Sommer Ray, without question, has one of the most jaw-dropping derrieres of any model on Instagram. Happy Hump Day.


I hope he gets that date. And 50,000 subs because he needs to make more music. If he continues to not give a f**k and goof on himself, he’ll get a girlfriend sooner than everyone making fun of him thinks. Come on Asa. Give this freaky talented ginger a crack!


The crew of the fishing vessel thought it would be illegal to keep the dead porpoise and they threw the specimen back into the sea. Fortunately, a series of photographs was taken. The specimen, however, is lost for science and natural history.


“My husband was bailing water out of our boat after a huge storm. Every time he threw the water we saw splashes in the water. I happened to be recording on one of the tosses and we saw huge splashes of water everywhere. We both looked at each other and said ‘I will never swim in there again!'”


It’s been a tough 12 months for Brett Rheeder, who’s been recovering from injury, but after the display he put on in Les Gets, concluded with a Corked 720 Barspin, it’s obvious that he’s back on the hunt and ready for the rest of the 2017 campaign.


Visser directed the utterly bizarre film, which features music by The Black Goat. Ninja’s daughter 16 Jones plays the role of Lil Tommy, while Jack Black co-stars as Big Tommy. In the black-and-white film, rats in Tommy’s room are keeping him awake, but his parents — particularly his mum — don’t believe him. When the foul-mouthed young psychopath begrudgingly returns to bed, his active imagination takes over and well, you’ll have to watch it for yourself.


“SHE’S BACK! The famous and beautiful Evo X “Nessa” makes her return once again back at it again with over 800 HP! We had to do a Redux, due to the love for this car on the channel, and myself. This thing has one of the most violent accelerations I’ve experienced in awhile. When the boost kicks in, all hell breaks loose. Thanks for watching and stay awesome!” – @thatdudeinblue.


Last week, Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studio surprised everyone with the early release of their first experimental short film Rakka. Today, Blomkamp delivers a short parody of cooking infomercials with Cooking with Bill – Damasu 950.


After Annabelle’s whopping global take of $256.8 million (against a paltry $6.5 million budget), the evil plaything is coming back with a vengeance with Annabelle: Creation on August 11, in a followup film that explores the origins of the doll before the events of the 2014 film. And with the release less than two months away, Warner Bros. started to build up the hype for the film this week with the release of the film’s second trailer. You can watch it now.



This footage was taken near the costal village of Melkbosstrand, 35 km north of Cape Town. The giant squid seems to be caught on a rope, allowing the paddleboarder to pull it up and have a closer look.


A cyclist has angrily lashed out at a female driver and kicked the front of her car bonnet because he says he was almost hit as she was talking on her phone. The Melbourne cyclist was recording his journey down Sydney Road in Brunswick when he says the driver attempted to pull out from a parking spot in front of him. ‘Hey look, f**kwit, get off your f**king phone,’ cyclist Brian Ward can be heard yelling at the woman, who had a young child in the back seat.


The sun was already scorching when David Eubank, a former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, caught sight of the bodies. “There was a woman sprawled on her face. Dead,” Eubank said. “A baby, all shot up. Dead. Near them, two old people. Dead. And then you realise all those lumps of rags were kids. Dead dead dead.” All had been shot, he said, by Islamic State snipers cutting down those fleeing the hell their neighbourhood had become as Iraqi forces fought to dislodge the jihadists from their so-called Iraqi capital.


Curren’s childhood dream has come true, and he is still riding the wave. For the filming of his PUSH part, Curren pursued unexpected clips, seeing his part as the perfect opportunity to surprise everyone; he expanded his repertoire and effectively flipped the script.


Tom Wadsworth earns his crust as a tradie on the job site. He builds things. And although that’s his vocation on paper, if you asked him where his heart truly lay, Tom would tell you he dreams of nothing but big blue desert tubes.


This fishing enthusiast keeps a bunch of huge bass in a pond and catches fresh shad himself to feed them with. He gets some epic blowup footage of the fish as they jump and eat the fish from his hand!


Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out this amazing selection that we think are super rad. What do you think?


Champion American super truck racing driver Robby Gordon has pleaded guilty to driving offences after doing burnouts in a Darwin city street, a day after placing second at the V8 Supercars event in Darwin. Gordon, 48, was fined nearly $4,000 for what he described as “putting on a show” for Darwinites on the Mitchell Street bar strip. Australia, where car enthusiasts are targeted more than drug dealers.