British special forces are testing DEVTAC’s Ronin helmet. It’s being compared to the Boba Fett mask from “Star Wars”, but what this thing can do is crazier than fiction.


The woman was arrested and taken to Merrylands Police Station before being transferred to Westmead hospital for assessment, where she was released a short time later back into police custody. She was charged with attempted murder, detain person for advantage and armed with intent to commit indictable offence.


Norwegian rocker Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios created a multitrack heavy metal cover of the classic Toto song “Africa” with the help of guitarist Rabea Massaad and vocalist Hannah Boulton.


GTA V is already an amazing looking game, but of course, modders are never satisfied. A modder by the name of Razed created NaturalVision, with the goal to make GTA V look as photo-realistic as possible. He claims that it’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s quite close.


The One Nation leader, covered in a black burqa with her Senate pin on display, swept into the Senate chamber shortly after question time began on Thursday. Following the stunt she was slammed by the Attorney-General, calling the act “an appalling thing to do.”


Victim impact statements were delivered by Deputy Burbridge’s children. One daughter told Carmenaty he could have just served his time instead of trying to break out of jail. “You don’t deserve mercy or deserve to live” she said adding that he “took everything from us and for what? You are still sitting here.” Another daughter called Carmenaty a “monster” and a “sociopath with no emotion.” Before sentencing Carmenaty to life in prison, Judge James S. Heckerman said Carmenaty is an “extreme threat to society with no hope of rehabilitation.”


Gucci Mane may have taken a breather to prepare for the release of his new book and upcoming BET reality series, but the rapper is back on the grind. Guwop returned to reveal the release date for his upcoming album, Mr. Davis, and kicked off his promotional run with a new video for “I Get The Bag” featuring Migos. Mr. Davis is scheduled to arrive on September 15, just four days before the release of The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.


When this 97-year-old Toronto man was born, the auto industry was just turning mainstream. Roads made for horses were being paved over for automobiles and the “average” family could consider buying a vehicle.



The Mac Life is back, giving you unrivaled access to Conor McGregor and Team McGregor in the build up to the biggest fight in combat sports history.


In this episode of Speed Daemons, Motherboard explore how Miami’s natural environment and complex history led to its love affair with speedboats. They meet with the racers, manufactures, and stuntmen who are the centre of Miami’s speedboat obsession. Their host manages to get to the heart of the story but loses his shirt in the process.


Resurface is a documentary about military veterans who use surf therapy to cope with PTSD and transform their lives. It is the next documentary from the award-winning filmmaking team that made Slomo, a NY Times Op-Doc and winner of a dozen jury and audience awards, including SXSW, AFI Docs, and Sheffield Doc Festival.


“It’s always been a dream taking my wingsuit flying a step further, by adding jet engines. Last week that dream finally became a reality, when I jumped from a hot air balloon with 80 kg thrust strapped to my legs with two Iron Man style Jet Boots. The jump was made from an altitude of 5000ft, with the engines blasting at full power 5 seconds after exit. Over the next 2:45 minutes I flew my wingsuit completely without loss of altitude, cruising several kilometres through the Dutch skies and even gaining altitude for a good 60 seconds before deploying my parachute.” – @mccordia


In the culminating event of the Polaris Invitational at Pastranaland, the winners of the previous events faced off in a timed RZR lap around the Pastranaland course. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham takes the pilot’s seat with co-driver Brandon Schmidt to set his lap time on the RZR course. Little did Schmdity know that Wheelz had no plans (or means) to use the brakes, and the result is predictable.


Southern California is home to some amazing canyon roads that are enjoyed by drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists alike. Driving them, though, you often see remnants on the road of a ride gone too hairy: skid marks, a dented guardrail, pieces of plastic, metal or glass on the side of the road. Sometimes these accidents are fatal. Luckily for Matthew Murray, who rode his motorcycle over the edge of a cliff on a drive through the Santa Monica Mountains, he lived to tell the tale.


Hows the saying go? There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Well there’s plenty of hot babes on instagram too. Introducing Stefani Potter. We’d swipe right ;)


“I was coming back from a delivery and as I passed the bike lane the driver of the red car invaded the lane pushing me into the corner. I went through it without even bumping into his car. I complained in sequence and he knocked on my back. I got off the bike and he kept moving forward with the car on me and on the bike. Not to die I stayed on top of the hood until he stopped the car. We all went to the police station shortly after.”