Jarrod White spends most of the year living on Tavarua Island Fiji as a boat boy, pretty much surfs cloud break every single day and lives the dream. Jackson O’Brien has put together a bunch of clips his been collecting over the past year and this is Cloudbreak!


US president-elect Donald Trump will soon have to decommission his personal jet in favour of Air Force One, as the twin custom 747s used to transport the commander in chief are commonly known. Knowing Trump’s penchant for personal branding, South African director Neill Blomkamp showed off parodies of Trump’s plane and presidential motorcade. Wasting no time in conceptualising what the president-elect’s vehicles might look like.

DinoJapan's On-Art Corp's CEO Kanemaru performs with his company's eight metre tall dinosaur-shaped mechanical suit robot 'TRX03' during its demonstration in Tokyo

Ever since Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” hit cinemas some two decades ago, people have been wondering if and when a dinosaur theme park could be come a reality. Based on the ambitious plans of Japanese company, the existence of a dinosaur theme park could indeed become a reality sooner rather than later.


This brave guy stood up to a cop who told them it was illegal to ride their bikes. The cop wasn’t ready for the knowledge he was about to drop!


Creating a Supernova look without using CGI can be a bit tricky, but self-taught filmmaker Thomas Vanz discovered all he needed to copy those cool cosmic events was ink and an aquarium full of water. Thomas also produced the soundtrack for NOVAE, using natural sounds to further avoid having any digitally produced elements in the film. So when Thomas says he made “space” in his home he really means it!


In horrific video taken from her home, Samantha Bishop can be seen sacrificing herself to save her son Grayson as the two are attacked by a pair of dogs. The child was rushed to the hospital. He required cosmetic surgery on his face and also suffered cuts on his legs.


Let’s all admit he’s not the hunky leading man, he’s an improv comic trapped in a hunk’s body. Put the man in comedic roles until he is old enough to wow us with drama. The Beard joke was comedy gold. A Beard is a woman who is in relationship with a gay man as his “cover”. The joke is that Ryan is gay and that Blake is his “cover”. Bearding is (allegedly) quite common thing in Hollywood.


Billy and Mad Men star Jon Hamm hit the streets of NYC to ask people if they would have a threesome with them. If they answered correctly they would win a dollar!


An Iraqi soldier involved in the operation to retake Mosul from so-called Islamic State finds his mother among civilians being bussed out of the city.


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“A whole lot of ISIS suicide car bombs against Iraqi and Peshmerga forces during the Battle For Mosul. Incredible drone footage.” – War Explosions.

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There’s nobody like Jerry. He puts in the work, he pays the piper, but the end result is always so damn sweet. His video parts are a gift to the skateboarding world and these B-Sides give you an idea of what he goes through to make them.


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Ferrari has released a video of top F1 driver Sebastian Vettel drifting the new LaFerrari Aperta, in honor of the brand’s 70th anniversary. The promotional clip shows all 12 cylinders of the hypercar being pushed to its limits on a race circuit, while the brand’s iconic race cars from the past make cameos in the reflection. The LaFerrari Aperta was introduced at the Paris Motor Show, sporting special “70th anniversary” badging and limited to a run of just 209 cars.


Two porn stars showed their appreciation of the veterans at the notorious party house ‘Sausage Castle’ owned by Mike Busey, who regularly houses homeless veterans at his place.


As of today, the holders of the record are none other than Gidi Chamdi and the Diamonds by Wire Alpha Performance Alpha-G GT-R that manages to make its way to a 7.14 second pass at a mind boggling 212 mph. Just watching this thing in action is truly a treat for all of the senses regardless of if it’s a record pass or not and when it becomes the fastest in the world, well, it just becomes all that much more special to bear witness to.