Hypercars can differ greatly in performance, even if they all slot into the same category. Take the Porsche 918 Spyder and Koenigsegg Agera R, for example.

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Get one step ahead of your coyote infestation with a cool night-vision thermal scope. The cows can sleep a little better knowing these cheeky coyotes have a predator hunting them!

How can you call someone a pussy when you sucker punch them like a bitch? They’re probably mad because he’s better looking than them. I love the irony of these people rocking up with 4 or 5 other people and calling someone a pussy for not squaring up.

Saenchai is without a doubt one of the most well known Muay Thai fighters in the world today. The living legend has been entertaining fans for more than a decade with his unique style and incredible blend of agility, technique, power and evasive defence. And now, even at 37-years old, Saenchai is still as impressive and captivating as ever!

At some point during the more than two hour rain delay, an Arkansas fan thought it would be wise to jump the fence and take a run along the outfield inside the stadium, but was cut short by an on-field security guard. Thankfully because of modern technology, fans inside the stadium caught the moment on camera for those who were not in attendance to witness.

@casasirenasurflodge narrates a pretty sketchy incident from the peak of the swell a few days ago. I was one of the heads bobbing in the foreground of this video. The video filmed from our boat does not do justice to the size of the barge, tug boat, and waves. Probably one of the scariest days of surfing in my life for many reasons, this definitely being one of them.” – @blairconklin.

This is your daily reminder that people who get paid money to play football hit really hard, and you are probably not built to handle those hits. BC Lions defensive back Marcell Young made quick work of an ‘Idiot On The Field’ who interrupted his team’s CFL opener against Montreal. Good night, buddy.

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“Well… finally after 8 months of filming and working on this project I couldn’t be any happier to finally share with you my newest and best video to date. Coming off of shoulder surgery I am very grateful to be riding and feeling better than ever. I have worked so unbelievably hard to film this video, and have continued to push my skills, my mind, and my body.” – Jared Adelson

Phil Mickelson, who was already four over par for the day, badly overhit a putt on the 13th green which looked in danger of rolling off the putting surface. He ran after the ball and knocked it back up the hill before it went too far, deliberately incurring a two-shot penalty rather than risk running up a bigger score.

The bystanders yelling “He’s resisting!” is bloody hilarious. All they really wanted was to see someone get tased. Good on the cop for throwing fists instead of just shooting the guy dead.

If your home break is a spot shared by surfers and bodyboarders alike, you’ve probably heard side comments about the unspoken rivalry. Nobody knows who declared this psychological war between wave riders and their differing weapons of choice, but it looks like the silent tug-o-war is here to stay.

When I see footage like this, I can’t help but think there is an auto mechanic down the road who built the track especially to wreck cars, and he is just rubbing his hands together as all of these cars break parts.