​Rihanna is back home in Barbados​ but she’s not there to go through junk in the garage and ask her mother where her old yearbooks are. Rihanna​ is there to let loose and celebrate the Crop Over Summer Festival and she is already having more fun than you or I have ever had doing anything in our entire lives. Rihanna is getting dirtier as the years go by and I love it. Who knows how many dudes have been there. Even my homie Leonardo DiCaprio had some of that. Salute.

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Ever since the announcement that Hollywood was going to remake Ghostbusters, the internet has been teeming with skeptics. But when Leo Moracchioli decided to remake the theme song, nobody has had any complaints!


Making bold predictions is one of the things that has made Conor McGregor such a unique and entertaining athlete. McGregor has never been reluctant to forecast the future and, in the majority of cases so far, the UFC interim featherweight champion has been right. That’s backed up in a video released yesterday, which features footage of McGregor telling the world of his intentions from as far back as 2008. “My name is Conor McGregor and I live in Lucan. I’m an up-and-coming fighter and, without a doubt, you will see me in the UFC in the near future.”

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This busker went ham on a mother and her son after the kid tried to push him off his high platform to see if he would hit the ground in a ploom of dust like Wile E Coyote. Who’s side are you on?

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There really are people above the law in Russia, and this pilot cares about the low flying laws about as much as I care about flossing. Not at all.


Summer just isn’t the same without some sketchy antics with your friends. And nothing fits the bill more than this slip and slide waterfall. Be warned though, you have to wait until late summer or even early fall to do this water slide. The melting snow from the surrounding mountains makes this water slide too dangerous with too much water flow in early summer. There has been deaths here from people getting pulled under from the turbulent waters, so be advised to wait until late August.

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This dog is looking to move back up to favourite after the baby arrived in the house and took his place. If he needs to start speaking english to do so, he’s up for the challenge.


After a month of speculation, Lexus has finally shown off its real, live, working hover board. It may not be Back to the Future, but it’s still a mighty satisfying ride. As it turns out, the future is hard; professional skateboarder Ross McGouran has plenty of spills on the way to mastering even basic moves. That’s perhaps not surprising, given that riding the Lexus hover board is basically like straddling a maglev train. Coming soon to a store near you: Hyper-conductive Woodgrain Board – FREE. Liquid Nitrogen – $5 dollar a litre. Special S-K-A-T-E Park with permanent magnets that create an awesome track that you will never get tired of – $5 Million Dollars. Order yours today!


This restock is limited and won’t be repeated again. Click HERE to snap one up before they sell out. Don’t forget to check out our latest collection of T-shirts, hoodies, snapback hats, buckets, eyewear and more. Shout out to Kirra Surf Shop for the photo location.

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Go on tour with OVERWERK as he travels and performs around the world. Get an intimate view of life on tour through a DJ’s perspective as he documents his travels. This is the film clip for his song “Create”.


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. We just want to say thank you for everyone that supports us and this gallery is just a small tribute to those who show us love.


We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked babes from all around the internet. Enjoy!


Kaden Stone‘s new video just hit our radar and we were blown away by the talent this kid possesses. Kaden might be only be 11 years old, but his bag of tricks is deeper than most. Check out this new edit filled with flips, tailwhips, barspins and no-hander combos galore!

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Because Russia wins the internet more than any other country, they deserve a compilation dedicated to just small ridiculous moments. Go grab a snack, this one will make your day!


FUBU, the clothing brand founded by Shark Tank’s fourth most vicious shark, Daymond John, famously stands for, “For us, by us.” The “us” who FUBU was created by and intended for is not, as it turns out, white KKK members from backwater Georgia. Alas, that did not prevent one man—with the Klan’s insignia tattooed on his bicep, a confederate flag in his hands, and several teeth in his mouth—from attending a weekend rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia in a pair of FUBU sneakers.

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This is an all new approach to vehicle design which could potentially drastically improve the mobility of those in need of travel over rough terrains. The electric engines are installed right on the wheels giving plenty of power, and the unique suspension system lets the Swincar attack any obstacle!