“Partying on my boat. Just saw a guy get rejected. You know what I like more then seeing guys get rejected? Knowledge!” This is what is known as the “Pass Off” and black and white bikini executed it perfectly. Never breaks rhythm, just ducks out safely using her girlfriend as a twerking shield. No harm, no foul. Everyone is free to enjoy the party.


Comedian, actor and actual doctor Ken Jeong (Community, The Hangover), star of the new sitcom Dr. Ken, gives humorous answers to a series of common medical questions that people asked him on Twitter.



Gorillaz have returned today with the announcement of their new album, Humanz, out April 28. They have now shared a new song and its accompanying short film. The track, “Saturnz Barz,” features Popcaan!


God damn what company makes that chair? They need to use this as marketing material. The ball bearings are the unsung hero of this intense stunt. His legs look like they turn into spaghetti. Think he stretched an inch after that?


Paramount’s new Baywatch trailer offers everything you want in an R-rated, late spring/early summer comedy release: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the lead, with gorgeous and talented co-stars filling out the supporting cast, for a story that combines oceanic action with a beach combing mystery that allows the characters to have a lot of fun along the way. Don’t expect to put a lot of thought into this one; just settle in and enjoy the ride.


This guy thought he would have a sick time taking his luxury vehicle down onto the beach. He didn’t realise he was going to get completely destroyed on the news for being a fool!


Can’t get enough Black Mirror? Wish each episode was a significantly shorter? Well, boy do I have the short film for you! Director and VFX artist Magali Barbe’s Strange Beasts is a bite-sized bit of twisted genre fiction that would make Charlie Brooker blush. Like the best episodes of the BBC/Netflix show, Barbe crafts a tale that combines day-after-tomorrow technology with dark and satirical themes.


How’s the audacity of this chick to come out with “you must be a grower, not a shower”, then later say “don’t be mean, I wasn’t mean to you…” when he fires back. If girls get to put make up on before. Guys should be able to warm up a bit before.


Unfortunately for Michael Ojo, his unusual size 22 7E feet made it impossible to find sneakers that fit. That changed when his school’s partners at Nike stepped in, making a special lasting machine to accommodate Ojo.


With hundreds of thousands of visitors over the past few weekends of Spring Break, the season has already surpassed expectations in terms of the amount of visitors. With that amount of drunken teens all gathering in one area, it’s only a matter of time before alcohol fuelled violence sparks, and this bloke is leading the pack!


These riders became one with the hibernating bats as they ventured deep underground, for some MTB fun! Check out the whole story here.


You’d think that Salt Bae mania would’ve crawled into a hole and died by now, such is the fate of many a viral one-hit wonder. Instead, the Turkish chef turned online meme favourite has proven he’s the internet gift that keeps on giving, making headlines every other week since his viral debut: if it isn’t news of his expanding empire, it’s a photo of him schooling Leonardo DiCaprio in the art of seasoning, and now, a too-awesome-for-words clip of him making burgers and carpaccio like a boss. No,


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The murdered officer, 48-year-old officer Keith Palmer is a husband and father with 15 years service in the police force. He and three members of the public have died and about 40 people were injured in the Westminster terror attack. The attacker was also killed by armed officers outside Parliament, taking the death toll to five.


Forecasters called for the day of the winter, maybe ever. A few pundits even dared to throw around the prospect of three-figure wave heights. Would the elusive 100-footer finally be ridden?


Join shredders Sage Kotsenburg and Sven Thorgren as they throw down during sunset on a perfectly sculptured kicker. Shot 100% on the HERO cameras.


This soccer player suffered a painful end to a game when his dislocated knee was popped back into place as he lay on the pitch. Footage shows Juan Carvajal, 17, from Club de Muchachos Nueva Casarapa in Venezuela, being attended to by medics who inspect his injured leg. They slowly lower it to the ground and the kneecap pops back into its socket as Juan groans in agony.