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The 29-year-old Dutchman, who reached a career high ranking of world No.33, was taking on Gonzalo Lama in the Prostejov Challenger in the Czech Republic. Lama, 23, who is ranked at world No.183, was making a rather large amount of grunting noises during their first round clash. The Dutchman let out a loud noise himself in a blatant attempt to mock the man on the other side of the net, and he lost a point for it!


As he drops his second book, Double Cup Love, and takes his global food show, Huang’s World, to TV with Viceland, Eddie Huang’s got plenty of swagger to spare—perhaps TOO much swagger. The Baohaus owner also issues his takes on the whitewashing of food media, discusses his relationship with Anthony Bourdain, and explains why Future should be in your top five. It’s a Hot Ones challenge for the ages…


Watch what happens when Shaq tries to go undercover as a Lyft driver in Atlanta to surprise passengers. Turns out when you’re 7’1” and an entertainer on the court and in front of the camera, it’s hard to surprise anyone.

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Steven Kotler is an bestselling author, journalist, and entrepreneur. He decided to research steroids and quickly discovered that all the bad things he thought steroids caused, was nothing to do with steroids. Just don’t tell you gym rat bros!


Let this be a lesson: Always be mindful of your beverage. At the A’s-Twins game in Oakland, one fan didn’t take proper care of his beer and ended up losing it to another fan with quick reflexes. The two guys were both going after a foul ball when the theft occurred. Watch carefully as the man in the plaid abandons his drink in favour of the ball.


“This tool thinks he’s a Streetfighter! One of the sketchiest people you’ll ever meet, on the bike and off. I can say I was happy to watch this dip sh*t wanna-be eat sh*t. You can’t fix stupid. I’m still laughing at this nut swinger!” – @johnnystunts.

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Samy Kamkar talks about the time he created a worm in 2005 and accidentally took down Myspace. He thought he had got away free, until 6 months later he was paid a visit from the government!


When you were a kid, you’d probably go running when you heard the music from the ice cream truck coming near — and this sweet-toothed pit bull does exactly the same thing.

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Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Find out exactly what is going to happen after we are gone.


After teaming up for last year’s Extraction, action icon Bruce Willis is reuniting with director Steven C. Miller (Silent Night) for this year’s action-thriller Marauders. Lionsgate Premiere will bring this explosive new movie to theatres and on demand formats starting July 1. Will you watch it?

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The 2014 revolution brought Kiev nightlife to a complete standstill. As protests turned into riots, and government security forces opened fire on protestors, the country fell into crisis. But out of the ashes of revolution has risen a new generation. Slava Lepsheev, who’d lost his job because of the financial crisis triggered by the war, had had enough, and started Cxema, a raw, hard and hypnotic techno rave that he took to whatever semi-legal venue he could set a sound system up in.

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Jaws drop when people have a look to see who is driving this Tesla, and no one is sitting behind the wheel! Futuristic magic at its finest!


Sneakers are a $55 billion global industry. According to sneakerhead data website StockX, the secondary market for rare and limited-release sneakers is estimated to be worth over $1 billion. This is fueled by Nike and its long standing Jordan brand.


18 metre tree jumps are no doubt scary as sh*t, but this ascent to a postage stamp landing zone over the Weeki Wachee in Florida is next level. Would you trust a bunch of 2×4 haphazardly nailed to a tree going 60ft up? When I was a younger lad, yeah, I probably would have.

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This video collaboration between Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell and CGP Grey digs into the type of  learning that makes you look at the sky and ponder what life even is. Prepare to have deep moments of that wtf feeling!


Why did that lady try to open the other person’s car door with the kid in it? I probably would have shoved her away like that too. Then again, I probably wouldn’t be in a situation like that because I’m not a f**ken moron and would have left long ago. Was the one guy throwing punches with keys in his hand? You can see how he wipes blood off them at the end and puts them back in his pocket!


With Half-Life having just recently hit the 10 year anniversary of the announcement of Episode 3 for the second installment in the series, it seems as if we won’t be seeing the sequel coming out any time soon. Even though that’s probably the case, it doesn’t mean that fans can’t celebrate the Half-Life franchise as a whole by creating their own stuff inspired by the IP with mods, or by crafting items in the real world itself.