Bucs QB Tom Brady threw yet another perfect pass — but this time, it was the Lombardi Trophy that he tossed to teammates in another boat in the middle of the team’s Super Bowl victory parade along the Hillsborough River.

Last year, an inventor received a £40,000 accelerator grant this year to further develop technology designed to save lives of those inside vehicles hit by road mines. Roger Sloman is using the funding to build on a three-part concept involving carbon fibre beams, a vehicle floor that pulls away from passengers’ feet and a set of inverse rockets.

Watch the terrifying moment a group of snowmobilers got caught in an avalanche while riding in the Uinta Mountains in Utah on Saturday. Miles Penrose, two of his brothers, and some friends were snowmobiling in an area that they knew well when they started to feel what at first was thought to be an earthquake.

The Gravity JetSuit​ uses over 1000bhp of Jet Engine power combined with natural human balance to deliver the most intense and enthralling spectacle, often likened to the real life Ironman.

Players will control colorful skateboarding birds in “bird-sized parks”. Glass Bottom Games said the game’s also got an original low-fi soundtrack with a bunch of clothes, mixtapes, and birds that need your help around the skateparks.

When an engineer learns of a mysterious, impenetrable fortress hidden under The Bank of Spain, he joins a crew of master thieves who plan to steal the legendary lost treasure locked inside while the whole country is distracted by Spain’s World Cup Final. With thousands of soccer fans cheering in the streets, and security forces closing in, the crew have just minutes to pull off the score of a lifetime.

A consummate rock star, Dave Lee Roth’s over-the-top persona and insane stage antics often overshadowed the genius of the band’s music, which more or less conjured the entire genre of hair metal from thin air. David Lee Roth and Van Halen had quite a run together, as these crazy David Lee Roth stories attest.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

The intricate, crystalline arrangements that comprise snowflakes showcase the true beauty of nature on a microscopic scale. Another Perspective captured some amazing macro imagery of these tiny ice formations, then played the footage backwards after they had melted.

Matty experiences one of Canada’s oldest Jewish communities. Rabbi Bernath, aka “The Hipster Rabbi,” shows Matty around Montreal’s kosher food community.

Welcome back to Daily Aviation for a new documentary video about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, one of the few aircraft in the world equipped with thrust vectoring. Footage Credit: US Air Force, US Marines

This week the crew all piled in the truck & headed north to Jimmy Hill’s house! The Team 2 Sick compound did not disappoint, check it out!

ETHAN, 24, has always had a passion for body art and started modifying his body at just 11 years old. With so many tattoos across his body and face, Ethan can’t put a number on how many individual tattoos he has. His girlfriend Meg has only ever seen Ethan with tattoos. With the help of a makeup artist, Ethan’s tattoos were covered up giving him and Meg the chance to see what he would look like now without tattoos…

In place of the old school diesel, we actually find another German automaker residing under the hood. That’s right, this old-school Mercedes-Benz has power sourced from a turbocharged E30 BMW. It’s really enough to make the purists crawl in their skin but the rest of us are really having a good time checking this one out.

Kevin Harlan, who called the Super Bowl for the ninth straight year on Westwood One radio, delivered another memorable call when a fan ran onto the field late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game.

Following the release of a 13-minute gameplay video, we now have the official trailer for Chinese indie action-RPG title, Black Myth: Wukong. The new promotional material shares new elements of the game that adapts the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.