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Ohio State WR Braxton Miller uses an incredible spin move to score a touchdown in the season opener against Virginia Tech last year. The former QB lined up under center and took it himself 53 yards for the score.


“The Hotspurs aren’t the only mediocre disappointment in Tottenham. The highly spoken of Chick King really wasn’t saying much. Been gassed up for years so my expectations were high and the delivery was lacking all kinds of flavour. Stay tuned for more Chicken related activity.” – The Chicken Connoisseur.


In War for the Planet of the Apes, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.


A few customers at a McDonald’s in North Carolina were offered more than just a side of fries with their order. The restaurant in New Bern has explained the incident occurred as a result of someone hacking the wireless frequency used by the drive-thru. Owner Bill Purcell, released a statement addressing situation. ‘We are investigating this matter with the help of the New Bern Police Department. In addition, we are taking steps to prevent this isolated incident from happening again. As local owners, our biggest priority is our customers and community and we want to ensure that every experience at our restaurant is a positive one.’


A former Hofstra University fraternity that had its charter revoked and was suspended by the school earlier this year faces public allegations of hazing of its pledges in a story published by the student newspaper. “The university condemns the incidents depicted in the photos and reported in the story and has commenced an immediate investigation,” a Hofstra statement said. “In addition, the university has also reached out to the Police Department for their support and investigation of any potentially criminal behaviour.”


The first full trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has been released, and it shows the young web-slinger superhero (Tom Holland) taking advice from a fellow superhero: Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.


In a strange and mystical land, a young boy discovers a mysterious creature with which he forms a deep, unbreakable bond. But that is just the beginning of the frutarions for the player!


Never on school property dude. Literally probably the worst place to fight other than in front of a police station. You know people are going to be Snapchatting and Tweeting the f*ck out of this, maybe you shouldn’t openly try and cause the kid brain damage. He was done after the suplex and you knew it. Those devastating ground-smashing punches you threw in after is the type of sh*t that gets you sued into oblivion.


The video shows Thugger referring to the women as “ants,” “peasants,” and “bums” before offering them $15,000 to quit their day jobs. But he didn’t stop there. Thug then went on to insult the employees’ hair—saying “they look like Africans” that “got deported”—and declared himself “bigger than the law.” The Atlanta rapper might’ve thought the video was funny, but people on Twitter weren’t having a bar of it.


The WWI first person shooter game is so intense and emotional that Conan and Terry need to pet some cute bunnies to make themselves feel better.

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“While climbing down from the top of the Almas Tower we came across this little rooftop with a really fun slide!” – James Kingston.

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David Blaine was recently on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ where he did incredible card tricks. The 43-year-old magician ended the show by regurgitating a frog, and then swallowed it back down. In this video by Vox, it is explained just how he does this, and it turns out that it isn’t actually magic. The truth is, Blaine really does swallow the frog.


Check out this awesome chairsofter, Tommy, out on an urban game area with with Airsoft Sniper Novritsch. He plays aggressively, taking people out with his incredible automatic airsoft gun!


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A 14-year-old student has been shot after brandishing a knife during a fight at a high school in Nevada. The dramatic moment at Hug High School was filmed and posted to social media by fellow students in videos that have since been removed as police investigate the incident. Local man Demick Laflamme said his son is friends with the boy who was shot and he had been “bullied for days”. “He is my son’s best friend. He’s a victim and he’s only 14 years old,” Mr Laflamme said “He’s a good kid … All of his friends like him. Hell, even I love him and I don’t like kids.” “The kids take bullying into their own hands, and he was shot for it,” he said.


UFC 207: Ronda Rousey Returns tells the story of the UFC superstar, who has remained largely out of the spotlight since her shocking loss over a year ago, leading to swirling speculation about her future. In Ronda’s absence, the UFC belt changed hands twice more, and is now wrapped around the waist of Brazil’s Amanda Nunes. Ronda’s fans desperately want to see her return and reclaim the UFC title, while others cast doubt on whether she’ll ever be the same dominant fighter again.