This just put a huge smile on my face! Can’t wait to see it!

The Sheehan family farm in Australia is giving Pastranaland a run for its money, if not in the sheer volume of gas-powered trouble to get into, then at least in terms of how they throw a party. Pastranaland regulars Trevor Piranha and Gregg Duffy are blown away by the setup, and Travis Pastrana himself is giddy at the sheer volume of shenanigans per square kilometer.

The latest masterpiece from Icon’s Derelict line is this 1949 Mercury Coupe that has been infused with electric power. Inside is a Stealth EV dual electric motor that produces 400 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. A Tesla battery gives it a range of up to 200 mi.

Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out these amazing pieces.

A huge fire broke out this morning in a harbour in Barcelona after a ferry crashed into a crane. Footage shows the moment a ferry collides with a crane before exiting the harbour. The crane can be seen slowly falling down before being engulfed by flames as grey smoke billows in the air. There were no injuries, reports say.

The footage comes from the surveillance cameras found at a gas station near the accident site, and based on what we’re seeing, it appears that the school bus had a clear green light. However, ABC News reports that the truck driver claimed he had a yellow light, which we find highly unlikely.

If you’re not familiar with Paul Fisher, or better known as Follow The Fish, he was an Australian pro surfer turned international DJ. He recently sat with Honest Ale and recalled one of his more harrowing, hilarious tales.

Skepta returns this week to share new visuals for his “Pure Water” single. Shot mostly in black-and-white, the three-minute clip directed by Olivia Rose features the English emcee laying down bars while hanging out in a vintage bathtub with beautiful women surrounding him

It’s hard out here for a pimp, but with a collection this deep, it gets easier. From the watch(es) he wore to the Oscars to the spooky Hypnotize Minds pendant, the Three 6 Mafia founder and Academy Award-winning rapper Juicy J shows it all off.

Watch as Meaghan Ashley transforms Matthew into the Night King from Game of Thrones with a step by step halloween makeup tutorial.

German competitive kayaker Adrian Mattern impressively took a ride down a 110 foot waterfall at Alexandra Falls in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This fall is so challenging that only two other people have accomplished this same feat in the past, Ed Lucero and Tyler Bradt. Mattera was able to arrange for a drone to capture aerial footage and attached a GoPro camera to himself in order to capture every aspect of this amazing ride, which had been a dream of Mattera’s for four years.

The Duffman sacrifices his body to the skate Gods every session, pouring heart and soul into the joy of riding the stuntwood. We couldn’t be more stoked to put out another Corey part. Happy Halloween!

Let’s take a minute silence to appreciate the fine form of a women. Here’s just a small collection of the hottest babes on the internet we recently stumbled across.

Jump onboard with Ethan Nell as he secures 3rd place at Red Bull Rampage for the 2nd year in a row – this Sophomore is on fire!

One of craziest and most badass Mustangs ever built! The Corruptt Mustang, with a nasty twin turbo Ferrari 4.2 L F136 V8, that’s right a FERRARI engine in a Mustang! This one of the craziest Mustangs we have every seen and one our favorites! For those that don’t know, Ferrari and Ford have a history and don’t exactly get along, so having a Ferrari engine in a Mustang is a pretty big deal! We love it!

A look back at a few moments from the 2018 Major League Baseball season with a seriously funny dub over. Enjoy!

Everything changed for Cornelius Walker on 27 November 2000 when Damilola Taylor was killed. Damilola was 11, the same age as Cornelius. He lived five minutes away. He had the same skin colour. Cornelius’s mother, scared for her son’s safety, moved their family out of London. Cornelius suddenly found himself living on a white estate run by racists. But rather than fight them, Cornelius decided to become more like the people who hated him. They became his family and kept him safe. And in return, Cornelius became submerged in a culture of violence and hatred. But as the violence and racism against other black people continued, Cornelius struggled to marry his real identity with the one he had acquired.