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From skateboards to go karts, Mulholland drive in Southern California is and impressive and enjoyable piece of road. YouTuber RNickeyMouse has collected all his best instagram videos and made one awesome compilation of Mulholland moments!

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The first professional brewers were all women called brewsters. The women had to be very beautiful to be able to become brewsters.

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You have to admire those women that take care of their bodies and the time and commitment they put into sculpting some super sexy physiques. Here is a select few.

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A Marine Corps veteran was severely beaten and robbed by two men at a gas station. The attack, which was captured on camera, happened around 4:40 a.m. as John Faust, 78, was getting gas on his way to work when he was approached by two men. Faust said he remembers the men, who appeared to have handguns, asking him for money before they punched him in the face, knocked him out cold and ripped his jeans to grab his wallet.

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A total output of 315hp, or 287 wheel horsepower at 9,400 rpm and 151 lb-ft of torque at 8,800 rpm. What an absolute weapon this two wheelie machine is. F**ken power wheelies in any gear for days. How on earth does he hold on? Now thats what I call a widow maker!


Millennium Entertainment has released the first Automata trailer for director Gabe Ibáñez’s upcoming sci-fi thriller. The I, Robot-esque story takes place in the year 2044 where robots are ubiquitous and operate under two fundamental laws that prevent them from harming humans or themselves. Antonio Banderas plays an insurance agent of the ROC robotic corporation who discovers that the robots may be more human than people are led to believe. Though we’ve seen this story many times before, the film actually looks quite good. Will you watch it?

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The people in Shanghai must be deathly scared of ebola, zombies or insurance scams, because they run for the f*cking hills when they see this guy pass out!

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Australian women are some of the most attractive in the world, most of the time. Check out these two lasses have a good old fist fight, because that’s what train stations were built for.


An Australian man has been dubbed a daredevil after incredible footage reveals the adventurer narrowly avoiding a dirt tornado in the outback while attempting to take a selfie. Authentic? Fake? A seriously lucky escape? Or a seriously big prank? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


It’s hard to tell if Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman is channeling his character Ron Swanson in this amusing video, or if that flat voice and distant gaze is genuine — but that’s why Offerman is so charming.

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Out-of-control youths are abusing bins everywhere, and the bins are too scared to do anything about it. You can help change that. Please donate.


One thing you will not get when watching an Action Bronson music video: Stereotypical rap video stuff. What you can count on is plenty of hilarity and creativity, which he again delivered with the release of “Easy Rider.” The first single from his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful, the Party Supplies-produced track takes its name from the 1969 film starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. The Tom Gould-directed visuals also borrow from the movie, as they find Bronsalino taking drugs and hitting the open road on his motorcycle. There’s also an epic scene at the end of the video where Bronson stands atop a mountain and jams out on an electric guitar. So, yeah. Mr. Wonderful is scheduled to drop later this year.

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Steve-O spent three days attempting to change the Sea World sign on the side of a highway, and was finally successful at spreading his message to the world. If you agree with Steve-O, share this video and hashtag #SeaWorldSucks.

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Watch as a goliath grouper comes out of nowhere and eats a black tip shark in one bite off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida. Sharks are no longer the only thing to fear in the ocean!


The Winter Project is a true story documentary about backcountry snowmachining in Alaska. The story will stick to the roots of its origin as it will be as rigid as the backcountry it is being filmed in – featuring world class athletes, world class riding locations, created by a team of award winning filmmakers. Check out the trailer now!

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8-year-old Kaleem suffers from a rare, undiagnosed disorder that has caused his hands to grow out of proportion. Each hand is over 13 inches in length and weighs in excess of eight kilograms. His disability prevents him from completing simple tasks and he does not go to school because other students are scared of his deformity. Now his parents, Shamim and Haleema, are appealing for help so their son can receive medical attention.

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Say what you want about Michael Bay, but you can’t deny that the one-man blockbuster-movie-making machine has a unique style. His films often feature action, violence, and multiple explosions. Imagine if those signature moves were incorporated into a warm and fuzzy Pixar movie.