Volume 9 marks one of the most anticipated films in the history of the snowmobile industry. Featuring 25 of the industry’s top riders, Volume 9 is an epic journey across North America, Canada and even the far reaches of the most remote Russian territories. Filmed by two dedicated film crews, 509’s Volume 9 is an action packed thrill ride showcasing top snowmobile athletes. Strap in and hold on tight as you follow this majestic snowmobile journey around the globe! Shout out to Stephen Clark for the submission.

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The first trailer for ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ has been released and it’s a fiery one. War is coming to Middle Earth as The Battle of the Five Armies rages on and only Bilbo Baggins and his assortment of merry friends can stop it from consuming the earth. Smaug is also back and causing havoc in the trailer with his fiery breath reducing a village to smouldering rubble.


Get 2,000 Mustangs together, and shenanigans are bound to happen. That’s what went down at the annual Mustang Week held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The footage you are about to see features not one, not two, but three Mustang crashes. Hell, that’s enough for at least one segment of a TV show that I would title, “When Wheelspin Goes Wrong”. My favourite crash? The second one where a curb prevents the convertible from doing its best European rally car impression, i.e. mowing down 30 spectators.

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This dirty dog is having the time of its life thinking about the dog that lives next door when he realises he’s not alone in the room!


Think Switzerland and one of the last things that come to mind is surfing. Skiing, sure. But surfing? Considering the tiny country is landlocked, finding waves to ride would seem to be an impossible task. That is, unless there’s a lot of rain.

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The Transfagarasan highway in Romania is one of the most incredible stretches of road in the world. Watch this hot Romanian woman get sideways on its many hairpin corners!

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Some people will go to great lengths to stand out in the crowd, which has meant some extreme methods of body modifications over the years. Gone are the days of standard tattoos or piercings, they’re so passe. Nowadays there are many new ways to alter the human body in a way that will make it more unique than it already is. Here are some examples of just how far some people will go just to be different.

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A while back we posted a team fight between Poland vs. Sweden, and now we present another skull cracking brawl with Prague taking on Moscow! This fight is set up like a soccer hooligan brawl, where two sides get 5 fighters each, and that’s about all the rules there are. Fight!


I’ve seen a lot of mini golf holes-in-one (and made a few myself), but I’ve never seen one as incredible as this one. Even though the ball was in a stream for 98 percent of the time, it’s still ridiculous. Not only is it one of the best holes-in-one, but it’s one of the longest. Scratch that. It’s definitely the longest hole-in-one I’ve ever seen.


A young couple have captured the moment they were nearly struck by lightning while taking a romantic selfie on holiday in Mexico. Luis Morales Fukutake and his girlfriend were swimming during a storm near Cancun and decided to take a selfie, when a lightning bolt hit the ground just a few metres behind the pair. Luckily no one was hurt.


Each Monday we bring you a random selection of tunes to help you start the week off right. If you have any music suggestions you feel the world needs to listen to, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will try to showcase as much as we can. Hope everyone enjoys the tunes. Cheers guys.

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Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali might be the official winner of this year’s Tour de France, but the real winner — or at least the internet’s champion — is this random wheelie guy. Nobody knows where he came from or what his name is, only that he just trolled the biggest cycling event in the world on his back wheel.

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Maybe Australia has the same amount of craziness happening on the roads as Russia, there just hasn’t been enough dashcams to film it all. Check out this guy’s classic reaction to a drifter!


“Evangelical Christians around the globe are increasingly holding large children’s revivals where they practice a disturbing ritual called “anointing by the holy spirit,” “being slain by the holy spirit,” “catching the holy ghost,” or “falling out.” It is intimidating, physically coercive, deeply stressful, and emotionally manipulative. Children are under tremendous pressure to cooperate, to mimic the adults’ bizarre behaviours, and to avoid being judged unworthy, disappointing, or worse, under satan’s spell. Most are acting, consciously or subconsciously, feeling anxiety and guilt long afterward for not having the “genuine” experience they imagine the rest are surely having. The preachers, of course, are paid for results.” – Bo Gardiner


If your going to be the throwing wheelies everywhere for the crowd at the dunes, at the very least you could install a clear hard plastic floor so you can see who you are killing. Whose fault do you think it was? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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A first look at the long-awaited Simpsons Family Guy crossover episode has been released at Comic Con, revealing Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson’s budding friendship. The Simpsons’ creative team appear to have shaken up the long-running show’s format in a bid to boost ratings after they fell to an all-time low earlier this year.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ takes us back to the post-apocalyptic world where anti-hero Mad Max, played by Tom Hardy, roams the lawless lands. This trailer has so much action I don’t even know my own name anymore.