“On the way through the Su-Hua Highway, a huge rock fell from a cliff and smashed in the middle of the road. It almost hit the traffic around. It was close enough to me that the shards hit my car.”

It doesn’t matter if the 90s were nearly 20 year ago, people are still crazy for Liam Gallagher. This crazed Gallagher fan exposed her breasts to the singer as he left the a radio interview in London, and tried to get a selfie with him.

Three inmates escaped from the Lorain/Medina Community Based Correctional Facility in Elyria, Ohio, making the seemingly impossible feat look easy. Joshua Natal-Morales, 26, Michael David Kligore, 23, and Reynaldo Rivera Franco, 26, used a table to smash through a window and escape into the night before being caught by law enforcement soon after.

“Super grateful for the incredible people we get to work with everyday and for the educated risk they take to pull off the stunts in our videos. I get to work with people much braver than me on a constant basis, and when they take a fall, they always get right back up, with a couple exceptions.” – @devinsupertramp.

Dana White has confirmed the UFC plan to strip Conor McGregor of his UFC title in the coming weeks. It is the first time White has officially said McGregor would be demoted as champion after dodging the question since announcing Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. Ferguson and Nurmagomedov will fight for the undisputed lightweight strap at UFC 223.

That other trucker sounded like the nicest guy in the world. His voice alone has a magnetic pull that makes me want to have a beer with him. A comforting voice, like a good buddy who has your back no matter what.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, D watched his own brother get killed in front him. A don named King Fox takes D in and sends him to London with the goal of keeping him out of trouble. But London is where he meets the man that killed his brother, and D’s quest for vengeance begins.

You can roll those bins next to your car at speed of up to and including 60kph before the wheels come off. I do not condone this, but when I was a young me and the boys would go ‘wheelie binning’. Which is where you tow one next to your car and launch them into things, including other people’s bins, just like bowling. It’s awesome fun, but karma tracked down my arse and punished me, so don’t do it.

“The past few years have been an amazing ride. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and brands in a number of beautiful locations across the globe. This reel is comprised of my favourite moments from a variety of projects including feature length films, music videos, commercials and short films.” – Matt Kleiner.

Follow the 1UP Crew, training in all major “Graffiti Olympics” disciplines in Athens and get ready for the official video release next week!

The UK’s newest criminals are thieves who commit their crimes using mopeds. Rides along on a moped with a thief who points out which members of the public make good targets and which ones are protecting themselves.

Robert Neal has been rolling with Primitive for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before he was officially introduced as a team member. He absolutely shreds!

Meanwhile at the Arc bar, in Headingley, Leeds, in the early hours of the morning…The bartender looks like he’s dealt with this a few times before. He just stands there for the most part watching. I like the woman in the back with her arms crossed. She just steps away and watches, like this sh*t happens every Tuesday.

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Now this is a man with a good sense of humour. I love that after just a few days he’s developed a defensive reaction when he sees her lurking around a corner, confetti cannon or not. That’s pure terror. That son of a bitch better know CPR.

The Knights of Valour have performed a jousting tournament to the delight of the crowd. But this isn’t just a show, this is real jousting, with impacts so hard their helmets fly off!