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Raining Food starts cheerily enough with a few Apple Jacks bouncing off Steve Kardynal’s head as he mugs for the camera. Shown in slow motion, the cereal is quickly followed by a cascade of milk, obscene amounts of ketchup, mustard, hot dogs, buns and much, much more. As Kardynal gets gradually obliterated by the torrent of food running down his head — meatballs, tootsie pops and Texas toast are all on the “menu” – his expression shifts from glee to despair and back again when dessert finally comes raining down.


This is footage of Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s a massive free-for-all traffic intersection. From what I gathered, you just drive until you almost hit somebody, wait for them to move, then speed off again. The pedestrians though, they’re the real warriors here.

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This Russian dude needs to find a new hobby. Drinking a few extra bottles of vodka would do less damage to his brain than this. But I do give him credit because at least he’s not a quitter!

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This video is from 2011 before Tony Abbot was Prime Minister of Australia, but that didn’t hold this old codger back from speaking his mind. Props to him for saying it to his face. He’s clearly from the old school.

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You have to admire those individuals that take care of their bodies and the time and commitment they put into sculpting an epic physique. Here is a select few.


Buriram City is located in the eponymous northeast province of Thailand. While the local residents look forward to the New Year’s festival (held in the middle of April) as a chance to cool down during the hottest month of the year, one local politician was fed up by the inevitable destruction caused by young gang members year after year. So he gave them an ultimatum: at the opening ceremony of the event, he declared, “This time, whoever disrupts the festival will be forced to fight three rounds with a pro Muay Thai fighter.”

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This weird but amazing video plays with CGI birds made from a range of odd items. Somehow, it all just comes together to make something very satisfying!

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This rugby player didn’t get the penalty he was hoping for, but maybe he will settle for a Golden Globe? The referee gives zero f*cks!


“I’ve been out all night waiting to confront the guy that has been terrorising our neighbourhood for weeks now. He runs his snow machines, and most recently his car (with no muffler) up and down the street, revving it as loud as he can all night long. Tonight he woke me up 3 times before 2:30 am. This has been going on for weeks, so I knew I had to do something. There are a lot of older folks in this neighborhood that are sickly and need their rest, and a lot of younger folks with little kids too. This guy has no respect for anyone. What you will witness is what happened when I confronted him.” – Reed G

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Spy on civilians and hack into other players’ games? Yep, that’s what Watch Dogs multiplayer is offering, according to this amazing 8-minute game play footage from Ubisoft. Will you play it?

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As children, everyone learns how to snap their fingers. This guy saw potential in the skill and turned his finger snaps into a full blown musical instrument. Watch as he snaps out the Mario theme!

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No breakfast service? This guy had one of the wildest nights of his life, and woke up in a random house after getting a good nights sleep on the couch!


This is the moment a pair of daredevil skydivers set a new base jump world record by leaping 2,717 feet off the tallest building in the world. Veteran base jumpers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet prepared for their record breaking leap from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower by spending time up a Swiss mountain to acclimatise to the altitude. The men are not the first to base jump from the top of the tower – which is roughly twice the height of New York’s Empire State Building – but they had a special platform built to add an extra 500 feet, enabling them to break the world record!

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Pharrell has released the official music video for his latest single ‘Marilyn Monroe’. In typical Skateboard P style, this video features a whole lot of ladies!


Road racing is always dangerous. Not only do you put your life in danger, but also of others on road. Time and again, we encounter mental videos on the internet where people show their racing skills on public roads. The footage after the jump is one such example. Watch it and leave your thoughts in our comment section. Shout out to Rafael Dantas for the submission.

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The internet has trained us to expect the unexpected when watching anything from Russia, but this is a little too ridiculous!