Social media babe who is widely known for her eponymous Instagram account. She has gained popularity for clearly her “modeling” and “lifestyle” photos. Or maybe just because she got a big ol booty you wanna slap around. Welcome to the Shock Mansion Insta Babes Club


Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out this amazing selection that we think are super rad. What do you think?


Drake built himself a palace in Toronto and he let all of the world see it in a recent Snapchat post. The mansion includes an enormous pool, a home movie theatre, a Hermes themed kids room and long fireplaces everywhere. Drake and a few of his friends took a walk through a lot of different areas in the clip. One of his friends jokes about the number of fridges in the house when he says that it would cost at least $250,000 to fill them all. The mansion reportedly cost him $20 million to build.


Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random and we hope that you might think the same. If you would like to find an image please right click search google for any image.


“Hands down the Biggest Dirt Bike Whip Contest of all time. Get completely sideways and watch the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Contest held at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas Nevada.” – @monsterenergy


Considered one of the largest and currently the largest available villa on the Palm Jumeirah. Featuring over 11 bedrooms, a 16 Seat private cinema, rain shower bathrooms with a two-ton eggshell bath, 4 fireplaces, private basement nightclub, room for 6 luxury cars in your extended garage especially designed for larger luxury cars like Mercedes Maybach and Hummers etc, along with ample room for another 8 cars, 14 cars in total.

'Journeys End', Wales 23rd Nov 2016journeyend_1100

Offering a bleak, damning view of life in the trenches, Journey’s End sees Raleigh, a naive young officer posted to a war-weary C-company in northern France. There he reunites with old friend Captain Stanhope, whose experience has changed him dramatically.


POG is a well know supercar enthusiast who documents his fun on his Instagram and Youtube channel. Unsurprisingly he loves racing games, but wanted to play the new Forza in the most realistic way possible, behind the wheel of his own Aventador!


Footage shows the unidentified boy standing under a roof drainpipe, with water pouring out onto the umbrella. Seconds later, he walks out into a garden in the city of Posadas, in the northeastern Argentine province of Misiones. Then out of nowhere, a powerful bolt of lightning strikes down just steps in front of the boy — causing a nearby fence to erupt in flames.


DJ Khaled gives Joe La Puma another tour of his legendary sneaker closet for his son Asahd’s first birthday and shows mountains of unreleased Air Jordans.


In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson plays an insurance salesman, Michael, on his daily commute home, which quickly becomes anything but routine. After being contacted by a mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on his train before the last stop. As he works against the clock to solve the puzzle, he realizes a deadly plan is unfolding and is unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy.


“Our trip to Novosibirsk was definitely one of a kind! I think there is almost no location in the world where Street Snowboarding is as special as this far east in Siberia,” says Benny Urban, Vans Snow Team.


Showtime Boxing analyst and Hall of Famer Steve Farhood takes a look into the boxing career of Unified Heavyweight World Champion Anthony Joshua. Joshua faces his IBF mandatory challenger Carlos Takam on October 28.


The spin on the ball must have been so fast the leather nearly fell apart. The goalkeeper felt the full wave of relief when he thought he was safe, but he was never safe!


U.S. Soldiers from 554 Military Police Company react to an active shooter exercise during training in their company headquarters. I never really had the though in my head that the shooter would claim to be someone needing help. Thats absolutely f**ked that you might have to lock someone out that is actually not the shooter because you have no idea.


“The video explains the story. A few details left out of the video as I did not want my partner to panic any more than she did. I could have left her and my 3 week old baby and 6yr old girl fatherless. She panicked enough as it was. The end result was a few broken bike parts and sore body. Could have been a whole different story”


They’ve fled violence, poverty, and terrorism – and made the often perilous journey across the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East. But for the more than 100,000 migrants who’ve arrived in Italy so far this year, the life that awaits them can be almost as dangerous as the one they left behind.