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A Ukrainian fighter jet buzzed a group of protesters blocking rails in the city of Kramatorsk. Pretty crazy to see it so low.

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What happens when you remove the music and add sound effects instead to the ‘Happy’ video clip? Magic, that’s what!


Spain’s Pablo Larrazabal ran into a swarm of hornets during Friday’s second round at the Malaysian Open and was stung 20 times before diving into a water hazard while fully clothed to escape. After receiving treatment, Larrazabal put on new clothes, stuck his approach shot to within 20 feet and drained his birdie putt.


This guy who goes by Crazy Russian Hacker and as far as I can tell, at least two of those descriptions are true. Watch as he demonstrates how to quickly take off your t-shirt with one hand. Everything about this is amazing.

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If your life was a movie, what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now? Joe Rogan, you are my spirit animal!

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The nutritional information supplied by the fine people who make Peeps makes this challenge staggering. In two minutes our brave peep-eater Matt ‘Megatoad’ Stonie ingested 2,800 calories of marshmallow madness and 2.5 days worth of his recommended daily intake of carbs. Watch it now!

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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to have in your garage this weekend.

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Unsurprisingly the Blue Jays fan favourite, Munenori Kawasaki is still learning english, but has an undoubtedly funny personality shining through whether he speaks fluently or not!

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No airbrushed and Photoshopped girls here, just natural beauties and a camera phone. This is a collection of the best self shot photos from some of the most attractive women from around the internet.


After weaving a homemade bungee cord, Jamie O’Brien convinces Poopies to jump off the Wahiawa Bridge. JOB and the boys then build a giant kicker ramp and use it at Waimea, Haleiwa and Pipeline. Giant flips and lots of fun lead to what may be the world’s best best slip and slide!

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Grow a few extra hairs on your chest and watch this guy give a Jeep spring leaf a second life by transforming it into a big gnarly knife!

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This honey badger is a genius of escape. He is able to find multiple different ways to escape any type of enclosure this zoo keeper can throw at him. So damn smart!


Pretty. Beautiful. Perfect. If you want to get an idea of how good Kurt Coleman really is, just ask him. The self-proclaimed ‘most famous teenager in Australia’ has more than 170,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 87,000 on Instagram. He told a national television audience he was Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton. ‘I’m hot and I love myself,’ he told his loyal legion of fans. ‘People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I’ll never change for anyone because I love myself.’ He said he takes selfies ’24/7 because I love what I see in the camera.’

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This ridiculous sound board demonstrates the effect of sound waves traveling through flammable gas. Things get pretty amazing when the music kicks in!


Lisberg’s newest rollercoaster, Helix, will finally open this month. The track is almost 1.4km (4,500 feet) long and the ride lasts for two minutes. Along the track are two launches where the coaster accelerates using Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM). It will be the second multi-launch coaster in Europe. The ride will include seven inversions, three airtime hills and plenty of drops, twists and turns. With speeds up to 100kph (62 mph) this new coaster is bound to make your stomach drop!

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This awesome little piece of nature was shot using a GoPro Hero 3 black edition, making for some ultra clear underwater footage. Check it!


Watch as Chris Collins interviews a smoking pregnant woman on the street. At least someone’s concerned for the well-being of the unborn child, sadly it’s not the mother.

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Major Lazer teamed up with Pharrell Williams to make this new song, ‘Aerosol Can’, then had none other than artist Mike Giant to help visually narrate the song. The result finds Mike Giant transcribing Pharrell’s lyrics in versatile hand styles, along with a few graphics. Enjoy!