Every rider dreams of having their own backyard setup. A private place with perfect ramps, that can be ridden at any time – a place that becomes their own. Mike Varga made that dream a reality: Meticulously designing and constructing one of the best backyard ramp setups we’ve ever seen. Watch as Mike goes to work on his “Home Turf”.

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This lady is pissed when her client came in for a quickie. She felt used, didn’t appreciate how he performed in bed, and doesn’t understand why this girls would ever be interested in this guy.


The Darkness, the latest supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Tilt, the producers of The Purge, The Visit and the Insidious films, stars Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell as Peter and Bronny Taylor. The couple must confront the spirits in order to save their family, despite the ominous warning, “The God you might be familiar with cannot help you now.”


“Shun Hing Square Tower is a 384-metre-tall (1,260 ft) skyscraper in Shenzhen, China. With a 59 metre spire. This is the third tallest in Shenzhen and 28th tallest in the world and today we will climb on it!” – @ontheroofs. Holy sh*t, I would have stayed on the elevator with the asian family, eaten noodles with them and lived a long and happy adopted life.


This dude has impeccable control of every part of his face. I bet he doesn’t even shave he just commands his beard to grow to his will. This might very well be the greatest video ever created.

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Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to play a clip for Jimmy Kimmel, but it’s far too graphic for broadcast television. Instead, what they were able to show us, is how the studio audience reacted to seeing the clip!

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With a month and a half to go before Batman and Superman beat each other up on the big screen, we’ve got a trailer that finally broadens out the world beyond our two caped combatants. Who do you think will win the comic book hero title belt?


Travis Pastrana is a man of many talents; in 2006 he put his name on the map with the world’s first double backflip on a motorbike at the X Games. Since then, the motocross and rally car hero has added to his plethora of records. However, his most recent is undoubtedly one of his most impressive yet; Travis has only gone and landed the first ever double cork 1080 on a mountain bike.

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Kevin Romar is a smooth operator as he glides through the streets. He also does a bunch of tricks that no one is doing these days, and makes them look good!


EVS Sports just launched their freeriding video “Free To Ride” featuring Anthony Murray destroying Ocotillo Wells and clearing the iconic 110 foot gap for the second time on record.


Many people enjoyed her performance. But a large group of people on the internet, however, are reacting with horror and outrage to Beyoncé’s halftime performance. Among the offences they list: Beyoncé gave a Black Power salute onstage; her dancers were dressed in costumes that honoured the Black Panthers; and the music video for “Formation” protests the government’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina, offers support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and draws attention to the killing of black men by police in America. All of this, taken together, caused a freakout.

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When the Lambo owners in Qatar get too cocky, this Nissan Patrol will set them straight. The owner had this family car built to be unassuming, perfect for catching supercars off guard!


The girls – who are both in their twenties – were rescued when one of them managed to escape and was spotted running naked, covered in blood and screaming for help. The backpackers – believed to be European – were seriously injured and told their rescuers that one of them was hit over the head with a hammer, while the other run had been run over. Police swooped on the Coorong National Park, arresting a man facedown in remote sand dunes.

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Los Angeles, 1991. The streets are a hotbed of racial tension, ready to burst at any moment … Today is an important day for Eladio: he is going to avenge the death of his older brother. However, he will quickly discover he is not the only one who has reasons to kill today.


The worst possible nightmare for a competitive powerlifter has to be what one woman experienced recently at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships (or “Rum9”). Instagram user @BlondeBeautyBri posted a video of her doing a deadlift during competition — and throwing up in the middle of the lift, right in front of the judges.

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A fight between a 2.2 metre long shark and a banded hound shark half its size broke out. The larger shark easily won the fight, and swallowed the other shark whole, taking 21 hours to get the other shark completely into its mouth, with only the real fin protruding.