one shows itself. Whether you call them g-strings or thongs, you know you love them. Here is a collection of whale tail sightings.

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Learn the science behind laser tattoo removal before you go out and erase that tattoo you were sure you would love forever. ‘Smarter Everyday’ enlightens us on the painful process!

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It happens every year like clockwork. Winter brings bigger waves, and surfers count down the days of summer in anticipation for it. Check out LastNameFirst.tv for more.

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Eleven, it takes eleven cop cars to catch a man slowly running from police on a moped. Well actually, maybe it takes more cos they obviously don’t have him yet.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection, out on Xbox One next month, includes Halo 2 Anniversary, a remastered version of the original Xbox first-person shooter. As part of Halo 2’s new lick of paint, Halo custodian 343 Industries drafted in video game cinematics specialist Blur Studios to create all new cutscenes for the game. The launch trailer, shows clips from these cutscenes, and they look pretty impressive. Don’t miss a look at the Gravemind in all its tentacle glory. All we need now is for Microsoft to give Blur the thumbs up to have a stab at a CGI Halo movie.

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$10,000 goes a really long way for a student, so you can guess how much pressure this guy was under. What happened was unbelievable!

Someone in your life acting soft? Show them this gallery. Here is a photo collection of all types of thuggery from around the world.

Big Cat Enthusiast Carl BovardCat

Carl Bovard knows he is dicing with death each time he grapples with the beasts, but considers it a risk worth taking to raise awareness about the endangered species.

There are only two types of men in the world; those who prefer breasts, and those who prefer butts. We can all agree, both are amazing, but which one is better in your eyes?

With Halloween this weekend peep this awesome gallery full of epic and gory movie horror images from over the years. Which one is your favorite? Could some of these pass as real?


It is said of the situation where a person has the bad luck to make contact with his testicles against an undefined surface or object, intentioned or not. Although it is extremely painful for the victim, it tends to be considerably funny to people who witness it.

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National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest will be closed for new entries tomorrow, and the grand prize winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters to participate in its annual photography seminar. This is just a handful of some of the best entries out of the thousands of photos from this year’s competition.


We’ve seen plenty of cyclists ride through mountains, forests, snow, and other epic places, but this seems a bit like trying to make a speed run through a labyrinth. Filip Polc was 2nd on the day but would take the overall title in the 2014 City Downhill World Tour. Check out this bone rattling footage!

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Do you remember the first time you shot a gun? Of course you do! Watch this guy shoot a loaded gun, the instantly have to break into a sprint. Watch the video to find out why!

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“I want to thank everybody that thinks the cop was in the wrong, which he was. I was respectful up to the point where he gave me a $1000 ticket for my license plate and told me to go back to school and take physics lessons because I said that it flipped up by itself considering it’s on there with zip-ties. That’s when I got sarcastic. I in no way wanted to make it seem like I was being sincere when I said god bless you. As for everyone else, go f**k yourself…or better yet, wait until the cops f**k you.” – Albert Valdes

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Can cats see mystical things that humans cannot? This cat is fixated on something so intensely that nothing will break its gaze!


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