US soldiers take fire from a nearby ridge. An airstrike is called in to remove the threat.


We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked girls from all around the internet. Enjoy!


Mark Webb visits the Base skatepark, the place he calls his new local with fellow Total BMX teammates and friends for an action packed video session that turned out so well it reminded him of the old props scene videos. Watch Mark Webb, James Jones, Jack Hobson, Matt Sheppard, Troy Hayward, and more destroy this new skatepark in Bognor Regis.

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‘Leftover Baloney’ features some pretty awesome drone camera angles of rat-drifters sliding around in a tight pack. Enjoy!

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This guy was testing a motorbike, and didn’t have a lot of riding skills yet. He chose the wrong time to make a mistake and rolled into the path of a semi-trailer blasting passed a T-intersection. How did he not get merked!?

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Calling all tattooed humans. ‘LIKE’ this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

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This vibrator comes with a built-in HD camera and bright LED lights to offers a clear view of internal contours and response during stimulation. Couple this with the Oculus Rift and you’ll experience a reverse birth in the first person!


There’s never been a shortage of doomsday scenarios. People have been predicting the end of civilisation for as long as there has been a civilisation. The trouble is, they’re sometimes correct: The Roman Empire fell spectacularly, as did the Mayan civilisation, the Han Dynasty of China, India’s Gupta Empire and dozens of other once-mighty kingdoms. But how, exactly, do powerful empires collapse, and why? Researchers now believe they’ve found an answer, one that has troubling implications for today — because they say we’re clearly on the road to ruin.


As much as we’d all like to believe this is a wondrous tale of friendship wherein two mates go on an epic adventure featuring a baby weasel and his magnificent flying steed, sadly it’s not. It’s a photo of a weasel trying to kill a woodpecker. The photographer, Martin Le-May from Essex, said he “feared the worst” for the green bird after hearing “distressed squawking” during its struggle with the mammal at Hornchurch Country Park. After Le-May managed to capture the incredible image – which has become a huge hit on Twitter since it was taken earlier today – the creature managed to escape with its life.

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Surely no one would be dumb enough to climb a metal tower during a thunder storm, yet here it is. Is this footage real, or faker than my apology when I got caught stealing a 30-pack of Pop-Tarts.


2 Chainz embarks on a special adventure to smoke the most expensive joint in the world. See what happens when the rapper and celebrity medical marijuana consultant Dr. Dina get their hands on rolling papers made of 24K gold, weed so good it costs $800 an ounce, and a ridiculously large pipe.


Join the Straight Up Stunt Crew for some illegal fun as these talented riders showcase some wrist twisting street shenanigans! Check out our boys Roger Regan @str8up_rogerdood and Scott Horton @str8up_scott_horton, wearing the Shock Mansion Brave tee and Club tee available here. Video and Photography by @Rags.Photo!


Take-downs for days, some of these dudes must be wrestlers. I’m glad to see this didn’t turn into a white verse black fist fight. The guy in the red hoodie was a coward though. He literally kept body slamming people from behind, when they weren’t even looking or talking to him.

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NBA legend Steve Francis was the victim of a violent chain snatching at a rap show in Houston this weekend. We don’t know if don’t know if the attacker got away with the chain, but we do know Steve Francis got a serious choking during the ordeal.


Despite being a banned breed in the UK, breeders Marlon and Lisa Grennan say monster dog ‘the Hulk’ is 100 per cent trusted with their young son. Despite the lethal potential of 12-stone Hulk and the couple’s many other dogs, three-year-old Jordan has grown up with them within arm’s reach. The couple’s company Dark Dynasty K9s supplies animals to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals – as well as law enforcement around the world. They are trained to have ‘no fear’ and some specialist dogs can even run up the side of fences and walls to reach second-floor windows. Many their dogs share their house on a sprawling 150-acre ranch in New Hampshire, USA. The dogs include more than a dozen highly trained pit bulls – and a single chihuahua.


There is no doubt that the human race isn’t scared of a bit of risk and adventure. The question is, how far can we push it? The footage includes the worlds greatest, fastest, highest and wackiest feats including the highest shallow dive, most walnuts cracked with the head, most underwater bench presses, fastest 100m hurdles in flippers, fastest one handed ladder climb and many, many more. Some of the records you won’t believe until you have seen them.

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This guy was given $500 to stress-test Silicon Valley’s overnight sensation, Magic. From meatballs to medicinal cannabis to Mexican wrestling, see what unfolds when he pushes the new text message-based delivery service. Would you use this if it was in your town?