All of the techniques and materials are archival and fully reversible. Once the work is completed the painting will be ready for another 150 years.

Most people shave their legs in the bathroom but Inside Edition found one person who chose to do it on the train while on the way to work. It is just one of the disgusting things commuters in the tri-state area encounter every day. Lisa Guerrero rode the Long Island Rail Road to see firsthand how rude some passengers can get and ended up witnessing a stomach-churning list of behaviours.

Does this guy think that practicing getting your brain bounced around in your skull is somehow gonna help you to better deal with getting your brain bounced around in your skull in the future? Not only is this dangerous as hell, this rarely happens in real football, if at all. The runner in football, in an instance like this, would be running away from that contact, not going head on into it.

Watch GoPro Awards recipient Daniel Kofler shred speedflying style in Austria with his GoPro Fusion camera.

Dr. Disrespect, who’s real name is Guy Beahm, notices a noise during his stream and walks away, only to come back out of character and announce his house had been shot at. Before the broadcast ends, Beahm is visibly upset, and yells, “you pussy” at whoever perpetrated the apparent drive-by shooting.

Have you ever tried to open up a grilled cheese sandwich? I can imagine a lot of women in that room laughing and then never showing their vagina in a well-lit room again. Women are just as insecure how their vaginas look as men are about their dick size.

If you’ve been getting the same standard haircut for a while, it might be time to visit a barber with some real skill and an eye for style to reinvent yourself! See more of this barbers work on his Instagram!

Once you’ve inflated your air mattress, take the pump and rig it up to a plastic container using a few household tools and a bit of duct tape. Once your makeshift bowl is complete, load it up with weed and light it with a blowtorch. VICE’s Trey Smith will show you how.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a six-part Western anthology film, a series of tales about the American frontier told through the unique and incomparable voice of Joel and Ethan Coen. Each chapter tells a distinct story about the American West.

Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out these amazing pieces.

These kayakers visit the wildly fast whitewater of Tenaya Creek in Yosemite Valley, California. The natural slide has rushing water over slippery rocks, perfect to go fast and hurt yourself!

As in most cases when industries fail, those who lose their jobs adapt their skill set and apply their tools to a new industry. But for the surfers whose job it was to surf to market the multi-billion dollar industry, the job openings were slim. There isn’t a big market for surfing critical, high-risk mountains of moving water outside the surf industry. Photos via the super talented @tomservaisjr and @timmckenna.

Sounds like he has a good temperament to own a handgun. Betting he was arrested. Bullets come down. Many people have been killed by bullets coming back to earth after some idiot shot them into the air.

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Karelin, born 19 September 1967 and nicknamed the “Russian Bear”, “Russian King Kong”,”Alexander the Great” and “The Experiment”, is considered the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all time.

Four males, believed to be of middle eastern decent entered the store with their faces covered while brandishing canisters of bear spray. They were met with great resistance by the store clerk and despite being sprayed he managed to successfully fight them off and force them from the store.

Along with all the art installations, the visitors become art pieces themselves. This Burning Man attendee edited a full visit down to four minutes of the most interesting and weird moments!

A bolt of hype just hit the tip of my penis. Win, lose or draw the guy is a fucking animal. Give 90% of the UFC roster 100 million dollars and you will never see them again. This psycho is about to step into the cage with the undefeated Khabib!