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Watch Chris Joslin’s entry into Real Street 2017, the all-video, all-street skateboarding contest brought to you by World of X Games. Chris destroys a bunch of well-known spots in just one minute.


I not sure why didn’t they have a fan to help keep the car cool? I don’t think I have ever seen someone Dyno a ride without some type of big fan blowing. Awesome build though. Hopefully the owner and his bank account can bounce back.


The 35-year-old American, best known as The Kentucky Kid, had been in intensive care with severe brain damage since he was struck by a car while training on his bicycle along Italy’s Adriatic Coast. Hayden reached the pinnacle of the sport when he ended Valentino Rossi’s five-year winning streak in 2006 following a dramatic final race in Valencia.


Saenchai’s unique style of muay Thai is unmistakable. He has the ability to pull off risky maneuvers that no other fighter is capable of doing, and even created his own technique – the cartwheel kick. Quite simply, Saenchai is a fighter like no other and has to be considered one of the most entertaining fighters on the planet.


A man drove 14 miles down the interstate with a drunk guy sleeping on top of his car without realising it. This occurred in Memphis, TN after a BBQ festival.


A suspected suicide bomber has killed at least 19 people and left 50 more injured using a nail bomb in a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the end of a teen concert. A witness inside the arena said there were ‘nuts and bolts flying everywhere.’ The 21,000 seat venue became a beehive of panic as young people all rushed to escape.


Very little words are needed when you describe Emily Ratajkowski, sexy, sexy, sexy are just three that come to mind. If you aren’t familiar with Emily and have been living under a rock todays your lucky day follow her on instagram for lots more HERE


A torn ligament in his left leg isn’t about to stop Greg Norman from getting in his intense workout sessions. The Shark tore an aponeurosis in his leg after an injury sustained in a casual tennis match three weeks ago, and was put in a cast to keep the muscle (likely his soleus) immobile for six weeks. But just because his leg was immobile didn’t mean Norman doesn’t still go Beast Mode. “Just had to improvise,” he said.


“Not your normal S body! The Garage 21 S15 is a road legal full competition drift car. It looks sick, goes like stick and the owner @tooleys15 isn’t afraid to abuse it! Running a 400HP SR20DET, full Rocket Bunny Kit, aero to die for and Cosmis Racing wheels this 200SX is pretty darn epic! Hope you enjoy the video, fresh content every week!” – @monkylondon. Photos via: @ollieeohmedia.


Don’t be anywhere near the muzzle when someone is shooting a 50 BMG rifle. Life is too good to take that kind of a blast to the eardrums!


“In this episode of Happily Stoked, Sebastian Zietz and Friends hit the beautiful location of Margaret River in the South West of Western Australia, the boys score fun waves and good times including a 10 for Seabass at North Point. Then moving off to Bells Beach on the Surf Coast of Victoria for a bonus section of long right hand walls and turns.” – @happilystoked. Photo via: @woodrowmedia


Benavidez took on Rogelio Medina and won in the eighth round. The 20-year-old finished things off with a brutal seven-punch combo that only ended because Medina crumpled into a heap. Benavidez takes his record to 18-0 (17 knockouts) and is now the mandatory challenger for the winner of Callum Smith-Anthony Dirrell’s vacant WBC title.


The fighting community was up in arms about this dangerous bought with a girl fighting a woman twice her age. Japan’s Momo Shimizu — not yet a teenager — took on 24-year-old opponent Momoko Yamasaki at Deep Jewels 16 overnight. While most people would be aghast at such a match-up taking place, they needn’t have worried. The 12-year-old won.


Travel a** is a real epidemic. Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #744 with Tom Segura. I need this to turn into a fully fledged series.


“I took my dad out for his first reaction and drive in my 500hp Subaru WRX STi. The enjoyment and reactions were priceless. We’re still down tuned from all the work we did.” – @subros760


They look so happy togeth… oh. Do you think this is an arranged marriage? This miserable bastard can’t even fake for a second that he is happy.



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