“It was a tough couple of weeks after, we lost the game because of that moment,” Richardson told cricket.com.au. “And at the stage South Australia was really struggling in that form (50-over) of the game. “I took it pretty hard those first couple of weeks but now you can always sit back and laugh at it and have a joke, but it was a pretty bad moment when it happened.”


At Don Antonio, one of Manhattan’s most authentic pizzerias, chef Roberto Caporuscio is slowly converting the masses to a Neapolitan classic. The dough is fried then put in the oven where it quickly cooks off its oil and grease, leaving a flaky crust and perfectly layered pizza!


A powerful earthquake rocked Mexico, killing at least 149 people and toppling buildings — less than two weeks after a magnitude-8.1 quake hit the country and left nearly 100 dead. The quake struck central Mexico and had a magnitude of 7.1, the United States Geological Survey said. Its epicenter was in the state of Puebla, about 80 miles southeast of the capital, Mexico City.


It was a sunny day in Los Angeles, and Boo Johnson took full advantage of it having none stop fun in the streets. Join him for a quick squirt on the pitbike on his way to the skatebpark!


VICE News met up with the Thunderbirds in Atlantic City, New Jersey to take a ride in an F-16, and see first hand how these pilots manage to push their planes though insane stunts.


If this Sunshine Coast babe approaches you and says “hey lets go on a date”, you sir have won the lady lottery. We would like to welcome the sexy beach babe Emma to the Shock Mansion Insta Babes Club.


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The dude who leaves the massive, slow as sh*t road grader unattended in the middle of the only escape route is absolutely fired. Worst part is, if he knew how to operate it, he had to be aware of how slow it is.


At the beginning of each season, when the salaries of pro athletes are publicised, we’re always left wondering: How much do they actually take home? Sports tax expert Robert Raiola, analyses salaries of the league’s highest-paid players!


As you may or may not (but probably do) know, a select group of the best and brightest on the world tour just gathered in Lemoore, California at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. According to the WSL’s live blog of the event, the test is to determine what future broadcasts might look like. That’s why no live. “The aim of The Test is to determine what a future broadcast will look like, so while our broadcast team is here on site experimenting, the mission is to explore new options, many of which aren’t ready for ‘prime time’ coverage,” the WSL said.


During war games in Russia, a Ka-52 helicopter accidentally fires two S-8 rockets at journos at Zapad 2017. The Russian military acknowledged that a helicopter accidentally fired a rocket during the drills, but did not say when and where it happened, insisting that no one was hurt in the incident.


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I love how the guy filming can’t even believe no one is seeing this. Sounds just a little less drunk than her. Those little squirts, that’s no accident, she’s pushing. Never knew women pee in buckets, it looked like a sailor desperately emptying his sinking boat with a shovel.


According to TMZ, there appears to be a sexually suggestive video that shows Kevin and another woman at a nightclub and later in bed together. The person Kevin referred to in his apology apparently threatened to release the video if he didn’t pay up. Kevin has already been seen publicly with his pregnant wife.


No mum, I’m not a porn director…IT’S ART, MUM! I imagine this being broadcast to aliens as part of an explanation of our species. My mouth was open for so long I think I swallowed two flies.


Tommy Davis and the team behind “Infidels” present, “Delirious”, a surreal portrait of the St. Louis street bike scene and the local riding team, The Streetfighterz. Each year, riders from around the world travel to St. Louis to commandeer the highways for an underground ride known as, “The Ride of the Century.” Rated Red goes underground with the riders to learn about St. Louis stunt bike culture, the history of the Streetfighterz and the impact their riding has had on the community. Photos via: @itsalifestyle_photography



A group of heavily armed police officers in Mexico have been showered with bullets before leaving their patrol car in a drug cartel ambush. Officers with machine guns at the ready were forced to cower behind the seats and dash out of the cruiser as they drove into a wall of gunfire.