“Don’t put this on YouTube, please.” Unless you live under a rock, you probably have some idea of the power produced by a modern American muscle car. This guy invited his next door neighbour to go for a ride in his Shelby GT500, and his reaction was epic. The neighbour will probably never forget this day for the rest of his life.

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Hard to say what’s right when all I wanna do is wrong.


“New to the team, KJ Nakanelua, shows us a ballsy island style version of skating a California Classic. From hand stands and shakas to speed wobbles and big slides, this video has it all. Don’t forget to ‘breathe in the air’ and enjoy!” – Arbor Skateboards

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If you haven’t already seen it, you really should watch the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness’ new video series, branded #RethinkHomelessness. It’s called “Cardboard Stories,” and it features images of homeless people from around Orlando who were asked to write a message on a piece of cardboard to share with the world. The things they reveal about themselves are breathtaking.

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Jason Williams immediately made a mark in the NBA with his flashy style of play. This is the count down of the top 10 most spectacular plays of his career!

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Amy Jane Brand lives in Australia and is among the most attractive instagram babes on the world wide web. For more Amy Jane follow her on Instagram HERE.

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Dennis Roady and Roman Atwood went to Beverly Hills to prank some millionaires. Watch as these people think their pride and joy has been damaged!


It’s hard work being a sumo wrestler. The amount of food alone is a daunting task. Meet world sumo champion Byamba Ulambayar – who consumes 10,000 calories a day to keep his 6-foot-1 360 pound frame. The video follows Byamba as he makes chankonabe – a stew with fish broth, meat, tofu, eggs and vegetables. The Mongolian born athlete, who moved to Japan as a child, explains that his enormous diet is still about nutrition. “If you want to be a sumo wrestler you have to be able to practice, you know? And then after that the body is going to be tired, right? And then it has to eat healthy and take a lot of portions,” he said.

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Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has unveiled a brand new six-minute cinematic video featuring several of its Champions battling it out in a bloody brawl across a forest landscape. Enjoy!


“After filming in between injuries, competitions and travelling over the past year or so, Brock Horneman and I are stoked to release his new web edit!” – Jack Paton.


20-year old Harvard student John McCallum had a dream. A dream of spray-can cake batter that cooks in the microwave in about a minute and still has the same texture and taste as regular cake. And he made that dream come true. What a f**ken god. Would you eat Spray Cake?

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These kayakers spotted some whales off the coast of Argentina, then of of nowhere the whales turned in their direction and came over to say hello. Awesome!


A mounted rearview camera captured the frustration and flat out anger of a couple in San Diego recently. Tom Parise was driving around town with cameras rolling when one of his manoeuvres angered another driver. Tom realised the lane he was in was about to become a right turn only lane and he needed to get over, and into a lane that continued straight. In order to do this he sped up when the light turned green and tried to get in front of a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck apparently wasn’t having it.

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Lowering techniques go from big dollar airbag suspension set ups right down to the cheapest method… using a hacksaw to cut the springs to the desired height.

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A crew of master assassins play a real life 4-player co-op mission, hunting down evil guards during the French revolution. Everyone knows this game is incredible, but seeing it play out in real life is a whole other level of parkour madness!

#DKNY25 Birthday Bash In NYCAsap2

From home videos and interviews with friends and family, to the very first seminal moments of his career caught on tape, Rocky takes viewers behind the scenes into his life as he takes A$AP from Harlem to the world.

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Get ready to be amazed and zone out with phantom cinematographer Chris Bryan‘s latest show reel. Everything looks better at 1000 frames per second! Be aware of a NSFW moment at the 6:20 mark, or skip directly to that spot like I know most of you will!